Other Sports Essay Examples and Topics

Snowboarding in the United States

Snowboarding has seemingly become one of the most popular sports in the United States, especially after the launch of the Winter Dew Tour at Colorado’s Breckenridge Ski Resort five years ago. Since then, snowboarding sport has undergone a series of evolution. For instance, new snowboarding tricks have been developed to replace or improve the old […]

Risk Management Plan: Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking This is risk management plan for mountain biking on different routes that include public roads and fire trails. Trip overview and description The mountain Biking trip shall take place in Hartland “The Dump”, which is an 80 kilometer route in Vancouver Island-British Columbia. The route has been ranked among the best for mountain […]

Risk Management Plan: Kilimanjaro Mountain

Introduction A Risk Management Plan is a document that is prepared that documents any of the risks that are bound to happen and how the risk will impact the events that are planned to take place (Phillips, 2004). A Risk Management Plan helps the specific people who are planning for the specific event to be […]

Risk Management Plan for Outdoor Expeditions and Overnight Trips

Trip overview and description This risk management plan will cover four day trip to Mount Whitney which is the highest summit in the US with an elevation of 14497 feet above sea level. Whitney summit is Among the Sierra Nevada highest peaks. The trail will follow the normal Mount Whitney route which is considered to […]

An observational essay about horse showing

Introduction Horse showing is not a very well known sport in the country. However, the versatility, sportsmanship and competition involved in its events are sufficient to warrant interest and acknowledgement from the public. Through an analysis of the disciplines that take place in the All American Quarter Horse Congress, it will be shown that this […]

Extreme Sports: The World beyond Its Limits

Because of the people’s constant craving for the adrenalin, the dangerous kinds of sports have always been on the top. Since they provide people with the necessary doze of adrenalin, many scientists consider such sport a substance that can be used as a substitute for narcotic. The question is whether the devil is just as […]