Consumer Law Essay Examples and Topics

Liability in Food Illness Cases

The legal approaches of food-borne illnesses are highly dependent on the product liability law. This is an implication that a plaintiff has to have substantial proof that the food substance in question had blemish and that he or she suffered verifiable impairment or damage as a result of its consumption. Despite the fact that quite […]

Business Commerce and Consumer Privacy

Protection of Consumer Privacy The development of new information and communication technologies has had a tremendous impact on individual privacy as well as security. Although previously confined to paper records, personal information ranging from name, address, and telephone number data to sensitive financial, medical, and behavioral information, now exists in electronic form. Individuals routinely provide […]

European consumer policy and regulation in contrast to the United Kingdom

Introduction The consumer protection policy refers to the stipulated mechanism which gives the consumer the freedom to shop and enjoy various products within their establishments. For instance, the European Union (EU) policy and regulation offers freedom to customers or consumers linked to the European Community to operate freely and shop anywhere and to enjoy protection […]

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Consumer Law Consumer protection laws are normally designed to make sure that fair competition exists and that truthful information is available in the marketplace. They are formed by the government to guarantee the rights of consumers. Such laws are always established to prevent businesses from engaging in fraud and other specified unfair practices which allows […]

The protection of consumer welfare

Introduction The protection of consumer welfare is a critical government initiative. There are notable economic challenges associated with low income families. Therefore, policymakers must consider the implementation of workable economic strategies. This is vital in creating price and demand equilibriums (Arnold 2010, pp. 10). In a typical economy, various consumers depict diverse preferences for various […]

Consumer Protection

Consumer protection has always been a special domain for numerous agencies and non-profit organisations. These organisations and agencies provide consumers with legal and information support, as they are building their relationships with sellers and suppliers. However, any violations of consumer laws and rights can easily result in criminal charges. This is why a police department […]

Law and Economics

Introduction One of the current trends in global business has been the digitization and sale of EBooks, videos, software programs, photo collections and a variety of digital content via Amazon, iTunes and various online stores. As seen in the article of Holsapple, Iyengar, Jin & Rao (2008), digital content has gained considerable ground in terms […]

Tariffs in the USA

Introduction Tariffs have been part of the United States economic history. Alexander Hamilton who was the country’s first treasury secretary was the one who initiated the tariff issue. According to Hamilton, tariffs were necessary and were aimed at protecting the American manufacturer and they have been instrumental in the America’s trade policy up to date […]

Liability Insurance System

The chapter that should be currently addressed in the Chapter Nine “Things Fall Apart: Product Liability and Consumers” of the second edition of the book by Joanne B. Ciulla, Clancy Martin, and Robert C. Solomon called Honest Work. So, the main story to be enlarged on is the one called “How We Got into This […]