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Multicultural Communication Project Coursework

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Updated: Jun 19th, 2022


Multicultural communication is critical for an atmosphere involving people from different cultures. It focuses on the characteristics of communication across different cultures (American Management Association, 2005). In a university situation with a mix of people from different cultures, methods should be devised to ensure efficient communication is attained. Campuses with both international staff and students should put the following to practice to achieve acceptable interaction at any one time.

University Obligations

The University as a body should support multicultural communication by implementing methods that will help achieve effective interactions between the staff and students from different cultures. Such methods include:

Creating an International Services Office (ISO)

The creation of an International Services Office (ISO) will ensure that all international staff and students are served in the most convenient manner (The George Washington University). The ISO will help in solving their concerns by giving advice on; personal issues, finances, academics and living conditions in the new environment. Here, necessary information regarding studying, living and working in Ireland should be given through orientation programs.

Creating a Multicultural Student Services Center (MSSC)

A Multicultural Student Services Center (MSSC) will assist in multicultural communication, and community building in the following ways:

  • It will create a university atmosphere that accepts all cultural, ethnic and intellectual diversity.
  • Uphold good character, academics, social and professional growth.
  • It will also encourage increased participation of students from all cultural backgrounds.

Lecture-room Situation

In a classroom situation, the lecturer should try and use multi-cultural techniques to pass on critical information or questions as explained below.

Developing Questions

When framing certain questions, the lecturer should use ways that are friendly and understandable across all cultures. For example, answering a question may differ across cultures. A question like “Isn’t the book there?” may receive different answers to mean the same thing to different people. English speakers would reply negatively by saying “No, the book is not there.” On the contrary, the Chinese would answer “Yes, the book is not there.” Both answers have the same meaning, but with different replies, something that should be noted to avoid minor misunderstandings

Electronic Communication

Electronic communication can be effectively used in promoting multicultural awareness. Students may be encouraged to send emails on their topics of interest to the lecturer for discussion and may include; topics on cultural practices, religion or multicultural teaching. Through analysis, the lecturer may come up with better ways of handling the class without having to disappoint or stress someone.

Multicultural Communication Tips

General Advice & Tips

  • Never raise your voice to be understood, because others may take it negatively.
  • When passing out written information use full words, but do not use abbreviations.
  • Always listen to team members and try to understand their ideas which may be different from yours.
  • Ensure important messages are passed on using more than one media so that all members get the message.
  • Be simple when passing out information by using simple sentences and words.

Tips for Native Speakers

  • During brainstorming sessions, try to involve non-native speakers for their input.
  • Always slow down your pace and make every word you use simple and clear. This may be achieved by avoiding non-standard words in your speeches or delivery.
  • If a non-native speaker is struggling to express herself, ask if he/she would mind getting assistance for words that may improve his/her expression.
  • Offer assistance to non-native speakers, for example, proofreading their work prior to presentation.

Tips for Non-native Speakers

  • If you need assistance to be able to communicate better, do not shy away.
  • Always use a dictionary to be sure about which words you use to express yourself.
  • Think of what you should say before you call someone on phone to avoid fumbling.
  • Where you do not understand, ask for a native speaker to assist in interpreting.
  • Avoid the use of slang unless you have mastered the language.


By following all advice and multicultural communication tips, the university will attain maximum interaction between staff and students besides their cultural backgrounds. This will uphold the spirit of togetherness and the end result will be a success on all dimensions.


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