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54 Enlightenment Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Enlightenment Ideals in Lessing’s Nathan the Wise: Unalienable Rights and Natural Law as a Product of Being Born Free
    Nathan the Wise is one of the best known plays by the German writer Gotthold Ephraim Lessing that touches upon the religious issues, the conflicts, which may happen on the religious field and during the […]
  2. The Enlightenment Age and Reasoning as the Source of Authority and Legitimacy
    The sprit of freedom Kant, explains as capable of extending struggle to barbaric activities of the rulers to the subjects due to loss of order and harmony as a result of poor rules by rulers.
  3. The Age of Renaissance, Enlightenment & Revolutionary Period
    The arrival of French forces to confront the weakened British army in the battle of Yorktown is what compelled the opponents of the Americans to give in.
  4. The Enlightenment in the 18th Century
    In this religion it is believed that the Lord is the creator of nature which evolved with time and lead to the emergence of man.
  5. Enlightenment and Revolution: Europe, America, and India
    The main goals of enlightenment period were to gain freedom in all aspects of life like religion and government. They were based on the liberty and equality principles or else the rule of the people.
  6. The Process of Enlightenment
    The three by-words of the Enlightenment are Reason that is a belief that employs common sense or reason that the world would improve; Autonomy, which is a belief that people would realize freedom and natural […]
  7. The Ongoing National Policy Debate Through the Lens of the American Enlightenment
    This theory also recognizes the role of the constitution and the need to ratify the constitution as a part of the social contract.
  8. How Did the Age of Enlightenment Influence Western Civilization
    However, great thinkers in the past came to appreciate that it would be very beneficial if the government was to be inclined to people’s interest as opposed to the personal interests of its leader.
  9. Enlightenment Ideals in Regards to Religious Minorities
    This is because it set apart the rights of man and the idea of being a citizen. This was not effective for the case of the religious minority.
  10. A 21st Century Manifestation of the Enlightenment: Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Battements et Papillons
    In one of his interviews the artist stated: “The motion, the sound, all the dimensions and the references too – I try to bring them to another level”. The installation also illustrates the four principles […]
  11. Principles of Liberalism and Its Connection to Enlightenment and Conservatism
    A person has the freedom to be in business according to the classical liberalism. There were inspectors to check the working conditions of the workers.
  12. Parable of the Cave by Plato: The Way Towards Enlightenment
    The parable of the Cave is Plato’s elucidation of the transformation of the spirit toward enlightenment. Is it the fire, the struggle out of the cave, the sunlight or the shadows on the cave wall?
  13. Letters on England and the Early Enlightenment
    This issue was particularly important for the thinkers of the Early Environment because they wanted to identify the factors that could contribute to social change.
  14. Analogies for Daosism: Self-Construction and the Attempt to Reach the Enlightenment in Comparison to Confucianism
    Analyzing the key concepts of Daoism, i.e, “analogies”, one can possibly figure out what the philosophy of Daoism manifests as the ultimate enlightenment, as well as compare the given ideas with the similar ones from […]
  15. The Enlightenment Period in the Development of Culture
    The main goal of this age was to encourage reforms in the society by embracing the concept of reasoning and acquisition of knowledge through science.
  16. Exploring Buddhism: An Introduction to the Chinese Philosophy. In Search for the Enlightenment
    The author devotes an entire chapter of his paper to Mahayana as the teaching of Buddha, thus, allowing to understand the key differences between the former and the original Buddhist teachings.
  17. Little Buddha: The Path of the Enlightenment
    Eventually, the movie unwraps the secret of the Fourth Truth, which is the path to the cessation of dukkha, as the leading character fights his personal demons to become the Enlightened One.
  18. Enlightenment and Revolution
    The bourgeois class contributed significantly to the enlargement of the gap in the social class and gave room for the rising prominence of intellectuality in the public sphere.
  19. World History: Enlightenment in Society
    A new intellectual force was realized in the fields of literature, science, art, and music during the German enlightenment era. It is also crucial to mention that additional emphasis was laid in the study of […]
  20. Enlightenment and Romantic Age
    He argued that the state was to be delinked from the church and leaders had to share powers equally among the three arms of government.
  21. Human Experiences of Enlightenment and Love: China and Korea
    The Confucian production, also referred to as the Songs of the South introduced the love for poetry among the Chinese people.
  22. Enlightenment in Humanistic Studies of XXI Century
    Considering the relation of Kant’s ideas on Enlightenment concerning the aspects of modern English language, one can see the certain interrelation between the key ideas of the Enlightenment and the sections of English studies.
  23. Enlightenment Art and Humanistic Thinking
    Issues to do with religion, especially the grip of the Catholic church on society, formed the basis of the French Enlightenment thinkers.
  24. Industrialization, Enlightenment, French Revolution
    Human history has been shaped greatly by three periods: The industrial revolution, the period of enlightenment, the French revolution, and finally the period of protest and revolution 1815-1850.
  25. The French and Scottish Enlightenment
    The paper will argue that a structured analysis of the societal progress was the main contribution of the French and Scottish Enlightenment to the economic evolution of humanity.
  26. Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment
    The emergence of shared spaces open to scientific debate contributed to the propagation of the inquiring spirit of the era, which helped to shape the cultures of many European states.
  27. Religious Thinking in the Enlightenment Era
    The aim of this paper is to explore the link between the Enlightenment project and the religious mode of thinking of the past.

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  1. Religious Thinking Transformation in Enlightenment
    However, despite the fact that the patterns of the established ideology varied from one country to another, the majority of Enlightenment thinkers shared an opinion that they all were living in a new and exciting […]
  2. Enlightenment Era in America and Europe
    Therefore, the first suggestion of establishing the system of man and woman’s equal rights and freedoms that was founded first at the distant end of the XVIII century finally led to the ideas of feminism […]
  3. Renaissance and Enlightenment Advancements
    This went against the popular science of the time, which held that the earth was at the centre of the universe, with the sun, moon and stars revolving around it.
  4. Matthew Taylor – 21st Century Enlightenment
    Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, examines the reaction of people with different social backgrounds to understand the nature of the phenomenon.
  5. Voltaire’s Enlightenment Ideas in “Candide” Book
    They appear in the story as the teachers of Candide and express two points of view on the world. Pangloss is optimistic in the assessment of what is happening, while Martin, on the contrary, adheres […]
  6. The Enlightenment: Giving Start to Equality
    The ideas inherent to the philosophy of the Enlightenment changed the course of history and gave rise to the French Revolution and the start of the Constitution of the United States, human rights, and the […]
  7. World Literature Reflecting Enlightenment Thinking
    Literature as a constant reflector of the current events and ways people percept the world around cannot stand aside and fail to exhibit the characteristics and ideas of the new way of thinking.
  8. Women’s Role in World Literature of Enlightenment
    In Hinduism, the reward of a proper woman is rebirth as a man, ancient Chinese women were considered to be the property of their fathers or husbands and in Japan, women were dressing in men’s […]
  9. The Age of Enlightenment: Overview and Analysis
    The Age of Enlightenment centered on France and two of the major philosophers who contributed to this age of Enlightenment were Voltaire and Montesquieu. In the realm of politics, the government was the focus of […]
  10. Enlightenment Period in History Analysis
    The age of enlightenment was dubbed as the societal shift in the direction of science and reason. The age of enlightenment could also be dubbed as the “age of criticism”.
  11. Enlightenment and Romanticism: Comparison
    In the wake up of the feminist and historicist takes to pieces of the older Romanticism, particularly Bloom’s “creative thinker corporation” and the Wordsworth-centered verse of consciousness and the natural world, one has to inquire […]
  12. Kant and Enlightenment Relations
    In the time of what is called the “Enlightenment” period where there was resurgence and rejuvenation in Europe in matters regarding the purpose of human life and the flowering of the sciences, there was also […]
  13. Origins and Worldview in Renaissance and Enlightenment
    The culture of Renaissance and Enlightenment of Rhetoric study contributed to the nature of the official papers of the USA. The reason is the difference among people as to their opinions in the positions of […]
  14. The Enlightenment and Religion Relations
    They raised the questions of aesthetics, and a lot of discussing in detail about the nature of beauty and patterns of art.
  15. Philosophy: Have We Achieved Enlightenment?
    The present state of affairs is examined by analyzing the socio-economic state prevalent in various states and in the conclusion, it has been determined that dew dawn of “enlightenment” is required for the betterment of […]
  16. Enlightenment Influence on Citizens’ Rights
    The progress started with the study and wonder of the universe, the macrocosm. On the debate on civil rights, the more society was secularized the more it respected the right of fellow men in society.
  17. Enlightenment Period and Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    The enlightenment period also popularly referred to as the age of reason denotes an explosive era in human history stretching from around the year 1600 to the year 1800; a period in which the West […]
  18. Women in the Enlightenment Period
    The women living in France at the time of the Enlightenment must have realized this and used it to their advantage.
  19. Enlightenment and Philosophers’ Opinions in This Regard
    As per the core insights of the critical theories in this regard, social freedom is construed to be associated with enlightenment.
  20. Enlightenment Ideas During the French Revolution Period
    This happened due to the adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen which was approved on the 26th of August 1789 and which promised legal equality and liberty to every […]
  21. The Enlightenment Era: David Hume and Immanuel Kant
    The rapid progress of humanities in that period was close-knit with economic and technological developments across the whole Europe and North America, in particular, the invention of the internal combustion engine, formation of the new […]
  22. Enlightenment Age History Review: Cultural, Religious, and Intellectual Changes
    The primary causal of this period includes scientific revolutions, declining influence of the church, exploration and imperialism, and the thirty years of war Scientific revolutions begun at the end of middle age and came about […]
  23. Enlightenment, Feminism and Social Movements
    As a result of Enlightenment, the creative entrepreneurs as well as thinkers enjoyed the high freedom benefits that were brought in by the Enlightenment thinkers, enabling them to apply the newly acquired liberty to invent […]
  24. Napoleon Bonaparte and the Enlightenment
    He negotiated the Concordat of 1801 to win the faith of the Catholics and regulated public worship in France. He bought the trust of the Pope and thus he was able to use religion as […]
  25. Mercantilism, Enlightenment, and Slave Economics
    It is important to understand the influence of mercantilism on the slavery system in Europe, in particular, on the slave trade in the Caribbean region for sugar production needs.
  26. Political Ideals of Enlightenment
    The initial period of the reign of terror is the radical phase when there was the domination of the Jacobins over the legislative assembly.
  27. Buddhism and Sexuality: Restraining Sexual Desires for Enlightenment
    It is considered to be more honest to refuse to stick to the aforementioned rules than to be a hypocritical member of the community, who consciously violates the codes.

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