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Marijuana Legalization in Illinois

The case for legalization of marijuana in Colorado evidences the need to alter federal laws prohibiting marijuana for its legalization law to have both statutory and federal backing in the state of Illinois.

The Bill of Rights and It’s Importance

Each of the amendments included in this list is critical for limiting the authority of the state. This is one of the reasons why I attach much importance to this amendment that regulates the interactions [...]

Nonviolence Civil Rights

In any case, nonviolence formed a basis for the understanding of the civil rights movement by the oppressors. Also, nonviolence was inclusive and allowed the average citizen to participate in the civil rights movement.

Unfair Labor Practices

Furthermore, it is wrong for government officials to profit from the activities of MNCs, when they have a duty to protect their vulnerable workers in the first place.

Guns Usage in the United States

The American society also has divided opinions on the issue of gun ownership and use in the continent. Even with the great benefits of gun-use in the US, the situation also drawbacks in the society.

National Security Versus Personal Privacy

With considerations of the security systems put forth by the US security agencies, drastic changes have taken place, affecting individual personal privacy for the American citizens with the aim of countering terrorism in the US [...]

National Transportation Security Branch

The national transportation security branch is the custodian of sensitive security information that may be accessed and shared by law enforcers, intelligence, and any security agencies that are allowed to know.

The Prevention of Child Abuse

From the interview conducted with the school administrator of the local elementary school and the director of a local preschool, it is clear that both institutions have some advocacy plans for the prevention of child [...]

The Right to Possess Firearms

The right to own firearms is one of the fundamental human rights entrenched in the American Constitution. Additionally, the right to own firearms facilitates the implementation of the right to life.

Legal Environment in Washington

This case study is meant to enlighten all the stakeholders of the legal environment in the region, and how it may impact on an organization's ability to manage confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

Concept of Title VII – Constitutional Law

The president sent a bill to the House of Representatives where further amendments strengthened the bill to include provisions on the protection against racial discrimination in the workplace and incorporation of all the rights described [...]

Copyright Infringement in the USA

The latest amendment of the Copyright Act led to the establishment of the Congress Digital Millennium Copyright Act. According to the allegations, the writer unlawfully duplicated the proposal document that was to be used for [...]

Legalizing Gay Marriage in the US

If anything is to go by, the foundations of gay marriage uphold the belief that couples who have shown the purpose for their commitment should take to the aisle and commit their pledge before the [...]

Prison Overcrowding

As mentioned in the introduction, building more prisons is just one of the many solutions to the problem of overcrowding in prisons.

The Fourteenth Amendment – Constitutional Law

The second section of the Amendment allowed for the repeal of the three-fifths clause of the original Constitution that reckoned slaves as a three-fifths of a person with respect to the apportionment of Congressional representation.

Utilitarian vs Libertarian Principles

However, when the terms of a private agreement or contract interfere with the rights of other people, it is important for the state or government to step in and ensure that public good prevails.

Judicial System: the Role of Judges

Judges listen to allegations brought by the prosecutors, the attorney defenders, and the testimony of the witnesses and rule whether the evidence is valid or not.

Employment Laws

The article below focuses on the impacts of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on organizations as highlighted in the Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law.

Racial Discrimination at the Workplace

The main change that is discussed in this essay is the introduction of legislation that will see the creation of a special authority that is aimed at guaranteeing the freedom of all workers at the [...]

Drug Legalization and Intellectual Horizons

One of the reasons why the issue of drug legalization continues to spark up a public controversy in America, is that the representatives of the country's so-called amoral majority' are still being in the position [...]

Security: Domestic Imbalance in the UAE

A number of opportunities are available that can perhaps play a role in resolving the problem, including strengthening the country's intelligence, restructuring the immigration policies to meet the international standards, and empowering the local security [...]

Affirmative Action Law in the USA

In the United States, the law should increase the number of women in the senior managerial and leadership positions by solving the shortcomings that describe their history.

Environmental Justice and Minority Groups

Developed in the 1980s, environmental justice refers to fair treatment and involvement of people in the design and implementation of policies and laws that touch on the environment, regardless of their skin color, ethnic and [...]

Ban of Tobacco Smoking in Jamaica

The first part of the paper will address effects of tobacco smoking on personal health and the economy. Cognizant of its international obligation and the aforementioned health effects of tobacco smoke, Jamaica enacted a law [...]

Historical Criminal Justice Theories

Moreover, the study of these theories can demonstrate some of the principles that govern the work of law-enforcement agencies. It should be noted that this person attached much importance to the training of law-enforcement officers.

The Marijuana Usage Legislation

This research paper is aimed at discussing the effects that can be produced by the changes in the legislation on the use, storage, and distribution of marihuana.

The Public Health Problems

Public health involves the prevention of diseases to prolong life and the promotion of good health of the people through some given guidelines or interventions. The purpose of this research is to explore how to [...]

Animal Rights: Speciesism

Therefore, the interests of animals should not be ignored simply because they belong to species that are considered inferior to human beings.

Is it Never Permissible to Break the Law?

Since the very existence of the society is based on compliance with a specific set of regulations, breaking the law must never be regarded as a permissible action; however, the ethical implications that a certain [...]

Labor-Related Laws in US

Current labor laws are capable of dealing with labor-management problems because it protects the interest of the workers and the general public.

The Defense Industrial Base

The regulatory instruments that determine the standards and procedures of the sector As a vital security sector in the US, the defense industrial base operates under the department of defense.

Labor Issues: Employment at Will

The firing of employees has been in the rise due to the need for ensuring high performance. The principal is liable for the actions of an agent that lead to court suit if they are [...]

Australian Employment Welfare

For political reasons, the government paid special attention to the increase in employment among young people and the offering of employee welfare and benefits "sweetened" the deal.

Law Issues: Ethical Scrapbook

People have a right to engage in various activities without the supervision of the government. In some instances, pharmaceutical may fail to obtain informed consent from people who are participating in the testing of various [...]

Death Penalty – Criminal Law

Costs of the death penalty show that instead of the death penalty leading to a decrease in the cost of administering justice, it has led to an increase in the cost incurred when compared with [...]

Criminology: Prison Life

Inmates in jails are locked up together regardless of the crimes they committed, or are suspected of having committed while those in prisons are put behind bars in different areas and according to the degree [...]

Criminology: Prisoners with Special Needs

Such prisoners are badly treated by the prison staff and other prisoners mainly because of the discriminatory attitudes that are deeply rooted in society and are more evident in the restricted environment of prisons.

The Crime Fighting Evolution

The Homeland Security Act led to the creation of the United States Department of Homeland Security as well as the newly formed cabinet level vacancy of the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Controlling Organized Crime

In some instances, law enforcement officers have to get court orders first before they are allowed to search the premises of criminal suspects and this makes it difficult for them to stop different criminal incidents [...]

Social Disorganization and Crime

Social disorganization can be conceptualized as the incapability of the community structure to attain the common values of its members and maintain effective social controls, or as the failure and degeneration of social institutions and [...]

Social Institution and Organized Crime

Lastly, in terms of theoretical underpinnings, it is argued that relative deprivation and social control theoretical perspective are most applicable to the perspective of social inclusion as it relates to organized crime.

Children’s Rights

This is one of the issues that are poorly addressed by the governments of various countries. When speaking about the rights of children in the United Arab Emirates, one can first say that the government [...]

Victims and Crime Evaluation

Both the criminal and victim have rights, and the prosecutor coordinates with the defense attorney to ensure the court protects the rights. Victimization is the most common element in the criminal justice system that is [...]

Businesses Engaging in Child Labour

They claimed that child labor practices were against the precepts of their company and international labor laws. Fairtrade International admitted that they were informed of the allegations of child labor in the cotton farms.

Personal Crimes

On the other hand, the states refer to statutory rape that refers to the illegal sexual contact between an adult and a minor.

Criminology Issues in Chicago

Once the court date is near, the witness will be brought to the basement garage of the apartment building and from there they will be transported via a car to the courthouse in order to [...]

Administrative Law: the HP Accounting Case

The parties are allowed to appeal the decision of the Federal Court to the Federal Court of Appeal. All citizens are entitled to appeal and review of the tribunal decision, meaning that the Federal Court [...]

Criminology: Water Boarding Torture

Over the years, waterboarding has been used in Europe to get information from suspects. This discussion has revealed that the waterboarding method facilitates access to information from uncooperative suspects.

Law: Court Issue Analysis

The worst scenarios were the in which the interpreters did not even know the name of defendants for half of the entire period of interpretation.

Law: Court Purposes and Responsibilities

As a result, courts are empowered to use the law to defend the weak and defenseless in society. All judicial officers and other professionals that work in the justice system are required to adhere to [...]

Criminal Law: Community Reintegration of Prisoners

This paper discusses some of the methods that can be used to counter these barriers and ensure the successful community reintegration of prisoners. The successful reintegration of prisoners into society is crucial to the safety [...]