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Curriculum Intervention Proposal

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Updated: Jun 14th, 2019

Initial Intent

Hui and Grossman (2008) argued that educators play vital roles in the performance of learners and the overall outcomes of a curriculum. Essentially, the handwork and commitments of teachers are the baselines of good perception and understanding in all subjects (Thorne 2007). However, the measurement of these two attributes is not defined properly due to lack of close monitoring strategies. Therefore, this proposal will provide a way to intervene the curriculum by investigating the two factors and their relationship to performance.

Research Questions

In a bid to attain this task, the answers to the following questions will be researched.

  1. What is the relationship between the performance and the effectiveness of educators?
  2. What are the best ways of monitoring educators?
  3. Does perception rely on the commitment and hard work of the educators?

Methodologies and Approaches

The data of this research will be collected through questionnaires, interviews and records. The questionnaires will be issued to the learners in order to collect data on the class attendances and task accomplishment of the educators in selected school. The data will be used to evaluate the level of teachers’ commitment. Secondly, there will be interviews to collect data from the teachers and administrators.

This will inform about the views on the three questions. Finally, the records on the performances of learners and teachers will be reviewed to assist in the diversity of the data collected.

Ethical Considerations

The confidentiality of personal information is vital in educational institutions. Therefore, the questions asked during the research will avoid asking the identification of interviewees. Moreover, the supervising institution and the instructor will provide and sign an agreement on the confidentiality of all data collected where necessary.


The outcomes of this research can be published on the journals of education technology to cover the issues and debates in design and technology (Stahl 2007). This will be attributed to the unresolved issue on the link between learners’ performance and educators’ commitment.

Quality Control

There are various measurements that will ensure the credibility of this research. For instance, the data will be collected from various sources through different channels. Moreover, the random sample selection method will be used to prevent manipulation of the data (McNiff, Lomax & Whitehead 2002). Finally, large samples will be used to reduce the level of errors associated with unreliable data.

Funding Sources

The funds to perform this research will arise from savings, friends, or institutions convinced by a presentation on the necessity of this investigation. Therefore, the source of the funds will be single or multiple sources.


The information retrieved from this research will be presented to the public through an information booklet and internet. The booklets will serve the students and teachers within the school. On the other hand, internet will provide this information to people allowed to access the document without time and location restrictions. Consequently, the parents will be able to access the outcomes in a fast and reliable way.


The research will take a period of one month which will have small activities distributed throughout the month. The schedule will be made at the beginning of the research in order to monitor success in daily activities. This implies that the end of all daily tasks will lead to completion of the whole research. In case the task started on 1st February 2014, the completion date is expected to be after one month. The completion of the research will be indicated by the success of all daily tasks performed within the month.


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