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Supervision in Public Schools Essay (Article)


Public schools can be categorized into primary, secondary schools as well as post secondary institutions authorized for or open by the government to all children.

Supervision is a vital activity that public schools management ought to practice in order to ensure smooth running in the school (Christian 1987). In the public schools, supervision is a normally an administration’s action where the directors are believed to possess managing role in the institute.

Occasionally, in the public schools, the employees are endorsed to the duty of supervisor depending on their sturdy technical expertise. However, in a public school where supervision is poor, there are huge effects as well as the cost for the association and employees in the organization.

In the education sector, supervision can be termed as the stipulation of direction and advice on issues of individual, educational progress as well as on the professional issues. The educational supervision encompasses of the teaching of explicit capabilities and skills aiding the learner to build up self- sufficiency in the attainment of comprehension and skills (Christian & Kitto 1987).

At times, supervision might need the stipulation of pastoral concern for the trainees. The concerned supervisors in the public schools to raised any concerns in advance to ensure proper performance of the management.

In public schools, an institution would come up with measures regarding supervision and eventually endow with administrators from the association. Due to increased need for improved educational standards in the public schools, there has been enhanced need for supervision (Christian & Kitto 1987).

This has consequently resulted to increased courses on supervision program hence the courses gaining fame thus being incorporated in the schools. In public schools, there are crucial areas that are normally put into consideration in the supervision process.

The course work in an administration that is instructive as well as supervision agenda ranges from process to communication, managerial structure as well as the moral matters. Fundamental knowledge on supervision is crucial as it helps one to gain skills in issues relating to schools, supervision, as well as working with committees.

The supervisors concerned with the public schools management ought to have gained sufficient skills to promote the act of supervision in the schools. This brings about proper management of the institutions. In a public school, the principle may act as a supervisor in various departments, as well as in the divisions within the school environment (Christian & Kitto 1987).

In such public schools where the principle acts as the supervisor, the management is normally properly run as the principle is mostly in contact with the staff as well as with other members taking part in the school. Therefore, he can manage and input closer supervision on matters concerning the school.

For proper supervision in the public schools, it is significant that the supervisor harmonizes activities inside a school or the school structure. The supervisor should also ensure that he can handle relations with the student, community, employers and the parents (Christian & Kitto 1987).

In these kinds of schools, the supervision team ought to deal with services like direction programs and also instruct teachers and staff. The supervisor should be able to appraise and choose unvarying tests, prepare budget as well as putting into practice punitive measures.

The salary view point is another area that the supervisor should consider. In a public school, the supervision management scrutinizes all the salaries that the staff get and as well as to have an effect to the salary obtained by the supporting staff.

However, teacher supervision should be aimed at posing a positive impact to the student (Christian & Kitto 1987). The supervision procedure is normally aimed at acknowledging the difficulties of excellent teaching as well as qualified, proficient practices.

There are various reasons why teachers in the public schools should be supervised. Some of the reasons include; improving institutional efficiency and performance, that progress the student chances and outcomes (Christian & Kitto 1987). Teachers’ supervision also endorses an affirmative atmosphere for proficient growth and the students’ progression.

In addition, the major reasons behind teachers supervision in the public schools, is to hold up the board of education strategies, state law and the region guiding documents. A well organized supervision of the school results in enhanced learning as well as teaching. Thus, teachers’ supervision enhances teachers’ specialized progression in their carriers.

In conclusion, supervision within the public schools aims at enhancing the effectiveness of the institution hence promoting the likelihood of preferred learning chances and the desired outcomes. It is significant that the concerned management should come up with a standard supervision team that will help in attaining the desired goal of the school (Christian & Kitto 1987).

This would help improve performance in the public schools. Moreover, management can be done via self, administrative and peer supervision. For a public school to achieve its set goals and objectives, supervision of all the departments within the school should be considered crucial. Performance of any system needs proper supervision of its daily activities thus the case in public school.


Christian C. & Kitto J. (1987). The Theory and Practice of Supervision, 3rd ed. London: Oxford University Press.

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