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Introduction to Criminology Term Paper

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Updated: Jul 17th, 2018

The term criminology refers to the design and scientific study of the extent, nature, control and cause of the criminal behaviors in both the individual and society. Crime is any act committed that deprives the individuals and the society of their values, rights and beliefs. There are different reasons why people commit crimes. Several factors such as the society, systems, culture and economy affect the criminal behaviors of a person. The criminal act may be as a result of a combination factors or one factor stated above.

The reasons behind a person’s desire for committing a crime vary from an individual to the other. The reasons include anger, greed, revenge, jealousy, or pride. Many people organize for successful crimes just to acquire and live a better life. The act is in some people. Several criminals think that the action is more lucrative than performing routine jobs. It is in their minds that crime brings joy and substantial rewards.

I think that inadequate parenting skills like neglected and sexually abused children are liable to be criminals later in life. Peer pressure and drug abuse can also lead to criminal offences. Drug users will always think negatively on how to make money for more drugs than what they have. Income and level of education is a significant factor leading to crime. Low-wage earners may be tempted to get additional resources to make ends meet.

Some will automatically prefer illegal processes to get cheap cash. Easy accesses to handguns which are sold cheaply give criminals a sense of security. They can be able to accomplish vicious crimes because of the support they get from the firearms. I may commit crime, especially white-collar crime, for monetary gain to meet my budgetary needs.

People become criminals through a process in their life. The life experiences people face in life makes them think differently and acquire new skills. They eventually chose what they want to be. It is believed that all criminals have some basic denominator.

The intention is to make some gains in their actions done. Different criminals have different reasons for their actions. Some will be criminals for a specified period while others will make it for life. The theory of sociology says that the major cause of crime is the straining groups and individuals undertake.

These people can not live without criminal acts. An individual will experience such strains when they can not achieve their goals. The same will happen when their values are taken away by other people. Lower- class people will steal to make additional money because they can not get enough from the low wages they earn. There are cases where crime follows family line. There re some instances where all family members are criminals.

The best way of taming the action in the society is by reforming the system especially the judicial, economic and the education. A change should start with oneself. The legal domain commits white-collar crimes and goes undetected.

There should be guidelines in the usage of force by law enforcers like the use of firearms. Clear guidelines on lawyers and prosecutor roles should be implemented. The principles on controlling juvenile delinquency and their protection should be entrenched in the judicial system. The length of detention should be reduced for the offenders.

Prisoners who remain in for more than two years find it hard to re-incorporate into the society. Another best way of reducing crime is by reducing the opportunities. This can be ensured by increasing the number of the police force in the streets and increasing their income. Street lights should be on all the time. Creation of employment is a principal strategy to boost the economy.

This will tame crime because many people will be earning a living. Control of outlawed drugs should be intensified to tame drug addiction among the users. I think that there should be criminal education by the judicial system to enlighten people on the dangers of crimes.

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