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Law Essay Examples and Topics

Immigration Services Against Crime and Terrorism

The rise in public apprehension attributed to criminality, terrorism, and refugees has resulted in the Americans questioning the effectiveness of the immigration services in promoting national security and fighting crimes.

The Corporation as a Person

Within the legal system, it may have structures that adhere to the legislation of the land. The people come together to form a corporation that becomes legally binding.

Digital Crime Causes and Theories

The differential association theory, the social learning theory, and the choice theory are some of the theories that researchers use to shed light on the causes of digital crime.

Management of Contract

First of all, it is important to realise the fact that any manager should recognise the importance of the accompanying documentation as it serves as the guaranty of the preservation of his/her rights and provision [...]

Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism

It is a requirement that students and other individuals using electronic materials in their research use the various citation methods in acknowledging the owners of the legal rights of any electronic materials.

Local Police Role in Homeland Security

In the framework of the investigation, the police identified carjacking suspects who were later connected to the bombings. The influence on terrorism and homeland security urged the police to streamline the improvement of their services.

Young Suspects’ Interrogation and Wrong Convictions

The findings indicate the discrepancy between the perception of youth in general and that of the young suspects in the interrogation process, and the existence of predominant view that interrogation techniques devised for adult population [...]

Health Care Issues Impacting Texas

Therefore, it is very important to pay close attention to the conditions under which healthcare services are offered, the opportunities that people could use to get health insurance, and the reasons why the state was [...]

Cox Broadcasting Corporation vs Cohn’s Case

On appeal, the Supreme Court held that the trial court made an error in the interpretation of the Georgia statute and declared that the First and the Fourteenth Amendments require no legal judgment for the [...]

Trials with False Light Claims

While the privacy of a person is a very important part of their rights, and it is the responsibility of the law to protect citizens from harm, both physical and mental, false light claims are [...]

Sepsis Protocols in New Jersey Legislation

The process of creating new bills consists of identifying assemblymen and assemblywomen sponsored the given bill, clarification of the bodies enacting it, the provision of the key points and aims, and the statement summarizing the [...]

Occupational Safety and Health Act

There are quite many exempts from the Occupational Safety and Health Act as the management is often free from many provisions of the act due to the peculiarities of the industry companies operate in.

Crime Scene Investigation

Besides, the paper presents the qualities that crime investigators should have to guarantee a successful inquiry process. Upon arrival on a scene or the site of the crime, one should: Offer assistance to the injured [...]

Should Plastic Bags Be Banned?

In the United States, various states consider establishing and implementing strategies to curb the use of plastic bags at the checkout of retail and grocery stores.

The Problem of Female Offenders’ Recidivism

It is necessary to explore the association with the focus on the officers' and former offenders' perspectives on the matter. Researchers focus on factors affecting recidivism, as well as methodological and theoretical frameworks that can [...]

Structure of Homeland Security

The U.S.response to the 9/11 attacks and the development of new religious practices demonstrate the level of the population's vulnerability and the inability to predict or even understand the nature of the war on terrorism [...]

Legal Working Age and Hours Limits

This paper aims to prove that the minimum age should be changed to be eighteen years old for employment with unlimited hours and twenty-one for jobs that are hazardous to one's health.

Organized Crime and Current Laws

The main idea of the Act was to ban the production, distribution, and consumption of alcohol. The Act shaped the culture of the 1920s and changed the relationships between politicians and criminal leaders.

Health Policy and Law Basics

The main objective of a company in free-market health care is to be profitable. The policy of Donald Trump supports free-market health care, and it is wise to use the law to your advantage.

Court Problem and Its Future

In the face of ever-changing realities of social and political contexts of the modern world, it is necessary to consider the transformation of the role of the judiciary system in the delivery of justice.

Criminal Justice: Investigating Problems

Dependent variables: Number of racial hate crimes committed in a locality per year, the number of fatalities associated with racial hate crimes, the total population of the locality, racial disparity within the locality.

Development of Probation

According to the statement, the county government acknowledged the fact that there was an urgent need to reorient the probation programs to focus more on the development of the youth and the community at large.

Vietnamese Business Regulatory Frameworks

In order to create an environment that is conducive for players in the world of business, the country has been trying to improve its systems accordingly and in compliance with the World Trade Organization's rules. [...]

Human Resource Laws

The Act prohibits the discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, and disability and allows employees to seek compensation if they were subject to intentional discrimination.

Restorative Justice Programs’ Criticisms

Wood and Suzuki emphasize that one of the most significant problems associated with the definition of the term is the fact that it has been applied to a wide range of practices, programs, approaches, systems, [...]

Insanity Defense in American Jurisprudence

The presence of the men's rea element of a crime, which is directly relevant to criminal intent, is known to have nudged 14 American states to start looking for an alternative to the existing NGRI [...]

English Versus Islamic and Chinese Tort Laws

Various legal systems in the world including the English Criminal Law and the Islamic Law comprise of comparable and dissimilar provisions of the Law of Torts owing to the uniqueness of the constitutional interpretation of [...]

Criminal Justice Policy in Action

The basis of research on the issue of wrongful convictions is supported by a number of articles that address this criminal justice misconception from a number of perspectives and define police misconduct as one of [...]

Criminal vs. Civil Cases and Punishment

One of the main differences between the two types of cases is the terms of their punishment. The standard is very high because the crimes are highly severe and the legal liability of criminal cases [...]

Community Corrections and Criminal Justice

Community corrections are the topic that has been the easiest to understand because, unlike other aspects of criminal justice, this is the area of the administration of punishment that is the most familiar to me.

The Beltway Snipers Case

Then the case was investigated by the Montgomery County Police Department with the support of the FBI. One of the probable is a biological theory or the theory of born criminal.

Health and Safety Legislation and Compliance

The high speed of modern life aimed at improving productivity, intensity, and quality of work lead to the premature ageing of the human body, to the growth of the frequency of psychological and physical diseases, [...]

Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct

Furthermore, the company's representatives also develop a plan of improvement if any violations are detected; the company and the supplier work on the issues together so that the company can assess the improvement later.

Wrongful Conviction and Miscarriage in Canada

The inevitability of punishment and the measures aimed at the promotion of law help to limit the harmful activity of various individuals for them not to undermine the core principles of the existence of a [...]

Daniel and Lyrissa Touby v. United States

The plaintiffs went to court to dismiss their indictment on the grounds that Section 201 of the Controlled Substances Act gives the Attorney General unconstitutional legislative power to deal with drug indictments.

Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley Acts Comparison

On the other hand, section 404 requires the management teams of companies to oversee and control all the financial activities of their companies and ensure that the reporting adheres to the provisions of the Act.

Logical Fallacies in Criminal Justice

The misrepresentation of the original argument is not taken into account, and the key objective of this fallacy is to confuse the opponent and form one's opinion on the wrong argument.

Antitrust Legislation and Competition Laws

The latter regulation was the first act in the US history to outlaw monopolistic and predatory business practices; it was signed into law in 1890 and focused on the prevention of the trust practices that [...]

Prison Overcrowding: A Persistent Problem

It was found that overcrowding contributed to the reduction of the mental well-being of prisoners and the correctional staff; nevertheless, there was no relationship between the decrease in crime rates and the increase in the [...]

Ethics in Criminal Justice: Moral Aspects

Also, it may be necessary to outline the basics of behavior that is acceptable in the workplace. There is also a supposition that an intensification of the organizational strictness may be harmful to trust.

Ethics, Media and Criminal Justice

The reporting should be handled by the media and not by the punishing governmental body due to the fact that the influence of criminal justice on the news may become a new case of bias [...]

Proactive and Reactive Approaches in Criminology

Thus, it is vital for professionals to utilize both reactive and proactive approaches to streamline investigation and save people. It is also important to mention that fingerprints of military and government employees can also be [...]