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Tourism Essay Examples and Topics

Creating Essays on Tourism

Tourism is a great topic to explore. Tourism essay topics can include tourism industry, customer relationships, international laws, cultures’ hospitality, and human resources.

These papers are usually thesis-based reports that have a very clear structure. Students should also include their opinion and avoid simply summarizing the information from the literature.

Paper Structure

The following points are very important for travel writing:

  • The introductory paragraph should state the main ideas of the essay clearly. The reader should understand what the work is about and get interested in reading about the topic.
  • Only include relevant information in your tourism essay. Do not add details that may be interesting to the reader but not relevant to the question you discuss.
  • Avoid using outside sources extensively. It is better to present your own ideas and support them with evidence than copying the information that you had learned from magazines or websites.
  • Of course, you do not have to travel to a particular country to write about it. However, it is necessary to double-check the information you include in the essay on tourism because facts are always important. Remember that the readers should get reliable information from your essay that they can use in the future.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge about the topic by presenting different (and even contradicting) points of view.
  • A tourism essay conclusion should include the main points of the essay, as well as recommendations for the reader, if applicable. Remember to include the most necessary information in this section.

Do not forget to check our free samples, get some inspiration and improve your essay!

African Adventure Trip

On the first day of our visit to Kenya, we booked a tour guide to the Mara in the morning and spent the afternoon with children at the children's home, playing and hanging out with [...]

Remington Hotel: Quality Assurance

It is important for this hotel to provide high quality services to the customers since it is the quality of the services that will either draw the customers to the hotel or drive them away.

Tourism Market and Competition in Luxembourg

For instance, some countries have a concentration of the wealthy in urban areas or capital cities, and this may imply that luxurious items will do well there. Some luxury hotels and brands in Luxembourg have [...]

Environment Quality and Tourism in Chinese Cities

The aim of this research focuses on scrutinizing the available urban design methods and ultimately advice the general public on the preferred designs capable of maintaining the aesthetic value of the natural environment.

Trends in the Global Hospitality Industry

I think that this diversity of services is one of the indispensable conditions for the sustainability of modern hotels and spa resorts. Again, many of the hotels provide spa services to customers.

Travels: the Kenyan Coast

Nevertheless, my travel companion found a way to maneuver through the town, and by the end of the day, we had a comprehensive plan for our four-day trip. However, in my commute to the Ugandan [...]

New York City as an Academic Trip Destination

Endowed with the spirit of adventure to explore the world, I kept looking forward to the day when the real opportunity would strike. A day before the onset of the journey, I revisited the geographical [...]

Maasai Mara Trip and Preparations

As I make my trip to the Maasai Mara I would expect to see a number of features and wildlife. I would expect to see the nice topography that is characteristic of the mara.

Bali Island in Family Trip Experience

The inhabitants of this island are warm and very receptive and it is no surprise that the island has been nicknamed 'The Island of God in Paradise.' This descriptive essay is going to capture the [...]

Hotel Pricing: Marriott International Case

Although the above-mentioned facts largely represent common practice in the industry, different hotels today are grappling with the challenge of formulating the right pricing strategy to reflect changing market dynamics in the sector.

Travel Agents and Future Development Prospects

As discussed in the introduction chapter of the paper, the goal of this research is to identify strengths and weaknesses of traditional travel agents, and propose ways in which they can achieve success in the [...]

Connaught Hotel’s Service Management

As an intern at the Connaught Hotel, I managed to develop a range of communication and teamwork skills, the ability to organize and self-manage my tasks, and the tendency to educate myself by learning from [...]

Travel Agents and Tourism Business in Great Britain

The research objectives of the study are to critically evaluate the condition of high street travel agents in the United Kingdom, reveal the most important strengths and weaknesses of traditional travel agents in the country, [...]

Accor Hotel Group’s Strategic Analysis

Accor's multi-brand strategy is guided by the belief that having multiple and powerful brands in the same market plays a complementary role in the promotion of the organization's products and services because it allows customers [...]

International Tourism Trends in 1950 -2010

However, such events as the Chornobyl incident, terrorist attacks on major US and European cities, and financial crises led to a shift in demand for tourism that made Asian countries more attractive tourist destinations.

Increasing Innovation and Impact on UAE Tourism

In this paper, the researcher wanted to determine the impact of increasing innovations on the tour and travel industry. What is the impact of increasing innovation on the tour and travel industry in the United [...]

SERQUAL Model in the UAE Hotel Industry

By comparing the outcomes to which the application of a SERQUAL-based framework and the quality management frameworks that are typically used at UAE hotels at present, one will be able to come to a meaningful [...]

Curio Collection Hotel: Facility Assessment

The purpose of this report is to discuss Curio Collection as a new international brand established by Hilton and describe the details of its facilities management with the focus on such aspects as technology and [...]

Luxury Capsule Hotels and Customer Experiences

Ivanova, Ivanov, and Magnini state that although some countries in the west and Europe tried to develop pods similar to capsules, the facilities did not receive the expected number of target individuals as in the [...]

Technologies in Tourism

Increasing the levels of customer safety, contributing to an improved communication process between companies and its clients, and enhancing the infrastructure of the tourism industry, IT tools must be incorporated into it so that new [...]

Improving Tourism in Abu Dhabi

The economic position is encouraging more people to support the industry. The uprisings experienced in the Middle East appear to threaten the tourism industry.

Types of Tourism and Ecotourism in Peru

Therefore, travelers gain an understanding of the natural, cultural, and ethnographic features of the terrain; thus, contributing to the preservation of the continuity of ecosystems and creating the economic setting for the development and maintenance [...]

Hospitality Qatar Exhibition

There are exhibition zones for companies to demonstrate their achievements; specific educational workshops to provide people with information about the current trends in the sphere; B2B program, and numerous events introduced both to amuse visitors [...]

Adventure Travel in Skift Podcast

However, in this podcast, the people working in the industry claim that there is much more to it than extreme activities and that today, the market is broadening to suit all types of customers.

Medical Tourism: Important Aspects

Regionalization has also been influenced by the availability of more affordable services in different parts of the world, which makes it reasonable for people to access health care services in the emerging markets, rather than [...]

The Tourism Industry: New Ideas

The idea of making a brand relevant to the target audiences by promoting a better connection between family members and focusing on the significance of family ties, in general, clearly is an important concept in [...]

Tourism Industry: Emergency and Crisis Management

The technological and scientific breakthrough that has been witnessed over the past several decades has created the foil for the rapid development of the tourism industry. What are the primary causes of emergencies and crises [...]

InterContinental Hotels Group’s Differentiation

Through focused and differentiated business strategies, the InterContinental Hotels Group has created hotel brands such as the Crown Plaza to serve the luxury customer segment, Holiday Inn to serve the mid-price segment, Holiday Inn Express [...]

Sustainable and Last Chance Tourism

Sustainable tourism can simply be described as the practice of protecting the environmental aspects and culture of a particular community, while at the same time ensuring the benefits of tourism are enjoyed presently and in [...]

Integrity in the Hospitality Industry

A remarkable example that focuses on the issue of integrity in the hospitality industry is presented below. The accumulation of money is not an ethical practice for a manager in the hospitality industry.

Tourism, Its Forms and Social Consequences

The need for improving the security of the region was based on attracting more tourists in the region. In terms of the social benefits, thanks to community based tourism, the community was integrated into a [...]

Dubai Tourism Promotion and Marketing

Since its activities include the promotion and marketing of Dubai's tourism industry, it is apparent that the emirate obtains some of the funds that facilitate the activities of DTCM from the hospitality industry.

Cultural, Business and Sport Tourism in Dubai

In order to examine the most significant types of tourism in Dubai, it is necessary to provide a brief overview of Dubai's history of development, to determine the basic factors of its development, as well [...]

Al-Hassa Tourism Development and Attitudes to It

The paper compares the attitudes and perceptions of Al-Hassa residents and non-residents of tourism development in the region. Al-Hassa region is the focus of this research with respect to the attitudes and perceptions of residents [...]

Hotel Voice Reservations by Doug Kennedy

A high number of calls along with hotel managers' assuredness that online reservations are much more convenient lead to the fact that many hotels do not have quality call operators who are able to inform [...]

Traveling, Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Traveling is an important past time activity that is fun and that exposes people to other countries, cultures, and societies. Another disadvantage of traveling is the risk of exposure to diseases and deadly illnesses.

Camping, Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Camping appeals to many people because of the variety it provides with regard to the activities that they can do. Therefore, camping gives people an opportunity to get away from the technological distractions of the [...]

Tourism Business and Its Success Factors

The tourism business is one of the fast-developing fields of the world economy. The way of organizing the tourism business presented in this chart corresponds to the main specifics of the company interested in becoming [...]

Dubai Tourism and Expo 2021 Innovations

Is it possible that innovation management and such strategies as the multicultural education of workers help to improve the quality of work of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and increase the number of [...]