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  1. Philosophy and Curriculum
    Of course, it is not the most important for teacher to teach students to do sums or know where human’s heart is.
  2. The Worldview Issues that Influence Curriculum Decisions in Public Education
    The purpose of Biblical worldview is to live in harmony with the world and society. Thus, a Biblical worldview influences on curriculum in a way to assist the achievement of school’s primary tasks: maximize human […]
  3. Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum
    The EYFS learning and development requirements comprise of three elements; firstly, the early learning goals, which entails the skills and knowledge projected that the child would have acquired by the age of five, the educational […]
  4. Designing the Curriculum for Early Childhood Education
    It is important to ensure that the curriculum is organized in such a manner that the learners are able to follow the instructional content.
  5. Philosophy major is needed in curriculum
    This paper will thus discuss why Philosophy major is needed in curriculum to teach students- who will later assume important roles in the social and business sectors- on the value of ethics in the society.
  6. Language Development in Preschool Curriculum
    For example, when a teacher is reading a story out loud to the children using high or low pitched voices to depict mood, a child is able to visualize and capture the use of language […]
  7. General Curriculum for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Learners
    The purpose of the study was to examine the extent to which learners with intellectual and developmental disabilities have access to the general education curriculum and the extent to which such access is related to […]
  8. Program and Curriculum Planning
    The role of the administrator in the program and curriculum planning is different from that of the teacher National Association for the Education of Young Children notes that administrator’s roles are mainly planning, implementing, and […]
  9. Political Battlegrounds in Curriculum
    The political nature of the process of making curriculum decisions is more pronounced where curriculum leaders have to make decisions to satisfy the interest of two groups subscribing to two opposite schools of thought on […]
  10. Should Public Schools be Required to Restore Physical Education Classes to the Curriculum?
    The occurrence of obesity prevalence in children, in the U S, can be associated with the removal of physical education courses in public school curriculum.
  11. Curriculum Development: Understanding Rubrics
    The lesson author has given the teacher a number of questions necessary in enhancing the students’ understanding of the unit. The teacher facilitates the most of the learning activities such as providing reference sources as […]
  12. Structure and development of Australian Curriculum
    The need for validation of the curriculum increases based on the onset of sophistication of technologies and dynamics of the skills base of the Australian labor markets.
  13. Evaluation of Advantages and Disadvantages of Approaches to Curriculum Design
    Development of Thematic Approaches to Learning One of initial references to this philosophy of child-centered curriculum is Plato’s statement that children’s’ education should take the form of play.
  14. Concept of Eucharist Curriculum in Education
    In effect, the topic will serve as an eye opener to the students for them to realize that Eucharist is the source of summit of the life of Christians.
  15. Feedback on Whose Curriculum Should be taught in School
    The student has effectively responded to the first question and provided a clear analysis of the most important issues in this case.
  16. Curriculum Alignment in Modern Education
    The purpose of this lesson was to help student understand algebraic equivalence and find the correct order of operations for solving mathematical problems.
  17. An Evaluation of How Charter and Public Schools Design their Individual Curriculum to serve the General Population of Students
    In social places, the gap in the cognitive academic language proficiency indicates that the need for a high degree of proficiency in the familiarity of grammatical patterns, words, and arguments, and the style of presentation, […]
  18. Factors Affecting Curriculum Development
    Technological innovations may be applied to curriculum development in several ways “as a plan for the systematic use of various devices and media” and as the issue that “is found in models and procedures for […]
  19. Curriculum design and development
    Curriculum design and development The process of curriculum development involves the design and development of integrated plans for learning, how to implement and evaluate the plans, and checking the outcome.
  20. Technical-Scientific Approach to Curriculum
    The purpose and objective of the curriculum provided in primary school is to prepare the students for the post-primary education and also to enable them have knowledge of different languages After completing the primary school […]
  21. Multicultural Education Curriculum Design
    The articles to be discussed dwell on the issues of multicultural education, namely the article by Eteokleous and Christodoulou “The process of multicultural education in a centralized and homogeneous educational system” focuses on the problem […]
  22. Integrated Curriculum and Universal Design for Learning
    This is determined by the knowledge that teachers have in respect to the subjects, teaching experience, and interest in the given topics.
  23. Exploring Issues in Curriculum and Pedagogy
    For example, we have pedagogy that defines the manner in which teachers implement the curriculum, and teachers who act as the implementers of the curriculum.
  24. A Curriculum Plan for Gifted Female Students
    The purpose of this essay is to highlight the need for a curriculum plan for gifted female students. This results to a curriculum that addresses all the needs of both the gifted and non gifted […]
  25. Formal Curriculum
    According to the University of Zimbabwe Distance Education, a formal curriculum refers to the entire work that is planned and used by teachers in conjunction with students.
  26. Comparing and contrasting the curriculum approaches in England and Scotland
    The Birth to Five curriculum in England is based on the four principles of EYFS while the Pre-birth principles are based on the Early Years Framework.
  27. Internal and External Influences on Program-Level Curriculum Development in Higher Education Fashion Merchandising Programs
    This study aims to identify the internal and external factors that influence the inclusion of STEM education in curriculums for higher education fashion merchandizing courses.
  28. Curriculum Design
    The first thing is that the instructors and the school heads have to be in serviced since they are the main agents of implementation.
  29. Critique of SRA Open Court Reading Curriculum for 3rd grade in light of Second Language Learners
    There is need therefore for a positive relationship between the parent and the school personnel to prevail because this is the gateway towards the success and high achievement of the students.
  30. Curriculum, Teaching and Reality: An Overview and Integration
    According to Bain, the concept is not limited to the curriculum of teaching physical education but it amalgamates the view of the people and the culture in the society.
  31. Benefits of Differentiated Curriculum in the Gifted Classroom
    It is student centered and it is the role of the instructor to determine the students’ interest, readiness, and learning profile.
  32. Curriculum Analysis
    The program was designed so as to breach the gap that existed in the skills of the individual student. At first, the lexile levels of the students are determined so as to know which novel […]
  33. Curriculum Development for Learning and Teaching Activities
    With this in mind, the content chosen for the EDSE 325 for spring 2011 syllabus was relevant to the learners in order to cultivate interest and motivation for learning.
  34. Curriculum Analysis and Philosophy for Cochran Middle School
    This is given the fact that the school is perhaps one of the most important institutions in the society. In the United States of America, the role of the external agent is taken up by […]
  35. Analysis of a Curriculum Initiative: A Case Study of Response to Intervention 2 at Cochran Middle School
    According to the administrators of this school district, the aim of this program is to provide the schools with “…….an instructional program and an organizational design language intensive”. The objective of the initiative is to […]
  36. Neutral Curriculum and Christian Approach to It
    In this work, we are going to discuss the concept “neutral curriculum” and analyze the relevance of the biblical-based education in elementary and secondary schools, as well as legal implications of such curriculum.
  37. The Role of Talk in Learning across the Curriculum
    The type of communication of the teacher determines the role of students in learning. The teacher strives to use the ideas to change the students’ existing pictures of the world around them.
  38. Education Society and the Curriculum
    Frauenheim says that it is the responsibility of the government and all the society members to find a way of dealing with these two social evils in order to foster development.
  39. Curriculum Intervention and Educators Performance
    Finally, the records on the performances of learners and teachers will be reviewed to assist in the diversity of the data collected.
  40. Differentiation and Curriculum
    This fallacy ignores the fact that differentiation will promote learning in a mixed institution since teachers will group students according to their learning abilities.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Curriculum

  1. The Impacts of ICT on Curriculum Development and Reforms in the United Kingdom
    The main aim of this paper is to assess the impacts of ICT in curriculum development and reforms in the United Kingdom.
  2. Curriculum Evaluation
    When the thorough plan is ready and implemented it is essential to evaluate it: define strong and weak point of the plan, make the necessary amendments and think over the future implementation of the curriculum […]
  3. Curriculum Theory & Practice
    The essay suggests the adoption of a pragmatic curriculum in the schools as a way of renewing the curriculum by focusing on the teacher and the subject matter to drive social aspects of learning and […]
  4. The National Curriculum for England and Wales from an Ideal Democratic Learning Society Perspective
    The National Curriculum of England and Wales is based on the ideology of “curriculum as prescription” as is evidence from the rigidity of the curriculum.
  5. Curriculum Design Project – Evaluation
    This is the objective and systematic assessment of the proposed solution in terms of design, implementation and attainment of results. The developer and executioner of the tests must also be trained in order to do […]
  6. The Curriculum of the Business Strategies
    The ability of a businessperson to come up with a business idea, create and manage the business may be termed as entrepreneurship.
  7. Curriculum and Instruction Revisited
    While designing the curriculum, it should be ensured that the assessment, instruction, and curriculum collaborate to challenge the students. In this regard, the instructional content and strategies should be tied to the experiences that students […]
  8. Curriculum Development Role in Achieving the Education Goals
    The process includes outlining the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders that take part in the entire process, elaborating on the key features of the four phases of curriculum development process, the crucial conditions to […]
  9. The Process of Curriculum Design and Implementation
    In developing a national curriculum, it is essential to consider the nature of the environment in which implementation of the curriculum is to take place.
  10. Curriculum Restructuring in Great Meadows Middle Schools
    The time lag was considered essential for the students to adapt to the changes in curriculum, and allow skeptical individuals to realize the benefits of the switch with time.
  11. Curriculum Investigation: Colorado Mountain College & Mt. San Antonio College (California)
    Most of the programs at the Colorado Mountain College are on campus as compared to California Colleges which offer online programs for most of its programs.
  12. Curriculum as PRAXIS Proposal
    The measure of effectiveness of technology use as a means of instructions to the students also determines the purpose of the curriculum to the students and the school.
  13. Curriculum Map and Assessment Strategies for College ESL Learners
    The justifications for the inclusion of the three courses are as follows: Literacy Skills Acquisition and Use This course not only assists students to make the expected transition from ESL classes to mainstream university courses, […]
  14. The Curriculum and Instruction Specialization
    The main problem associated with the topic is the different level of the students’ abilities in perceiving and understanding the same material, and the way to overcome the problem is the concentration on the methods […]
  15. Physical Education Curriculum
    Physical education has significantly contributed towards the realization of the school philosophy as it helps in the development of the physical aspects of the students.
  16. Comprehensive Curriculum Assessment
    Assessments of content in the curriculum should be aligned to standards. The government should be engaged in construction of more schools to ease pressure on the few that are available.
  17. Cross-Curriculum Priorities
    This paper offers a discussion on the representation of cross-curriculum priorities in the Australian Curriculum and pedagogical considerations in the Key Learning Area of History.
  18. Education: a Multicultural Curriculum
    If learning tools are included in a curriculum, it is easy to incorporate all students’ cultural attributes in the classroom environment.
  19. Core Curriculum Education Considerations
    In addition to this, the dynamic nature of the business world and the need for employees who are all rounded and well versed in every aspect of the business, that is; an employee who can […]
  20. Curriculum and Intervention for Young Children
    This paper explores the definition of young children at risk, their recognition in the society, background of the social attitude to the individuals with special needs, legislative practices when it comes to the fulfillment of […]
  21. Curriculum Map in the Learning Process
    Zemelman, Daniels and Hyde note that a curriculum map is an indispensable document that outlines the topics to be covered, the methods through which the teacher will use to effect dispensation of learning, objectives of […]
  22. Modern languages: Key Stage 3 in English Curriculum
    Continuing the discussion of the topic of the importance of languages and the planning in English curricular, the following report should be dwelt upon.”Inspection of Modern Languages: Observations and Issues” is a report which is […]
  23. Curriculum Design Critical Evaluation
    The main purpose of this paper is to understand why child-centred approach to education is the core idea of the modern curriculum, how new acts, reports and reviews changed the curricular and why motivation and […]
  24. Algebra in the Curriculum: Reasons to Choose
    Most of the accomplishments in life apply mathematical skills and failure to be equipped with them is likely to result in negative results.
  25. 3-Grade Students’ Curriculum-Based Assessment
    The main focus of summative assessments is to determine the appropriateness of the instructional programs at the end of the academic period.
  26. Introduction to British Columbia’s Redesigned Curriculum
    The “Introduction to British Columbia’s Redesigned Curriculum” is a document that defines the primary aims, streams, and principals of education in British Columbia.
  27. National Security College: Curriculum Enhancements
    The curriculum will be designed by factoring in the various aspects that align the curriculum with the requirements of the national symbols, citizenship, representation of the country, and fostering the sense of being ambassadors.
  28. Montessori Education: Textbooks, Curriculum, Teachers
    To start with the first issue, it is important to note that customer satisfaction is a fundamental ingredient to the success of a program.
  29. American Education History and Curriculum Development
    Among these is the inclusion of physical education in the curriculum, the effect of colonial-era on education, the influence of the common school movement as well as the progressive era on education curriculum.
  30. Inclusion Curriculum for Children with Autism
    In the given paper, the issue of children autism, the developmental issues that autism triggers and the educational prospects for children with autism are going to be considered.
  31. The World Around Us: Curriculum Planning
    For instance, the goal of the first plan is to improve the students’ comprehension and to promote collaboration, aiding the students in improving their social skills; the activities of the experience were chosen following this […]
  32. Multicultural Curriculum Design in Adult Education
    The understanding of these processes and the attempts to solve the interrelated educational and social problems brought plenty of countries to the awareness of the phenomenon of multiculturalism in education.
  33. Curriculum Theorizing and Its Politicized Aspects
    Curriculum theorizing is a set of interdependent theoretical approaches that are upgraded to have the capacity to accommodate flexibility and tolerance to meet the demands of the modernized and globalized world.
  34. The Hong Kong Senior Secondary English Curriculum
    That is the case with the Curriculum and Assessment guide, one of the many documents prepared for the Hong Kong English Language Curriculum.
  35. Curriculum Approaches and Practice
    The choice of a certain curriculum approach determines the focus on specific teaching strategies and classroom practices to guarantee the adherence to the principles of this or that curriculum.
  36. Curriculum Stakeholders in Brookline Public Schools
    The teachers are the ultimate implementers of the curriculum and have the closest contact with the learners. The responsibilities of a superintendent include establishing the communication between the committee and the school board, providing an […]
  37. Magnet School’s K-1 Curriculum Recommendations
    Furthermore, given the fact that a lot of learners come from an EFL background, it is desirable to shape the curriculum so that the process of acquiring the necessary English language skills could occur at […]
  38. Music Curriculum, Its Elements and Difficulties
    Composing is another element of music curriculum that promotes a variety of experiences among learners such as experimenting, organizing ideas, making decisions as to the chosen direction, and overall exploring musical genres and styles.
  39. Massachusetts Curriculum Maps and Lesson Plan
    Reflectively, the content of the topic in the life science lesson plan functions on the periphery of practicality and relevance in line with the primary objectives.
  40. Curriculum Cycle and Development Timeline
    Importantly, the realities of a modern world present certain challenges for individuals involved in the curricular development. Therefore, the updated curriculum is to be built upon a broader learner-centered theory, with particular emphasis on experience.

📑 Interesting Topics to Write about Curriculum

  1. Curriculum Approaches in Language Teaching
    The backward design of curriculum development in the context of second language learning will help eliminate the gap between understanding and learning with the aid of establishing a clear framework of goals that should be […]
  2. Literacy and Numeracy Across the Curriculum
    Overall, it is clear that both literacy and numeracy can help societies all over the world to achieve a better future in the 21st century.
  3. Abu Dhabi Education Council Curriculum
    It should be noted that the process of learning is central to the curriculum’s activities, which, in turn, are directed by the educational objectives of the corresponding level.
  4. Big Mountain High School’s Curriculum Change
    The larger issue associated with the problem faced by the school administration is the problem of collaboration between teachers, policymakers, and stakeholders in the process of change, and the importance of the application of relevant […]
  5. Curriculum Cycle in Brookline Public Schools
    The curricula of the Public Schools of Brookline are developed by the Office of Teaching and Learning. After this, the curriculum is implemented in four phases: the production of a curriculum product, the testing phase, […]
  6. Curriculum Design Reform and Current Trends
    While some scholars tend to narrow down the origins of the problem-centered approach to the introduction in medical schools in middle-nineties, the exact starting point of the phenomenon is less specific.
  7. Diversity and Curriculum Development in High School
    For example, the cultural specifics of learners with different backgrounds may imply that their learning styles are different from the ones of the rest of the students.
  8. Curriculum for Adult Multicultural Students
    The objectives of the class and the characteristics of target learners are also highlighted in the instructional plan. Learners will be expected to develop new knowledge and skills on the use of new technologies to […]
  9. The Tools of the Mind Curriculum Approach
    In that case, children with special needs will find it difficult to interact with others, as required by the Tools of the Mind curriculum approach.
  10. Employment and Curriculum: International Business Program
    The advantages and the disadvantages of the program and its impact on the future career of the survey participants are discussed as well.
  11. Curriculum Designing Guidelines
    Because of the need of an educational course to be up-to-date, it is paramount to regularly revise and update its curriculum.
  12. US History’ Studies: Curriculum Critique
    The artifact also includes the comprehensive curriculum framework which outlines the focus of the students’ learning vectors, thematic objectives, and key concepts important not only for the successful testing procedure, but also for the understanding […]
  13. Houston Educators Curriculum Development
    Texas educators recognize the importance of curriculum adaptation to trends and beliefs that exist nowadays in American society and use the student-centered approach in the development of their curricula.
  14. Katy Independent School District Curriculum Software
    This curriculum software can be used for a variety of purposes, which include: Management of the Curriculum Program, which includes Curriculum Mapping, analysis, and exemplars.
  15. Abu Dhabi New School’ Curriculum
    The mission of the NS Curriculum is to ensure that Abu Dhabi learners exhibit the essential skills as well as the relevant level of understanding of each subject that complies with the standards set within […]
  16. Curriculum Planning and Development
    The school will focus on the fostering of lifelong learners who are able and willing to think critically to contribute to the development of the community and the entire nation.
  17. Curriculum Development in Harmony Public School
    One of the major provisions of the plan is concerned with the need to increase the use of technology as well as improve students’ digital literacy.
  18. Concepts-Based Curriculum and Instruction
    Another appealing idea expressed by Erickson in her book is the presentation of the state and national standards as some of the main resources that need to be used by educators as the sources of […]
  19. Active Literacy Across the Curriculum
    In addition, the author also expressed the idea about the importance of the literacy mapping a process that would help educational authorities to keep track of the consistency with which literacy is taught in schools, […]
  20. Curriculum for Imagination Development
    It is stated to be composed in accordance with the following principles: the achievements of the sciences, hygienic norms, objectivity, age approach, the achievement of the goal in each educational level, succession, the annual distribution […]
  21. Cultural Standards in 9-12th Grade Social Science Curriculum
    The research has been guided by the critical race theory, whereby the subject of the research has been investigated and subsequently categorized. In considering the subject of the research, the interactive aspects of education has […]
  22. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Curriculum Critique
    In the introductory section of the document, the contributors pay focused attention to the projected outcomes of the program and specific skills that the courses aim to develop.
  23. Curriculum Elements and Lesson Planning
    According to John, the dominant model of lesson planning implies a linear way of thinking that starts from formulating the objectives and ends with lesson evaluation.
  24. Curriculum Assets: E-Learning Management
    The modality of the delivery for this asset is hybrid, as the students would be able to provide text input in real time and have access to it later, in order to track the flow […]
  25. Supervision of Curriculum and Instruction
    The issue of supervision of curriculum and instruction becomes one of the leading directions in modern education. Focusing on the historical foundations of the supervision of instruction and curriculum, it is essential to state that […]
  26. Science for the Primary Australian Curriculum
    According to you, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using the 5Es for teaching primary science and technology? According to you, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using ICT for teaching primary science […]
  27. Multicultural Educators’ Skills and Curriculum
    The following aspects in the identified area of concern will be elaborated: the role and required skills of multicultural educators as well as their impact on students, equity in the classroom and education, and the […]
  28. Curriculum and Instruction in Nursing Education
    In particular, an educational course for expatriate nurses should correspond with the skills and abilities of a particular group of students in order for the interaction process in the classroom to be as fruitful as […]
  29. Curriculum Development for Australian Nurses
    While the class setting will establish the theoretical foundation set of skills and knowledge, the practical environment will foster the actual implementation of the class-acquired skills and knowledge by way of watching, active involvement, and […]
  30. Improving Curriculum Alignment and Achieving Goals
    Education goals are written in general terms and they each touch on a specific aspect of the society and the learner as an individual.
  31. Math Curriculum and Ginsberg’s Motivational Framework
    A curriculum describes the steps to be followed in the implementation of the learning and teaching process of a particular subject.
  32. Mike Rose Curriculum Used in American Schools
    Therefore, Mike concludes that when students fail to achieve in education, it may not be because the students are not bright enough to pass but maybe because of their social background which the students come […]
  33. Curriculum for Young Adolescent Students
    We have changed the school to a caring community where the interests of all the members and particularly the students are taken care of.
  34. Curriculum-Based Measurement of Mathematics Skills
    The dependent variables used in this study were the effects that the implementation of CMB had on the performance of students in basic mathematics skills. The performance and achievement of students in math were also […]
  35. Contemporary Issues in Curriculum
    He also believed that he had the powers to dictate the courses to be taken by students in this school and those that should be dropped.
  36. Social Forces Shaping Curriculum Planning
    With the rise of the new technology, which allows everyone is online and engage in conversations with a person of any age and culture, a range of vulnerable populations, particularly people under age, are exposed […]
  37. Brookline Public Schools’ Curriculum Timeline
    The time allocation of curriculum development is defined by the volume of work performed at each phase, the number of people involved, the presence of additional organizational and administrative factors, and, to some extent, the […]
  38. Cycle 2 English Curriculum Framework
    Cycle two English language curriculum includes different techniques that teachers should apply in class to develop students’ abilities and skills by encouraging them to learn in a student-centered environment.
  39. History in Social Context and the Curriculum
    History is important in understanding humanity and the development of civilizations, as it is possible to trace the evolution of human thought and understanding. It is interesting to see the connection of world history to […]
  40. Teacher Empowerment Through Curriculum Development
    The PCE aims to achieve the goal of internalizing the necessary skills and abilities to the learners. From these findings, it is apparent that the future of the American education system is bleak if the […]

🔍 Good Research Topics about Curriculum

  1. Curriculum-Based Measurement for English Learners
    Dependent variables included the measurement of the effects that the reforms influenced in the way the English language was taught, as well as the learning experiences for English Language Learners in New York City high […]
  2. American Curriculum and Its Historical Development
    The development of the American curriculum can be traced back to key individuals whose decisions and actions resulted in the changes experienced in the education system today.
  3. Curriculum Design and Its Components
    As it is critical in the framework of education to provide students with knowledge and skills, this source is often considered to be among the main ones.
  4. Creativity and Technology in Curriculum Development
    The control over the curriculum, which has been tightening for several decades, has created a complex dilemma for teachers: while creativity is commonly encouraged, instructional goals are still unbending, which sets limits to teachers’ and […]
  5. Nursing Curriculum Development and Evaluation
    This competency complies with the first requirement of QSEN in the Teamwork and Collaboration section; particularly, the attitude of recognizing the potential to make contributions to the team.
  6. The Effectiveness of Sexuality Education Curriculum
    The TT4T coalition facilitates the implementation of the program; one of its members, Deborah Arringdale, is the YAPP director. The TT4T coalition will be contacted, and their approval of the evaluation is necessary.
  7. Religious Oppression in Multicultural Curriculum
    Multicultural education encompasses such critical issues the consideration of which is crucial for the harmonious life of society. Table 1 reviews a diversity curriculum aimed at investigating the topic of religious oppression.
  8. Curriculum Impact on Students’ Early Reading Fluency
    In conducting the study on the impact of curriculum influences on students’ early reading fluency and the associated behavioral and academic risks, the researchers focused on several questions in an attempt to address the research […]
  9. Geography Curriculum at Key Stage 2
    In this module, the researcher intends to take the learners from the classroom to the field, and engage them in the basic aspects of environment that are very common to them but one in which […]
  10. Language Arts in Montessori Curriculum
    A lot of attention is paid to language in the framework of the Montessori curriculum. In addition to that, teachers of the Language Arts have a range of external duties, such as meetings with other […]
  11. Mathematics Curriculum and Learning Materials
    It is emphasized that the study of mathematics reveals the beautiful order of things so that its main aim is to describe it in the framework of the natural world.
  12. Curriculum Alignment in Education
    The lesson under discussion is a third-grade science lesson with the objectives to let the students comprehend the value of science that it plays in their daily life, and amplify children’s consciousness of scientific happening […]
  13. Fictional Stories for the Curriculum
    Learning to think widely to have an idea of the language richness and the ways of expressing ideas is the trait of an intelligent person.
  14. Curriculum and Instruction Appraisal Model: Integrative Supervision
    The model that will be presented in this paper may be called “Integrative Supervision,” and it builds on the lesson observation and reflection that were made in the course of the previous assignments, as well […]
  15. The RN to BSN: Curriculum Mapping
    However, due to the significant gap between BSN and DNP levels, the BSN curriculum would not allow students to master any of the skills that are part of DNP learning outcomes.
  16. “Spring”: Teaching Planning and Curriculum
    With the inclusion of such a variety of experiences, it will be possible to gain better involvement of children and to increase the level of inclusion of every child in the course of the lesson, […]
  17. Rubric for a Curriculum Evaluation
    In addition, the role of the learner also changes in the assessment-focused classrooms. In this case, the rubric for curriculum evaluation in a Kindergarten will bring changes in the role of the administrator.
  18. Curriculum Development: Horizontal and Vertical Alignment
    S The effectiveness of the aligned curriculum is centered on a result-oriented workforce. The system also enhances training and ongoing professional development on the curriculum, assessments, and in structural strategies, this helps teachers to comprehend […]
  19. Character Education Curriculum in Elementary Schools
    These values are used on the basis of human relations in the school, celebrate their manifestations in the school and neighborhood, and hold all school members accountable to standards of conduct consistent with the core […]
  20. Standards-Based Curriculum in the Elementary School
    The state of affairs indispensable for the successful implementation of an elementary school program with the purpose of teaching Native language and literacy first chain preservation of this language, and teaches the English language in […]
  21. CGEA Program: The Uniqueness of the Curriculum
    The uniqueness of the curriculum of this program is that it has been created with the account of the competency opportunities; in order the students had the possibility to compete while studying language, thus striving […]
  22. Padlet Tool: Writing Across the Curriculum
    They can also ask students to use Padlet to submit their homework and explain the meaning of words to each other.
  23. No Child Left Out Act: Curriculum Development
    However, for curriculums to be effective and bare optimum results, they have to undergo massive alignment and re-alignment to facilitate educational institutions to enhance continuity in terms of objectives, textbooks, guides, and tested and develop […]
  24. National Curriculum: The Experience in England and Wales
    The attainment of pupils at the end of key stages 1-3 are reported in terms of of levels. This is not the place to go into this in detail, but a good description of the […]
  25. American Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling in the School Curriculum.
    This action is proper and feasible because students will learn a lot from the art of wrestling and this will add more to the their knowledge in terms of health and fitness including weight training […]
  26. Accountability Issues and Standards of Curriculum
    The results of these issues have been more frequent calls for a revision to, if not the entire removal of, the NCLB.
  27. Ideal Curriculum for a Business Management Course
    The meaning of the term ‘curriculum’ is directly associated with the several crucial issues associated with it including the primary goals, the intended purpose, the focus, and the very conception of the term ‘curriculum’.
  28. Curriculum Design. No Child Left Behind Act
    The act was signed to revise the federal education programs that were established under the elementary and secondary education act. The legislation promotes accountability in schools having bigger options for education to the students thus […]
  29. Curriculum Development and Organizational Innovations
    School education is the key stage of learning in academic life that requires cooperation from all the members of the society.
  30. The Importance of Music in School Curriculum
    This essay attempts to explain the importance of music in the school curriculum. Music and other performing arts are just the right kinds of release.
  31. Concept Map: Early Education Curriculum
    The teacher may even engage the active participation of the children’s family members In terms of literacy skills, there is a multitude of storybooks on family that may be read in class.
  32. Curriculum Development: Learning to Read and Compose
    One of the best predictors of if a progeny will function competently in school and proceed on to assist dynamically in our progressively literate humanity is the grade to which the progeny progresses in reading […]
  33. Curriculum for Career Education
    Outlining Scope and Sequence of the studies on the basis of the career clusters makes it possible to assess the needs of the students and further use the assessment procedures to revise and improve the […]
  34. Multiple Intelligence Curriculum Model
    Giving brief description of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Model, Clark is sure that the division, which is introduced in his model and is supported by the test, may help the teacher to identify the students’ […]
  35. Contemporary Issue in Special Education Curriculum
    It should also cover and gather for the needs of students with temporary disabilities upon their request during the time of disability It is the responsibility of the experts and other specialists who are concern […]
  36. Behavior Intervention: Contemporary Issue in Curriculum
    It is imperative to note that all individual characteristics can be maintained, changed or shape by the consequences of the behaviour of the very individual. Preventative classroom is very important model that can be used […]
  37. “From Teacher-Centered to Learner-Centered Curriculum: Improving Learning in Diverse Classrooms” by Brown
    The title of the article draws the reader’s attention at once and reflects the content of the work. The introduction is followed by the purpose of the article and several issues the author addresses.
  38. How to Select Proper Instructional Strategies in Curriculum
    It goes without saying that as soon as the curriculum has been formed, the obvious necessity of choosing the proper instructional strategies that will help implement the curriculum into practice and will ensure the sequence […]
  39. Curriculum Design: Theoretical and Practical Values
    The recommendations provided are considered to be of practical value for the system of education. All the recommendations analyzed above appeared to be of great value to the modern education system.
  40. Traditional Curriculum Models vs. Functional Curriculum Models
    The major aim of the traditional curriculum model is to ensure that the learner has successfully finished the expected level of learning and graduated.

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