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Introduction to Criminology Essay

After reading the article, it is notable that there are awesome highlights explaining the history, development, and evolution of crime in the society. The first thing that comes out clearly from the article is the nature of crime. Different criminal activities have existed in the society over the past centuries. For example, certain criminal activities such as robbery have been common. In the recent past, new criminal activities have emerged such as piracy and gunfights.

Some crimes such as slavery have reappeared in the form of kidnappings. It is because of this aspect of crime that new technologies scientific inquiries have emerged to understand the field of criminology much better. In the 18th century, criminology emerged as a major field of study with different sociologists and scholars contributing a lot to the field. This eventually played a major role towards reforming criminal justice and law in Europe.

The other fascinating issue from the article is how crime has changed over the centuries. Crime and the definition of criminal acts and deviant behaviors are “social products”.

This means that the individuals in a specific society will define what should be a crime or not. Criminologists distinguish acts depending on the society and the existing political laws. It is also notable that the article explains how people identify certain acts to be bad because they have been prohibited in the society. This explains why there are some universal laws against acts such as assault, rape, and murder.

The author of the article goes further to present a fascinating point of interest. There are two models of criminal law. These include the “consensus” and the “conflict” models. The consensus model explains how a society describes what is “wrong” and then implements the most effective laws.

The conflict model, on the other hand, explains how criminology and criminal law originates from the interests or expectations of various politicians, interest groups, or leaders. This means that the definition of crime mainly reflects the expectations and views of the powerful people in a society.

The article also explores the problem of crime from a sociopolitical and economic perspective thus making it a frustrating “moment”. According to statistics, global crime has been on the rise since the Second World War. Crime continues to take new forms depending on technological changes and developments.

As well, crime is a major problem because it is hard to estimate its costs. A study by David Anderson indicated that the cost of crime is very high and affects the lives of people across the world. The article explains how crime affects people and increases the level of government expenditure to cater for prisoners, control crime, and policing. This is the reason why governments and societies should consider the best laws to address the problem of crime because it affects all people alike.

In our modern world, the article explains why crime continues to become a major challenge across the globe. Crime also has both sociological and psychological aspects thus making it full cost incalculable. That being the case, there should be new inquiries to define crime accurately and be able to address it because it is a major concern today. I would therefore recommend this article because it offers a wider range of views, insights, and understanding of crime as a major sociological issue affecting the world today.

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