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Is a college degree necessary? Essay

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Updated: Oct 9th, 2019


The educational system of a society is fundamental for the development and ultimate advancement of the entire community. Governments all over the world have acknowledged that educational policies can have a significant impact on economic and social outcomes of their citizens. It is for this reason that so much emphasis is placed on the educational process by all the relevant stakeholders.

Over the past few decades, there have been considerable drives towards having more students attain college education. The current Obama regime has especially prioritized on having even more students graduate from college.

To achieve this, more effort has been put towards encouraging students to go to college which is advertised as being the key to a high paying job and as such a brighter future. Such sentiments completely ignore the importance that vocational training has to our economy and society at large. This paper sets out to argue that while the benefits of a college education are monumental to the society, a college degree is not necessary for all students.

Argument Against College Degrees

The importance of vocational training in school cannot be understated for it is though such training that skilled blue collar workers are produced. These professionals such as mechanics, welders and carpenters to name but a few do not require a college education to be adept at their jobs. As such, insisting that everyone enroll in college would result in such professions lacking new apprentices. This would result in a situation whereby our society ran out of skilled blue collar workers.

Sadly, the united states is moving towards such a state where the demand for skilled blue collar workers far exceeds the supply. Such a society would be dysfunctional for these professionals play a very important role in not only the country’s economy but also the everyday functioning of our lives.

Different students have different ambitions and not all of them can be fulfilled though a college education. As such, while college education is important, it should not be focused on at the expense of other forms of education. Some students do not require a college education to gain the skills they need to make a living in future and be productive members of the society.

This is a fact that other prosperous Western countries have taken into consideration by implementing systems that demonstrate that college education can be focused on without neglecting vocational training.

The two track system that these countries have implemented has proved to be a success since students who do not fit into the college category have taken up the trades system. Such a system is beneficial to all classes of students regardless of their profession of choice.

Insisting that college degrees are a necessity for all students results in truancy and dropping out of school by some students who feel that the education is not relevant in their lives. Such students therefore view college education as a waste of time and are not receptive to it.

It the same were exposed to vocational training or other forms of education which gave them practical skills that they could apply to make a living, it is perceivable that the same students would be more receptive to the education system.

College education is therefore not universally necessary since different people possess different skills and aspirations and while college may help some people fulfill their dreams, it may impede the fulfillment of the dreams of other students.

A Case for College Degrees

College education and by extension a college degree is also greatly beneficial to the country. College education results in the creation of experts who are required in certain fields such as engineering, biology and medicine to name but a few. These are important members of the society and they can engage in research work which results in great inventions which benefit the society as a whole.

In addition to this, the work that is done by these professionals gives our nation an edge over other nations. Also, people who have a college education can be used as expatriates in other nations therefore benefiting our economy even further.


This paper set out to argue that a college education is not necessary for all the students. To reinforce this assertion, this paper has demonstrated that there are many professions which require skills and proficiency that one cannot gain through a college education.

This being the case, having every student go to college would result in a lack of skilled personnel to fill in these important jobs without which the society cannot function properly. Also, the paper had shown that some people deem college education as irrelevant and as such, forcing them to go through college results in them being truants and causing trouble.

However, the paper has shown that college education is necessary since it provides professionals who play a critical role in society. From this paper, it can be stated that while a college degree is beneficial and necessary for some students, it is not necessary for all students and as such it should not be emphasized on at the expense of vocational education.

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