Academic Performance Essay Examples and Topics

Peer Assessment and Productivity of Low Achieving Students

Introduction Addressing the reading issues that low ability students face during a reading class is an essential step towards increasing the academic potential of the students in question. The class selected for the intervention, included a group of thirteen seventh-grade low-ability students. It should be noted that the class consisted of twenty people. Among the […]

Class Tardiness: A Survey of Elementary Schools

Introduction Education has proven to be the most essential background to numerous individuals across the globe. Success of several global greatest achievers has always affiliated with substantial educational background. Given its renowned importance in shaping the lives of individuals, education from a worldwide perspective has become one of the essentials in human social and economic […]

Reflection Analysis Observations

Introduction Group dynamic is essential in determining its course. Our group was characterized with trust, care, and fairness. In fact, no one cared to note each other’s background. We accepted one another as equals within the group. This was essential in enabling us to achieve group cohesion. Moreover, it aided us in performing group activities […]

Risk Factors of Truancy among Teens in the United States

Introduction Education is one of the most important factors in the life of a child. The United States of America has clearly defined laws that help guide the education system in this country. Each state has its own laws that define the age at which a child should start going to school. However, each single […]

Students’ View and Comprehension of Academic Material

Introduction Researchers studying the subject of research on students’ learning would ultimately find themselves faced with a variety of studies examining the experiences of students with respect to studying and understanding from the perspectives of the learners themselves. The identification of personal studying experiences of students might offer valuable facts for comprehending the nature of […]

University Students’ Emotions in Lectures

In their article “University Students’ Emotions in Lectures: The Effect of Competence Beliefs, Value Beliefs and Perceived Task-Difficulty, and the Impact on Academic Performance”, Greek researchers Georgia Stephanou, Petros Kariotoglou, and Konstantinos Dinas present the results of the investigation on the problem of correlation between students’ emotions at lectures in Psychology, Linguistics and Physics and […]

Academic Performance of College Students: Influence of Time Spent Studying and Working

Lack of thorough preparation among modern college students is a serious problem that affects their academic performance. There is a general tendency among students who work and study at the same time consisting in the fact that students tend to spend more time at work instead of devoting their time to studies. The research study […]

Empowerment of Students for Their Motivation

Introduction Empowerment motivates students because they become active participants in a learning process provided that a teacher guides and controls the process. As it is said, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might” (Eccl. 9:10 English Standard Version). Hence, holding the power over their education encourages students to use it for […]

Effects of Peer Assessment on Performance of Low Ability Students

Peer Assessment: Theoretical Framework Though the idea of allowing students, and low achieving ones at that, to check the correctness of the work of their peers might seem lacking in insight, the phenomenon of peer assessment is based on a solid theory. Friedman, Cox and Maher (2007) explain that the phenomenon of peer assessment aligns […]

Preparation for Academic Success at the Graduate Level

Abstract Education is crucial to the development of the human civilization and the progress of an individual in modern society. This paper discusses how a person can prepare for academic success at the graduate level. It begins by highlighting the characteristics of graduate writing and how they differ from other writings. It then discusses the […]

Female Performance in Standardized Tests

Introduction In order to understand how females perform in standardized tests, defining the term-standardized tests would be important. A standard test is a test that is programmed or standardized such that the mode of their provision and grading is somehow fixed. These tests treat all the takers in an equal manner in that, they are […]

Academic Integrity Journal

Academic integrity is a noble ethic which all educational administrators, instructors and students need to observe Recently, there have been several incidents of cheating which have compromised the quality of education offered in several learning institutions. Cheating and plagiarism are dishonest academic practices which affect educational standards negatively. This paper will discuss how cheating and […]

The State of Texas Academic Readiness

Introduction The state of Texas has had a statewide program for academic assessment since 1979 (Keating 562). The State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) was enacted in 2007, and the implementation started in 2011. The main aim of the STAAR is to appraise the knowledge of students and skills. The scope of the […]

Impact of Academic Preparation in Online High Schools on College Admission

Introduction Virtual space provides students with unlimited opportunities for self-development and learning. The World Wide Web has become a global phenomenon with a strong presence in Western Europe, North American and East Asian. The online network, thus, has a potent impact on social, cultural, and economic development of education (Bach, Haynes, & Smith, 2006, p. […]

Academic Integrity

Introduction Issues of academic integrity are on the minds of most instructors, in different levels of education. For example, plagiarism and academic dishonesty are ubiquitous in many academic circles. The growing numbers of educational institutions that have site licenses to use anti plagiarism softwares show that issues of academic integrity are both pervasive and frustrating […]

NCLB Improves Student’s Performance

The No Child Left Behind Act, popularly known as NCLB, is the most extensive education improvement program in the United States of America. In the recent past the program has been criticized, especially for perceived lack of tangible contribution towards improving student’s performance. Regardless of this, there exists sufficient evidence to indicate that NCLB significantly […]

The impact of using calculators in teaching mathematics at lower grades

Background Study Different people have different inferences about the effects of using calculators in teaching mathematics at lower grades. Some people are of the opinion that the use of calculators at lower classes helps learners to understand mathematics concepts better. They argue that using calculators help learners in lower grades to develop a sense of […]

Success is an Individual’s Secret

Introduction Student’s giftedness is a measure of their outstanding ability, which allows them to interact freely with their environment leading to high levels of achievement, performance, and/or creativity. Although many people view giftedness as largely dependent on inherent and inborn factors playing a focal role in success of the gifted students, others still view success […]

Early Alert Warning Systems Used to Thwart Attrition in Colleges

Today the situation of students’ attrition can be considered as one of the most controversial issues in the sphere of education. The fact is these problems can be predicted by tutors and administration of institutes because the process is gradual. To avoid problematic situations and support the students at risk, it is necessary to implement […]

Using a “Daily Motivational Quiz” to Increase Student Preparation, Attendance, and Participation

Summary of the Paper Evidently, the provided paper discerns the use of daily motivational quiz to increase the participation, attendance, and preparation of students. It is noted that freshmen and sophomore students who hardly pursue accounting majors (as a career choice) later in their education programs embrace introductory accounting lessons. These are, however, not highly […]

Interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards (IWBs) are the latest inclusion in information technology used in classroom teaching. These are presentation devices attached with a computer for classroom teaching. The interface helps in displaying the content of the computer on through a projector. Multiple users connected to the computer can use it and therefore any note or class work […]

Inclusion of Gifted and Talented in Regular Classroom

Design Of The Hypothesis And Research Method Research question/ hypothesis The research question includes analysis of the necessity of inclusion of gifted and talented students in a regular classroom and evaluation of advantages, drawbacks, and limitations of such decision. The present research is aimed at identifying the eligibility status of students for gifted and talented […]

Performance driven compensation plan

Life skills software project is focused on offering better quality learning for students in foundation schools. The school aims at improving the enrollment rates in the near future while at the same time maintaining a high level of quality in education standards. Current student number of students stands at 1000 but the enrolment rate increases […]

Reasons behind truancy

Introduction Truancy refers to unauthorised absentee from school during the compulsory going years. Several students skip schools for their own reasons and lose a lot in the education system. Different schools have various definitions for truancy but the number of truants is on the increase. Truancy has been linked with delinquent behaviour in students and […]

Argument against Megan McArdle’s Article

The article “Tenure: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone” by Megan McArdle argues that the tenure system, which is employed by many colleges in the country, has little merit and should therefore be done away with. The author, who is a holder of an MBA from the University of Chicago, is well versed with how […]

Efficiency Analysis in Education

Introduction Education planners usually use certain indicators to measure and evaluate equity and efficiency in school systems as schools and education systems are striving to achieve higher quality performance (Jacobs, 2010). Such indicators for measuring efficiency in schools include the grade drop out rates, completion/graduation rates, grade wastage rates, grade survival rates, attendance rates, grade […]

Modern theories about literacy

There are many modern theories about literacy and ways of constructing it through the personal hands-in experiences, the connection of learning materials to the actual social reality in which learners exist, and the alignment of students’ and teachers’ identities through social interactions. Such innovative techniques enable to weld the learning process in the social reality […]

Theories of Intelligence and Students’ Achievements

Summary The article discusses the role played by implicit theories of intelligence in influencing the achievements of adolescents in mathematics. This was done through two research studies that involved different groups of adolescents. The first study involved 373 adolescents in 7th grade. This study had two variables: students who held the belief that intelligence could […]

Academic Honesty

Introduction Lately, academic honesty has become a major issue among the elite in the academic environments. It can no longer be simply defined as the carrying of illegal materials into the exam rooms or copying someone else’s work. Indeed, with growth in technology like smart phones and emergence of the use of internet in research […]

Achievement gap in k-12 education

In academic institutions the level of learners’ performance varies, with some learners being average, others above average, and others falling below the average level. The variation in the performance of the pupils could occur in some class or category like gender, race, disabilities, religion, and culture. Moreover, the difference in the academic performance of students […]

Maintaining Academic Honesty

How does a student feel when he cheats his way towards academic excellence? What are the consequences of academic dishonesty? Well, these are questions every student must put in mind before engaging in the diverse forms of academic dishonesty. In any learning institution, honesty is a fundamental concept in the process of achieving academic excellence. […]

African-American Students and Mathematics Achievement Gap: Stereotype or Reality?

Introduction The belief that Black students have worse performance in math in comparison with their White classmates has taken root among teachers, students, curriculum developers and researchers. It is possible to assume that it rises from the first years of the “post- Brown v. Board of Education case” period when the “separate but equal” doctrine […]

Academic integrity and academic dishonesty

Each person faces a lot of challenges every day, and each young people meets even more challenges, since they are on the crossroads and has to make hundreds of important decisions which will define their future lives. In this challenging world we all want to make success and some of us even violate the rules […]

Concept of Academic Portfolio

Introduction A person would want to present or record his or her personal accomplishments or achievements over time. A structural collection of this information differs with respect to career field of the individuals or their experience. Such a structural consolidation of a person’s progress or achievements presented in a formal record is called a portfolio. […]

School Uniform: Correlation between Wearing Uniforms and Academic Performance

Introduction Earlier researches have indicated that there is a strong positive correlation between wearing of uniforms and academic performance. Furthermore the use of uniforms has had a control on social behavior. Decency is of the essence for any scholar or even worker. The issue of putting on a uniform in the different spheres of life […]