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Reasons for attending college Argumentative Essay

The hard decision to attend or not attend college has always been of significance in the lives of several students in the world. What triggers someone to either opt for or against college education is often sparked by various factors.

To begin with, one of the primary reasons for opting for college education is to gain experience and certificates so as to have stable careers in future. Thus, college is usually used as a means of preparation as it equips one with skills, spirit, and confidence necessary for working in an organization as a trained personnel who is able to handle tasks smoothly and methodically (“Importance of college,” para.3).

In addition, gaining college education assists one to get a good job that pays well (Margolin, 10). In fact, evidence has it that on average, college graduates earn about sixty-two percent more money over their lifetime than those who have not gone through the program.

Another reason for pursuing college education is that it assists in building mutual relationships with other individuals, which enables one to improve himself or herself. While studying in college, one gets to know how to relate well with other people, work in groups, and develop essential skills in mutual understanding. These skills are not only useful in ones future work but are also beneficial in other aspects of life.

Further, the collegiate environment assists in creating a more rounded person in general who is able to address the troubles of everyday life amicably. Besides providing the experience related directly to a major area of study, college life enables one to develop a better outlook of life (Garfield, 5). Attaining college education is also beneficial in other aspects of life, for instance, individuals with basic knowledge in psychology, history, mathematics, geography and other areas of study might live more productive lives than those with typical high-school certificates.

On the other hand, some people opt not to pursue college education because it is expensive (Hacker, 2; Muscatine, 2). For example, pursuing a four-year degree program at a renowned institution of higher education such as Princeton or Harvard could require about one hundred and sixty thousand dollars, an amount that is beyond the reach of many (Slate, para.1).

Thus, instead of pursuing college education, some people opt to direct their energies elsewhere, such as starting businesses. In addition, some people opt not to complete their college education because they want to pursue their business interests.

For example, the Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, failed to complete his studies at Harvard University since he wanted to realize his dream in business. Additionally, other couple of billionaires, such as Larry Ellison, John Simplot, and Alan Gerry failed to complete their college education.

Another reason for not attending college is that college education is not a guarantee for a job in future (Allan, 3). Currently, the rate of unemployment in the United States is increasing, despite the fact that many of the unemployed are college graduates. Thus, many have opted use the information available for free on the internet to teach themselves and then use the acquired skills to start their own self-employment (Lawrence, para.3).

In conclusion, besides the minor disadvantages, college life has more benefits to the student as it equips him or her better for future life than for someone who has not achieved that same level of learning.

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