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Dogs. Why Pugs Are the Best Breed? Essay

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There are various breeds of dogs and people are attracted to different breeds. Being a best mans friend dogs have attracted attention of man more than any other kind of pet.Some love dogs because of color or for different reasons. Pug is breed of dog that is very special since some people view it as ugly while others have seen beauty in their appearance. Either way pug is a kind of dog that is surely going to attract attention.

To come up with this breed the Chinese often crossbred their favorite dogs to merge their favorite qualities. Pug has various unique characteristics that are attributed to it. First, it has a short coat with very elastic skin. The wrinkles on its forehead are more conspicuous. Its head can easily be distinguished from that of other breeds. Today’s breed of pug has a head that is round when viewed at from the front. In relation to its head, the face is usually flat with sizeable amount of chin. The black ears of this breed of dog are not of one type but two, button ears and rose ears.

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In the US Pugs are categorized as toy breed, compared to other dogs in the breed pugs are considered the largest. Their weight always ranges from fourteen pounds to eighteen pounds. This weight makes them healthy strong and vigorous. These characteristics make pug a very likeable pet. Its appearance is almost comparable to that of a bulldog but in this case the height of the pug is in balance and symmetrical to its weight. Their horizontal length is equal to its vertical height from the ground. When looking for a good breed of pugs people always look at the tail, this makes the tail very special for many people look and distinguishes a good breed of pug from its tail. For instance, people involved in the breeding of bugs always insist that the tail should be double curled although there are others that have a tail that is tightly curled and high above the back. It is not usually a feature of the pug to have a loose tail or a tail that is not curled. Color is always one of the features that people look for when choosing pets. In color the pug is either fawn or black.

Apart from its physical features its character is what has attracted most people to this breed of dog. In view of its behavior it is known that it is attentive and very quick to react to the tone of voice. According to Giant Schnauzer Breeder it is known to be a very good watch dog; this is one main characteristic that attracts people to pugs. This breed is not fearful and never shows any signs of violent behavior. It is very playful as it loves showoffs when around the children. Pugs are by nature funny, love showoffs. The reason why they like children it is because it considers children small, similar to their own size. It is playful when indoors but when outdoor it can walk for long distances. Pugs are sometimes sensitive to the environment for they develop a breathing problem as it needs a lot of water. As it gets tired quickly it should be given enough water. Pugs have been known to be fond of visitors or strangers. This characteristic should make one consider owning a pug.

In training Pugs respond positively (Giant Schnauzer Breeder). They are playful and therefore it is easy for them to adapt to house environment. Pugs are a mixture or a crossbreed; this mixture makes pug to be special as compared to other pure breeds of dogs. Their appearance is diversified due to this mixture. This will attract attention because of this combination of various different colors. Cross breeding results in a breed that is more resistant to diseases as compared to pure breeds as the desirable characteristics are merged into one. Purebred dogs are susceptible to genetic diseases as compared to the dogs that have been crossbred. As a result pugs are strong and even healthier than the pure breeds. They live for a long period of time as they are not prone to so many diseases. Their lifespan is about twelve to fifteen years. Pugs have a tendency of being extremely social this advantages the humans as they are affectionate and love taking part in the daily activities of the family. Pugs are by nature small this is a benefit for when one is going for a vacation or traveling it becomes easy to travel with them as they are not excessively bulky.(Kristie Leong M.D 2007).

Although the pug is healthier than the pure breeds of dogs there are some health concerns that should be put into consideration when handling pug breed of dog. There are two parts of the pug’s body that are prone to ailments; the head and the legs. On the head pugs can be affected with cataracts, dry eyes, encephalitis and corneal ulcers. On the legs they can be affected with slipped stifles, and hip dysphasia. Skin mites’ affects pugs causing uneasiness. The pugs should be taken to the veterinary regularly to treat and prevent diseases.

During sunny days or humid and dry conditions pugs should be given specialized treatment to prevent their short nose from overheating due to the scorching sun. This is to say that they should always be kept indoors during this period. Just like human beings pugs do need grooming. Nails and teeth should always be checked and taken care of weekly. They are prone to shedding a lot of their fur off, therefore, they should be brushed regularly or if not once per week. Since they are prone to eye cataracts and other eye related diseases their eyes should be washed at least twice in week to prevent any cases of infection. They should always have a clean bathe regularly and should be allowed to use the bathroom daily so as to relieve at least seven times a day. Because of their short snout, pugs can become overweight easily and so owners of these species should check on this by feeding these dogs well. Even though exercises should be given to these animals, caution should be taken as they tire quickly. Exercises should not be overdone as pugs do have a problem in breathing. It should be noted that Pugs shed off their fur even though they have a short coat. It is disturbing since this shedding can stick the carpeting or clothing or even worse affect people who are allergic to this shedding. In some instances pugs become very noisy thereby irritating the owner. They have a lot of wheezing and snorting. There have some reports that pugs are stubborn since they have a mind of their own.


With all these views in mind it is safe to conclude that pug is the best breed of dog that one can have at home. The only important consideration to put in mind is to make sure that the pug is given the best training available together with good treatment and care.


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