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Criminal Investigation Essay Examples and Topics

Access Right to Money: Sculpture Theft

Among the suspects, there are those in dire need of the money due to financial problems, while others need the values worth of the item and not the actual monetary price attached to the item.

Fire Investigation in the United Kingdom

Additionally, they direct and focus the activities of all fire and rescue persons on the scene. They act as representatives of the police force on the scene and establish the security of the investigation process.

Residential House Arson Investigation

The speed with which the ignition process proceeds depends on the area of the building, the existing conditions for the exchange of gases with the environment, and the properties of the burning materials.

Case Gone Cold: East Area Rapist

This tendency may occur due to a variety of reasons such as when the assault is dealt with on a personal level of the victim's party, when the victim did not feel that the crime [...]

Evidence Profiling in Criminal Law

For greater convenience, Oorschot, Ballantyne, and Mitchell note that the collection of biological traces takes place both from the crime scene and from the surviving suspects and victims. Such an investigation may accurately establish and [...]

Earl Edwin Pitts Espionage Case

When the FBI suspected his activities, a counterintelligence program was hatched to confirm the crime and determine the extent to which he had leaked the important information to the Russians.

Effective Intelligence Assessment System

As such, the government of the United States, while fighting Balkans' organized crime, must understand that it is dealing with a very complex problem that needs dedication, time, commitment, and above all a sophisticated intelligence-gathering [...]

Probable Causes for Search and Arrest

The use of a warrant to search the premises of a homeowner is applicable in cases where a person is suspected of committing a crime but there is an insufficient level of on-hand evidence at [...]

Death Types in Criminal Investigation

Before the death has been considered a murder, it may complement the evidence concerning the thinkable reasons of why a person may be trying to cover the important information about the demise of the individual.

Detectives Role in Investigation

In short, the work of a detective is not as exciting and glamorous as it is portrayed to be, and certainly not as effective as it is showed in the movies.

The Debate Over Recent Recorded Crime in Turkey

In the case of Turkey, the picture of the low crime rates does not seem to be compatible with the rapid rates of urbanization, industrialization, and population growth. Its provisions will be enforced and updated [...]

Race Conflict in London: Mark Duggan Case

Following the consequences of the August, 2011 riots in London and other cities in the United Kingdom, the media, politicians and senior officers in the police force came up with different explanations on the cause [...]

Christian Fernandez Case

According to Bechtold and Cauffman the main difference between juvenile and adult court consists in the fact that the former is mostly aimed at the rehabilitation of the convict and his or her reintegration into [...]

Predictive Policing

Application of Information Technology versus Random Street Patrols Application of information technology to optimize police departments' performance to reduce crime is a core feature of predictive policing. The information systems are used to detect fraud [...]

Search, Seizure, arrest, and reasonableness

A reasonable search and seizure warrants must specifically describe the place to be searched, and the property to be seized. The federal law enforcing officer can also obtain an arrest warrant from a judge or [...]

Criminal Identification Procedures

One of the interesting applications of technology to crime prevention is the use of cameras. The overall effect is that the presence of CCTV cameras increases the sense of security in a given place.

The pretrial process

The prosecutors have the obligation to use the material evidence to defend the criminal, failure to which, the suspect would seek some lawsuit later. Therefore, the prosecutor is obliged to disclose material evidence in favor [...]

Types of Crime Analysis

The goals of tactical analysis are to recognize crime trends and to develop the best suited strategies to address them. This is a matter of great concern and the department would inquire more into the [...]

An Inchoate Crime

Under the conspiracy element in the Wisconsin Statutes, conspiracy is defined as the agreement or combination of forces by two individuals with the intent of committing a crime.

Delphi Survey Method

Delphi method can be applied in proliferation of future settings in a criminal justice system based on the analysis of a consensus of the experts in the field of criminal justice.

Warrants and Probable Cause Value

Conduct a search or hold hostage should they have a reasonable reason to believe that the person in question is armed or is in the process of planning a crime.