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Summary of Parisians Critical Essay

Parisians behave in ways that foreigners find hard to understand. They are aggressive, ill mannered, and hostile. In addition, they are harsh and vulgar. This is evident from an example of a conversation between the writer’s husband and a dog owner. Parisians speak impolitely or in high tones. Their main objective is to get things done even if ways of doing them result in disputes or hatred.

Parisians love disputes and conflicts. Dogs are the most common source of disputes in Paris because they cause disturbances in places such as restaurants. Another source of quarrels is cars. Parisians have unique driving habits that are irritating and inappropriate. For example, they smoke, make phone calls, and file their nails while driving. They park their cars anywhere thus inconveniencing other motorists.

Their attitude towards money is unique. Parisians believe that money can buy anything they need. Parisians believe in revenge. In the article, examples of motorists who seek revenge against each other for reasons solvable through dialogue are easily identifiable. Their aggressive and hostile nature encourages them to retaliate.

Other inappropriate driving habits exhibited by Parisians include banging cars during parking, making sudden turns on the road, disobeying traffic rules, and driving recklessly. Parisians do not respect each other especially when queuing. Many people try to jump ahead of others. They ensure that they receive service first even though they found other people on the queue.

This phenomenon is common with silent pushers who silently push people from behind. Another queer behavior is manner of speech. Parisians talk faster and rarely mean what they say. They use coded language to say things whose meanings are different from the literal interpretation of words used. Parisians have favorite subjects that they talk about.

One of them is real estate. Common topics include value of apartments and appreciation of rent. People from different nationalities adjust differently to the Parisian culture. For example, Japanese experience culture shock mainly because of language barrier. In addition, they are baffled by Parisians’ mode of communication. They talk fast and usually interrupt conversations.

Japanese are not pleased with Parisians’ sense of humor that involves making fun of other people. They have rapidly changing moods that make it difficult for people from other countries to handle them. Japanese feel guilty whenever Parisians get angry. Business meetings are messy and unsystematic because there is no talking order. Parisians focus on principles while Japanese focus on pragmatism.

Harpal discusses behaviors of Parisians using examples. His approach is appropriate even though it does not capture all aspects of behavior discussed in the chapter. Examples provided give the reader an opportunity to decipher the behavior of Parisians through actions of people involved in disputes. His opinion at the end of the discussion is commendable and displays full understanding of the chapter.

Chelsea gives a detailed discussion of all aspects of Parisian behavior covered in the chapter. She discusses driving habits, mode of speech, queuing habits, and communication habits. The discussion gives the reader an opportunity to understand Parisian behaviors under different settings and circumstances.

She captures all the aspects of Parisian behavior discussed in the chapter. Use of examples makes the discussion more appealing and easy to understand. Her opinion at the end of discussion is commendable and a good way of concluding her discussion.

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