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Pedagogy Essay Examples and Topics

Taking a Running Record: Strengths and Weaknesses

I used running records because early education theories recognise the need to use running records to assess a child's reading progress Teachers who administer running records to their students have their practice directly influenced and [...]

Classroom Assessment for Student Learning

The concept of the student-friendly language is used by the authors to refer to the teaching communication style that will allow a higher level of mutual understanding between the teacher and the learners.

Classroom Management Plan and Its Importance

Although the classroom management plan includes a range of components, its development is important to reflect the teacher's priorities and actions to achieve the set goals; therefore, the plan should include the statement of the [...]

Christmas Balls Making in the Art Classes

In anticipation of the holidays, it is expected that the students will be eager to create objects related to Christmas, and this eagerness will serve as the activator of the motivated behavior that will enhance [...]

Motivation and Change in Schools

Thus, the chapter is devoted to the exploration of the culture of a typical XXI century student, who, as it turns out, is quite different from the students of the previous era.

Equity Pedagogy in Public Schools

Same as opined by Seljak, multicultural education is a process that calls for the participation of the administrators, the teachers, and other stakeholders in the education system.

Early Childhood Classroom Strategies

Admittedly, it is essential to properly identify the developmental stage of a student to employ the most effective behavioural and support instructional strategies. It is possible to make groups of gifted children, atypical students and [...]

Literacy Skills Learning

In this essay, the focus will be to discuss the most appropriate approach for a teacher to facilitate the learning of literacy skills among children.

Cross-Curriculum Priorities

This paper offers a discussion on the representation of cross-curriculum priorities in the Australian Curriculum and pedagogical considerations in the Key Learning Area of History.

Supervision in Public Schools

The supervisors concerned with the public schools management ought to have gained sufficient skills to promote the act of supervision in the schools.

Hearing Impaired and Education

As a learner, the teacher of the deaf acquaints him/herself with the current changes if he/she wants to serve the immediate needs of the hearing-impaired students and the youth.

Team Organization in Middle School

After the learning period, teachers should then assess the students and evaluate the effectiveness of the interdisciplinary teams. Overall, these challenges damage the performance of individual students, teachers, interdisciplinary teams, and schools as a whole.

Education Practices in Penslivania

They also hold conferences and workshops to educate the community on the benefits of educating children, the importance of giving care to the young and emphasizing on the need for a unified community where everybody [...]

Student Development Observation

This is attributable to the favorable environment in colleges, which enables students to interact and develop innovative and creative ideologies. This is to advance students' basic competencies and moral attributes to facilitate the development of [...]

Response to Intervention Model

The supporters of the RTI model have touted it as an intervention program that focuses on the Specific Learning Disability for the purposes of clarification and clarity.

Tangible Video Bubbles

The greater the pressure applied, the faster the playback speed achieved and the lesser the pressure applied, the slower the playback.

Teaching Deaf Children How to Read

The most important thing about the appraisal process is that a parent and the teachers get to know the most effective method of teaching the deaf child by following the degree of deafness for the [...]

Teaching the English Language

Reading and writing is one way of ensuring that the skill of communication is necessary to the students. They help to give some history of the English language and why it is important to learn [...]

Education: Using Multimedia for Learning

There are also interactive games that can help students to grasp the material better and learn more on the subject.  The website http://zimmertwins.com can help students develop their creativity as they can make up stories [...]

Fairy tales

In the book, The Uses of Enchantment: the Meaning and Importance of Fairy-Tales, he argues that fairy-tales help to improve children's cognitive development.

Mobile Learning in Pedagogy

As a result, there may be division in class as those students with the m-learning devices deem themselves as being a notch higher than the rest of the students and the teachers.

Curriculum Intervention

Finally, the records on the performances of learners and teachers will be reviewed to assist in the diversity of the data collected.

Improve Third Grade Constructive Response

The form was very specific on the problem and the suggested remedies in the questions put forward to the participants. Summary of results The summary for the results was as follows: The analysis centered on [...]

Concept of Class Management in Education

Numerous independent variables implicate this duty like the thoughts and maxim of the school, the written and practical discussion activities in the school, the teachers, the students, the involvement of parents and the rules and [...]

Pro spanking in schools

Needless to say, in a society where crime rate is high, suspension alone, is not effective in cases of indiscipline in school; therefore, there is need to advocate for pro spanking as a form of [...]

Use of Corporal Punishment in Children Discipline

The main objective of the study which employed both qualitative and quantitative research techniques was to establish the reason why corporal punishment was still mentioned in schools even after its ban by the Kenyan government [...]

Piaget and Vygotsky

Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky are one of the most influential scientists in the field of the developmental psychology. In the following paper, the theories of both scholars will be evaluated and compared from the [...]

First Time Parenting

The seminar is equally important to both the male and the female parents. It is also necessary for parents to evaluate the effectiveness of their parenting styles.

Education Discussion

In schools, teachers have given up on learners and this has made it easier for learners to give up on their education.

Teaching of Phonics and Early Reading

That is why it is important to pay attention to the review of the most effective approaches to teaching phonics and analyze their connection with the concept of the Simple View of Reading.

Critical Incident Analysis in Teaching

For instance, through my reflection in the critical incidents above, I was able to explore the reversal point of view, which challenged my personal values and assumptions with regard to handling behavioural issues and helped [...]

Gifted Education

There are many learning models that can be used to ensure that the gifted students get the content that match their academic abilities.

Texas teacher Mentees

The increase in teacher mentees is instrumental in the enhancement of the sufficient teaching staff in the region's educational system. Mentors need to have a proper understanding of the vital role that they play in [...]

Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination

Through curriculum reforms and appropriate teaching techniques, focus should be directed at improving the students' performance to ensure that their performance increases to an average of 80% in these areas.

Lesson Plan: Reflection and Evaluation

In this respect, the challenge of teacher lies in extending the learning process of students who are ready to comprehend the material and those who are just starting their exploration, which expands the degree of [...]

Hegemony and Education

Teachers could utilize the classroom in interrupting gender hegemonic practices, but it is common knowledge that teachers should in addition be eager in considering direct involvement in the private industry so as to openly participate [...]

Social Justice in Education

With a clear distinction between justice taught in class and justice allowed to thrive in the school environments, teachers can be able to observe how their students perceive and response to social injustices in the [...]

Presentation of the Target Grammar

Guided and Delivery Pattern According to Hardley when the teacher has presented the target grammar and assessed understanding of the new form's meaning, the teacher moves on to the guided phase.