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Cruise Tourism Business in Belize Essay

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Updated: Apr 8th, 2022


Cruise tourism business is one of the most vibrant and greatest emergent constituent of vacation industry. Since beginning of eighties, the business has had a standard annual expansion rate of 7.9% for every year in Caribbean. Likewise, over the previous few years, Belize has make out harbor calls skyrocket by surplus of 100%.

Actually, this increase rate ought to be seen as a remarkable raise as the industry keep on enticing more lines toward Belize. This improvement in port calls is enormous for Belize; nevertheless, social and environmental issues have to be put into deliberation when enacting any guiding principle which would make possible development of the Cruise tourism industry.

In point of fact, the ambition is to capitalize on the profit gained from the cruise industry and all together supporting the natural possessions of Belize. Moreover, Belize City is the main central region, congregating more than 40% of all cruise customers who come on shore. This paper analyzes basic components and guiding principles of Cruise tourism industry.


According to Beggs & Ross, Cruise tourism experienced a time of sharp turn down during the beginning of the 90’s, as a consequence of comparatively high taxes, restricted infrastructural amenities, and service (2008). Essentially, Cruise ship traffic started to revitalize at the end of 90’s.

From that time, the company has kept on making extra special and reliable growth. All together, Cruise tourism was perceived with blended outlook by both private and public segments of the business as an interfering and unsuited sub-segment of Belize’s tourism commerce (Lafferty & Fossen, 2004).

Together with this in psyche, little endeavor was attempted to present an indispensable provision for its expansion and progress. In opposition to such background and in vision of its optimistic expansion in addition to future development, there was necessity for a guiding principle in Cruise tourism at Belize.

Likewise, this strategy was focused on tackling management programs. As well as, Cruise Company has been prepared in deliberation with the entire stakeholders and association in trade.

According to Duval:

The Belize City council, Ministry of National Security, Belize Tourism Board, and the Cruise Ship Industry Association mutually with all additional associations concerned in tourism products would team up with each other to offer a secure and enjoyable atmosphere for all cruise customers (2004).

Policy Consideration

Busby & Gibson viewed that the government regards Cruise tourism to be a constituent of the national’s general tourism segment, corresponding to the continuity of tourism segment through which it contributes to imperative synergies (2010).

Seeing that, the supervision of its progress and promotion would be directed by general national tourism guiding principle. Furthermore, aspiration of this strategy is to guarantee that the Cruise tourism segment develops into competitive with supplementary targets and inputs. Jafari explained that:

The accomplishment of the broad-spectrum tourism advances intention of Belize; that is, the production of foreign exchange, revenues, employment and trade opportunities, that are favorable to its appropriate development and progress.

Belize Tourism Board and Tourism Ministry are proficient civic department conscientious for the institution, administration and realization of the cruise tourism strategies and guiding principles (2000).

Environmental concerns

In devising and realizing cruise tourism strategy, the government is aware of environmental matters regarding Cruise tourism business in Belizean regional waters (Dowling, 2006). Truly, “these take account of: fastening of cruise ships; off-ship leisure events of cruise customers; function and safeguarding events on board ships waste supervision and clearance; and increasing effects of all ships accredited to function in Belize” (Dowling, 2006).

The government, for that reason, stipulates the circumstances to offer fulfillment and supervision of the Cruise tourism business (Hall & Tucker, 2004). In fact, the government has to affirm guarantee that the Belize eco-cultural tourism artifacts are advanced and multi-desirable.

Main cruise Lines

While it is a moment to begin arrangement for Cruise holiday, the initial attempt to make is to choose a cruise line (Douglas & Douglas, 2004). Furthermore, when doing research, a tourist may be amazed to discover that there are not as numerous lines as he or she thought. Actually, a tourist may spot an extensive record of cruise lines, although the truth is that great set of cruise lines regularly are components of same corporation.

For instance, a customer intends to select a reserve Holland America line at the expense of Carnival Cruise line. However, both brands are cruise lines of the same company. In fact, according to Gayle & Apostolopoulos, there are only peak three cruise corporations that actually comprise an overall of eighteen various cruise lines (2002).

The following refers a simplification of the pinnacle three cruise lines along with variety of which they descend into

Carnival Corporation

Smith & Rosaleen viewed that Carnival Cruise Corporation is an American-British cruise which was established by Arson Ted in 1972 using a single ship vessel (2003). At present, the corporation has developed into Carnival Corporation & plc. Actually, Carnival is a single company of eleven cruise ship lines which are component of the corporation.

In point of fact, Carnival has the leading fleet of eleven cruise brands with twenty-one vessels, although in overall, the company has 45 vessels. Lafferty & Fossen expressed that:

The cruise lines which compose gigantic Carnival Corporation are: Cunard line; Sea Bourn cruise (North America); Holland America lines; ocean village (UK); Carnival Cruise lines; P & O cruises (budget); Ibercocruceros (Spain); AIDA(Germany); Costa Cruises (southern Europe); P & O Cruises (Australia) and Princess Cruises (Australia) (2004).

Royal Caribbean Company

The basis of Cruise line of this corporation was Royal Caribbean Company. Truly, this line is the second leading firm following Carnival Corporation, which has 42 vessels. Moreover, it is a Norwegian / United States company founded at Florida, in Miami.

The original Royal Caribbean cruise line was established in 1968 while the company was established in 1997. Besides that, “the company comprise of: CDF crisieres de France; Pullmantur cruise (Spain); Royal Caribbean international; Azamara club cruises and celebrity lines” (Hall & Tucker, 2004).

The Star Cruises

Star cruise corporation is the third leading cruise line. In fact, Star Cruise is the head principal company in the Pacific-Asia cruise market (Beggs & Ross, 2008). In fact, Star Cruise is approved to increase the cruise markets in this area. Furthermore, Star Cruises possess 22 vessels. According to Douglas & Douglas:

Indeed, Star cruises possess a high-quality share of the active tourists marketing from Asia, Europe and North America. Star cruises investments comprise: Star cruises; Norwegian cruse lines America, Cruises ferries and Norwegian cruise lines (2004).

Carnival Corporation & PLC

Douglas & Douglas viewed that Carnival Corporation & PLC is one of the leading holiday and worldwide Cruise firm in the world (2004). The corporation brands, in fact, encompass the most acquainted cruise lines in United Kingdom, North America and Holland America.

In addition, the corporation provides extensive variety of vacation and holiday artifacts to consumers’ foundation which is generally diverse in issues of vacation-time, language and cultural preferences. “Carnival Corporation, as well possesses Tour firm which accompany their Cruise business process: Holland America princesses Alaska tours in Alaska and the Canadian Yukon” (Dowling, 2006).

Really, Carnival firm entices about 8.5 million tourists yearly. In fact, the corporation’s extensive artifacts provide their tourists with outstanding holiday experience at excellent ideals.

Furthermore, the corporation’s achievement in offering worthy cruise holidays experiences has prepared Carnival Company to be the largest profitable corporation in the holiday tour industry. Douglas & Douglas said that:

Carnival’s stock report is daily listed on both the London stock exchange and on the New York stock exchange under symbol CCL. Carnival is the only business in the world to be incorporated in both the FTSE 100 index in United Kingdom and the S&P 500 index in United States (2004).

Dowling expressed that:

Headquarters in London, England, and Miami, Florida, U, S.A, Carnival firm manages a navy of 101 vessels, in the company of another 10 vessels programmed for each delivery concerning the current time and 2016, March. With just about 200,000 tourists and 70, 000 ferryboard workers, there are supplementary 270, 000 people under maritime aboard, therefore carnival company would navy conveniently at any specified time (2006).

Carnival Community Relations

Carnival Corporation is an international entity whose cruise brand head-offices exist in the Germany, America, Italy, Australia, and United Kingdom (Dowling, 2006). Indeed, Carnival Company perceives that it has conscientiousness to boost the society in which it work for, as well as its head-offices localities.

In addition, the company promote various homeports and call docks vacationed by its cruise lines. In the course of their operation, Carnival firm sustain and promote amazing endeavor to its workers whose participation in an extensive diversity of courses, offer donations, services, and gifts to enormous group of charitable institutions.

In fact, Carnival Corporation is commissioned to carry out excellent holiday experiences through the finest recognized cruise brands which provide diversity of various living-standards and resources. The company services provide exceptional significance that is unsurpassed experience at marine and on ground.

Beggs & Ross viewed that from workers’ contribution and turn-over donation, services projects to hard cash as well as Cruise contribution and inventive charity, Carnival company endeavors to impact diversity, both nationwide and globally (2008).

Additionally, Carnival’s endeavor has made the company firmer, thus the company has an amazing delight among its workers. Undeniably, Carnival Company has sustained achievement of its workers. Furthermore, the company keeps on with its endeavor to construct enhanced and well-built societies in the entire the world.

Carnival Security, Health and Environmental Measures

Carnival Company is committed to protect security and health factors of their customers, tourists, workers as well as all other persons operating on behalf of the business. The company safeguards environment and marine atmosphere in which its ships navigate (Dowling, 2006).

Definitely, the company wholly abides by lawful and legislative requirements associated to health, environment, and safety measures through their company events. Furthermore, the company also allocates health, environment and safety measures issues as equivalent concern as other vital business affairs.

These projects are incorporated in annual budget for the cooperation. Safety measures are curved out and every employee is given a responsibility of observing and practicing the same on a daily basis. In addition, these requirements are incorporated in company policy and regulations.

Company Governance

The company is actually devoted to promote governance practice and strategies. Indeed, the company has made certain that investors and various stakeholders’ welfares are recognized in a considerate and autonomous way (Douglas & Douglas, 2004).

In addition, sound standards of the company governance are significant to acquire and maintenance of shareholders’ expectation. In fact, the firm’s governance principles are fundamentals that protect dignity from other providers, the society in which the corporation serves, civic officials, and people in general.


Cruise tourism management is actually ambitious to enhance number of cruise vessel calls and customers in a convenient way. Cruise Company is also focus to increase return’s gained from Cruise business engagement.

Really, the corporation intends to boost general gains from Cruise tourism through building and reinforcing inter-segmental relationship. Such intention is vital since Cruise brands sources required provisions of services and goods from Belize dealers.

Moreover, the firm plans to develop incorporation competence of the nation through increasing presented and new customer’s attractions. Actually, Belize Tourism Board endeavors to promote programs attractions in order to advance the tourism artifacts.

Furthermore, the company also discovers other docks and appropriate anchoring locations on the Belize coast. Indeed, the company intends to build supplementary cruise vessels for other regions of the country. In addition, the corporation executes and increases suitable support agenda which efficiently renovate cruise customers to long-stay tourists.


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