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How to be a Bodybuilder Explicatory Essay

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Updated: Oct 24th, 2018

The process of body building does not involve lifting heavy weights only. It also involves building the mass of the muscle by doing the right exercises. Muscle building requires bodybuilders to take in special types of food that assist in the process. In addition, it is important to receive good training on weight as well as having enough rest.

The process starts when body muscles are exposed to intense stress as it happens when they are forced to lift substances that are heavier than usual. Exposing muscles to more work than they normally do leads to small ruptures and tears. These ruptures often bring about sores but they are cured after taking enough rest. After the healing process, the muscles become larger and able to withstand the stressful activity that caused the tears.

Muscle building process is maximized by increasing the stress exerted on the muscles. This is achieved by forcing the muscles to lift heavier weight than they are used to, exerting the stress on muscles more regularly, and varying the exercise types performed on particular muscles. These processes result in new tears which consequently increase the size of the muscles and make them stronger.

The first important consideration to be made in the process of muscle building is paying attention to the type of food eaten by bodybuilders. Remarkable muscle growth requires them to use specific foods and develop nutritional plans. Bodybuilders should take in food rich in complex carbohydrates and proteins.

These types of food are burned during exercises and assist in building the mass of the muscles. The nutrition plan should be followed without alterations since altering it disrupts the whole process. Carbohydrates and proteins provide the body with recommended quantities of building materials required for muscle growth. The intervals at which the foods are taken are also an important issue to consider. It is advisable that bodybuilders take in small quantities of meals five or six times every day.

This ensures that the foods taken in are well metabolized. Taking in food stuffs frequently is essential for them because when they stay for about four hours without food, the muscles are lost and fat is accumulated. The feeling of starvation causes the body to eat away the lean muscles and accumulate fat. It is therefore crucial for a bodybuilder to eat after every three hours in order to enhance the muscle building process.

The second important aspect in the process of building muscles is working out well. Muscle building process requires exercises such as chest presses, lateral pull downs, leg lifts and bench presses among others. For every muscle in the body to feel the impact of these exercises, different types of exercises are performed.

Cardio training is important for assisting in endurance of the muscles and burning excess fat. The growth of the muscles should be forced by engaging heavier weights and repeating the exercises several times. It is advisable to repeat all exercises at least four times especially when performing the final exercises.

The strength of muscles and their mass is increased by increasing the overload while the overload is increased by increasing the resistance. On the other hand, resistance can be increased through additional weight or increased number of repetitions on the exercises done. Carrying out few repetitions enables a bodybuilder to raise the overload of specific muscles.

This assists in stimulating muscle fibers that are responsible for supporting the extra stress exerted on muscles. To determine the right weight to lift when building muscles, bodybuilders should focus on the number of repetitions done in the final sets. If the repetitions are more than six, the weight is usually too light while less than four repetitions indicate extremely heavy weight.

The third important aspect in building muscle is staying motivated in the process. The process involves a lot of activities some of which are strenuous hence it requires strong will and commitment. The desired results can only be achieved through following stringent workout schedules and feeding on particular diets.

It is not practical for bodybuilders to start the initial stages of muscle building by doing many repetitions and lifting heavy weights. The process usually begins with small number of repetitions and light weights after which the number of repetitions and the weight are increased. Building muscle to a desired level should be a lifelong process until bodybuilders reach the anticipated goals. It is important to check the stages since overworking may cause serious injuries.

The fourth critical aspect in building muscle is rest. Researchers have established that muscle building takes place when exercising and also when resting. Bodybuilders are advised to take a rest of at least eight hours every night. Synthesis of proteins takes place when muscles are resting as well as repair of the muscles that were involved in the day’s workout.

This ensures that the muscles continue growing and recovering. Bodybuilders should also ensure that their general health is maintained. This should be done by consulting a doctor and getting proper recommendations on how the process should be conducted.

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