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Human Trafficking: Definition, Reasons and Ways to Solve the Problem Analytical Essay


Modern world can be characterized by the blistering development of the issue known as globalization. People are able to communicate, share the latest news and even make bargains with the help of the Internet, which obviously makes the life of society easier. However, globalization also has a great number of negative effects and the world nowadays faces the aftermath of this very process.

The first and most dangerous thing is obviously terrorism as this phenomenon also becomes global and all countries of the world can suffer from it. Governments have to respond to this hew challenge as it can threat security not only of a certain country however, they can destroy the whole modern society. The issue of human trafficking is of this sort.

Definition of Human Trafficking

To understand the problem better, a clear definition of the issue should be given. Nowadays, under the term human trafficking people understand the trade of human beings with different purposes1. In other words, it is a sort of modern slavery which coherent humanity is supposed to be got rid of.

Traders use the similar schemes which slave merchants of the past used. People, who are being sold, become a good as they are deprived of any rights and privileges. Very often, they do not have documents and depend on their master totally. Under these conditions, they have no choice but to obey because there is no other chance for them to survive. Moreover, very often force is used to control these people.

That is why, it becomes obvious that slavery, which is taken as the remnant of the past, prosper in the modern world and a great number of people suffer from it. According to statistics, about 800000 people are sold every year2. Moreover, the following diagram shows that women comprise the greater part of this trade, while the demand for men is lower3. The threatening fact is that children are also sold.

Human Trafficking

The main reasons

However, the given statistics becomes more understandable if to take into account the main purposes of human trafficking. There is a great number of different reasons, however, it is possible to state the most important ones. Sexual slavery is one of the main cause of human trafficking. There is a huge market of sex slaves in the world and, that is why, a great demand exists.

Horrifying fact is that the average age of children who are sold is 13 years4. That is why, women comprise the majority of people who are sold because they can be forced to work as prostitutes and this commercial sexual exploration can give great benefits to their owners. Thus, men and children can also be involved in sex industry, however, their number is lower.

The next important reason is forced labour. In this segment men slaves are more demanded and appreciated as they are more enduring and can bring bigger profit. Finally, there are also such reasons as forced marriage and even extraction of organs and tissues5. Unfortunately, very often children suffer from the last reason and this cruelty cannot but horrify.

Moreover, the next table shows the main causes which make people sell themselves or become sold.

The main causes of human trafficking
Chaos in a state
Absence of real power
Discriminated layers of society

Table 1.

The main ways

It should be said that there are many ways in which slaves can be transported and delivered to their owners. Globalisation and development of different means of transport make this process easier. Nevertheless, it is obvious that usually slaves are not taken from the regions where their owners live.

It is much easier to obtain people from poor countries where conditions of living are catastrophic and very often people have no other choice but to become slaves6. They can make this step in their own volition because they do not know how to survive. Additionally, very often slave traders choose countries with weak governments and judicial power as they could not guarantee security for their citizens.

That is why, the necessity to deliver these people appears. Very often ships or cars are used for this purpose as they are more commodious and it is easier to hide people there. People are transferred under horrible conditions, though it is the cheapest way. Additionally, it should be said that there are special places where such cars or ships can cross a border without any complications.

Besides, it should be said that the are some countries which are taken as traditional suppliers of people for some European countries. The next table shows the number of representatives of different states which came to the UK.

Number of representatives of different states which came to the UK

Table 2.7


Nevertheless, it is still a risky business as according to the law there is a severe punishment for people who trade slaves. Thus, the possibility of punishment does not scare them. The thing is that it is a good source of income and giant sums of money can be obtained with its help.

Moreover, according to the latest investigations, it is possible to say that there are certain organisations which deal with this issue and which have aligned mechanism of human trafficking8. Terrorist organisations belong to the main actors and nowadays they are also great suppliers of slaves. Human trafficking is another way for them to earn money which will be spent on weapon and recruiting9.

Moreover, activity of these organisations very often leads to the appearance of chaos on certain territories. The government of a state, to which these territories belong, is not able to resist terrorist organisations and they can take people with impunity. Due to this fact, the issue of human trafficking becomes one of the main sources of incomes for different terrorist organisations.

Interested actors

Besides, it is silly to deny the nude fact that even these organisations need patrons from developed countries which will be able to protect them and control the whole market of slaves. Very often these patrons are representatives of governments of different developed countries or some global international organisations which main task is to fight with this very issue.

Cynicism of these people impresses, though it is easier to control human trafficking if a person has real power. Moreover, the amount of money obtained due to this trade should not be forgotten. “The United Nations estimates the total market value of illicit human trafficking at 32 billion US dollars”10.

That is why, there are many people who want to get part of this money and guarantee their prosperity. Additionally, the sum is not final as a great number of bargains connected with human trade remain unnoticed and incomes from them can be used for different purposes.

Threat to security

Besides, distribution of these very incomes can be taken as a threat to security of the whole world. It has already been stated that this money are used by terrorist organizations to buy weapon and equipment. Having obtained new remedies, they will be able to continue their activity and bring chaos to other territories, enlarging the areas where slaves can be obtained, which, in its turn can lead to the further development of slave market.

Moreover, the growth of terrorist organizations is also a great threat to the whole world. Thus, there is one more danger connected with the development of human trafficking. Humanity devoted a great number of efforts trying to get rid of slavery and guarantee equal conditions to different people.

However, nowadays, it returns. People are deprived of their rights and many of them are taken as a good. It is a very threatening tendency which leads to corruption of the main principles according to which our society functions. That is why this process holds a great threat to the modern world.

Ways to solve the problem

Under these conditions, it becomes obvious that some steps should be made in order to stop further development of this issue and guarantee security and rights for abused people. However, it is a rather complicated task nowadays. The thing is, that modern world suffers from crisis, both political and economical. Additionally, terrorist organization known as ISIL adds tension to situation and makes it more complicated.

That is why there should be the complex of measures which main aim will be to stop development of terrorism and human trafficking. Almost all countries in the world try to solve this very problem as terrorism has already led to thousands of victims and continues its development11.

Global organisations

However, it is useless to struggle with it alone. It is the obvious fact that only the combination of efforts of a great number of countries can solve this problem. The work of different international organizations like United Nations should be aimed at looking for a good solution for this problem.

Additionally, it is possible to suggest that some new organization, which activity will be the struggle with human trafficking only, should be created. This organization should be comprised of the most powerful states like Russia, China, India, the USA and countries of the European Union.

Moreover, the Vienna forum, which was organized with the aim to discuss this issue, could also help to solve the problem as it addresses three main issues of human trafficking. Participants of the forum try to understand why human trafficking occur, what the consequences are and what measures can be taken.12


With this in mind, having analyzed the issue of human trafficking, it is possible to make a certain conclusion. First of all, it should be said that it is a very threatening problem which can destroy modern society. It humiliates dignity of a person and deprives him/her of his/her human rights.

Additionally, another threatening fact is that the bigger part of incomes obtained with the help of human trafficking is spent to finance terrorism and promote its development. That is why, this very problem can be taken as one of the most important nowadays and the most efficient solutions should be found.

Being a global problem, the issue of human trafficking can be solved only be the combined efforts of a great number of different countries which should control this issue and punish people and organizations which deal with it. Only under these conditions the possibility to get rid of this problem will appear.


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