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Martial Art School for Kids Research Paper


Martial arts are extensive system involving several codified practices and traditions of fighting. It is usually practiced for several reasons, some of which include for self defense, physical health, fitness, and in some cases competition (Micah, 2007, 7-15).

A part from that, some people take it as a mental and spiritual development. But in the modern society, this term martial arts has been greatly associated with fighting art, more so from the eastern part of Asia. There is need to research on why more people are joining martial arts class in order to learn nowadays.

The question is: why there are so many people interested in learning martial art, yet there is no martial school for kids. Parents have a certain degree of authority on what their children may do or not do. Therefore, when it comes to martial arts, parents tend to look at the safety of their children, because of what it involves.

Martial arts experts will tell you that, parents actually put their children in a more dangerous situation when they do not encourage them to do martial art. On the other hand, older people do martial art owing to for health reasons and therapeutic rather than self defense (Micah, 2007, pp.16- 36).

As a result of this, this is a topic that requires extensive research, because of the significance of the practice not only to adults, but also to young children, because just like adults, kids also need to exercise and have martial art skills.

Objective of the Research

This objective of this research is to try and explain why trends in this industry shows that people are no longer seeking martial arts classes primarily for defense skills, because in most present societies people are rather driven by other reasons, which include fitness, recreation and others.

In addition, why have more parents decided to enroll their children in order to keep them active and fit, while the elderly seek services to increase their balance and coordination. My proposal on this account is that; because of the fighting-like practices involved in this art, many people take martial art as a very risky and dangerous thing to do.

They do not see the other benefits apart from gaining self defense skills. Although slowly, people have started to realize the other advantages of this practice, very few individuals are ready to travel this road, more when it comes to their kids, because of the fear of instilling in their kids, practices that may endanger their lives.

Primary Data Collection Method

In order to do a get the relevant and correct information/data in the research, there must be a proper strategy of obtaining the required information, more from parties that are concerned, namely parents and kids. Since the problem and the objective of the research have been stated, the following are the steps to be taken in the research process (Russel, 2006, pp.23- 68).

First is to know, which research method to use in researching. There are several research methods to be used that can be analysis research methods, qualitative research method, quantitative research method, sampling research method or systematic research method.

All these methods have the following thing in common; they are concerned with collection of data/information and they provide methods of analyzing the sources of data.

In addition, these methods clearly define how to get information from the sources, methods of analyzing and interpreting the data collected, and finally how to present the acquired results, in order for readers of any research work to understand the exact outcome of the research work (Ian, 2008, pp.12- 35).

In this research study, there is need to know the information at hand. This will enable one to know what kind of information to research.

The market research will take place in an already established martial art schools and the following are the primary data collection methods to be used. To start with, observation is the main source of information in the field of research. This will be done by means of mechanical, electronics, and human methods, which either involve direct or indirect contact.

This method involves looking and listening very carefully in order to discover particular information after analyzing their behavior. This type of data collection method will give the opportunity to record the target group behavior directly. It follows that the information collected through this method is accurate as compared to the rest.

Some of its disadvantages are that, it is expensive and time consuming as compared to other primary methods of data collection. Also, the information collected could be distorted with biasness and the thinking of the investigator.

Such is the case, because likelihoods of all the respondents giving exact information about this topic is rare, due to the fact that, different individuals hold different perceptions about his topic (Weller, 1988, pp. 9 – 23).

The other primary data collection method that will be used in this research work is personal interview. In this case, a questionnaire will be used as data collection tool. There are two ways to use the questionnaire. First, it will be sent to the respondents who will fill in the information required by answering the questions asked in it. When they are done, they will be collected by the researcher or they can send them back.

The other that questionnaires will be used is by the researcher organizing and meeting with the respondents, after which the respondents will be asked the questions as the researcher fills them, as a way of getting feedback. This is more appropriate when the targeted group is illiterate (cannot read or write) (Russel, 2006, pp. 15-46).

As compared to face to face interviews, this kind of method will be cost effective, it will be familiar to most people, and it will reduce any middle man biasness that comes from personal opinions influenced by the respondent (Weller, 1988, pp. 12- 33). However, this method will be time consuming and quite expensive, because of the movement that will be involved.

It can be also intimidating to some people who may find it uncomfortable to sharing some information that the questionnaire requires, considering that this is a topic that is viewed differently by the entire society (Sirch, 200,pp.12-36).

A third method that will be used is telephone interview. This is one of the most noteworthy primary data collection methods. As Weller (1988, pp. 16- 24) argues, this method is simple to use (selecting telephone numbers, call timing, call outcomes and call reports), and it is well known as dominant and most cost effective because.

This is because, this methods has proved to be to give high chances of reaching the respondents from all over the world; it saves time used in travelling and all the involved costs. In addition, through this method, more information can be collected in a very short period and there are high chances of random selection of units among the population with telephone connections (Ian, 2008, pp. 22-36).

However, it has the following shortcomings. Firstly, it is impossible to employ visual aids from some population and the high probability of discontinuing conversations may result to incomplete interviews; hence, the quality of information obtained may not be accurate.

Secondary data collection methods

Secondary data collection methods are easier and less expensive, since they make use of second hand data (Weller, 1988, pp. 23-52). In this case, the prime targets are the kids and adults in the city who want to learn martial art, in order to build their self confidence.

The methods that will be necessary for this research will be based in on competitor ‘current strategy that will follow the various avenues that one can use to get the information about the competitors’ current strategies. These methods include annual reports, information they give to the press and any other form of interviews that will be done by analysts among others.

Usually, secondary data is collected from already available data from magazines, journals, and portals. Another secondary source of data will be the demographics data analyzed from U.S census. The data collection instrument will be designed in a way to simplify data compilation and it should be formulated in such a way that it is easy to use.

These include using interview guides; observation checklist, focus group discussion guides, questionnaire, and the survey forms, more when there will be need to collect information from fields (Ian, 2008, pp. 22- 59). The questionnaire for the martial art for kind marketing research is as follows.

Target population

This is a specific group of people that is identified as the intended recipient of a product, advertisement, campaign, or research. They are sometimes known as target audience. The target audience can be composed of people of certain age group, gender, teenagers, females, singles, and marital status.

There should be caution since it is possible to make a mistake in trying to reach everybody and ending up appealing to none (Weller, 1988, pp.16- 43). This martial art school for children research’s target population is both kids and adult.

They can be either enrolled for the martial art or not yet. This research undertaking primarily targets chooses those people who are enrolled in martial art school, because they have a lot of information following their experience in the school. This research will primarily focus on what they have learnt gained and the difference they have experienced since they joined the school.

On the other hand, those who have not joined have their own reasons; hence, it is also important to get some information from them, because they may have not been seduced enough by the benefits of doing this art or they do not have knowledge on the same. Below is the questionnaire for the research;

The sample size should be big enough to collect enough information. Due to the fact that people have very different views on martial art, the sample size should be big enough in order to get more accurate information. Small samples are not advised when doing such a research that involves a major objective like the one stated above. It may lead to inaccurate result and therefore wrong conclusions (Ian, 2008, pp. 9-36).

The Questionnaire for the Respondent

This questionnaire is prepared to facilitate the collection of relevant data from martial art school for kids. This is primarily aimed at showing why the individuals are no longer seeking martial art classes primarily for self defense skills, but they are mostly driven by other reasons such as recreation and fitness needs.

It is also to investigate why parents enroll their children in order to keep them active, while the elderly seek such services to increase their balance and coordination. The information gathered will only be used for this study and shall not be used to victimize any one, because the entire respondent will remain anonymous and their names shall not be revealed to anyone without consent.

Areas of ethical concern

In any research, there is always a situation that requires a person or organization to make a choice between alternatives that must be evaluated as right or wrong (ethical or unethical) (Sirch, 2001, pp. 6-35). The research aims both the kids and the adults, but the ethical concern involves the kids.

As per numerous research studies that have been published, most of the children do not know the significance of martial art to their well being, because instead of most kids dong it, because they have passion for it, most of them do it, because of peer influence and even some do not have any idea why they do it.

Areas of unethical concern in this market research are directly aimed at children without getting consent from the parents. In handling this situation, the researchers will first consult the parents before they go ahead to meet the children for interview or to get them to fill the questionnaire.

The reason for this is to know the right time and most importantly give the parents an opportunity to regulate the kind of questions to ask their children. In addition to, the organization can embark on a respondent education to make their young audience aware of what the research is all about.

After collection of data, the next thing is to data analysis, which then results to formulation of reports. A report carries a feasible study carried during data collection and data analysis. Breaking the report into various parts is very important owing to clarification and easy understanding. A standard analysis should focus on giving an articulated and well argued response to the objective of the research.

It should also be subjective but at the same time the impersonality suited to should be clear. The objective presented in the report should be relevant to the objective of the research. Finally, a good report should separate the good or excellent ideal from the average ones (Russel, 2006, pp. 11-36).

Some of the opportunities I see to integrate marketing research technology in my plan is the use of electronics. There are improved methods of analyzing and contracting and integrating the information and index the results in various ways, according to the command directed.


Ther are several cases that should be considered when doing a research and the steps to follow after the research is complete. Determining the right target group is the most important. The wrong choice of the target population will distort all the information and will lead to undesirable results (Weller, 1988, pp.19-43).

After determining the target audience, the next step is to decide on which is the best way of communication, more so when it coesm to adhering to the set goal. The target audience determines the communication method. If for instance one chooces a target audience comprising of teenegers, the comminication method to be used should suite their level.

It should not be provoking or that can make them to lie or exaggerrate their response (Sirch, 2001, 26-32). If possible, use a language that is indirect to them but according to the way they will answer the questions and after analyzing them, the researchers can still get the right information.

Designing the massege appeal is also very essential. Quaestionnaire questuions or any other questions to be used in the research should run in systematic way. That is, from the simplest to the hardest or from the most open question to a personal quasetion (Sirch, 2001, pp. 11-22).

The researcher should also watch out his/her tone to use in every question. People are different; therfore, one should be as simple as possible and make the intentions clear. If the respondent does not want to give a respond, it is better to listen to his opinoin and do as he or her want.

The last step after a reseach is to use the infromation gathered from the research after analuzing the whole situation and coming up with conclusions- and allocate the resources (Weller, 1988, pp. 12- 32). In this martial art schools reaserch shows that there is more likely to have less martial art schools for both kids and adults in the furture owing to more and more people getting interested in enrolling.

Hence, before allocating resources ( buliding or establishment of more martial art schools) one should use the information from this resarch inorder to determine the riht way to allocate the resources.

Reference List

Ian. (2008). Questionnaire Design. London: Kogan Page Publishers.

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