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Charter Schools and Its Privileges Report

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Updated: Oct 10th, 2019

Sponsored by the public, charter schools are knowledge institutions formed under a performance accord. Charter schools enjoy certain privileges thus are expected to prosper academically.

Before a full charter is granted, student performances must meet certain required standards. Furthermore, even after a charter is granted, there must be follow ups on student performance, which ultimately determines whether or not the contract will be extended.

Cheyenne charter academy

Cheyenne’s mission is to assist students achieve their full intellectual potential. It also aims at modifying student behavior by incorporating high-quality programs in their curriculum (CMCAA, 2010). Cheyenne has a number of directors; five of them being the ultimate persons that manage the academy.

Four parent and one community head are persons who constitute the 5-member board. The school is also governed by initial directors who serve at different time period. The board is characterized with several other offices i.e. president, secretary and many others (CMCAA, 2010). The school has a principal who is the chief administrator followed by a deputy, then finally teachers.

I believe that, the academy’s philosophy not only targets at educating students, but also aims at providing quality education. This is because of their content-rich curriculums that advances education and also refines student behaviors. My observation was also noted by a classmate who considered Cheyenne’s curriculum to be exceptional.

Following their rigorous curriculum programs, Cheyenne’s students are disciplined and also uphold excellent moral behavior. The students are knowledgeable, and brilliant in academic works, which is a reflection of the academy’s quality courses. In fact, this observation was also noted by a fellow classmate who admitted that Cheyenne students are impressively intelligent.

Law requirements

It is a primary requirement for the law to be neutral on every citizen, despite of their background, color and age. This does not apply to young ones who enjoy some legal privileges. The students, like everybody else, are sheltered by the law from unnecessary and insensible searches.

The law further states that searches can be carried out on the student’s bags, properties and pockets; although, after obtaining the student’s permission, or on sensible grounds. However, the same law disallows authorizations obtained via intimidations.

In as much as the term “reasonable” is emphasized in the amendment, getting its clear definition has always been a hot topic for discussion. In fact, a fellow noted that, the term is extremely contentious and clear guidelines should accompany it. The term “reasonable” that guides officials to carry out searches on students is established based on two criteria i.e. whether or not a search will reveal a proof, or the nature of circumstances involved.

Drug tests can be carried out on students depending on the related circumstances; a position opposed by a fellow student on grounds that the term “circumstances” could be abused. It is noted that courts permits searches on students without a warrant, incase of drug related issues. For instance, in New Jersey vs. T.L.O. case whereby the court upheld searches on students, in absence of a warrant.

The students were suspected to possess drugs; therefore, carrying out a search could expose essential evidence. The court further argued that, the laws can be interpreted differently when minors are involved i.e. the 4th amendment can be tilted incase students are involved.


Formed under a performance agreement, charter schools obtain its finances from the community; for instance, the Cheyenne mountain academy. There are laws that guide officials before carrying out a search on students on students’ belongings and lockers. Following this reason, it is necessary for teachers to embrace these rules to avoid future student-teacher conflicts.


Cheyenne mountain charter academy application (CMCAA), (2010). The vanguard school. Cheyenne mountain charter academy application. Web.

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