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Getting High- School Diploma: Arguments For & Against Essay (Critical Writing)

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To get a diploma in High- School is a basic human right in that the children should be encouraged to work hard at their primary level so that they can further their studies and become reasonable people in the country. The teachers should do their best to ensure the children graduate as this is their right so if a child fails in class work then the teacher is responsible for this failure and the child has to graduate regardless of what the child gets.

Teachers should do all that is expected of them to ensure the children pass in their classwork and special attention been taken to the students who seem not to understand this is because not all children are bright in classwork this is because there are some who are talented in other areas like in drawings and thus you find their classwork is poor so they need to be encouraged to work hard even though one knows that is not their career.

Parents have taken the action of forcing the teachers to allow the children to graduate through taking them to court this has had an effect on the learning of the children because the teachers are less concerned about the studying habits of these children therefore they do it regardless of one been a failure or a successor.

This action of the parents to interfere with the school program has the impact of making the performance of the school been low because the teachers do not work as they are expected. They also do not have a clear relationship with the students meaning that there is no time for the children to seek any assistance and thus their failures are always high. Teachers should always have the right attitudes towards the learning attitudes of the children so that the children benefit from them as they will be able to make inquiries all the time without fear as they are can cooperate in all things.

The parents should not take the law into their hands this is because this will interfere with the working habits of the teachers therefore the parents should have respect for the teachers and be ready to assist them in dealing with the children who are not understanding classwork. This cooperation will boost the school performance as the teachers will be willing to work accordingly and ensure all the children benefit from the education through getting the best grades. In education, everyone has his or her brightness in one way or another as there is multiple intelligence which is different in each and therefore not all people are the same and the thinking of one person is different from that of others.

Analysis of the argument

Standardization of core thesis

To build interest in the diploma in high- school as a human right then there is a need for the government to have laws that explain in detail the need for high-school education.

Children’s learning schedule. This is important because it allows them to have the desire to work hard in order to achieve the targeted goal in school.

The online information about the state of the mental intelligence of the children in terms of the brightness in-class work as not all children are bright in class due to their differing talents in several fields like in drawing, in mechanics, and other fields.

The children have the right to inquire from their teachers at all levels as the teachers have been trained on how to have the right interaction with their children so that they are able to do their work. There is a need for information on the working habits of the teachers and the students.


Different country has different laws regarding the human rights on high- school diploma education for those students who do not reach the grades enabling them to graduate.

Strong punishments are imposed on the teachers who are found not doing their work. They have to have their lesson plan been checked every day so that all the teachers prove to be working to improve the learning of the students and those who do not understand are given special learning hours to be able to catch up with the rest.

Teachers are required to sign their time of arrival and leaving so that one will not leave before the required time.

The teachers have to do all that is expected of them in order to ensure the children learn because not all students are ready for learning. The parents are expected to make the right follow up on how the teachers are treating the children who do not understand in class and therefore a law has to be imposed concerning the working habits of the teachers. With the cooperation of the teachers and the parents then it becomes easy for the children to learn well and therefore the cases of children leaving school with low grades are reduced meaning that the parents will not have to complain about the children’s performance.

There is detailed information that is concerned with the children learning styles enabling the teachers to address them and follow the right measures. In reading and writing the child is able to express his or her views and be ready to do all that pertains to the given information. Children should not be discriminated against from any school due to the thing of been a failure as it is not the desire for a child to fail.

Therefore the teachers should give such a child extra training in order to make sure they reach the grades required. If a child is discriminated then it means that they will not be able to learn and their desires to learn are interfered with and therefore the teacher makes the child feel that one can not do anything constructive therefore they end up failing. The teacher should ensure that the children are taken to be equal without showing them the differences in understanding as this creates further problems for such children as they will have groups of bright students and those who are prior in class will group themselves and they will be very recessive in learning which leads to getting of poor grades were the parents have to intervene and force the teachers to allow them to graduate.

The argument placed by the parents of discrimination taking place in school leading to poor performance leads the school management in changing their teachers by transferring them or giving them last warnings for such actions. This will boost the learning of the school as the teachers are careful always about the learning of the poor class work students. There is the chance of these children to work hard because their problem of failing is worked on by the school management meaning that if the problem is from their learning styles then it is changed and a follow-up is given at all the time.

Some children may perform poorly due to their family background such as they may lack basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing and with the knowledge of the cause of failure for a child then it becomes easy to deal with it and come up with solutions. This can be solved by educating the parent on the need for their children to get these needs so that they can concentrate on the classwork. Parents may be engaged in activities such as drinking therefore allowing the children to take the responsibility of finding these needs thus the child has no time for classwork and end up failing and if not so they drop out of school and the parents place the blame on the teachers when it is their fault.

The solution to this problem is that the parents should avoid such habits that affect the child’s learning habits and therefore ensure they provide the basic needs to their children rather than forcing the teachers to allow the children to graduate been failures. This brings the view that children are not all bright but they can try to achieve the best if given the chance to concentrate on their classwork. The teachers and the parents have the duty of finding the cause of the failure of children and be ready to work together to make sure the child gets the right grades. Some of the children fail in high school due to peer pressure.

If one has friends who do not take attention to classwork but instead have the time to drink then it is obvious that such a student will be a failure in class, therefore, the parents have to blame the teachers when it is not the problem of the teacher but the child. the information collected in such schools of the performance level gives the concerned the chance to know how to improve on the weak points so that they can be able to achieve the expected grades and graduate without the problem of forcing the teachers to conduct graduation for failures.

Contextual evaluation

It is not good behavior to eliminate the slow learners this will create enmity between the students and the teachers and also the parents will have to fight for the rights of their children. That is why the management should have close conduct within the school to have a follow up of the teachers’ behavior and the relation they have towards the poor students. It is clear that the teachers have to make a check on the behavior of the students so that they can be sure of why such a person falls from the bottom level starting from their family background as the problem may be from the family and if not so then the school has to work out to know the children’s relations with others.

Some of the problems are solvable and others have to involve the parents like if the child has no time for classwork due to the behavior of the parents where they give the child the responsibility of going out in search of basic needs then the parents have to decide whether to leave such behaviors and allow the child learn or the child drop out from school due to lack of basic needs. It is upon them to decide on what to do so that the child acquires high grades. This has to be worked out on all grounds so that the blame is not placed on the teachers. The teachers should be allowed to punish the children who behave badly in school so that they are not blamed for not giving the children the expected education. If all this is done then there is a better post where the teacher will know how to interact with the students.


Failure of a child may not be linked to these things even though in a way they are the causes of them therefore to have the diploma in high- school as a human right creates a problem to the teachers as they have to allow the children to graduate regardless of their grades this makes the school performance below as the teachers are just pressed by the government to allow them to graduate.

The children do not perform their duties of asking where they do not understand from their teachers as they have the mentality of saying that even if they fail they will graduate. The bad behaviors experienced in schools will continue as no one questions them due to this law that covers them. things like drinking, failure of attending class, and others will not be easily dealt with because the students feel that they have freedom of doing what they think is right even if it is against the school rules. Therefore there should be a law to cover the teachers in cases of failures because they experience had time dealing with these students.

Responses to rebuttals

The best that can be done is that even if they make education a human right they should also know that not all students are bright and therefore to force the graduation of a child who is poor in his classwork is the same as allowing the teachers not to have training because they will not do their work properly with this ideas that the students will all graduate. But if they say that the failures have to go back again and achieve the expected grades then the teachers will see the need for teaching and coming up with the best students in all fields.

The students will not have time to waste in the school because they will have the fear that they will not graduate if they fail and therefore effort will be made by all the students who are willing to graduate. Those who are poor in class can try to consult their teachers and through their desire to learn they get good grades. Not all children are bright in class but they can try to work hard and at the end of it they achieve high grades.


Government should not allow the parents to have dominion over the teachers by forcing them to allow the students with poor grades to graduate but instead, they should first make the inquiries why the child got poor grades and from that start then they will be able to know the problem of the child’s failure. To some extend high- school diploma should be a human right but it should also allow a gap for the children who fail due to lack of enough concentration in their work.

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