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Law Essay Examples and Topics

US Security

This situation is almost similar to a terrorism attack, meaning the security of the United States has been affected greatly by the global economic crisis.

Patent law: Advantages and disadvantages

United States patent legislation specifies in its initial period that the patent legislation is integrated with a view of protecting the intellectual property of the inventing company or individual, promote novelty, aid in widening the [...]

Equal Opportunity and the Law

Consequently, this paper intends to analyze the linkage between the prerequisite for having equal opportunities for employees within organizations to the assumed accrued benefits.

Laws and ethics

Since the law must be obeyed, it becomes enforceable and that is why institutions such as the police and the judiciary have a duty of enforcing the law.

Legal ethics

Whichever manner the training is done and irrespective of who undertakes it, the aim should be to support ethical behavior in the organization. Therefore, a conducive environment is required to support ethical behavior in the [...]

Levy Tariffs On Imports In USA

This leaves the government with no choice but to make levy taxes on the imports for a variety of reasons which look justified or unjustified depending on the purpose it is meant to serve.

Negligent Tort

On the other hand, tort of negligence refers to all the actions that violate the expected standards of duty and care without intentions of doing so.

Value Neutrality

In addition, in the process of opinion expression, a counselor might be biased in a problem approach or may be subjected to stereotyping.

A brief summation of the rulings

This case was handled in the US Supreme Court and acted as a test for the standards used in admitting both scientific and expert evidences related to a given testimony.

The Trial of Martha Stewart

The call most definitely focused on the situation at ImClone and of the decision of the Waksals to sell all of their shares, and helped her arrive at the decision to sell all of her [...]

Product Liability Suit

Through the observations of the green movement regulations, the companies would be in a position to produce products that are environmentally friendly and that protect the ecosystem.

Product Liability Suit against British Petroleum

The company is involved in several activities within the energy sector especially exploration of gas and oil, refinery and distribution of the same, generation of power and in retailing of gas and petroleum products.

HealthCare Fraud

The case of Sundown Community Hospital and Central Park Medical Group joint venture, which offered financial benefits to facilitate the agreement on the transfer to patients, a majority of whom are under Medicare plan, violates [...]

Toyota Motor Corporation Product Liability Lawsuit

The subsequent reluctance to alert its clients of the stated defects in its vehicles publicly, and denial of the existence of the same defects make Toyota Motor Corporation culpable, and the ensuing product liability lawsuits [...]

The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000

The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 is founded on international labor laws that require that employees should be protected from unhealthy and unsafe working environments; in Section 8 of Part 2, division 2, the [...]

Commoditization of Culture

But writers are of the opinion that legal measure should not be used to protect intellectual property as this amount to dilution of the sacred value inherent in such culture and prevents the community from [...]

Italy benefits and compensation

The benefits available in the Italy schemes cut across the managerial professional and other types of employees. The opportunities based on the development and the learning of the employee so as to expand and enhance [...]

The modern law of damages

The three main areas of economic loss are earning loss in the past and future, probable pecuniary losses, household loses. It measured by the plaintiff's diminished power and capacity in the future and past that [...]

Erlich vs. Menezes

It was therefore necessary for the plaintiffs to be compensated for the economic risk they were placed in by the state of their house.

Howard Becker’s Labelling Theory

Over the centuries, the society has taken steps to respond to this vice that threatens the moral fabric of the society. Becker sought to discover the consequences that the application of the label of deviant [...]

Industrial Terrorism in Modern World

It is against this background that "a worst vase release" was determined by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1996 and established the fact that over 100 of the identified chemical facilities had the potential of [...]

Software Piracy

In order to appreciate the impacts of piracy of the ICT sector, it is imperative to understand the evolution of the vice from a complementary service into a fully fledged competitor in the sector.

Traditional litigation

In this phenomenon, only the accused and the plaintiff appear in court where the court or jury makes a verdict in accordance to the evidence presented by the parties.

Personal Jurisdiction of a Court

According to Nebraska Long-arm Statute, any court in the state has the right to exercise personal jurisdiction over any person who directly, or through the help of agents, carries out any business transaction in the [...]

Computer Forensics

In addition, the paper provides an overview of the techniques used in obtaining evidence from the internet and web resources, the types of evidence that can be recovered from electronic and computer resources, and the [...]

Egypt and Canada

The premiums that are paid to these insurance companies are to the respect of the risk that is likely to be encountered when goods are in transit.

Copyright and Piracy

One other pertinent framework of this legal tool is the exclusive right it gives the owner to control the performance of a protected work to the public.

Pornography and Women Issues

Advertisements in pornographic materials show the level of support and endorsement of the degrading acts in the materials. The increase in production and consumption of pornographic materials is correlated to the increasing actual cases of [...]

Intellectual property laws

A trademark needs to be registered for this service and this will include features such as the name of the service, a special logo created to distinguish the service, colors designated to be used in [...]

Public Defender System

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned outcomes of pressure on defendants, it is possible to conclude that the public defender system may be improved, if prosecutors try to use checked evidences and proper psychological evaluation of [...]

Funding Homeland Security Initiatives

According to the DHS, other measures which have been taken since then include the enactment of the intelligence reform and terrorism prevention act of 2004, the implementation of the recommendations of the 9/11 commission act [...]

Open enrolment Act in California

The aim or the purpose of the open enrolment policy was to upgrade student's performance and to give parents the opportunity to send their children to schools of their choice.

Children Internet Protection Act

The Child Internet Protection Act demanded that schools, institutions and library that offered internet services to underage children and using Educational Rate discounts and grants that were made through the Library Services Technology Act, were [...]

The Five Types of Bankruptcy

These types are determined according to the peculiarities of the procedure of bankruptcy and with references to the company, municipality or an individual as the owner of the resources.

The case of Charles Laverne Singleton

This is one of the details that should be considered by legislators who need to think about the long-term consequences of their actions. This is one of the issues that should not be disregarded.

Trials and Verdicts

However, to understand the details related to interpreting the cases and law and to stating the verdict, it is necessary to analyze the processes related to different courts according to their jurisdiction, and to focus [...]

Crime and Victimization

The data received as a result of the crime and victimization surveys state that the rates of crime and victimization in the United States are different depending on many factors which are the demographic factors, [...]

Doctrine of Vicarious Liability

Some of the reasons for the existence of the doctrine of vicarious responsibility include the assumption that the employer controls the actions of the employees, and thus s/he should be held responsible.

Vicarious Liability

The paper covers ethical issues in the application of employers' vicarious liability, the application of the principals' vicarious liability, the application of vicarious liability of corporations in tort, in vicarious employees' continued liability and indemnity, [...]

Assessment of Criminological Theories

Moreover, the theory implies that majority of people who have encountered very serious difficulties while attempting to satisfy the expectations of the society usually choose to commit crime.

Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement refers to the act of using copyrighted works without the authority of the owner thus infringing their rights to reproduce or distribute the material.

Scientific Approaches to Pornography

However, irrespective of the stand, both the protagonists and antagonists share the same view that human beings have had a deep interest in pornographic material in the image of sex.

Overview of Theories of Liability and Defense

Therefore, much concern is specifically connected with the quality of the product and negligent attitude of the family to warnings of the personnel concerning the risk of using specific services on the territory of the [...]


The court observed that the client was not within the care of the motel when he was crossing the road. It was the responsibility of the clients to ensure that they crossed the road safely [...]

Treatment Programs for Juvenile Offenders

The other role that the youth involved in the juvenile treatment program should play is that of feeling guilty of the committed offence, which marks the beginning of the healing and the change program.

Legal Environment: Torts and Product Liability

As a form of a case law, product liability ensures that manufacturers, distributors as well as the retailers of a product bear responsibility in the event that a product that they offer to the market [...]

Megan’s law and Adam Walsh Act

The main hindrances reducing the effectiveness of the method significantly are inaccuracy of the state registries' databases and certain level of naivety of the laws, focused on punishment of the previous crimes instead of preventing [...]


Also, the source of the information is not reflected in the text. One should be relaxed and bending the body slightly forward to show interest in the person and the conversation.

Personal Income Tax

Simplicity: In terms of simplicity, Canadians believe that the progressive tax structure is simpler as compared to the flat tax structure.

Ethics in Technology: Cyber Crimes

Furthermore, the defendant altered the data, which compromised the integrity of the information to the detriment of the organizations involved. In this litigation, Aleksey Vladimirovich Ivanov was the defendant while the American government was the [...]

Protection of Inventors Ideas

The tangible objects may not have the property but the idea of the property reflected in the copies. The need to protect ideas and intellectual property is also important for development of innovation.

Intelligence agency

Although the office of the DNI is expected to control the whole intelligence community, it is not possible to accomplish this for all members of the intelligence community in the country in the prevailing situation.

Crime & The Media

This essay focuses on the depiction of law and agents of law in the American films Young Mr. The main of aims of law films are to portray the idea of justice to viewers.

One nation under law

Cherokee Indian case revealed the weaknesses of the American Supreme Court as the provisions were not in line with the American constitution.

White Collar Crime

Parties affected by the crime and how it affects them White collar criminals place more emphasis on their personal needs than their organization's to the point of downplaying the real costs of their actions.

Puerta and Torres Case

Running from the scene of the accident was one of the actions that convinced Puerta that Torres was guilty. Puerta claimed that Torres' actions after the accident showed that she was guilty of the offense.

Law in the Information Age 2.0

5 The lack of proper legal protection of the freedom of speech in Australia has prompted some observers to advance the opinion that the freedom of speech only exists to the extent that there is [...]

Abner Louima case and the outcome

The case of Abner Louima was one of the most brutal cases in New York, when a police officer brutalized the arrested suspect with a plunger. When the suspect was brought into the police station, [...]

The World Anti-Doping Agency

The analysis of the origins of the organization sheds light on the policies and approaches that the agency applies and, therefore, specific attention should be paid to the evaluation of those principles with regard to [...]

Tenants and property owners

According to the Residential Landlord and Tenant law, the property owner may have to evict the new occupant because the act violates the rights of the first tenant.

Cyber Bullying Issue

Therefore, the goal of this paper is to analyse who the victims of cyber bullying are and the influence it has on them.

A Marxist Approach to Global Crime

The capitalistic economic system fosters most of the global crimes by encouraging the exploitation of one group by another and promoting the self-interest of the individuals who engage in these forms of crime.