Social issue: concepts of sociological imagination and sociological perspectives

Introduction Sociology is a subject that studies societies and social behavior of individuals in a society. Social issues are matters that pertain to people’s lives as they interact with one another in a society. This paper seeks to discuss sociological aspects. Based on a newspaper article, the paper will explore concepts of sociological imagination and […]

Sociological Imagination

Introduction The nineteenth century witnessed the existence of some of the most revolutionary minds in sociology. During this era, Karl Marx and Max Weber stand out as the most instrumental conflict sociological theorists. These two sociologists attempt to elucidate social change and its impact on society. Another great sociological theorist, who took a structural functionalist […]

Sociological imagination

Sociological imagination is the capacity to distinguish how large scale social forces and individual actions relate. In this realm one can be able to see the relationship between historical changes and the lives of individuals. One can be able to tell the operation of social causation in the society. It is a description of the […]