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Consumer Law Essay Examples and Topics

Consumer Protection without Law

The purpose of this article is to investigate the regime of one-way contracts between the customer and the business, which binds the consumers to the business and not the other way.

Liability in Food Illness Cases

Despite the fact that quite a number of food-borne illness victims have succeeded in numerous lawsuits in the United States of America, there are certain interrelated complications that might hinder the success of such lawsuits.

Business Commerce and Consumer Privacy

From the computerization of large data sets in the 1960s to computerized processing of all records in the 1970s to computerized searching of record systems in the 1980s to the online linkages and searching capabilities [...]

The protection of consumer welfare

The Household Preferences over the Two Goods with Similar Policy Implications on the Household Items In Terms Of the Utility and Level of Consumption of the Two Goods Convex indifference curves are extensively used in [...]

Consumer Protection

Simultaneously, for an attorney and police professionals who know their job, detecting the signs of crime in consumer extortion is not difficult, and the police department can interpret such actions as felony.

Law and Economics

The hypothesis of this paper is that differences in regional wages and a lack of corporate acknowledgement of such differences results in the proliferation of online IPR violations with online piracy acting as a means [...]

Tariffs in the USA

The main reason for imposing tariffs is to put a ceiling on the supply of foreign sugar from the United States' market which causes the domestic price of sugar to rise, the tariff effect has [...]

Liability Insurance System

The changes in the insurance system made it more accessible and enabled poorer people to buy insurances and get costs in case of insured accident.