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Cambridge Public Schools: Vision and Mission Statements Term Paper

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Updated: Oct 3rd, 2020

Mission Statement

The mission statement for Cambridge Public Schools is to provide the best learning environment in an attempt to ensure the students become successful in every curricular area. Several steps were used to develop the mission statement. The first process was to brainstorm and identify the educational needs of the targeted community. The mission was aimed at addressing the educational needs of the targeted students.

The next step was to analyze the action plans that would be undertaken by the institution. The third stage was to examine the roles of different stakeholders. The final stage was to formulate the above mission statement. These steps played a critical role in the development of the best mission statement for the organization.

Several players were involved during the mission development process. The first group included teachers and educationists. These stakeholders presented meaningful ideas to ensure the mission addressed the needs of the targeted community. Different policymakers in the district were encouraged to offer meaningful insights that could make the mission attainable. The community members were also involved throughout the mission formulation process.

These stakeholders possessed the right knowledge and dispositions. For instance, policymakers and educationists understood the unique needs of many students. The members of the community were aware of the best approaches to improving the quality of education. The teachers and parents understood the best strategies for making the schools successful.

The schools use the mission statement both externally and internally. For instance, each school uses the mission to guide different academic processes. The teachers use the statement to develop the best curriculum. The institutions also use the mission to address the diverse needs of more learners. Issues of sustainability and development of the community were considered. This external utilization of the mission statement makes it easier for the schools to achieve their goals. The inclusion of different stakeholders is something that supports the objectives of the learning institution.

The selected schools have developed a powerful mission statement. The quality of the mission statement is undeniable. Different stakeholders were involved throughout the development process. The schools also utilize the mission adequately. The mission has become a guideline that ensures the targeted objectives are realized. The mission will eventually deliver positive results.

Vision Statement

The vision statement for Cambridge Public Schools is to become the first urban school system that collaborates with different families and community members to empower more children in society. A powerful approach was used to develop this statement. The first stage was to identify where the institutions wanted to be in the future. The next phase was to examine how different beneficiaries would benefit from the institution. The third stage was to identify the resources and strengths of Cambridge Public Schools. The existing gaps were identified in order to develop the best vision statement.

Several stakeholders were involved in the development of the vision statement. Teachers, administrators, and educationists outlined the best ideas for the vision statement. Members of the public presented their views in order to support the development process. Parents and policymakers were also considered during the process. Community-based organizations and non-profit institutions were included during the development process.

The above stakeholders presented the best knowledge and disposition in order to make the process successful. The teachers, policymakers, and administrators presented the best concepts for the vision. The community-based organizations offered useful insights to ensure the developed vision addressed the diverse needs of different beneficiaries.

This vision has been used both externally and internally. To begin with, the employees use the statement to promote positive practices that can result in sustainable benefits. The vision communicates the institution’s agenda towards supporting more learners. Different external stakeholders are encouraged to provide new incentives to support the vision.

The development process for the vision statement was appropriate because it followed an evidence-based approach. Different stakeholders were involved in order to produce the best statement. In terms of utilization, the vision acts as a powerful framework that dictates the goals of different stakeholders. Community members are involved in order to record sustainable outcomes.

Steps Used to Develop Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

These steps should be considered whenever developing a mission statement.

  1. Identify new academic goals and things that must be done differently.
  2. Outline specific values that have the potential to deliver positive results.
  3. The third stage is identifying the goals of the institution.
  4. Finally, the developers should come up with a mission statement that is guided by the targeted goals and organizational values.

Vision Statement

The major steps considered whenever developing the best vision statements are presented below.

  1. Consider where the school should be after the targeted period.
  2. Outline the best action plans to support the targeted goals.
  3. Collaborate with different stakeholders to support the idea.
  4. Analyze the expectations of the targeted students and community members. These ideas should then be included in the vision statement.

Engagement of Stakeholders

  1. The first step is to inform more stakeholders about the targeted mission or vision statement.
  2. The second initiative is to hold meetings with them.
  3. Stakeholders can be trained to support the vision or mission.
  4. The third stage is collaborating with the stakeholders to develop the mission or vision.

Communicating the Mission/Vision to the Community

A powerful process must be considered to communicate the vision and mission to the broader educational community.

  1. The first step is ensuring that the mission and vision are displayed to the targeted community members.
  2. Secondly, effective communication strategies will sensitize more people about the mission and vision.
  3. The third step entails the use of campaigns, letters, pamphlets, and memos to inform more people about the vision and mission.

Utilization of Mission and Vision Statements

Learning institutions should use the initiatives below to support the utilization of their statements in the strategic planning and improvement processes.

  1. The teachers should be trained and guided to support the mission.
  2. The institution’s curriculum should be guided by these statements.
  3. Teachers, parents, and students should be encouraged to focus on targeted goals.
  4. Appropriate resources should be acquired.
  5. The statements should be used during the strategic planning process.

Procedures to Secure the Viability of Mission/Vision Statements

  1. The first procedure or approach is known as continuous monitoring. This procedure will ensure every activity undertaken in the school supports the statements. Various activities should be monitored in an attempt to do away with every malpractice or underperformance.
  2. The second procedure is supervision and evaluation. This process will address the existing gaps and amend the visions whenever necessary. Such measures will eventually make the statements sustainable.
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