Culture and Education Essay Examples and Topics

Multicultural Education in the Classroom

Introduction Stereotyping is creating a mental image of a group of people basing on certain opinions with disregard of the differences among individuals. Prejudice, on the other hand, is negatively judging a particular group of people or having views about the group without the knowledge of the facts (Walter, 1999). This is prejudging someone without […]

Managing Cultural Diversity Within Higher Education

Introduction There is no use denying the fact that education plays vital role in the modern world. To become successful a person should be able to struggle with his/her rivals and have a great level of skills. Very often it is impossible to achieve it without a good education as it gives a person not […]

Power of Agency in a Multicultural Classroom

Power describes the capacity of an individual or teacher to compel or persuade actions or inactions. The features of power in a multicultural classroom include compulsion, penalty, and coercion. However, the power to compel specific actions in a classroom is called agency. As a result, the agency is stimulated by power. Thus, teacher’s assertive behavior […]

Multicultural Education: Freedom or Oppression

Introduction Multicultural education is an emerging discipline in education that is designed to provide equal opportunities to students from diverse ethnic groups, nationality, social-class, and culture. The concept seeks to develop an education system that enables the students to learn in a pluralistic society that embraces their diversity. Over the past decade, scholars have reviewed […]

Cultural Audit in Society

A cultural audit is a stipulated procedure that a group of people or an organization follows in solving issues. There are two major cultural audits that determine the appropriate ways of working with families of children with disabilities, collectivism and individualism. In this case study, School of Architecture and Construction Trade in the State of […]

ELLs in Today Schools

Diversity is an important and often integral part of a teacher’s everyday practice. In the era of the globalized XXI century, when communication technologies allowed for transcending the boundaries of space, learning English as a second language seems to have become one of the bare necessities of a modern student (Garcia, n. d., 00:00.35–00:00.40). Therefore, […]

“Third Place” – The New Culture

Analysts and education experts are of the view that an instructor should understand the culture and the native language of a student learning a foreign language. Furthermore, it is important to understand the culture of the speakers of the target language. In this regard, it is essential to understand both L1 and L2 aspects of […]

How to promote intercultural learning among schools in US

Introduction Young people should be encouraged to appreciate intercultural in the society. They need to know that culture diversity is for the best and not source of discrimination. Schools have a significant role to play to make the students have an intimate relationship with those of different cultural background especially their fellow students. The following […]

Education and society

Education plays a very important role in the development of a society right from the individual level all the way to the national level. Education helps develop a person’s critical thinking, expand their mental horizons and increase their capacity to innovate and think creatively. Education helps develop a person’s ambition, and in the process follow […]

Intercultural Communication Plan: in Merced, CA

The demographics in Merced, CA Merced in California is found in the valley of San Joaquin. During the census in the year 2010, the population was 78958 and operated under government headed by council manager in the city of charter. Its name originated from river Merced that is found nearby and is located at a […]

Argument For or Against Choosing Visual Culture as a Favored Instructional Methodology

Culture concerns itself with what is most distinctive about humanity in terms of surplus, excessive, and beyond the strict material measure. In addition, the capacity for self-transgression and transcendence measures the humanity. Visual culture refers to the material artifacts, buildings and images, and time-based media and performances produced by human labor and imagination, and it […]

Janice M. Irvine, “Doing It with Words: Discourse and the Sex Education Culture Wars”

The question of sexual education at schools still remains one of the most controversial issues which are widely discussed by the scholars and public on several levels. In 2000 Janice Irvine presented her vision of the problem in her article “Doing It with Words: Discourse and the Sex Education Culture Wars”, which was published in […]

Lesson Plan: the School and Government Regulations

A teacher develops a detailed description of what he/she intends to offer to students. This is referred to as lesson planning. A lesson plan is meant to guide the activities of a class on daily basis. The Content of a lesson plan varies depending on the preferences of the instructor, subject matter of the course […]

Methodologies and multicultural research in multicultural sensitivity

Multicultural competence in student affairs is an exclusive resource that guides professionals in the field of student affairs so that they are able to develop a model that incorporates all multicultural subjects. However, multiculturalism is a wide field therefore; gathering for all these issues is a challenging task to the education professionals. Programs and policies […]

Unit of Study

Description and Rationale of the for the Topic Multicultural thinking and learning explore and justify cultural diversity among the learners. This kind of thinking ensures that the learners’ cultural backgrounds are valued and accorded the necessary respect in the classroom. Often, multicultural learning involves integrating the people who fall under the different class, age, nationality, […]

Scholarly Journal Review: Multicultural Education

Introduction Multicultural education manifests antiracist and anti-discrimination. The two elements can be demeaning and destructive to all people in the society. An inclusive education curriculum is fit for the prosperity of education and betterment of the society. Education should be used as a measure of enhancing cultural transformation and fostering multicultural and an all-inclusive system. […]

Censorship and Banned Books

Introduction Literature has always played a vital role in educating young minds it acts as the seed of ideas, the fount of inspiration and the basis by which children develop their own unique way of looking at the world. On the other hand it can also be said that literature can act as a constraining […]

Education and Saudi females

Literature Review It is apparent that acquiring education has become more of a basic need than just a stage that one has to pass through while growing. The value of education can never be underestimated since it influences all aspects of a person’s life. Basic definitions of education need to be examined carefully so that […]

School Culture and Differentiated Instruction

Introduction Most instructors opine that all students have equal capacity to understand instructions. Hence, instructors prepare teaching guidelines and learning content while considering the fact that students have equal capacity. Various scholars have done research on this topic, and the results have shocked teachers. Research has shown that the general assumption provided by researchers about […]

Educational Leadership in School

Introduction “If the leaders start with the right question, students’ achievements at the high-poverty school can raise.” It is not the amount of resources that matters, but the procedure of utilizing them. It is evident from the article of Budge and Parrett (2009), on “leadership in high-poverty/high-performing schools,” that the leaders of schools such as […]

Contrasting Tradition in Indian Education

Indian children studying in the white schools have faced key quandaries and challenges elicited from their original education in their native society and a negative perception towards the new system of education, which is inherently dichotomous from theirs. They have an interesting, complicated and peculiar history coupled with victories, differences, adversities, cultural clashes and imminent […]

Mix Methods Analysis in “Seeing From a Different Angle: The Role of Pop Culture in Teaching for Diversity and Critical Media Literacy in Adult Education”

The Article Main Concern The article in question considers the issue of entertainment media influence on the adult education, its influence on the educators in their personal and professional life. This article provides issue analysis in terms of the mixed method research approach which makes it possible to consider the issue from different facets and, […]

How Can School Prayer Possibly Hurt?

Importance of school prayer There are different reasons why some people support or are against school prayer. Those who support school prayer argue that banning of prayer in schools causes a decline in the moral standards of people. Cases of teenage pregnancies, divorce, drug abuse and crime rate are likely to increase. This is due […]

Scientific Knowledge: Is It Dangerous for Politics to Define Science?

Science and politics have never seemed to have much in common. While the former follows a clearly established theory and operates with verified facts, the latter uses the existing facts to its advantage and often manipulates ideas to make itself look favorable. Whereas science is a thing in itself, politics is often out there for […]

Education and Identity

Introduction Education leads a person towards self discovery. The education process makes a person conscious; this separates one from those who have not gone through an education process. This is because values that are indispensable in the society are instilled; a person gets good basis for an excellent living in the society. Therefore, education is […]

Diversity within Unity

Overview and Introduction Cultural diversity is a source of strength as well as weakness for many societies around the world. A multi-cultural society has the advantage of having a rich cultural environment but this diversity in culture can also be a source cultural tension and conflict (Fisher, 1994). Educational institutions are the most affected by […]

Equity In Education

A few decades ago, the society, particularly in developing countries, did not see the need of educating the girl child. This is because she was expected to become a mother someday, which in itself is a very demanding task because she has to take care of the children and run a few errands on behalf […]

The Effects of Socioeconomic Factors on Education

Introduction Society has a very strong influence on education, and specifically on the performance of a learner. The world has been reduced into a small village due to the emergent of technologies that have improved communication and transport systems. According to Sylwester (2002), learners in the current society live in a multicultural community, which in […]

Does Cultural Responsive Pedagogy Lead To Student Achievement?

It is obvious that public schools have students from various backgrounds. This has influenced the manner in which they understand information. The presence of students from different races, tribes, communities, and social status has also made the teaching process to be challenging (Gay, 2010). A modern day teacher requires skills that will ensure that students […]

Book Review: Culture, Literacy, and Learning: Taking Bloom in the Midst of the Whirlwind by Carol D. Lee

Introduction In this book, Carol Lee brings into play her experience as a participant viewer to offer an exceptional and detailed opinion of both planning and employing a cultural receptive strategy to enhance learning and teaching in a particular subject. Through clear reports from real classrooms, Lee explains how AAVE helps students motivate themselves and […]

The Role of Globalization in Education and Knowledge

Overview and Introduction Papastephanou’s article “Globalisation, globalism and cosmopolitanism as an educational ideal” published in 2005 is the center for discussion in this paper. The article is focused on the problem of the failure to distinguish between the notions globalization, globalism and cosmopolitanism that leads to the failure to consider the place of the current […]

Social Studies Instruction and Diverse Students

Education is a critical requirement for any society seeking prosperity within the global circles. Globalization is a new hurdle that educators now need to deal with as various cultures meet and interact within the school set up and if unregulated, this situation usually erupts in chaos and disruption of learning. However, a greater loss is […]

Multicultural Education

Introduction Educational institutions are made up of students from diverse cultural backgrounds. These students are especially from the United States of America, which is a large multicultural nation. For any successful learning to take place in these institutions, cohesion between these different cultures is a necessary factor. This cohesion and understanding will create a suitable […]

Influence of Student diversity and the teaching practice

Introduction Among the major and urgent concerns that exists in the world today is the ever rising population size that falls in the category that is excluded from meaningful participation and constructive contribution in the economic, social, political and cultural realm of the larger communal context in society. As it were this state of affairs […]

Cultural Myth of Education as a Pathway to Success in America

Education does not only concern itself with going to school to study, but all the implications it has on an individual, be it positive or negative (Colombo, & Lisle 4). In the American context, students who hail from other backgrounds away from the mainstream American backgrounds must give up their cultural heritage as well as […]

Concept of the Multicultural Education

Classrooms and Learning According to York (2003) multicultural education is not only appropriate but necessary for children from very early age. Children see the existing differences and form their own viewpoint basing on adults’ reactions and behavior. Thus, it is essential to make young pupils understand that these differences are normal. To develop unbiased perception, […]

Multicultural Education: Concepts and Strategies

Multicultural education is an educational field that targets at achieving equal educational opportunities for individuals from different races, ethnicities and social classes. The primary goal of this field of study is to ensure that each and every student is in a position to obtain the necessary knowledge and the skills to enable them operate properly […]

American Education: A Critical Discussion of Values Education Trend

Introduction Today, more than ever before, the American education system seems more interested in nurturing students’ attitudes than on what can realistically and ideally be called real teaching. This strategy of learning, mainly touted as ‘affective education,’ treats issues of self-esteem and personality development as the ultimate objective of education, eliciting feelings of misgivings and […]

How parents in different cultures scaffold their children’s learning

Introduction Parents from different cultures use different methods to scaffold their children’s learning. The learning process is not limited to specific activities since learning is a universal process that affects every aspect of the children’s life. Therefore, parents from different cultural background essentially perform various tasks to ensure that their children are well equipped both […]

Responsibility of Educated People to the Society

In the contemporary world, education is one of the key factors for the success of an individual. Education instills knowledge in the younger generation. In addition, education may enable the younger generation to change their mindset. This may be a critical factor in ensuring the future prosperity of the younger generation and the nation as […]

History of the Multiculturalism Movement in 1980

Introduction Multicultural movement refers to a coalition of university students formed 1980s that included students from diverse groups. These groups were against oppressive trends of governance and running of affairs by the university administration (Pedersen 45). This was mainly to address the need for fairness and justice to all regardless of their gender, color or […]

The difference of children’s education between American culture and Chinese

Asian education system is said to differ greatly from American education system. In Asia, parents and guardians believe in punishing children so that they may grow up morally upright. In America this sounds very funny more so in the United States whereby parents and guardians have their own ways of educating their children. The two […]

Multicultural Education Benefits

Introduction Multicultural education aims to avail equal education opportunities for scholars from diverse ethnic, cultural and social classes. Students are thus required to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to function effectively in a pluralistic and egalitarian society. The interaction of students with diverse groups thus creates the necessary harmony to improve the society. It strives […]