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Child Care Center: Observation and Summary Report

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The comfort and safety of children in a child care center are fundamental for the overall welfare of the children. Child care centers are intended to provide part-time or full-time children care. The centers are operated by local councils, private operators, and community-based organizations. Most centers operate from 7:00 am up to 6:00 pm with a few operating half days. Children attending the child care centers are of different ages ranging from 1 to 5 years. As with other learning institutions, child care centers are also regulated by particular state and region congress legislations. Before any individual or organization starts to run a child care center, licensing is necessary. The license is usually given if the centers meet all the requirements. The requirements stipulate the qualification of the staff to be employed in the center, the number of children per caretaker, and buildings and equipment standards. The centers must also comply with the health and safety provisions which are required for children’s healthy development. Parents are also advised to visit the centers before taking their children. This is to ensure that the particular center meets the set standards to avoid compromising the child’s comfort and safety.

Benefits of care centers

The centers ensure their children’s safety while left by their guardians or parents attending work, training, or school.

In addition to providing employment opportunities, the centers are also known to encourage people to continue with their work, education, or employment opportunities in an attempt to achieve self-support and sufficiency. Furthermore, the centers enhance parents’ awareness of proper ways of caring for their children. This is because; the centers provide educational materials to their consumers. What’s more, the centers provide a chance for the parents to chose and make their personal decisions concerning what suits their children best.

The essay explores the quality of services offered to children in a child center.

In what ways does the center provide quality child care?


The caregivers handle the children with a lot of understanding. They do not take anything concerning the children for granted, but rather, the caregivers take time to guide them throughout. They are often trained to be friendly and concerned about what the children are doing, get down to their level and participate in children’s activities. For example when Ramón was coloring he use to apply so much pressure on his crayons. The crayons broke and a third one broke he started crying, Miss Karen approached him got down to his level, and began talking to him. She showed him how to use a sharpener to shave broken crayons. Afterward, they glued the shavings to a paper. They are keen to capture what the kids are going through and always help them when they are stuck. Another example is when Miss Donna gets interested in what Annie was doing. Ann was cooking in a make-believe kitchen, Miss Donna approached her and asked what she was cooking; she explained that she was cooking. Annie was excited as miss encouraged her on her cooking. The caregivers teach the children how to be independent by showing them problem-solving skills. Children are also trained to be responsible, for instance after sharpening the crayon the caregiver glues the shavings on a paper. From such an experience, the child learns how to keep the surrounding environment clean. He/she discovers that crayon shavings make our surroundings untidy and should be properly disposed of.

Health and safety

The sanitary facilities are of the toddlers are ranked and installed in the children’s room to prevent accidents. All toilets and sinks are at toddler level in the toddler room. Students’ belongings are well labeled according to their names, for instance, all infants bottles are marked for every child.


The centers keep the facilities used by the children clean; the facilities are closely monitored to ensure they are in hygienic conditions. An assistant checked the bathroom every hour for cleanliness. This was also enhanced whereby all children were given their cubby to store their belonging.


Playing equipment is sterilized to keep them off any disease-causing micro-organisms. All toys were sanitized and kept in good order, to prevent any possible accidents. Age-appropriate manipulation was provided for academic activities. Generally, this promotes good health and safety of children while at the daycare.

Guidance/ discipline

Caretakers pay close attention to the children even during naptime. Naptime was from 12-2 every day. Children were not left alone during naptime and children who did want to sleep were required to lay down and could quietly read a book. At this time teachers use to sit down and talk quietly with children fighting naptime. In the centers, children are guided on various life-promoting skills that help them become independent in the future. For example, Mathew came to Miss Erica and told her that he had an accident. Miss Erica hugged him and assured him that it was just an accident and he was doing well so far with his potty training. The potty area was equipped with an emergency pack like gloves, sanitizer wipes, disposable shoe covers, and a bag for the dirty clothes. Miss Erica encouraged Mathew and explained the importance of every learning step. After they were done she walked him through important hand washing and even sanitized the bottom of his shoes.

How do Caregivers support quality child care?

Ms. Summer who is the center director has vast experience in managing the child care center. The director has worked in the same position for eight years. She holds a BA degree in Early Childhood Education, her qualifications and experience help her to deliver quality services at the center. Through her sound managerial skills, she has managed to steer the center to greater heights. Miss Rhonda, the assistant director, has an AA in Early Childhood Education and a CDA. She has occupied this post for two years now, giving her enough experience on how to handle child care issues. Miss Karen is a teacher who has been teaching for the past four and half years. She holds a BA degree in Early Childhood Education and a CDA and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Miss Erica is also a teacher, she has taught for one year in this child care center and three years in another child care center. She has an AA in Early Childhood Education and 12 infant toddler units.

Qualifications of teachers /caregivers

Miss Erica is a committed teacher who handles children with a lot of love. She can notice every single detail of what transpires during the children’s activities. She handles children’s problems by reaching out to them when in predicaments by giving practical solutions. For example, when Jessica and Kash are fighting over a block and Kash bites Jessica she explains to kash why biting is bad. Miss Erica explains to kash that instead of biting she is supposed to say no when someone snatches something from her. She also provides kash with a ring which she should bite when she feels like biting someone. Tyler is frustrated because she can not get Johnny to move in a particular direction. He runs after Johnny and pulls his hair; Miss Erica stops the two toddlers, comforts Johnny, and engages him in another activity. She gets into a conversation with Tyler and tells him and advises him not to pull other children’s hair, but to use words instead, as pulling hurts. She reaches Johnny and lets Tyler touch his hair gently without pulling it.

What did you like best/least about the program?

The proper attention given by the caregivers to promote the welfare of the children is amazing. The assistants check bathrooms every hour to ensure that they are always clean. The teachers handle children by getting to their level. Miss Donna gets into a dialogue with Annie in her make up the kitchen. Annie can open up and with a lot of enthusiasm explains to Miss Donna what she is cooking. Teachers are overwhelmed by the children due to a low number of caretakers. Miss Erica notices most of the children’s incidences. This is evident in the cases of Johnny and Tyler, Jessica and kash, and Mathew’s case. In the case of one of the aids who could not speak English, it made communication with students learning phonic somewhat difficult.

What are some suggestions for improvement?

The center should examine and adjust its procedures and plans and develop possible strategies to upgrade its staff’s education for maximum benefits. The center should also adopt the use of safety education in its system. This would help students to take precautions and respond appropriately in case of an emergency. Highly developed and sufficient hand washing facilities should be provided both to the caregivers and children to promote health to all. Caregivers should be allowed more autonomy with regards to classroom curriculum to create more understanding of the operation of the center. This would also relieve the burden of handling all the classroom issues of the teacher. Classroom management should also be improved by decongesting to enable the students to concentrate. The center should fit the outside door with safety locks that can not be opened by the children. This would control unnecessary movements of children which may increase the risk of accidents.


The quality of the child care center is commendable, caregivers and teachers have the interest of the children at heart. Facilities are well maintained to enhance the welfare of the children at the center. The center ensures that children’s progress is well monitored with a lot of love and care. Solutions to any problem facing the children are solved by giving practical resolutions, for instance, miss Erica gives a ring to kash so that she can bite it instead of biting fellow students.

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