Educational Stages Essay Examples and Topics

Higher Education Value and Importance

Introduction The validity and usefulness of the higher education have evoked heating debates in today’s world. Evidently, the value of higher education received at college and university has been at stake. Increasingly, there are arising arguments suggesting that the higher learning is becoming of less value in the modern world. Whereas this sentiment has become […]

Roles of Universities in Education and Society

Introduction The real purpose of higher education has been debated among experts for a very long time. The educational system of the United States is predominantly defined by a focus on liberal arts that aims to develop the characters of students and equip them with knowledge to navigate the various hurdles of life (Spade 54). […]

Expected Achievement and Benefits of Heriot-Watt University

Overview Heriot-Watt University is located in Scotland’s city, Edinburgh and has four campuses in Dubai, Stromness (Scottish border), Riccarton and Galashiels. The university has a solid base of over 17,000 students (part-time and full-time students, distant learners, and supported learners). Among them, 10,500 studies through international programmes provided by learning partners while 7,000 study in […]

Curriculum Investigation: Colorado Mountain College & Mt. San Antonio College (California)

The US offers a variety of educational programs to the general populace. Different states offer different curriculum and students can choose colleges based on their specific needs and requirements. There are a number of choices available for students seeking two years associated degree programs. Students can choose between online and campus education. The Colorado Mountain […]

History of Vocational Education in High Schools

The development of Smith-Hughes Act in 1917 marked the beginning of vocational education. At this time, training in vocational education was practical as it sought to orient learners about business and working in industries. Introduction of new courses in fields like industrial arts, marketing and health was essential to match the needs of the economy […]

Important Topics in History of Higher Education

Important Topics in History of Higher Education When it comes to discussing the issues that have had the greatest impact on the modern education system, the GI Bill adoption deserves an honorable mention. Indeed, by passing the bill in question, the U.S. government made higher education opportunities available to literally anyone. As a result, a […]

Dana Hall: Funding a Mission

Introduction The purpose of this case study is to evaluate the challenges in the administration of Dana Hall, a private all-girls school in New England. The case includes and examines how many non-profit oriented organizations are struggling to look for funding and fight the difficulties of staying true to their missions. Dana Hall faced several […]

Quality Planning and Analysis: International Universities

Introduction International universities are mainly established with a view of providing higher education services to students who wish to pursue their studies at the bachelor’s level, master’s, or even PhD level. These universities offer quality research in various aspects of education, which in turn provides knowledge and important insights into varied areas of academia and […]

“The Disadvantages of an Elite Education” Article

Problems with the Current System of Higher Education The inherent problem with the current ideology surrounding higher education is that it has led to the development of a “credential culture”. This means that higher education from the point of view of Deresiewicz (2008) is that obtaining a degree is no longer associated with the pursuit […]

Introducing E-Waste Management Course in the College

The management of electronic wastes is increasingly becoming a challenge in the contemporary world. As the world is being globalized, the emerging technologies are bringing new tools and machines that make life much easier. The problem is that this comes at a cost to the environment. The electronic wastes are the biggest threat to the […]

Private Education in America

Abstract Though education is considered a public good by policy maker, its consumption can be privatized just like most public goods depending on the setting and consumption behavior of an individual. Reflectively, an individual can be in a position to make decisions whether to consume it or not. The purpose of any education system in […]

Lessons on Higher Education Finance

The experience led to the finding that the costs of college education have risen rapidly over the last five decades, and that the rate of increase has surpassed the levels of household income. Colleges are spending more time and money as they are held more accountable for these increases in cost. Therefore, the numbers of […]

Educator Mentoring in Public Texas Schools

Educator mentoring in public Texas Schools It is apparent that Texas education Agency offers a wide range of services to members of staff in the teaching fraternity and mentors to facilitate mentorship programs in public schools (Anon, 2011). Enormous effort has been put in place to employ teachers and nonteaching staffs whose roles and responsibilities […]

Why to Go to College

Introduction Education is one of the most important aspects on human life. Nowadays, educated people are highly valued and the level of education is to be really high. The innovative technologies and the necessity to deal with highly complicated equipment, international partners, etc. make people strive for better education. It is essential to study at […]

Homeschooling as a Valid Alternative to Formal Education

Homeschooling is a form of education which implies that children should be taught by parents or by tutors at home, rather than in the formal setting of public or private schools (Vahid 9). This is the main peculiarity that should be kept in mind. It is estimated that in the United States at least 2.2 […]

George Washington School

George Washington is one of the schools belonging to Elizabeth Public schools. The school has a vision that guides its employees and students. In 2011, the school adopted some of the strategies that would help it perform well in the education sector. The vision of the school is that it will one day become a […]

Improving Technologies at the High School

Improvements in schools should be closely associated with the improvement in the sphere of technologies and innovation. Today, technologies are available in different educational institutions, and the focus on using them is one of priorities for contemporary educators. That is why, it is necessary to find the answers to questions about the appropriate use of […]

How higher education prepares students for the business world

Introduction The main reason of this article review is to determine how higher education prepares students for the business world. Business mathematics is a necessity for effective marketing. A study conducted in Canada by both marketers and marketing trainers found out that a number of traits are important for students (Finch, Nadeau, & O’Reilly, 2013, […]

Empowering women in higher education and student affairs

Penny Pasque and Shelley Errington conducted an extensive study to establish the position of women in high learning, particularly in institutions of higher learning. Their study incorporated the feminist theory to assess the state of affairs in these institutions, as far as women are concerned. The book has five sections with nineteen chapters, which are […]

Frankfurt School of Science in Information and Communication

The inception of the Frankfurt school The failure of communism in throughout Europe, led the foundation of Frankfurt school in Germany in 1923 to present the Marxist views. The Frankfurt school was founded by Felix Weil, a young orthodox Marxist He looked at the scientific aspect of Marxism and put emphasis on the need of […]

Third Grade Reading Study Books

Abstract In the local school districts, the 3rd grade students undertake the Wisconsin knowledge and concepts exams, whose main purpose is to test what these students know when it comes to key academic areas. The exams involve testing their reading skills and math through the constructed response, which requires them to give short answers to […]

Quality Education in Non-Funded Private Schools

The Province of Manitoba (2010) states that, non-funded private schools also referred to as independent schools, are run by individuals or groups of people whom have to be licensed by a representative of the public schools Act which was created in order to ensure that the children are getting an equivalent level of education to […]

The Privatization of Higher Education in North America – What Happened and What Are the Consequences?

Introduction For many years, the higher education in North America and in many other parts of the world has been run on a private-public partnership basis which involved a form of partnership between the private and the public sector. Though the difference between the private and the public sector was not very elaborate, the higher […]

Public School vs. Private School Education

Introduction The choice of the best school is the eternal problem for all parents. Many debates have occurred on this basis. Public and private schools vary in numerous aspects. Nevertheless, the most significant reason for parents’ choice of public schools is the cost of studying at private schools. Although public schools are free for all […]

The Significance of Home Schooling

Butler, Shery. “The “H” Word: Home Schooling.” Gifted Child Today, vol. 23, no. 5, 2000, p. 44. This is a purely descriptive article. It presents the experiences of different personalities with home schooling. The article provides a narrative while emphasizing on the significance of home schooling. There is an observation that home schooling is more […]

Motivation in Higher Education

Motivation in higher education is the area of special concern for many researchers. Müller and Palekčić focus on the continuity of motivation in the context of higher education. The researchers explore the way autonomy, competence and social relatedness affect motivation during a specific time span. It is found that the overall degree of motivation does […]

The Arguments and Debates of the Home Schooling System

Introduction and Claim Education systems continue to change within the global perspective. Technology and globalization have played crucial roles in initiating these changes. Home schooling is one of the key innovative techniques that have emerged. There are various benefits accrued to this system of schooling (Houston & Toma 920). Nonetheless, the system of home schooling […]

First day of freshman year

The first day of freshman can be the most challenging one. This is obviously because being in a new environment with unfamiliar faces can be very confusing to an individual (Matlock, 2005). However, preparing adequately and gathering enough courage can help a freshman overcome some of the challenges. On the first day, a freshman is […]

Higher Education: History, Trends and Challenges

Introduction to Higher Education Higher education is a learning state that comprises education set including colleges, technical schools, academies and more importantly, it handles education set up of universities. The higher education system here refers to tertiary as it is preceded by the secondary education or the high school education system. This system of education […]

Houston Texas School

Introduction The changing education demands have attracted the need to revisit the existing standards of professional practice in counseling at the HISD- Houston Texas School. A new approach that reflects the best practice in an understandable way is needed to respond to the current issues that tamper with students’ wellbeing. According to Hatch and Chen-Hayes, […]

Differences between colleges and universities

Capplan College Introduction Businesses are asking universities and colleges to respond more quickly to the changing world and the changing needs of industry, and legislators and the public are seeking greater accountability for funds expended as a result, there has emerged a strong challenge to the traditional pattern of leadership development in higher education. The […]

Antebellum College Differences

A majority of students fail to complete college education due to various reasons. This situation has prompted several institutions of higher learning to conduct research in an attempt to identify possible causes and solutions to this problem. This paper compares two articles that attempted to identify and address challenges that contribute to the non completion […]

The Prospects of Taking Master of Business Administration

Arguably the most preferred post graduate course in the world, the Master of Business Administration has brewed a fair share of controversy over the years whenever issues pertaining to its suitability in the business world are focused on. This paper hence seeks to bring to light some of the issues that influence individual decision making […]

Florida Higher Education

Introduction The article discusses how the legislative system of Florida allowed three state universities to increase their fees and tuition over several years. This move was welcomed by Bernard Machen, the University of Florida president since it would help in improving the academic profile of the universities and in combating the high student to faculty […]

The differences between nursing education for seniors and juniors

Introduction Whitehead (2003) states that one of the many reasons why nurses fail to provide quality health services is the lack of evaluation research activity that is needed to be inculcated in their educational models. Consequently, nurses fail to meet the test of proper health provision. As a response, various educational models have been proposed […]

The development of community colleges

Introduction The increase in demand for quality higher education in the American education system resulted to the establishment of community colleges a distinct phenomenon in the 20th century. This varied from six months diploma courses, two-year vocational training and workforce certificate training to pre-university associate academic learning with the need to deliver higher education to […]

Change Initiatives in Higher Education Setting

Introduction Educational institutes are a vital part of the society since they are responsible for equipping people to be productive society members. Due to the importance with which these institutes are regarded, educators and policy makers are constantly seeking ways to make them even more effective and efficient. Innovation and reform efforts have particularly been […]

The Green Mountain University Case

Introduction In the analysis of this paper, we will be bringing into perspective the sensitive issue of admission. This will unveil serious dimensions that must be brought into focus as in the case of Green Mountain University. This paper looks at an analysis into the admission decisions that were carried out in Green Mountain University. […]

High School Education

Introduction High school is an area of education that is vital in students’ education whether they are to prepare for the next level of education or for a job. This area of education offers educational instructions to students of age ranging from 14 to 18 years. According to Degree Directory (2012), high school in America […]

Contextual Factors

Environmental context Racine, Wisconsin is a city that occupies an area of 18.7 square miles. Of the total area of the land the city comprises about 15.5 square miles. Water occupies about 16.76 percent of the area. As of the 2010 census report, it was established that Racine had about 78,860 people. This figure comprised […]

Contextual class factors on the example of the United School District Racine

Environmental context Racine, Wisconsin is a city that occupies an area of 18.7 square miles. Of the total area of the land the city comprises about 15.5 square miles. Water occupies about 16.76 percent of the area. As of the 2010 census report, it was established that Racine had about 78,860 people. This figure comprised […]

Decision to Get an MBA

Introduction Enrolling for an MBA requires one to invest a lot of time and resources. Therefore, people are very careful to find out if enrolling for this program is beneficial to them. This paper will deal with the issues that surround one’s decision to get an MBA. Raising and countering objections regarding the decision to […]

Declining Direct Public Support for Higher Education in USA

Introduction Higher education in the US has transformed from a post Second World War era characterized by high state funding and minimal tuition charges in public institutions (Phillips & Morell, 1996). As it stands now, state appropriations for public higher education have not increased to match inflation and allocation increases in other economic sectors. As […]

Higher Education in America

Introduction The American higher education has undergone a significant transformation over the past century. This is evident based on the numerous anniversaries that most American colleges and universities have conducted to celebrate the ascent in the education sector at the beginning of the 21st century (Thelin, 2011, p. 363). However, the emergence of contemporary developments […]

Proposal for School Lunch Program

With the increasing number of obese children and adolescents, concerns have risen concerning the nutritional value of these meals. The main determinants of nutritional inadequacies will include the rising rate of undernourished children, childhood obesity and its related diseases, the level of satisfaction with the meals; the length the program has been in place and […]

The Impact of Class Size on Outcomes in Higher Education

Monks, James and Schmidt, Robert. “The Impact of Class Size and Number of Students on Outcomes in Higher Education.” The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 11.1 (2011): 1-17. Summary Monks and Schmidt concur that numerous studies have been conducted to determine the influence on class size on learner behavior, attitudes as well as […]

Home School versus Public School

Introduction For many years, people have argued on the best system of teaching their children. The decision on whether to home school or take a child to a public school is vital to the future of the child. Public schooling is most common in United States, but this does not disregard homeschooling. Homeschooling is considered […]

Contributions of Higher Education to Obtaining Employment and Skills

Access to higher education plays a significant role towards an individual’s acquaintance of skills and employment. In most occasions, it provides an individual with an opportunity of outcompeting persons that lack degrees. Most employees prefer graduates to individuals who stopped at A-level because they associate graduates with success. Graduates from higher education centres also portray […]

Charter and public schools in the United States of America

Introduction Charter and public schools in the United States of America are facing a myriad of challenges stemming from external and internal pressure. Externally, both public and charter schools are required to perform well during examinations. Anderson and Holder (2012) carried out a longitudinal study to investigate the ten years annual reports of the two […]

Private and Charter Schools

The Role of States in Enhancing Performance of Charter Schools In the United States of America, states play an integral role in enhancing the performance of charter schools as well as promoting their financial integrity via an array of actions such as assisting authorizers in addition to overseeing their operations. Besides, 28 of the 39 […]

Tuition Assistance and Funding of Post-secondary education in Ontairo

Education is important and every government should make efforts to ensure that its citizens access education. Although education is expensive, scholars and researchers still believe that education is key to success. Therefore, making education accessible to all is the first step towards development and social change. In Canada, people in the lower class face many […]

Tuition Assistance and Funding of Post-Secondary Education in Ontario

It is the responsibility of every government to ensure that its citizens access quality education. Scholars believe that education is a key to success. Therefore, making education accessible to all citizens in a country is the first step towards development and social change. In Canada, attaining tertiary education is a monumental challenge to people with […]

Federal Student Aid Agency

FSA is an agency in the US department of education charged with the responsibility of ensuring that grants and loans are availed to students in time. It is one of the largest providers of funs to students in the US at the federal level. Apart from offering loans to students, the agency is also charged […]

The impact of Higher education expansion on Income inequality in China

This is an analysis of impacts of the expansion of higher education on income inequality in China. Introduction Education is often an imperative predictor of a person’s future income (Lee 2006, 1). Basing on the Horace Mann tradition, Lee adds that education paces the society towards achieving a stable equality (1). Qian and Smyth note […]

Comparison between public and private schools in the UAE

Industry and business activity to be studied In this report, I have chosen education as my business activity which involves comparison between public and private schools in the UAE. The main activities in this report involve comparison between private and public schools in the UAE. In order to do an effective comparison between these two […]

History of Pre-School Lives in the USA, China and Japan Society

Approximately more than 65 % of children in the USA, China and Japan are enrolled either in nursery schools, group homes or day care centers (Comparative and International Education Society 2). In these three countries, pre-schools for children, who are at infancy stage, and those ready to join formal schools provide solution to challenges associated […]

Changes and its Effects Observed at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

Introduction Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, (JKUAT) is one of the higher learning institutions in Kenya. At the university, different activities take place; some which have led to the changes observed. These changes have been noted in the administration, accommodation and infrastructure among other aspects of the JKUAT community. These changes have had […]

The rise of the online university

Starting a new venture such as an online university is a risky affair under any circumstance. In fact, the risks are further aggravated when the new venture has few precedents. In addition to the risks associated with a new venture, an online university must raise capital from cynical sources, hire inexperienced staff, and establish a […]

How the DTC Major Supports Your Career Goals

The study of a degree course in Digital technology and culture is significant to a student with career aspiration in multimedia business. This helps in creativity and critical thinking, which is very significant to employers to improve the quality of output in order to meet the consumers demand as well as expectations. The great influence […]

The Quality of Education within Bangor University

Introduction Bangor University is a reputable and a world-class university located in North Wales. The university is home to local students within the U.K and many international students who come from diverse nations. Quality education is an important part of today’s society and hence leading lecturers from the university and other like-minded universities and education […]

Most Popular Universities in Britain

Abstract With the recent shifts in the educational sphere, the marketisation of higher education receives growing recognition. Due to the fact that the higher education is not compulsory, applicants receive much freedom in their educational choices and according to the results of the latest studies, need to be treated as customers. The popularity of every […]

Public vs. Private Education

Thesis Public schools are usually preferred to private schools due to the many advantages it has. College education is important due to the fact that a degree holder stands a better chance in getting good employment and therefore a brighter future. This paper compares public and private education systems and argues out the importance of […]

Major in Success: Make College Easier, Fire up Your Dreams, and Get a Great Job

Introduction This book was written by Patrick Combs who also doubles up as an inspirational speaker. This book has been written for students aspiring to join college or those who are already in college. Grounded in current research in business economics and coupled with appropriate insights from the corporate world, the book is suitable for […]

Is College Education Appropriate or Should It Be Mandatory

Introduction A college is an institution that provides specialized education. It can either be an independent institution or part of a larger institution. This paper seeks to argue on whether college education is appropriate as it is or if it should be made mandatory for every one. The paper will look into factors and benefits […]

The Value of a High School Diploma

The preparedness of high school graduates for college has always been an issue of debate among parents, scholars, employers, and policy makers in relevant government departments. Regardless of whatever direction the debate takes, one thing is clear: that a significant percentage of high school graduates are ill equipped (at least knowledge wise) to pursue courses […]

Northeast State University

Introduction North State University is comprised of Decision Science Department whose faculty of Business Administration is chaired by Dr. Woodrow Bay. The University has been experiencing difficulties that revolve around administrative support, with the latest predicament involving protests from professors on poor administrative support offered to them. The decision Science Department in which Dr. Bay […]

Math just Isn’t Adding up for College Students: Critique of a News

Personal judgments about the credibility of source of claim, presented in the news report The author of the news report under consideration admits that “math just isn’t adding up for college students.” (Tibbetts, 2009) The point is that the context, which she chooses to support this claim, plays a significant role in order to assess […]

Report: Issues Affecting the Transition of First-Year Students into University Culture about Motivation and Learning

Lots of students face too many problems at their first year of education at universities: new culture that is inherent to one particular university only, new people, new rules, lack of participation in public activities, and more responsibility in some areas. All these changes may disturb students, frustrate their plans, and prevent achieving success; this […]

Homeschooling Factors

The successful implementation of homeschooling is determined by several factors such as politics as people present in major decision making organs across the country are capable of rendering the practice illegal. The law makers have the ability to make rules, regulations and policies that will either encourage or discourage the process of homeschooling. This situation […]

Which is more important at university: acquiring skills or getting grades?

From time immemorial Universities have become the centers of excellence throughout the world. Many students continue to stream to universities for both undergraduate and post graduate courses which serve as a foundation on which success in life is based. The fact that universities are important cannot be overemphasized. However is acquiring skills more important than […]

Childcare in Society Setting

Introduction Childcare refers to the attention accorded the children in their early stages of development with the sole purpose of monitoring and supervising them. Childcare often goes by the title early childhood education relating to the fact that in the process of offering care, knowledge and understanding are imparted on the child as a part […]

Majors for High School Students

“Career Academies” for All Students Greendale High School District has brought to the fore the idea of implementing a “career academy” for all students in the area. These high schools are aimed at providing students with certain skills which will be useful in a specific career. Thus, freshmen entering the high school will have to […]

Why Dismissing Community Colleges Is a Bad Idea

The terrifying cost of college is known to anyone who has not been in a deep freeze for decades. Young people face huge tuitions, and find themselves, after graduation, carrying immense debt loads, or giving up their ambitions. The First Lady of the United States has undertaken a personal campaign to urge more young people […]

Public Schools vs Private Schools

Introduction Comparing private and public schools can be more or less like comparing oranges and apples, two very disparate things that can never be held on similar standards. Choosing the best school for your child is one of the most important decisions parents have to make for their children but most parents rely on rumors […]

The Importance of Becoming an Independent Learner at University

Institutions of higher learning have acknowledged the need to vary learning methods. As such there is emphasis on learner independence. The concept of independence learning is explicitly stated by a number of scholars. Moore (1973) states that independent learning deviates from traditional learning methods and therefore student are permitted to learn their own unique ways […]

Reasons for attending college

The hard decision to attend or not attend college has always been of significance in the lives of several students in the world. What triggers someone to either opt for or against college education is often sparked by various factors. To begin with, one of the primary reasons for opting for college education is to […]

Should Higher Education be Free?

Introduction College education is a level of learning where by someone is prepared mentally and psychologically to face the world. In most cases, a college student is mature enough to face the challenges that can come across during this stage of learning. The maturity comes from having passed through primary school level to high school […]

Majoring in Software Engineering

Software engineering has become one of the most profound spheres since there is hardly a person who does not use such kind of technology in his/her everyday life. Software developers help people to communicate, work, and even live. Apart from the great value of the profession it is very beneficial for a person in terms […]

Higher Education and Student Preparation

Introduction The public service role of higher education, as a third mission alongside teaching and research, is usually the least developed and elaborated in university policies and strategic plans. This is especially the case for an institution’s community engagement. According to (Bergan and Damian, 2010), the teaching of student competencies for democracy and diversity should […]

College and Degree

There have been debates about whether or not acquiring college level qualification is important in life. People who drop out of college for various reasons may eventually achieve success in other fields. For instance, people have achieved success in fields such as sports, politics, and arts among others. Nevertheless, other people have also dropped out […]

Higher Education an Element to Success

Introduction Higher education is an important achievement to an individual. Higher education not only benefits the individual in person, but it also extends the profit to the society. Higher education transforms the scope of an individual’s outlook on life. It imparts skills and knowledge that can be used to change life for the better. Higher […]

Concept of the Charter Schools in Education

Introduction Undoubtedly, education is the basis of every individual’s life as well as the future of the nation. The USA is famous for its high quality education. At present, it also takes pride in a variety of educational choices for young learners. Charter schools entered the educational scene in the late 1990s. Arizona is the […]

Students’ Satisfaction at Universities

Introduction Education is a process of learning that needs well articulated systems to enable the learners to achieve their intended goals. This is a practice that is almost universal across the globe. It begins at infancy and perhaps never has an end in people’s lives. Scholars say that education is an endless process in people’s […]

Victory International University

Introduction Victory international university is an upcoming university that will be located in the Dubai academic city. The university will serve the residents of UAE and other international students from all over the world. It is expected that the university will start operations from the year 2013 onwards. This strategic plan 2013-2018, details the auspicious […]

A Historical Analysis of Higher Education

Introduction There has been, and always will be, a tension between, on the one hand, the concept of international community that recognizes interdependence as a fact and collective governance as a necessity and, on the other, the appeal of a national community that thinks of itself as independent and sovereign (Fegan & Field, 2009). Education, […]

Do college professors work hard enough?

The rising cost of education has been a cause of concern for many policy-makers in the United States because many school graduates find it extremely difficult to pay their tuition fees in college. One of the possible strategies is to invest more money into the education system. This argument is challenged by David Levy in […]

Worth of College Degrees

Introduction While in college, most students get involved in different activities. They also go through varied experiences during this period. The combination of the activities students involve themselves in while at school and the unique experiences they go through is an important determinant of the process that prepares them for the job market. Pursuing education […]

The Goal of Obtaining a Degree is Not Worthwhile for All Students

We live in an information age. The world’s reward system operates pragmatically. People get job rewards based on their economic value to organizations. As firms get more competitive in an information age, automation becomes the alternative for cutting costs. Every day, more graduate positions in industries are getting lost. Newer positions appear that require a […]

Persuasive Essay: How to Choose a Major

Choosing an academic major, the students make one of the most important decisions in life. It is a complicated issue which is influenced by a number of aspects where gender one is the most significant. Such issue includes the psychological process of selecting the academic majors from the position of the gender stereotypes. Although gender […]

Homeschooling as an Option for Formal Education

Introduction In the United States, homeschooling is common. Studies have showed that 77% of students use ‘a homeschooling publisher, individual specialist or catalog’. This is used for sources of curricula and books. This is about the same percentage of students who use the public library, which is 78%. This statistic clearly indicates that homeschooling has […]

Improving Ashford Student Services: A Research

Introduction: The Service Efficiency Studying at the college involves a number of issues that require considerable care of the college administration and provide an efficient work of the entire system. One of such is the issue of returning phone calls to the college students, which has grown quite essential, since, even with the advent of […]

Preparing for College Life

As one thinks about the new life in college, it helps students to be clear on some of the ways that college is unique from the outset. If a student has just graduated from high school, one is likely to find some distinctive differences. For instance, one will probably be a part of a more […]

Concept of the Community Services in Modern Society

Community services are defined as the services which are performed for the benefit of the society on volunteering basis. Community services are spread among students of high schools and colleges as their desire to be useful is rather high. Volunteering becomes a very important factor for many organizations. People are more likely accepted at different […]

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public School System: Making the Necessary Changes

One of the current issues concerning the education in Charlotte is the school system used at present in most of the schools. On the one hand, it must be admitted that the offered system has proved to be quite efficient, since it has been time-tested for several years. On the other hand, there are several […]

Is a gap year necessary for high school graduates?

Many educationists view modern students as having many educational pressures placed on them by parents and interested community members. Fitzsimmons et al (2010) posits, “The pressures on today’s students is a concern to many of us, as they seem far intense than those placed on previous generations” (para.1). Burnout largely curtails the students’ endeavors to […]

Why Do College Freshmen Drop Out?

Introduction The prevalence rates of student dropouts from American Universities and Colleges are alarmingly high. This trend has profound effects not only on the labor industry in terms of a decrease in the percentage of skilled labor force, but also on the American society. The problem of the increasing percentage of college dropouts is also […]

Is Homeschooling Better?

This essay will explore whether homeschooling is a better option for parents and their children compared with classroom establishment. The essay will concentrate on homeschooling as a whole including educational perceptions and family matters arising from the debate. This topic is highly fascinating especially the issues that arise from the debate like the teenage aspect […]

Paul Quinn College

Classification of Paul Quinn College Paul Quinn College is a privately run, four-year, faith-based liberal arts college (Paul Quinn College n.p.). College Affiliate Paul Quinn College is affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church (Paul Quinn College n.p.). Year of College Foundation College was founded in Austin, Texas, on April 4, 1872 (Paul Quinn College […]

Undergraduate Report of Bangor University (B.U.).

Abstract The purpose of this report is to obtain a view of the students who are already enrolled at Bangor University (B.U.). This is concerning their study experience at the University. The findings of this study will be a useful aid in the future admission of other students. The new students would have acquired enough […]

Getting cut-rejected-or not getting what you want

Introduction Rejection is one of the painful experiences an individual especially at the adolescent age has to encounter. Usually at adolescent stage, children are not only knowing about themselves but also developing socially and economically. Self-esteem is the major attribute a teenager may easily lose while growing up. Personally, when I was in the fourth […]