Sports Science Essay Examples and Topics

Sports Players Income Analysis

Introduction There has been a lot of literature generated over the years on the management of sports. This is in regard to the efficient management of sports revenues where the value of the individual player or a sports team is identified to be crucial in growing the sport. Most authors have outlined the need to […]

Literature Review-Depression and Physical Activity

The benefits of engaging in physical activity have been widely established, with studies showing that physically active individuals are likely to incur reduced healthcare-associated costs, and minimal decline in functional impairment in comparison with their inactive counterparts (Plow, Allen, & Resnik, 2011). However, several factors can negatively affect physical activity among different individuals depending on […]

Patella Syndrome: A Critical Discussion

Definition & Background Information Patella syndrome, also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFS), has been defined in the literature as “retropatellar or peripatellar pain resulting from physical and biochemical changes in the patellofemoral joint” (Mark & Juhn 2012). Patella syndrome qualifies as the commonest cause of chronic knee pain, with current research studies demonstrating that […]

Sports Medicine

Introduction Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with identification, treatment, and prevention of injuries in sports (Edelson 53). In addition, it deals with physical fitness and well-being of individuals who participate in any kind of physical exercise. Sports medicine covers both professional and amateur athletes in all fields of sports. It is […]

Should the NCAA Continue to Monitor and Enforce Compliance on the Collegiate Level?

Introduction The National Collegiate Academic Association was established approximately one hundred years ago with the principal objective of monitoring and regulating athletic sports practices at the collegiate level and universities. The main purpose of the organization is to ensure fairness, safety, equitability and sportsmanlike conduct in intercollegiate athletics (NCAA, 2011). NCCA also aims at ensuring […]

Sport in Society

Nowadays sport managers have to solve a variety of questions concerning cultural diversity as athletes join different teams where people of different cultural backgrounds have to cooperate. Unfortunately, nowadays there are many opposing nations, i.e. people of different cultural backgrounds detest each other for some reasons. This can be a very serious problem for any […]

Technology and Sports

Is using technology an unfair advantage? Sportspeople are gradually embracing technology as a way to improve their performance. Austin (2007) stated that competitive advantage matters in sport. Hence, each sportsperson or team has the liberty to enhance their performance at all costs. For decades, athletes have not been able to adopt technology due to strict […]

Cultural, Gender and Racial Differences in Sports

Cultural, gender and racial differences in sports are often observed but rarely acknowledged as important facets to sports management. Currently, there are many racial profiles regarding sports; like the common assumption that African Americans are better at sports than whites or Asians and males are better at sports than females (Bloom & Willard, 2002, p. […]

Referee VS. Technology

Introduction There is no doubt that mankind is experiencing advancement in technologies like never before and the trend shows that he should expect more. Following this, every field ranging from business, economics, management, judiciary, local government and more importantly sports have tried to embrace these new technologies in one way or the other. One field […]

Virtual Reality in Soccer Training

Recently, there has been an increased demand for the development of sports science. This area is recognized as an academic discipline and as a valid are of professional practice. The use of the technologies allows players to evaluate their performance by looking at the situation from a perspective of a viewer. Specifically virtual reality technologies […]

Development of Monitoring System for Racing Camels and other Racing Species

Technology Driven Project Development In the modern world, technology seems to play an essential role in the life of every human being. However, it should be stressed that the social life is not the single sphere where technologies are applicable as they are commonly used in the development of projects. Open innovation is one of […]

Value of Sports Talent

Introduction One of the greatest motivators of the sports industry and sometimes the only motivator is identified to be the revenues that players as well as their teams rake in after a particular game or tournament. The need to increase the amount of revenue that a team or a player makes has led researcher to […]

Rationale of Sport Policy and Ideologies Influencing it

The “Developing the European Dimension in Sport” has been identified as the first policy issued by the Commission with concentrating on Sport-related issues after the implementation of the “White Paper”, which gives the EU a mandate to support, coordinate and supplement sport policy measures taken by Member States (European Commission 2011a:2). The Communication comprises the […]

Football and media in the UAE

Introduction The UAE is made up of seven emirates and Abu Dhabi is the capital. “The rest are Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain” (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011). The region is highly recognized for petroleum, natural gas, metals, tourism and in the recent past, real estate. Sport is considered as one of […]

Academic Achievement and Physical Fitness

Introduction Increased levels of obesity and poor health standards among students across the United States (US) has brought a lot of focus to student health and more so, the effects of bad health on academic performance (Chomitz, 2009, p. 30). However, the debate on the correlation between health and academic performance has long been done […]

The Title IX Decision against the Quinnipiac University

The question of gender is actively discussed in relation to sport with references to providing the equal opportunities for female athletes. According to Title IX, any discrimination regarding the sex or gender issues is prohibited (Thornton, 2010). The Title IX Decision against the Quinnipiac University of 2010 became one of the most controversial cases associated […]

Medical Ethics Violation

Introduction In the past, medical ethics has been centered on the doctor, the patient, and the doctor- patient affiliation. Nevertheless, in the contemporary setting, most care happens in organizational backgrounds; for instance, group practices among others. Medical cultures and strategies influence the care given to patients as well as decorum in the sector, either positively […]

Heat Related Injuries in Sports

Heat related injuries in sports occur as a result of doing excessive physical exercises in hot or humid conditions resulting in heat cramps, heat stroke or heat exhaustion. This paper is going to look at the symptoms, signs and ways of preventing heat related injuries in sports. In human bodies, heat is regulated through sweating. […]

How governments and global processes influence football

Introduction Association football, sometimes called soccer to differentiate it from other leg sports, is the world’s most popular sport. The sport is frequently referred to as football by much of the English speaking world and has come a long way to become the most important sporting activity in the world. According to available scientific evidence, […]

Grass roots Vs. Elite Sports

Introduction Sporting is a very important activity for Australia as a nation. Previously, sporting activities have been funded through a ‘top down’ approach that is now inadequate for the maintenance of the nation’s sporting glory (Houhlias, 2011). The ‘top down’ practice has led to widespread claims of imbalance between funding of the elite and grassroots […]

Sport and money

Which sports should not have received any money and/or as much money? Each sports developed in Australia deserves further advancement to introduce the highest professional level at the world level. However, inequality of funding allocations leads to uneven distribution of resources and inadequate development of sports in Australia as a whole. Funding selected sports, therefore, […]

The Paradox of Social Class and Sports Involvement

Abstract The article of Thomas C. Wilson (2002) will be critically analyzed in this thesis. The study in that article was to establish the role of sports involvement in the creation of social classes within the society. The author opined that high educational level or the income distribution of participants increases people’s tendency of involving […]

Sports Performance in Society

A sport can be defined as any organized and more so an entertaining activity that entails competition and requires a lot of strategy, commitment and fair play for success and sustainability (Magee, 2003, p. 178). As far as different sports are concerned, a winner is supposed to be defined by acceptable and objective means that […]

English Racism during World cup

Written by Jon Garland in 2004, the Same Old Story Englishness, the Tabloid Press and the 2002 Football World Cup, explores issues surrounding the world cup of 2006, which coincided with the 50th anniversary of the coronation of Elizabeth II. The reports, which covered the period of the world cup tournament concerning the English team, […]

Stress and Injury

Introduction One common characteristic of most team sports such as American football, rugby, soccer and ice hockey is that they often involve a high level of physical and sometimes aggressive contact. This in fact is the main difference between these and other non contact sports such as basketball, netball, volley ball, etc. which involve much […]

Physical activity and cognitive health

Physical activity and cognitive health are two inseparable concepts. The interdependence is so great that any change in either one will result in immediate effect on the other. Since ancient times it has been known that physical activity alleviates the symptoms of sadness, grief and more even depression. In a book titled “Fit and Well”, […]

Sports and Religion

Religion is an efficacious element of society since it forms a basis for various systems of meaning, that are of great assistance to people in handling the reality of ultimate issues and questions. These systems of meaning are informative on ideas that concern movement, the body, physical activities, and sports. They also inform on people’s […]

Do Sports Build Character?

Sports are not about gaining scores; it is about learning, expressing respect, encouragement, and experience. Both parents and coaches should be aware of that fact to be able to make sports for children as one of the most important components in their life. Moreover, they should recognize educational perspective of playing, as well as how […]

The Cost of Running a NBA Basketball Team

Definition of a NBA team A NBA team is an outstanding men’s professional basketball team playing in a league that is overseen by National Governing Body for basketball in the United States, as well as from Canada. Number and names of NBA teams The NBA is made up of thirty teams; twenty nine coming from […]

Summary of “Children Need to Play, Not Compete”

In “Children Need to Play, Not Compete,” Jessica Statsky argues that organized sports are not suitable for children between the ages of six and twelve and should, therefore, be replaced by sports that emphasize on fitness, cooperation, and sportsmanship. Statsky claims that highly organized sports such as Peewee Football and Little League Baseball are played […]

The Effects of Sports on Life

Introduction In today’s world, sports form an integral part of the society’s culture. Participating in sports is an important aspect of child development that has many benefits. Sports improve the health status of participants and foster the development of fundamental skills that are important in facing challenges in life (Ahmadi, 2010, p.43). Other benefits of […]

Sport and Society

Race There is undoubtedly a wide gap between white people and black people involvement in certain games or sports. As evident by recent study conducted by the U.S. swimming Association, nearly 31 per cent of white children between the ages of 6 and 16 cannot swim, in comparison to 60 per cent of African-American children […]

Hosting an International Sporting Event: The Economic Implications

To be chosen to host an international sporting event, such as the Olympics is a great privilege for any country. There are, therefore, thorough preparations that are done to ensure that the event will be a success, and that in turn the country will gain a good reputation (Barton, 2004). While studying the economic benefits […]

Sport’s Gender Differences

Introduction Majority of the sicknesses that people suffer from result from their failure to exercise their bodies. Although they are aware of this fact as well as the role that sports play concerning the immune system of their bodies, they have neglected sports based on claims of issues of gender and racism that dominate the […]