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Culture and Education Essay Examples and Topics

Visual Arts in Australian Secondary Education

To support the research process, Lewthwaite et al.used the conceptual framework of culturally relevant pedagogy that implies educators' use of "the cultural knowledge, prior experiences, frames of reference, and performance styles of students to make [...]

Diverse Cultural Background in the School

Schools often experience issues that affect the learning outcomes of all of their students, and one must examine the possible causes that affect the students and their perception of the educational material.

Internationalization Ideologies in Higher Education

This discussion will provide a brief summary of the paper, information related to internationalism in education, my ideas on the topic, an exploration of some ideas of the article and three leading questions that should [...]

Intercultural and Cosmopolitan Education

The educator can mention the source and its political focus to facilitate the discussion of political agendas and activism. It is more important to pay attention to the nature of the crime and its effects [...]

Multicultural Educators’ Skills and Curriculum

The following aspects in the identified area of concern will be elaborated: the role and required skills of multicultural educators as well as their impact on students, equity in the classroom and education, and the [...]

Internationalized Education and Campus Management

This paper addresses the impact of programs including roommate-pairing and thematized residence halls on the satisfaction of students and their adjustment to a new environment in terms of the three domains mentioned above.

School Climate and Student Culture

The formation of the school climate is also a complex process; however, it is subjected to the influence of various factors starting from the mood of a certain individual and ending with the situation in [...]

Language Preferences in Multicultural Class

In particular, this problem solution assignment is going to discuss why students tend to always speak their first language in class if they are surrounded by individuals from different countries who cannot understand them. The [...]

Education and Religion: Old and New Patterns

In the film, in her attempt to teach children about discrimination using the first-hand experience, the teacher divides the class into two groups based on their eye color; one of the groups is pronounced better [...]

Core Values in Education Sphere

The core values of integrity, service, and excellence are present throughout the childhood, school, college, and teacher education."Integrity First" is a primary value that stands for directness and transparency in every action.

Culturally Responsive Teaching

One of the primary positive perspectives on parents and families relates to teachers' ability to effectively engage the families in the process of education in the earliest stages.

Celebrations in School Culture

A school culture that is student-focused can be formed by encouraging teachers to pay much attention to efficient testing and curriculum that can facilitate the making of decisions in a school.

Power of Agency in a Multicultural Classroom

In a multicultural environment, the student's belief system facilitates class discussions and academic performance. Teachers are agents of change and are responsible for the student's development and understanding in a multicultural environment.

Cultural Audit in Society

The collectivism cultural audit is important to use in a school with the children with disabilities since it encourages interdependence and the success of the group.

ELLs in Today Schools

Seeing how motivation remains the key to students' success and efficient performance, it is reasonable to suggest that the task of the one, who has to teach an ELL, is to find a unique niche, [...]

“Third Place” – The New Culture

Analysts and education experts are of the view that an instructor should understand the culture and the native language of a student learning a foreign language. Furthermore, it is important to understand the culture of [...]

Education and society

Education plays a very important role in the development of a society right from the individual level all the way to the national level. In conclusion, education is important to both the individual and the [...]

Unit of Study

Goals and Objectives In the classroom, the goals and objectives of multicultural thinking and learning is to enhance the students' capability in areas including the following.

Censorship and Banned Books

Based on what has been presented in this paper so far it can be seen that literary freedom is an important facilitator in helping children develop a certain degree of intellectual maturity by broadening their [...]

Education and Saudi females

The effect of placing the girl's education under the jurisdiction of the General Presidency for Girls' Education can be said to have altered the way girls and women in general viewed education.

School Culture and Differentiated Instruction

Action research provides students and teachers the opportunity to pursue the questions, which students and teachers have passion. In learning institutions, the main objectives and goals are to improve the students' understanding, knowledge and skills.

Educational Leadership in School

According to Budge and Parrett, "the critical message reverberating from the successes is the ability to overcome the pervasive and powerful effects of poverty on learning".

Contrasting Tradition in Indian Education

The white system of education encompasses a class situation where the teacher completely and freely interacts with the students and discusses freely on how to behave and mapping the way forward to independence.

Education and Identity

This person knows the evils of engaging in activities that will divide the society, and one will make sure that the whole society is directed to follow and accept changes that such a person wishes [...]

Diversity within Unity

There is need, therefore, to emphasize the common aspects of all the different cultures in the US in a bid to foster cultural cohesion and create a united nation.

Equity In Education

However, according to Nussbaum, women were more enlightened towards the end of 19th century by the many non-governmental organizations that had been established to fight for the rights of the girl child.

Multicultural Education

It aims at exploring the various perspectives of culture and multicultural education and the role of the latter in bridging the gap between different cultures in educational institutions.

Concept of the Multicultural Education

It is also possible to ask children to copy one of the pictures on the walls. Moreover, it is necessary to encourage people to start the discussion of such issues so that appropriate materials for [...]

Multicultural Education: Concepts and Strategies

Multicultural education is different from other forms of education in the sense that apart from being based on theoretical concepts also entrenches the use of practical strategies to ensure that students are in a position [...]

Responsibility of Educated People to the Society

Therefore, the main responsibilities of educated people to the society are contributing to the development of various spheres of the society, imparting knowledge to the younger generation, and achieving personal success in accordance with their [...]

Multicultural Education Benefits

Students are thus required to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to function effectively in a pluralistic and egalitarian society. The teacher is thus able to enhance socialization and transmission of culture while providing academic skills [...]