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Tourism Essay Examples and Topics

Creating Essays on Tourism

Tourism is a great topic to explore. Tourism essay topics can include tourism industry, customer relationships, international laws, cultures’ hospitality, and human resources.

These papers are usually thesis-based reports that have a very clear structure. Students should also include their opinion and avoid simply summarizing the information from the literature.

Paper Structure

The following points are very important for travel writing:

  • The introductory paragraph should state the main ideas of the essay clearly. The reader should understand what the work is about and get interested in reading about the topic.
  • Only include relevant information in your tourism essay. Do not add details that may be interesting to the reader but not relevant to the question you discuss.
  • Avoid using outside sources extensively. It is better to present your own ideas and support them with evidence than copying the information that you had learned from magazines or websites.
  • Of course, you do not have to travel to a particular country to write about it. However, it is necessary to double-check the information you include in the essay on tourism because facts are always important. Remember that the readers should get reliable information from your essay that they can use in the future.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge about the topic by presenting different (and even contradicting) points of view.
  • A tourism essay conclusion should include the main points of the essay, as well as recommendations for the reader, if applicable. Remember to include the most necessary information in this section.

Do not forget to check our free samples, get some inspiration and improve your essay!

Service Quality of Restaurants in Croatia

The type of data that the study presents in the demographic attributes is continuous and qualitative because they indicate percentage of gender, percentage of the level of education, percentage of the country of residence, percentage [...]

Field Trip: the Mangroves of Qatar

However, there are still myriads of opportunities to improve or boost the current level in the growth of mangroves. The benefits of mangroves are numerous and hence, the need to promote the biodiversity.

Improving Business Tourism in Abu Dhabi

Destination branding is a powerful tool that can make Abu Dhabi the center of business tourism in the region. The destination marketers in Abu Dhabi should "inform the world about the services, transportation networks, accommodation [...]

The Wadsworth-Longfellow House History

The mansion's interior preserved from the eighteenth century inspires one to become a part of the venerable culture; the greenness of the front yard garden encourages one to leave all the worries behind.

Tourism Impact on Yosemite National Park

The paper is inspired by the knowledge that the Park Service needs to balance visitor's interest in the park with the need to preserve the pristine state of the park for future generations.

Tourism Industry: Sectors and Services

The eight sectors in this industry include accommodation, travel trade, tourism services, attractions, transportation, food and beverage, events and conferences, and adventure tourism and recreation.

Speed of Services in Hospitality Industry

Despite being the complex system, the primary reason for the existence of the gap between the delivery of the service and the customer perception is the lack of collaboration between the front and back office [...]

Tourist Destinations: the Lake of Geneva Region

The aim of this research paper is to undertake a feasibility study of the Lake of Geneva Region and its two major cities, Montreaux and Lausanne, to examine the suitability of this Switzerland region, as [...]

Sex Tourism Management Controversy

As explained in the introductory section above, sex tourism refers to an aspect of tourism where the primary aim of the tourist is to have in sexual engagements with the people in their destination.

Sustainability in Hotels

It will as so endeavor to discuss the elements of sustainability that have contributed to growth of Hotel industry in the UAE as well as the world.

Global Hospitality Market Financial Management

The article The effects of customer and competitor orientations on performance in global markets is written by Zhou, Brown, Dev, and Agarwal, and it dwells upon an effective management model in the global hospitality market.

Halal Tourism Industry

According to the authors, Halal tourism is an aspect under the Islamic law and is categorized to include halal food, halal activities and airlines and the subsequent compliant hotels, especially in regards to the shariah [...]

Hotel Market in the UAE

Therefore, the analysis of the hotel industry's progress in the UAE depends on determining the relationship between such variables as the growth of tourism and transportation business in the UAE and changes in the household [...]

Urbanisation and Tourism in Phillip Island

It is possible to trace the implications of the landscape change as regards populations of penguins and koalas. Therefore, it is clear that the existing infrastructure, use of land and people's behaviour can lead to [...]

Managers in the Tourism Industry

Consequently, managers in the tourism industry should develop a multifaceted and realistic view of the industry situation, to have the resources needed to keep tourists and employees motivated in the long run.

Greece in Travel Blog of Katrin Sif

In the selected passage taken from the post on traveling in Greece, the author chooses to focus on such two important aspects as the Greek hospitality and the Greek people's approach to philosophy which are [...]

Travel’s Value in China and Western Culture

To a great extent, these readings are aimed at showing that traveling can be viewed as a form of education; nevertheless, the authors examine traveling this issue from the perspective of very different cultures; these [...]

Mystical Wilderness of Lake Waikaremoana

If you are looking forward to traveling to the place that has been capturing the minds of the wanderers for years, make a bid at exploring one of the most scenic, miscellaneous and enigmatic pathways [...]

Cruise Experience in Britannia

By concentrating on fluid curves and elegant lines, lightened spaces and the acceptable recreation of public spaces, the designer symbolically approached the interiors of Britannia with a sense of music and architecture.

Tourism Product Development

Additionally, they can be accompanied by supplementary materials, in particular, brochures that can tell buyers more about the history of a specific tourist site.

Myanmar Tourism Marketing Mix

The aim of this assessment is to determine the influence of some selected market mix elements on the effectiveness of historical and cultural tourism services.

Why Do the People Travel?

Learning for fun is the best way to improve the general state of mind and be in a good mood. The fourth reason for travelling refers to the physical and mental need to relax.

Sustainable Tourism in Toronto

The analysis explores the cultural aspects, products, relationship between tourism and the people, and the effect of different tourism changes on the social and cultural environment in Toronto.

Sex Tourism Concept

A major aspect of sex tourism is the commoditization of the bodies of the participants in the destination country. In spite of the prevalence of sex tourism, few travelers are willing to identify with the [...]

Tourism: Current and Future Trends

Furthermore, the tourism sector has to know what, why, how, and when something will occur, the repercussions, and the strategies that should be employed to exploit the benefits and play down the risks that these [...]

Environmental Impacts of Cruise Tourism

Many societies, nations, and communities have embraced the concept of sustainable tourism in order to benefit the most from it. The authors of the above article focused on the issue of cruise tourism.

Tourism Types: Camping

The purpose of camping is to ensure that people are exposed to the outdoor more than they are to the indoors, being that they tend to spend most of their daily lives confined in the [...]

Miami Beach as a Relaxing Place

Some of the features that make the white sand beach an incredibly calming place are the sounds and the sights are covering the ocean as well as the scenic and beautiful landscape.

Current Trends in Global Hospitality Industry

There have been various current trends in the global hospitality industry that are tangible enough to drive the global marketplace of this industry. Sustainability and variety of hospitality services has been improved by the current [...]

Trinity Community Hospital Development

This would, in turn, insinuate a delayed realization of the hospital's goals to provide health care services that are high of quality while at the same time complying with the national policies and trends that [...]

Medical Travel Industry: Medical Tourism

The factors that promote medical tourism include the availability of care in the destination, timeliness of medical care, the cost of care and the ability of people to meet the costs, different preferences for medical [...]

Turisme de Barcelona

It was founded in 1993 between the private sector represented by an amalgamation of the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping and the Barcelona Promotion Foundation, and local government represented by the Barcelona Municipal [...]

Tourism in Marseille

Marseille is one of the provinces in France and it has, over the years, been one of the busiest tourist attraction destinations in the world.

Outgoing and Incoming Tour Operators

These are the incoming tour operators and the outbound tour operators. It is also the role of the outbound tour operator to ensure that the tourists reach the destination that they intend.

Niche Tourism Analysis

The main objectives of the essay are to define niche tourism, determine the major characteristics of niche tourism and how it differs from mass tourism.

Workplace Issues in the Tourism Industry

Despite the importance of the hospitality industry to the Australian economy, the figure below shows that it posts the highest rate of employee turnover in the economy Figure One: Industry analysis of worker turnover in [...]

Economic factors that affect Tourism

Exploration tourism is a type of tourism that is often undertaken by researchers and scientists for exploration purposes in different parts of the world. The sixth economic factor that affects tourism is the nature of [...]

Greening of Hotels. Concept

This paper will discuss the concept of Greening Hotels, its effect on the various stakeholders including the customers, the significance of this concept, what the future holds for the development and growth of this noble [...]

Volunteer Tourism Overview

According to Broad, the concept of volunteer tourism can only be understood better when it is comprehended from the perspective of the destination of the tourism; the local communities.