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65 Virtual Reality Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Virtual Reality Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Virtual Reality Technology
    The third negative impact of virtual reality is that it causes human beings to start living in the world of fantasy.
  2. Virtual Reality in Soccer Training
    The following work will focus on the analysis of the use of Virtual Reality in the training of soccer players with the evaluation of the practices adopted by particular soccer teams.
  3. Virtual Reality Versus Augmented Reality
    In fact, this amounts to one of the merits of a virtual reality environment. A case example of this type of virtual reality is the Virtual Reality games.
  4. Virtual Reality’s Benefits and Usages in Concurrent Engineering
    Figure 1: Phases of concurrent engineering Source As shown in the figure above, the initial stage of concurrent engineering is the identification of the components of the design system.
  5. Virtual Reality in Construction
    Originally, the use of virtual reality in construction within the past decade has been limited to 3D object design wherein separate 3D representations of the exterior and interior of the buildings are designed utilizing 3D […]
  6. Virtual Reality Industry Analysis
    While it is true that the production and sale of virtual reality headsets could be in the millions in the future as the technology develops and becomes more acceptable, it cannot be stated at the […]
  7. Imagineering Myths About Virtual Reality
    Walt Disney Imagineering team, which encompassed a wide range of professionals responsible for various entertainments offered by theme parks, resorts, and other venues, is currently devoting a lot of time and effort to unlock the […]
  8. Virtual Reality Ride Experience at Disneyland Florida
    The basic concept of the proposed ride is to utilize the current advances in VR technology to create a simulated experience for park-goers that is safe, widely usable, and sufficiently immersive that there is a […]
  9. Virtual Reality in Military Health Care
    The purpose of the research is to identify the capabilities of VR and its applications in military health care. This study will explore the current uses of VR, its different functionalities, applications in the field […]
  10. Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Product Launch
    The paper at hand is devoted to the analysis of the launch of Samsung Gear VR from different perspectives: the product development model, the business analysis, its technical implementation, etc.
  11. Virtual Reality and Solitary Confinement
    Nowadays, the majority of the representatives of the general public all over the world are familiar with the concept of virtual reality, and many of them have already experienced it.
  12. Surgeon Students’ Virtual Reality Learning Programs
    In order for the students to feel like they are operating on living patients instead of waving instruments in the air, it is necessary to provide the environment that would compensate for the shortcomings of […]
  13. Virtual Reality Technology for Wide Target Audience
    Due to the numerous applications in both leisure and industry, as well as massive popularity with audiences of different ages, there is a chance that, in several years, evaluating the target audiences of Virtual Reality […]
  14. Virtual Reality Technology in Referee Training
    Referees need to experience the practical nature of the profession during the training process, and the VR technology will eliminate the underlying challenges to the development of experience in the profession.
  15. Virtual Reality Technology in Soccer Training
    Therefore, it is imperative to invest in this area to protect the safety of our technology and ensure that we have a viable product.
  16. Virtual Reality’ Sports Training System Working Steps
    The efficiency of the given technology is evidenced by the fact that it is used by various coaches and teams to provide training for their players. For this reason, it is possible to predict the […]
  17. Virtual Reality’s Main Benefits
    The rapid development and the growing popularity of virtual reality raise a logical interest concerning the advantages and disadvantages that are related to the application of this new technology in various spheres of knowledge and […]
  18. IOS and Browser Applications and Virtual Reality
    From the consumer’s point of view, any mobile application is good if it is of interest to the public and covers a large target audience.
  19. Scholar VR: Virtual Reality Planning Service Studio
    To ensure that the small and mid-sized companies in the United Kingdom understand the leverage they can get by using VR technology.
  20. Virtual Reality in Healthcare Training
    The objective data will be gathered to inform the exploration of the first question, and it will focus on such performance measures as time, volume, and efficiency of task completion; the number of errors pre- […]
  21. Char Davies’ Osmose as Virtual Reality Environment
    On the following position, the installment suggests the invitees a chance to trail the discrete interactor’s voyage of imageries from end to end of this counterpart of natural surroundings.
  22. Virtual Reality Technology and Soccer Training
    Moreover, the level of interactivity needs to be significant, and the most attention should be devoted to the modeling of situations that are viewed as the most problematic.

🕶️ Good Research Topics about Virtual Reality

  1. Abstract on Architecture and the Role of Virtual Reality
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Escapism and Virtual Reality
  3. Strategic Analysis of the Creation of a New Rating System in Virtual Reality Gaming
  4. Study on Real/Virtual Relationships Through a Mobile Augmented Reality Application
  5. Benefits and Dangers of Virtual Reality
  6. Can Virtual Reality Kill?
  7. Cognitive Psychology & Virtual Reality Systems
  8. Computer Science and Virtual Reality
  9. Development of Virtual Reality Technology in the Aspect of Educational Applications
  10. Difference Between Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality
  11. Role Of Virtual Reality In Education
  12. Humanity versus Virtual Reality
  13. Simulation and Virtual Reality in a Sport Management Curriculum Setting
  14. Smart Vr : A Virtual Reality Environment For Mathematics
  15. Sports Management Curriculum, Virtual Reality, and Traditional Simulation
  16. Swot Analysis : The Lego Product And The ‘ Virtual Reality ‘
  17. The Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market Forecast and Opportunities in U.S
  18. Tracking Strategy in Increased Reality and Virtual Reality
  19. Using The Virtual Reality To Develop Educational Games For Middle School Science Classrooms
  20. What is Virtual Reality?
  21. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Virtual Reality?
  22. What do Consumers Prefer for the Attributes of Virtual Reality Head-mount Displays?

🤖 Interesting Topics to Write about Virtual Reality

  1. Virtual Reality and Its Potential to Become the Greatest Technological Advancement
  2. Lucid Dreams as the First Virtual Reality
  3. Development Of Virtual Reality
  4. Introduction to Virtual Reality Technology and Society
  5. Issue “Virtual Reality in Marketing”: Definition, Theory and Practice
  6. Applying Virtual Reality In Tourism
  7. Application of Virtual Reality in Military
  8. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Industry Forecast and Analysis to 2013 – 2018
  9. Breakthrough Virtual Reality Sex Machine
  10. Components Driving Virtual Reality Today and Beyond
  11. Data Correlation-Aware Resource Management in Wireless Virtual Reality (VR): An Echo State Transfer Learning Approach
  12. Gaming To Health Care: Using Virtual Reality In Physical Rehabilitation
  13. Smart Phones And Virtual Reality In 10 Years
  14. Evolution of Art in Virtual Reality
  15. Use of Virtual Reality in Molecular Docking Science Experiments
  16. Use Of Virtual Reality For Concussion Diagnosis
  17. Virtual Reality as Analgesia: An Alternative Approach for Managing Chronic Pain
  18. Virtual Reality: The Real Life Implications Of Raising A Virtual Child
  19. When Virtual Reality Meets Realpolitik: Social Media Shaping the Arab Government-Citizen Relationship

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