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Christmas Celebration in New York City Essay

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Updated: Aug 21st, 2020

Christmas is a holiday season which is celebrated on 25th of December every year. It is a wonderful time of the year for many Christians around the world. Christmas was first celebrated three centuries ago with the main intention of displacing the pagan Saturnalia jubilations of the winter solstice. Initially, little attention was paid to this important celebration of the year, as the original nativity occurred no later that September when the notable star-struck shepherds would have spent their night with their flock in the fields. During last year’s Christmas festive season, I decided to visit New York City. The city is one of the biggest and attractive holiday destinations in the world. The experience I had in New York City is an event which I will never forget in my life. New York City is ranked in top ten among the holiday destinations in the world.

According to Adams, New York City is a place of recreation (3). Christmas Holiday is an amazing event, which even the New Yorkers who are mainly tourists; consider choosing New York City, as a holiday destination. I was mesmerized with the arrangements and the atmosphere of the city which was full with a colorful holiday spirit as everyone enjoyed the celebrations to their fullest. I observed certain things which were magical and dreamlike concerning the New York City. As I began enjoying my holiday, I realized that there were lots of fascinating and unique things to experience.

I observed many things which make the city even more dazzling, particularly during this time of the year. For instance, the city becomes very bright and more embroidered than most cities, in the US. I watched the city glow with a catching spirit of a real festive season. The most flamboyant scenic areas were colored with Christmas lights which were visible outside the Macy’s showing the Empire State Building from the background. In addition, everywhere in the city looked pretty and spectacular with Christmas trees and other holiday attractions popping up around the city.

The other important observation I made was that the city becomes a winter wonderland during the Christmas Eve. It was very thrilling to observe the snow blankets covering the streets of Manhattan, crowds moving up and down at the exquisite window displaying adorned stores along the fifth avenue. It was also exhilarating to see the ice-skaters glide across the Rockefeller Center Skating Rink with a view of the Christmas tree glowing beneath the city skyline.

The other interesting activity that I actually saw was drummers performing impromptu concerts on the street of New York. On the other hand, the streets were packed with vendors who were always handling out free drinks. Actually, the city is a big place to encounter in just few days. When I made a comparison of the city with other cities in developing nations’ I noted that the streets within the city are also packed with street people , who remain to be a point to note as a social problem in most societies. As I walked down the streets, I saw street boys and girls, people sleeping in door ways or trash bins. Some could have the courage to talk to travelers politely. Some of these experiences made my holiday a bit uncomfortable. The next encounter was that everyone, from a Wall Street Banker to a starting homeless person shares the street. This is the negative side of New York, which I experienced.

Despite its dark sides, New York City is ranked as one of the top cities in the U.S. In addition, the city has holiday traditions that have occurred in many centuries. The traditions include the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. Through history of the Christmas tree, follows the great depression, where construction site employees were required to put up a small tree. Later, the tree grew into a massive evergreen tree which graced the Rockefeller Plaza, which become the centre of attraction during the December holiday. The other important tradition which has granted New York City its position as a holiday destination includes the Radio City Music Hall, and the City Christmas Spectacular. There are many events which are arranged for the Christmas season on a yearly basis. In addition to these traditions, the other important feature of New York City as holiday destination is the Fifth Avenue.

Luckily enough, I got an opportunity to participate in a boat ride. It was beautiful watching the sparkling waters with the salty air rising. In addition, it was also fascinating to see the sea gulls gliding overhead. I was exhilarated by a glimpse of the Manhattan skyline with all its picturesque. This was one of my fantastic moments, during my experience during the adventures visit to the New York City. I also spared some hours to visit the museum, which was mostly used on weekends for recreation purposes. The other interesting moment during my visit to New York City was the trip to Macy’s which is situated along the 34th Street.

During the holiday season, I followed the Union Square and made my way to the eighth floor which is commonly known as Santa land. The place makes a visitor feel welcome because of the wonderfully friendly elves that receive visitors and provide direction through the whimsical land of a snowy terrain, which is characterized with dancing bears and puppets. I got an opportunity to see Santa Clause, who had cheeks like roses with a nose resembling a cherry and beards which were white as snow. Santa Clause was warm and gracious and was addressing children and giving them presents. After the encounter with Santa Clause, I made my next move towards Herald Square to join others to watch the vintage New York.

I did most of the window shopping at the Macy’s, which is situated at the corner between the Fifth Avenue and the 58th Street. Macy’s ranks top as one of the most celebrated toy stores which brings out the child in everyone. I also liked the support of the staff and other employees who kept everything running smoothly, in spite of the presence of a big crowd who attended the festive season.

In conclusion, New York City is a place for luxury for the New Yorkers endowed with so many New York Hotels providing fabulous Christmas travel offers. The City boasts the best five star hotels in the world. In addition, most of the hotels in New York City offer lower prices during the festive season; hence, I managed to afford and experience the luxury New York City Hotel, known as the Midtown Manhattan Hotel. The hotel is situated to a close proximity to the Rockefeller Christmas tree and the Grand Central terminal. Other recreation places next to the hotel include the Radio City Music Hall Spectacular and the Rockefeller Ice Rink.

My Christmas Holiday experience in New York City has been of the most interesting adventures in my life, I will cherish to tell and encourage my friends and children because freelance writing had a perfectly sweet ending.

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