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A Decision to Get Higher Education Essay

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Updated: Aug 21st, 2022

Considering the questions connected to the process of education, there are numerous issues for every person to face and overcome. A decision to get higher education is a solid decision that reflects on the whole life of people. The rightness of this choice predetermines the level of success and satisfaction that the person will get during their career. Studying at university has an incomparable potential to broaden horizons and stimulate people’s desire to conduct research and contribute to different sciences, which reflects the quality of life in a global meaning. Therefore, higher education is a key to opening new perspectives, and many reasons determine my connection to it.

My name is Steven Medina, I am seventeen years old, and I grew up in Trinidad village in Belize in Central America. Since early childhood, I considered education extremely important and realized how precious the opportunity to get it is. My parents always did their best to provide me with the best available education, which is why I have learned the value of it. Moreover, I understood that I wanted to get higher education early; that is why I worked hard to do everything in my power, attaining good grades at every level of education. My family’s relatively low-income level motivated me even more due to the stimulus to improve our financial situation. An example of my effort is that I qualified to join Muffles college High School which presented me with a chance to actualize my academic ambitions. With the help of my teachers, personal commitment, and resources provided by the school, I graduated with a 4:0 GPA. It is an outstanding achievement, and I am looking forward to getting even better grades in college.

Regarding the origin of my desire to get higher education, it is motivated by my perception of the concept of education. In general, I believe it is strongly connected to the ability of people to change the world and enter various life spheres, help other people and pursue their own goals, or stimulate scientific progress. In other words, education is an instrument that opens new perspectives in front of people who are highly devoted to it and the sphere of activity they have chosen.

My sphere is medicine since I have dreamed of saving lives and practically helping people since I was young. Therefore, entering the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa would allow me to realize my ideas regarding healthcare improvement in the region where I grew up. Since childhood, I have been noticing the inconsistencies ad flaws of the medical system – for instance, the elderly do not receive the care they need. Entering the biochemistry program at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa with a different purpose to pursue a medical degree would allow me to get the necessary knowledge for providing medical help in Belize. Hence, I would be able to fulfill my dream, do good, and even improve healthcare in my native country on a more profound level.

To conclude, I would like to emphasize that my motivation to enter the University is highly practice-oriented. My main goals are to get the knowledge to improve the medical help that people in Belize get and contribute to the development of my family’s financial situation to reciprocate my parents for their effort. I am concerned that the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa provides a high-quality education in the sphere of biology and chemistry, which is why my choice fell on it. I appreciate the opportunity to study there and understand the privilege it can get me in pursuing my long-term goals.

I am highly interested in getting higher education in a sphere related to medicine because I want to help people in Belize access to the appropriate quality of medical services. I reckon that getting a scholarship would be significant for me since my family’s income is low, implying that my scholarship could reduce some of the costs and help drastically. Moreover, the biochemistry program that I want to offer is strongly related to scientific research that frequently requires finance. Therefore, the scholarship would ensure convenient conditions for my studying and allow me to avoid being distracted by issues like the lack of money. Moreover, I suppose I deserve the scholarship because I have been studying hard to enter a university for many years. I graduated from Muffles College High School with a 4:0 GPA. This proves my dedication and the desire to do everything in my power to get the education I want.

Concerning my goals, the main one is to get a medical degree to improve the quality of medical help people get in my native country, Belize. Moreover, since my parents have sacrificed so much to get higher education, my second goal is to make them proud and provide them with the financial condition they deserve. Concerning the educational process, I would like to prove to myself and my parents that I can get even better marks than I got in high school. In addition, I have a definite aim to conduct relevant research, which would be helpful to people.

I am currently employed at Panera Bread, a counter-serve café serving sandwiches, salads, and baking delicious bread. During my school years, I have always shown myself as an active and devoted person. For instance, I enjoy getting involved in sports such as volleyball, swimming, and soccer. I was on my school’s volleyball team and took swimming classes to improve my skills in my sophomore year. Furthermore, I like participating in events, presentations, and dances since these activities contribute to making memories and establishing connections with people.

I do not think that there are some educational disadvantages that I would have to overcome since I have a high GPA. However, there are limitations on the availability of higher education to me. My parents cannot pay for it; therefore, I am placing high hopes on the scholarship available at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. This scholarship may be my only chance to pursue my dreams and professional goals, which concern many people in Belize.

I have extensive experience participating in various activities related to health care and volunteer services. More profoundly, I am deeply interested in improving the quality of medical services in Belize, which is why I participated in medicine projects and increased awareness of diseases and health risks. For instance, I researched the danger of smoking as part of a school team, and we presented it to the high school community. Moreover, I had an opportunity to serve as a nurse assistant for two weeks during the previous summer holidays, which was entirely voluntary but gave me irreplaceable experience. In addition, I participated in a Stop HIV campaign that provided an opportunity to take blood tests to check for HIV. I spread the information on social media and handed out fliers to draw people’s attention to the problem. Finally, I have the experience of visiting the homes of older adults to bring them the necessary goods during the COVID-19 pandemic. Altogether, the experience is broad and rich in different activities, which I suppose can be my advantage in studying medicine.

What is more, I am deeply concerned about the environmental state of our planet. As the topic is gaining popularity, more attention is dragged to it at schools. I created a few projects on the importance of separate garbage collection in reducing air, water, and soil contamination. Moreover, the initiative to place containers for separate garbage collection at school was proposed by my classmates and was successful and led to the principal’s practical support of our ideas. Furthermore, as the topic is essential to me, I research the directions of humanity’s negative influence on the planet to understand the risks deeper. Therefore, I do everything I can to increase people’s awareness of, for example, the impact of microplastic on the flora and fauna of oceans. However, environmental issues are not a popular discussion topic where I grew up; hence, I do not get much of a response.

Generally, as a devoted student, I always seek opportunities to participate in activities that seem exciting or crucial to me. The initial motivation factor regarding this willingness is that every global change primarily depends on the separated actions of each person. Thus, I cannot leave some opportunities, like helping people in hospitals as a nurse assistant or spreading the information on the dangers of smoking, unnoticed.

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