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College and Degree Essay

There have been debates about whether or not acquiring college level qualification is important in life. People who drop out of college for various reasons may eventually achieve success in other fields. For instance, people have achieved success in fields such as sports, politics, and arts among others. Nevertheless, other people have also dropped out of college education and have ruined their lives forever. College training is important for people because increases life opportunities.

Presently, college education exposes people to greater opportunities. Much as some people drop out of college and ultimately succeed in life and whereas other people drop out and lead devastated lives forever, this paper declares that college education is presently important because it increases life opportunities. In the subsequent sections, this paper expounds on the thesis statement and explores the services that are available for students who might not otherwise attend college.

Notably, sometimes students have reservations concerning the implications of a college education. Students might wonder whether it is imperative for them to acquire college training. It is important to point out that attending college presents widespread opportunities for former students.

On the contrary, students who fail to acquire post high school education have restricted opportunities. Presently, people with college education qualifications can start generating income immediately after finishing school. The current economy has many opportunities for graduates trained in different fields.

Equally important, college education also enables graduates lead meaningful lives where they can provide for themselves. The knowledge people gain throughout their college education shapes their future life. Particularly, students from underprivileged backgrounds experience improved life after attaining college training. Bader (640) who encountered a similar situation while reporting her study findings on homeless students on campus highlights an example of the same.

Disadvantaged students who are unable to access basic needs may graduate and eventually increase their life opportunities. B.R, the school administrator confirms this saying, “The administration never knew a thing. Both of the students finished school and went on to become social workers. They knew that school would be their saving grace, that knowledge was the only thing that couldn’t be snatched from them” (Bader 640).

The value of a college education is also informed by the fact that presently there are no well paying jobs for high school graduates. Therefore, students interested in securing well paying jobs ought to finish their college training. The country has developed and transformed into a knowledge-based market system. A knowledge-based economy requires people with appropriate skills to take up positions where they can participate in the economic expansion of the country.

Furthermore, students going through a college training normally get the chance to interact with tutors and lecturers having expertise in diverse fields. The interactions enable college scholars to think, seek answers, and create new views, which enhance their growth and development.

Moreover, students can also develop critical and innovative thinking abilities from the system of learning in college. Students taking a college education develop the right mix of talent, skills, and knowledge required by employers. This gives them an edge in the employment marketplace over their counterparts who fail to acquire a college education.

Students sometimes fail to acquire college training because of financial limitations, inability to obtain tuition fees, and lack of resources to secure accommodation. These challenges can make students drop out of college. The problems get worse when people do not show concern for the plight of underprivileged learners.

Amit Rai, an English Professor says of such students, “Without housing, access to a workplace, or access to a shower, students’ lives suffer, their grades suffer, and they are more likely to drop classes, if not withdraw entirely from school, I’ve seen it happen” (Bader 638) However, students who might not otherwise attend college have access to certain services.

Housing and healthcare services should be made available for students who might drop out of college because of accommodation difficulties. Amit Rai, an English Professor suggests that, “if seen from the perspective of students, administrators would place affordable housing and full access to health care at the top of what university should provide” (Bader 638)

There are educational assistance programs that help students who might not attend college with tuition fees. Scholarship program is a service that supports underprivileged students to acquire a college education.

Well-wishers can also support underprivileged students acquire college education. However, underprivileged who might not attend college must come forward and tell others about their stories. Through this, such students normally find well wishers to support them acquire a college education by covering their costs.

Students might not attend college because of the demanding parenting roles. However, some colleges provide childcare centers within the institution to help students acquire higher education. The childcare centers provide day care services to young parents attending college.

The schools also provide emergency housing for students who might not attend college because of accommodation problems. Furthermore, some administrators and tutors provide underprivileged students with living spaces in their offices in order to encourage learners who might not attend college to carry on with their studies.

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