Parenting Essay Examples and Topics

Surrogacy and How it Affects Families

Background Information The modern breakthrough in the medical field and specifically in the area of assisted reproduction has resulted in the emergence of new types of families in the contemporary society whereby genetic parenthood does not necessarily guarantee social parenthood (Golombok et al., 2004). Surrogacy, one of the forms of assisted reproduction refers to an […]

Single Parents Raise Kids

According to DeJean, McGeorge, and Stone (2012), findings from majority of the past research studies on the attitudes of the society towards single parents have been negative. The authors note that such negative perceptions are directed more toward single motherhood than single fatherhood. Additionally, it is important to understand such attitudes, as they are likely […]

“Dating and the single parent” by Deal, R

Summary of the Book Dating is a vital practice since it allows people to know and love each other in a bid to make a happy life. Deal (2012) presented various pertinent arguments regarding dating and paid particular attention to a single parent. This book titled as Dating and the Single Parents has a discussion […]

At-Risk Children

Responses to the questions Overall, the course readings and my personal experiences suggest that much attention should be paid to the problems of at-risk families. In this case, one should refer to those households that can be affected by such adverse factors as poor living conditions, low income level, disability of parents, unemployment, and so […]

Why the American Citizens are Adopting Children from Other Countries?

Brodzinsky, D.M., Schechter, M.D., & Henig, R.M.  (1992). Being adopted: The lifelong search for self. New York, NY: Doubleday. The authors of this book managed to outline developmental tasks at each of seven stages throughout the life of an adopted person. Brodzinsky, D.M., & Schechter, M.D. (Eds.) (1990). The psychology of adoption. New York, NY: […]

Raising a Child

Abstract Raising children is a very sensitive issue in every society because it determines what the future generation will be. The aim of this study is to find out whether both parents should assume equal responsibility in raising a child. This question has often been hotly debated. However, just as the conception of a child […]

Transracial adoption and how it affects the adopted child

Abstract The main aim of this study is to explore the effects of interracial adoption on the adopted children. Some people view interracial adoption as the only remedy for the persistent though diminishing racial/ethnic discrimination. Interracial adoption occurs both domestically or internationally. The study focuses on how it affects the transracial adopted child psychologically and […]

The Concept of International Adoption

Introduction International adoption is a situation where a person or a couple legally acquires the responsibility of becoming permanent parents to a child whose country of origin is completely different from that of the adopting parents (Brodzinsky & Schechter, 1990). It is worth mentioning from the onset that those parents who are in the process […]

How children of incarcerated parents are affected

Introduction When parents are incarcerated, children tend to face difficulties associated with the lack of close relationship with their parents. As a result, some of these children face trauma due to the separation. Other problems include anger, depression, fear and anxiety. Incarceration also leads to a cause where the child is moved from one care […]

Role of parents in the education of young children

Introduction Primarily, under normal sociological grounds, parents are protectors of their own children. No single parent will even imagine of not supporting his or her children socially or educationally. For years now, parents have realized how significant players they are, in determining the educational standards and progresses of their children. In some countries like United […]

Problems Experienced by Children of Homosexual Parents

Research Methods Research Design This study will utilize a quantitative research design to evaluate the multiplicity of problems experienced by children reared by homosexual parents. At the most general level, a research design refers to all the issues that are involved in the preparation and execution of a specific research project, from problem identification through […]

Creative Children Culture

The idea that some cultures went by the names “savage”, “civilized”, or “barbarous” is long gone and is viewed trying to revive the same stands out as racism. Nevertheless, the same notion comes out in different ways when people talk about other cultures for some argue that terms like “first world” and “third world” are […]

When Couples Become Parents

Procreation is the societal norm of marriage. If couples cannot have children, they may seek other means of having children. They may choose adoption or surrogate motherhood. Very few couples choose not to have children. Prior to having children, couples usually enjoy the comfort of each other. However, the birth of a child leads to […]

Relationship between Childhood Understanding or Construction and Child Intervention

Introduction Childhood construction is a vital aspect in determining child intervention within the child protection system. Parents possess a natural responsibility to intervene in their children’s lives. Childhood is recognized as an important status by the religious and secular world. For example, throughout the ages, religious teachings have encouraged parents to protect their children from […]

Are Australian Children More Independent than the Chinese

Abstract Child independence is important to his/her development because many communities face various problems irrespective of the social strata, a situation that affects the child’s independence, development and growth. Notably, there is high level of liberalization in Australia than in China. If the community is not able to meet the prevention measures to the future […]

Gay Marriage, Same-Sex Parenting, And America’s Children

The article Gay Marriage, Same-sex Parenting, and America’s Children, was written in 2005 by Meeza & Rauch and is found in the Marriage and Child Wellbeing Journal, volume 15, issue 2. The key concept of this reflective treatise is an explicit analysis of same sex marriage and parenting in order to establish possible reasons for […]

Why Chinese Parents Are Superior

Introduction The question of what the best parenting style entails is one of great controversy. This is especially so whenever western and eastern styles are being compared since the two are perceived to be antithetical. Western styles are thought to be permissive while eastern ones are perceived as authoritative. It would also seem that great […]

The effect of family conflict resolution on children’s classroom behavior

The researcher has written about the effects of family conflict resolution techniques on a child’s school performance. A child’s behavior in school is affected by various factors but the conflict resolution techniques play an important role. This article has shown how children have been affected by the parent’s behavior. These confliction resolutions in the family […]

Comparison Parenting between Asian Parents and Western Parents

Introduction Parents are an important influence in shaping a person’s behavior and personality. Parents of different cultures will raise their children very differently, explaining why cultural differences continue to exist throughout generations. Asian and Western parents have drastic differences in the way they rear their offspring. Asian parents tend to be more authoritative whereas Western […]

“Against the Grain: Couples, Gender, and the Reframing of Parenting”

We live in time when the validity of a number of formerly valid social and cultural conventions is being increasingly undermined by the actual realities of a post-industrial living. The soundness of this suggestion can be explored in regards to Gillian Ranson’s book Against the grain: couples, gender, and the reframing of parenting, concerned with […]

Child Rearing Among Immigrant Communities

Introduction Children require positive experiences as they grow in order to enhance their self esteem, health and transition into adulthood. Child rearing practices differ substantially across families in North America especially because a vast number of parents are immigrants. It is crucial to analyze child rearing values and approaches in these minority groups because it […]

Motherhood is the completion of a woman’s life

Introduction Even from a tender age, every girls dream is to be blessed with children when she grows up, and to be a loving mother to her children. Having children is therefore highly treasured by women if the timing is right. It, however, goes without saying that women are considered to have passed their prime […]

Mexican American/Chicano/Latino/Hispanic Cultural Variations in Childrearing

Mexican Americans form about 12.5% of the population in the United States. They are of Mexican descent and most of them trace their origin to the ancient colonial settlers. The Mexican Americans are descendants of Mexicans and Spaniards. The group is multiracial. The Mexican Americans are mostly concentrated in Southwest of the United States. Today […]

Family, Stress and Delinquency among Adolescent

As research studies and social theories show, there is a great correlation between family life, the environment and the causes of various types and degrees of antisocial and deviant behavior, especially among adolescents. In this paper, I will discuss the effect of family life, particularly the effects of stress within the family on formation of […]

Parents Need Help: Restricting Access to Video Games

The latest generations of games are facilities complex and emergent interaction using elements of Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology within new social and cultural worlds. These environments helps students learn by demanding integration of higher-order thinking skills, social engagement, and technology within a challenging, learner-centered instructional setting, although some of them have adverse negative effects. The […]

What Defines Parental Techniques and Strategies: The Case of Soccer Moms

Parenting is not an easy task – there is no book that can teach one to be a good parent; every family has to learn on its mistakes. Despite the fact that many parenting strategies have been created, it is still important to realize that each case of parent-child relationships is unique and, therefore, requires […]

Chinese Mothers and Their Incredible Parenting

In her short article, Chua (2013) takes the readers down the controversial track of striving for perfection as the key slogan for child rearing. Despite the fact that their son or daughter evolving into personalities with wide range of opportunities, numerous skills and even greater assets is a dream of every parent, very few people […]

Freakonomics and Parenting: A position Paper

Freakonomics has raised questions concerning parenting role in predicting the future of the child. It would be a question of challenge for the parenting counselors and researchers who have managed to understand the concept of parenting and its concern with the fact that parenting is directly proportional to the child’s intelligent future. The gene of […]

Programs and Interventions for Maltreated Children and Families at Risk

Introduction There has been a considerable increase in the number of child delinquents in the world despite measures that have been put in place to ensure that this tendency does not prevail. Notwithstanding the moral and character building aspects involved in the subject matter, there is need to delve into the family setting where there […]

True or False? Having Kids Makes You Happy

In the article, True or False: Having kids makes you happy the author; Lorraine Ali examines critically the theme of parenthood. Children are part of family but couples have a choice on whether to raise children or not. Through analysis of the theme of parentage, Lorraine outlines the pros and cons of having children in […]

The Three Parenting Styles

Introduction Parenting is a stage of life that comes about when one gets children to bring up. It is natural and there are no manuals or rules to parenting as people just learn about it as they go. Though there are many ideas on how to bring up children some will be individual based, others […]

Adopted children with gay parents have better chances of succeeding

Gay parenting involves a situation whereby gay people including lesbians are allowed to act as parents to one or more children through foster care, adoption, surrogacy, and co-parenting (Bozett ix). Therefore, gay parents are allowed by law to establish a normal family in some parts of the world. According to different census studies, about 33% […]

Should parents be blamed for their child’s behavior?

Effective parenting has never been as important as it is in today’s family setups. This notion stems from the fact effective and proper parenting goes a long way in to shaping how the children will behave in the future and affect the persons and society around them. Psychological and psychosocial studies have for a long […]

How Does Society View Single Parents? Research Paper

Introduction Single families face various challenges as they try to bring up their children like other families. They also face stigmatization in some societies where they are rejected and disapproved. In addition, some religious sectors like Islam and Christianity do not show open support for single parenthood, especially if its causes are contrary to their […]

Effects on Teenagers: Dysfunctional Families and Family Violence

Introduction A common assumption about teens is that they are ill tempered, unpredictable and spoilt people. Their life s characterizes by sexual awakening and crises about confidence and identity (Bynoe 45). Many teens‘s lives are marked by failures and rarely do they appreciate their parents whether they are right or not. Very few people enjoy […]