Criminal Investigation Essay Examples and Topics

Criminal Treatment of the Mentally Disordered

Introduction In all the societies of the world, morality has always been viewed as an important virtue to ensure that individuals live in peace and harmony. To ensure that morality is maintained, a number of rules and norms have been formulated. These rules and norms aim at guiding the acts of individuals to ensure that […]

Scientific Approach of Collecting Biological Evidence in Criminal Investigation

Forensic science is one of the accurate methods of collecting and analyzing evidence from a scene of a crime. Since courts require substantial evidence, investigators ought to use the most accurate forensic equipments and to follow all the necessary steps. Investigators use different approaches to collect biological evidence at the scene of a crime. Chisum […]

Predictive Policing

Introduction The traditional police strategy was based on the three R’s: random patrol, rapid response, and reactive investigation (Beck, 2008).The strategy failed because it alienated the police from the community who viewed police officers as intruders and enemies. In response to the crisis, the concept of community policing developed. It helped to foster cooperation between […]

Contrast the different levels of police operations and their unique operations

Introduction The role of the police is to enforce laws, protect property and reduce civil disorders in the society. In this essay, I wish to discuss the differences and similarities between the federal, state, and local levels of law enforcement and contributions of August Vollmer and other pioneers to the development of Criminal investigative techniques. […]

Search, Seizure, arrest, and reasonableness

Introduction Search, seizure, arrest, and reasonableness have been controversial topics in the criminal justice system for a number of years. Interferences with individuals’ privacy expectations have been cited as the major undoing of the criminal justice system. This essay provides an in-depth analysis of the United State searches, seizures, arrests, and reasonableness. Search and Seizures […]

Criminal Identification Procedures

One of the forces driving change in the provision of security services is technology. In the recent years, the practices of forensic science, criminology, and security management have become reliant on technology. One of the interesting applications of technology to crime prevention is the use of cameras. Currently, many cities rate their security preparedness by […]

The pretrial process

Many people are not aware of the actions that take place before the real trial exercise in a criminal case. The police arrests suspects and present them to the prosecutor who decides on whether to press charges or not. However, before any procedures, the state is obliged to give an attorney to persons accused of […]

Planning and Reviewing of an Identity Theft Case

The planning and evaluation process of the identity theft case against the university professor will require several action steps. The actions that will be taken to recover the identity of the university professor will depend on the nature of the identity theft and the fraud committed. The first step will be to request the professor […]

Fraud Detection and Investigation

Abstract Fraud involves misappropriation of a company’s assets or misrepresentation of the company’s financial position through financial statements. Fraud is common in both small enterprises and public quoted companies. Fraud is perpetuated through manipulation of the internal control system. Sources of information on fraudulent activities include tips from employees. The following paper is a case […]

Criminal Arrest in Brooklyn on 13 March 2011

Introduction On 13 March 2011, the New York Times reported the tragic arrest of a domestic violence suspect that resulted in the death of a police officer, Alain Schaberger. After a desperate call for help from a 48-year old woman living in Brooklyn, the officer responded and tried to arrest the suspect. However, the incident […]

Types of Crime Analysis

Introduction Crime analysis is a systematic process whose aim is to provide timely information about trends and patterns in crime. Law enforcers use the resultant information in many areas such as to solve crime, apprehend offenders and in planning for police resources. Police law enforcers employ different analytical techniques in this process. There are also […]

An Inchoate Crime

Introduction An inchoate crime is defined as the incomplete, incipient, anticipatory or preliminary act, which implies that a person was inclined to commit a crime but never got to the “complete” completion of committing the crime (Chapter 939, 2009). Inchoate crimes were traditionally considered misdemeanors (Incomplete [inchoate] crimes, 2007). However, as drug crime, white-collar crimes […]

Delphi Survey Method

Introduction The Delphi survey method applies the principle of decision making from a groups’ point of view (Zaloom, & Subhedar, 2011). This method is based on a planned communication approach. It is developed to be an interactive forecasting process that is systematic and relies on a team of experts. The specialists are expected to provide […]

Warrants and Probable Cause Value

Probable cause in the criminal justice system Probable cause in the criminal justice system revolves around the belief that someone committed a crime. In the United States, probable cause is a very important facet of the criminal law in the country because it lays the foundation on which police officers are empowered to search, investigate […]