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College Tuition Should Not Rise Essay

College tuition is a very important issue to many people because it exposes graduates to many opportunities in life. There has been a lot of debate in the country on whether college tuition needs to be increased or reduced. This paper will discuss how students in the country will benefit from a reduction in college tuition fees.

There have been a lot of arguments in the country regarding the high cost of college tuition. The demand for quality education continues to increase because a lot of students who graduate from high schools wish to continue their studies in colleges. Many universities in the country raise their fees annually and this has made college education in the US very expensive for some students. Therefore, it is unfair to raise college tuition fees because this denies students who are intellectually gifted an opportunity to study.

Many students aspire to expand their future career prospects by getting college education. They go to college in order to acquire new skills for careers they choose after their studies. Students who have strong intellect need to be given an opportunity to advance their knowledge in professional disciplines they are interested in.

The government should play its role by putting in place favorable policies which make it easier for more students in the country to access college education. This will improve the standards of education and will make it possible for more students to fulfill their personal and professional dreams. All bright students should have an equal opportunity to attend colleges regardless of their social status, race, physical appearance or age (Weissman).

The government needs to revise policies which make it difficult for bright college students to gain admission in top universities due to financial problems. This will ensure they have access to opportunities which help unlock their potential. Students who have just finished high school have dreams and ambitions which they aspire to achieve. Some of these students have talents in different areas which need to be harnessed for the benefit of society.

The government needs to make it easy for them to attend colleges by encouraging universities to lower their tuition fees. This approach will encourage more students to work hard in their studies, which improves educational standards in the country (Smart and Paulsen 77). If college tuition is lowered, more students will be willing to go to university and this will result in an increase in enrollment rates in many universities.

Reduction in college fees will help reduce income gaps in the country. It is estimated that college graduates have higher incomes compared to other workers who have never got an opportunity to attend college. Therefore, reduction in tuition fees charged on students will create uniformity in employment patterns across the country. The US government needs to change its policies on education to enable more students to attend college.

This will make the economy to benefit from a qualified pool of workers who have skills in different disciplines. Increased access to education opportunities will encourage more people to acquire more knowledge, which will improve their economic status. This will reduce the income gap between college graduates and other workers who have less qualification (Smart and Paulsen 77). If enrollment rates are increased, there will be more people willing to go back to school and this will have a positive impact on the economy.

The U.S. economy is negatively affected by large numbers of college graduates who cannot pay their student loans. College students borrow student loans which make them have large debt burdens after they finish their courses.

This situation needs to be changed to ensure college students have less debt after finishing their studies. Universities in the country have been increasing their tuition fees rapidly in the last ten years. This has made it difficult for most parents and students to afford high college fees charged by various institutions of higher learning.

Students who are charged exorbitant tuition fees end up taking loans at high interest rates. This situation makes more students get trapped into a life full of debts, after their graduation from college (Toby 81). Therefore, it is necessary for the government to change financial policies which make students incur a lot of debts after school. This will ensure that students are not made to pay high tuition fees which hinder them from actualizing their dreams.

Many colleges spend more money on activities which do not contribute positively to the quality of education they offer. They need to be advised to be more efficient in their expenditure to ensure they focus more on providing quality education to their students. In addition to that, the government needs to come up with a solution that helps universities lower their tuition fees.

This will encourage more students to enroll in different programs and this will improve access to higher education in the country. The government needs to offer financial incentives to universities which give bright students a chance to study affordable degree programs (Toby 88). This will help such universities improve the quality of education they offer their students, which will lead to positive educational outcomes.

Students should be given more information on flexible financing options to help them make good decisions about their future. Loan repayment systems need to be changed to reduce debts incurred by students after finishing college. Students should be given repayment options which are not very punitive to encourage them to take education loans (Morgan).

The government needs to assist bright needy students to attend college by offering them financial grants. These grants will help more students to acquire vital skills which will help them in their future careers. Students who excel in their studies after the first year of college should be given more financial assistance to encourage them to study.

An increase in college tuition fees offers several benefits to universities and other institutions of higher learning. Some educational programs are very expensive to teach and they require students to pay more to access quality facilities. Many universities have to incur a lot of expenses to sustain technical programs and it is only fair for them to pass on this cost to students (Smart and Paulsen 86).

High college tuition fees also discourages students who do not satisfy the required criteria from applying for educational grants. This helps colleges to channel their resources to high quality programs which help learners acquire adequate skills to make them more competitive in their careers.

In conclusion, college tuition needs to be made more accessible to all in the country. The government needs to formulate effective policies to make university education more accessible. This will improve enrollment rates in different universities across the country.

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