Tourism Essay Examples and Topics

Creating Essays on Tourism

Tourism is a great topic to explore. Tourism essay topics can include tourism industry, customer relationships, international laws, cultures’ hospitality, and human resources.

These papers are usually thesis-based reports that have a very clear structure. Students should also include their opinion and avoid simply summarizing the information from the literature.

Paper Structure

The following points are very important for travel writing:

  • The introductory paragraph should state the main ideas of the essay clearly. The reader should understand what the work is about and get interested in reading about the topic.
  • Only include relevant information in your tourism essay. Do not add details that may be interesting to the reader but not relevant to the question you discuss.
  • Avoid using outside sources extensively. It is better to present your own ideas and support them with evidence than copying the information that you had learned from magazines or websites.
  • Of course, you do not have to travel to a particular country to write about it. However, it is necessary to double-check the information you include in the essay on tourism because facts are always important. Remember that the readers should get reliable information from your essay that they can use in the future.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge about the topic by presenting different (and even contradicting) points of view.
  • A tourism essay conclusion should include the main points of the essay, as well as recommendations for the reader, if applicable. Remember to include the most necessary information in this section.

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Tourism: Current and Future Trends

Introduction The modern tourism and hospitality business is significantly being influenced by demography, and it is posited that it will characterize the future of the area. Current demographic patterns will influence the demand for tourism and the choice of the workforce, which will impact how the industry operates, is structured, and how it will develop […]

Socio-Cultural Concept in Tourism

The socio-cultural concept refers to a range of various social and cultural factors. The concept encompasses several values, beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyles that individuals practice in a given community. In several cases, the concept is a guide that governs the behavior and character of people living in a respective region or community. Social values relate […]

International Travel Plan: Greece

Purpose of the trip The purpose of the international traveling plan is to visit the Greece city of Athens for five days. The five days will be spent within the city but on different sites. The first day of the tour will be spent in the region of the Acropolis in the Acropolis Museum and […]

Environmental Impacts of Cruise Tourism

Tourism has remained a profitable economic activity in many destinations and countries. Tourism has the potential to produce positive economic developments and ideas. Many societies, nations, and communities have embraced the concept of sustainable tourism in order to benefit the most from it. Many scholars “have encouraged the idea of sustainable tourism because it respects […]

Tourism Types: Camping

Introduction Camping is one of the common outdoor activities that usually take place at a camp site. Participants, commonly known as campers, leave the comfort of their homes or regions to spend one or several nights outdoors (Travel & Tourism Market Research Handbook 195). The art of camping may involve the use of tents, cabins, […]

Government Shutdown and Its Impact on Tourism

Introduction The US government shutdown of 2013 was an event that led to significant financial losses for many industries in the country. This shutdown, which lasted from October 1 to 16, happened because Congress could not agree on spending priorities and policies. This led to a failure in passing the bill appropriating funds for the […]

Tourism: Shaikh Zayed Mosque in UAE

Destination Description Shaikh Zayed Mosque is a major tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates. The mosque is located in Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan initiated the mosque. This structure depicts the best Islamic architecture in the UAE. Many people from different parts of the globe visit this mosque (Words from His […]

The Internet Impacts on the Travel Industry

Introduction The world has been massively influenced by emerging technologies. One of the aspects of technology that has affected human activities is the invention and advancements of the internet. Internet is increasingly becoming a basic need for most individuals and to business units. The role of the internet in the society is becoming more pronounced […]

Miami Beach as a Relaxing Place

Miami Beach is a nice relaxing place especially when you are tired, depressed or stressed. Some of the features that make the white sand beach an incredibly calming place are the sounds and the sights are covering the ocean as well as the scenic and beautiful landscape. A visit to Miami Beach is quite memorable. […]

Comparison of Dubai and Cape Town as Vacation Locations

Introduction It is well known that the city of Cape Town is the second biggest metropolis in South Africa. “As a vacation destination, the city is well known for the natural landscape and ambiance in the Cape floral kingdom such as the popular attraction sites of Table Mountain and Cape Point” (Meer 1). The city […]

Travel and Tourism Definition

Presently, many people in the world have embraced the traveling culture to explore the magic of nature. Travel and tourism in broader terms refer to the movement of people to places outside their normal habitat within one year. Due to this development, there is the establishment of travel and tourism institutions or industries Worldwide. Travel […]

Canadian Tourism Industry: Tourism Services

Introduction The overall tourism industry entails various sectors and sub-sectors, all of which contribute towards adding value to the entire industry. Up to eight major sectors have been formulated within the larger tourism industry based on their closely related features and functionalities. They include transportation, accommodation, meetings events & conferences, food & beverage, attractions, tourism […]

Background Mckenzie River Tourism

The McKenzie River is a Willamette River tributary which runs 90 miles and is approximately 145 km. The McKenzie River was named after a Scottish Canadian, Donald McKenzie who was a fur trader. It is situated in the western part of the Oregon, United States. McKenzie River flows to the south most end of Willamette […]

Current Trends in the Global Hospitality Industry

Introduction Hospitality has to do with the art of being human. It is the ability and willingness to provide care and receive care. The hospitality industry got established several decades ago to offer relaxation and care – spiritual, social, emotional and physical to those who needed it. Hospitality focuses on the interrelationship between individuals and […]

Current Trends in Global Hospitality Industry

In various nations in which tourism is a major industry for exports, the sector of hospitality has become the central point for the globalization concepts to take root. Evidently, tourism is today the largest export industry in the world since it involves the gargantuan cross boarder flows of capital and people. Hospitality industry has become […]

Trinity Community Hospital Development

Introduction Trinity community hospital operates in an environment that is influenced by national trends and policy frameworks. Currently, the hospital aspires to establish elaborate orthopedic, cardiovascular and cancer centers. Opening such centers will imply increased spending on the part of the hospital. Despite the hospital’s strong strategies and planning, the revenues from the anticipated increase […]

Medical Travel Industry: Medical Tourism

An overview of medical tourism According to Horowitz et al. (2008), the growth in medical travel is accelerating at a very high pace. The average annual revenue generated from the medical travel industry was estimated at $60 billion as at the end of 2008. Furthermore, the industry revenues were estimated to grow at the rate […]

Destination attributes and motivations between first-time and repeat travellers in the international and interstate tourism: Melbourne

Introduction Tourism has undergone significant growth over the past few decades as illustrated by the emergence of various forms of tourism across the world. Examples of the new forms of tourism include sports and volunteer tourism. Both local and international tourists are becoming more interested in urban tourism, which comprises the aforementioned forms of emerging […]

Turisme de Barcelona

Executive Summary The tourism industry has flourished worldwide due to increase in tourist attraction centres. Among the top tourist destinations are cities like Las Vegas, London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona. In 2010 Barcelona managed to become one of Europe’s most important tourist destinations with millions of overnight stays and accommodations in hotels. Among other Spain […]

Tourism in Marseille

Executive Summary Tourism is believed to be one of the most influential and fastest growing industries across the world. Its growth over the recent years has been on a steady rise with numerous countries across the world witnessing an upward mobility in their tourism industries (Dabour, 2003, p. 25). According to Sharpley and Telfer (2002, […]

Research Report on Ecotourism in Mauritius

Introduction to Tourism in Mauritius Tourism is regarded as one of the most important foreign exchange earners in Mauritius. The IMF (2012) reports that tourism is slightly over 8 percent of the country’s GDP, making it an important aspect of the island’s economy. The growth in the tourism sector over the past 3 decades has […]

Outgoing and Incoming Tour Operators

Two Main Categories of Tour Operators Tour operators are people or companies that offer various travel packages that are used by tourists. Tour operators are very different from tour agents. Tour operators combine everything that the tourist would possibly need into one package. There are two main categories of tour operators in the United Kingdom. […]

Literature Review: The Role of Gastronomy for Tourism Development

Overview of the Themes The intensive development of tourism within countries can influence the national economies significantly. The development of tourism depends on the progress of different global trends, and the focus on gastronomy can be discussed as one of these trends (Everett & Aitchison, 2008, p. 153; Chrzan, 2006, p. 41; Sakolnakorn, Naipinit, & […]

Volunteer Tourism: Factors and Contributions

Introduction The tourism industry ranks amongst the greatest income generating sectors across the world. Consequently, different countries regard tourism as an opportunity to achieve economic growth and development. Tourism leads to improvement in living standards within societies by creating employment. Moreover, the local society benefits from the infrastructures that are built in order to support […]

Niche Tourism Analysis

The main objectives of the essay are to define niche tourism, determine the major characteristics of niche tourism and how it differs from mass tourism. Moreover, the factors that have led to a rapid increase in the number of people participating in these forms of tourism, along with the different types of products available in […]

Workplace Issues in the Tourism Industry

Introduction Many researchers say the hospitality industry experiences high employee turnovers than most sectors of the economy (Davidson & Wany 2011). Albeit this fact is widely undisputed, it is important to understand what researchers mean by “employee turnover.” Davidson & Wany (2011) say employee turnover denotes the rate at which a company gains and loses […]

Tourism Industry in Amsterdam

Executive Summary The tourism industry in Amsterdam has become important for the economic development of the city. It attracts millions of people who may have different lifestyles, interests, and values. It is characterized by extreme competitiveness among businesses. The growth of this economic sector can be attributed to the cultural heritage of Amsterdam and entertainment […]

Ecotourism Industry Organization

The Environment The environment is the combination of all living and non-living components on the earth and on the universe as a whole (Johnson, Ambros, Bassett, Bowen, Crummey, & Isaacson, 1997). All these components interact in what is referred to as the natural environment. The environment may be said to be natural or built. The […]

Tourism in Melbourne: Literature Review

Tourism has become one of the most attractive sectors of economy as more and more tourists leave their homes to obtain new experiences in different countries or in other states of their homeland. This segment of economy is developing very fast but it is still rather unclear what pushes tourists to come to this or […]

Economic factors that affect Tourism

Introduction Tourism is an essential element of economic growth and development of any given country in the contemporary world. A majority of developing countries rely heavily on tourism for government’s revenue. Tourism sector ranks as the leading sector in the creation of jobs, source of foreign exchange, and cultural development in many developing countries. There […]

Tourist Destinations in the Mediterranean Region

Introduction The economic development of the Mediterranean region is strongly dependent on the inflow of tourist. In various countries such as Italy, Egypt, Spain, Turkey, or Greece, many people are employed in organizations that are directly or indirectly dependent on the flow on the degree to which a certain destination is attractive to travelers. At […]

How are Tourist Destinations in the Mediterranean Region Affected by the Power of Travel Agencies?

Aims and objectives The future study will be aimed at examining the influence of travel agencies on various tourist destinations in the Mediterranean region. It is vital to achieve several objectives. First of all, one should demonstrate how and why travel agencies choose to promote certain regions or countries. Secondly, much attention should be paid […]

Balanced Scorecard versus Bottom-line Approach in Resort & Hotel Operations

In recent years, managers within the hospitality industry have witnessed a proliferation of expectations that must be met for businesses to remain relevant in the current competitive environment (Jones & Lockwood 2002). Hotel and resort managers, in particular, are often called upon to balance between the service expectations of customers and the financial expectations of […]

Greening of Hotels. Concept

Introduction Greening is a calculated effort by hoteliers to engage in environmentally friendly and energy saving actions. Going green is a global phenomenon. Many organizations are making sustained efforts towards this. In the hotel industry, stakeholders are engaged in a mental and attitude paradigm shift to engage the goodwill of its customers in helping it […]

Kenya Attractiveness for Tourism

Kenya forms part of the Eastern Africa countries. It borders Sudan to the northwest, Indian Ocean to the southeast, Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west and Ethiopia to the north. Kenya’s tourism is a valuable asset to the economy because it is the second largest source of foreign exchange earning. The touristic attractions […]

Volunteer Tourism Overview

Introduction Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. For a longer period of time, people have considered tourism as an intense economic activity. This is due to the fact that tourist activities help to enhance economic activities in tourist destinations across the globe. In the recent times, however, the orientation of tourism […]

Executive Summary: Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is a multibillion dollar industry with a large circle of activities which includes accommodation, restaurants, events, theme parts, transportation, cruise line tours, and tourism. Tourism is the largest sector of this industry, which envisages individuals travelling to some location outside their customary surroundings for pleasure or business purposes. A hotel operates with […]

Rural tourism in Malta and Cyprus

Executive summary Rural tourism concentrates on taking part in rural surroundings and entails both eco-tourism and agro-tourism. Rural tourism is mostly fitting in developing countries where land for farming activities now lies in fragments because of escalations in population. For instance, Malta comprises of an archipelago established at the middle of the Mediterranean. With respect […]

Tourist in the Andalusian region

In Spain, the Andalusian region provides both local and international visitors with unrivalled tourist attractions. However, the awareness of these attractions depends on successful tourism marketing strategies. It is worth noting that tourism involves selling services. Therefore, a well-crafted services marketing plan is crucial to the long-term success of Andalusian Heritage tours. Market segmentation, positioning […]

Tourism Contribution to Poverty Reduction

This paper discusses the key issues on how tourism can contribute to the poverty reduction and how the initiatives on poverty reduction can be measured as well as how the indicators can be identified. Conceptual issues have also been discussed to determine current and future challenges facing tourism as a tool in reducing poverty. In […]

International Comparative Report- A Case Study of Two Heritage Sites: Capital of Malta, Valletta, and Venice in Italy

Executive Summary This report involves a comparative analysis of development and success of cultural heritage tourism propelled by architectural attractions that form essential tourism attraction sites in two heritages sites namely Valletta in Malta and Venice in Italy. The capital of Valletta and Venice are two cities in the republic of Malta and the republic […]

Key Issues Impacting Managing Tourism in Protected Areas in Far North Queensland, Australia

Introduction Different parts of the world are characterized by different economic activities. For example, some regions are famous for their agricultural activities while others rely on mining and fishing. Tourism is yet another leading economic activity in certain regions. A good example is the far north of Queensland, Australia. The area contributes a certain degree […]

Property Management Systems (Hospitality Industry)

Introduction Property Management Systems (PMSs) are essential tools in the hospitality industry. Hospitality industry is complex and has numerous challenges. Reservations, customer care and administration of hotels and resorts offer challenges that the management must confront in order to attain customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability of the establishments (O’Connor, 2004). For this reason, PMSs are […]

Hotel/Resort Development and Management

Yield management in hotels Yield management is a concept that hotels adopt to maximize their revenues by allocating available rooms to the right guests. Yield management has changed the way hotels are managed through the use of websites. The management makes use of structured reward systems.According to a study by Ahmad (2005) a hotel can […]

Virtual vs. Traditional Tour Operator

Introduction Virtual tour operators offer online tourism services while traditional tour operators use other mode of services but not online services. Lastminute.Com is one of the leading online tourism operators offering variety of online travel services. The company headquarter is located in London and it is currently performing well in the London stock exchange. The […]

Sustainability in Cruise Tourism Industry

Introduction As the sources of income become limited and human being needs become insatiable, man has looked for alternatives for making sure that he is able to fulfill his needs. One such need has been the need to enjoy the aesthetic value which our environment offers. This has resulted in engaging in different activities as […]

Four Star Hotel’s Strategic Planning

This treatise looks at various aspects of a strategic plan for a four star hotel. First, it compares several marketing niche planning strategies using the competing values framework. Secondly, it discusses key factors that will be critical in the hotel’s performance in short and long term to best ensures it supports the strategic goals. Third […]

Gold Prince Motel

Introduction This proposal outlines a research project that will investigate the ability of Gold Prince Motel to successfully manage their economic environment. It will also look at how marketing, human resources, empowerment, resource management and yield management are applied by Gold Prince. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to display how the concepts such […]

Children’s Influence on the Tourism Industry

Introduction Families form a significant component of the global tourism industry. Schanzel and Yeoman (2012) assert that families have a significant influence on tourism demand. Nickerson and Jurowski (2000) define family tourism as a form of tourism, which involves the family unit. According to a study conducted by Nickerson and Jurowski (2000), families accounted for […]

Power of Children in the Tourism Industry

Introduction Across the world, tourism is a major economic activity, which contributes significantly to the economic growth of many countries that have tourist attractions. Since people are social beings, they like travelling to various tourism destinations as tourists. Since routine schedules of workplace and businesses are boring, people use tourism as a means of rejuvenating, […]

Revenue Management in the Tourism Industry

Introduction Revenue management is an important element in the prediction of consumer behaviour and optimisation of product availability in the market. The concept is also used in setting prices for products through the application of analytics. The objective of revenue administration is to maximise the growth of income generated by a firm (Phillips 2011). Another […]

Global Trends and Driving Forces in the Hotel Industry

Marketing management trends Global marketing defines the market share of a hotel in the hotel industry. According to Galicic (2014), global marketing is the most important for a hotel because it expands the geographical presence, improves global branding, and increases market share. The forecast shows that global marketing grows in the hotel industry because of […]

Travel Industry Investigation

Introduction It is crucial for every new company to examine the industry to figure out its strengths and weaknesses. Such investigation is needed to analyze competitors, see if there are available positions on the market, and how hard it is to gain customers. Based on the results of the research, a company may develop a […]

Hospitality Industry in Dubai

Introduction Jumeirah is one of the most profitable companies in the hospitality industry with restaurant divisions, event management and serviced residences, among others. Its success is attributed to human capital investment that is facilitated by special management committees. The report demonstrates the need for HCI within the hospitality sector in Dubai, UAE. The success of […]

Into Thin Air: Summiting Everest

To summit Everest is the dream of many professional climbers. They greatly appreciate the rugged beauty of the mountain, the challenges that lay before them and they love to experience what it feels like to stand on the roof of the world. There are those who want to climb the mountain in order to obtain […]

Sustainability of Heritage Tourism in Australia

Introduction Globalization increases the opportunities for heritage tourism across the globe and this comes with increasing economic growth across the globe as a result of its influence on trade and investment and hence a rise in world GDP. According to Cooper, Dwyer, Edwards, Mistilis, Roman and Scott (2008, p. 1) heritage tourism has many other […]

Tourism Changes and Challenges

Background Tourism constitutes one of the core components in the economic growth and development of most economies (Tarlow 2002). A report released by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation [UNWTO] in 2010 shows that the industry has undergone remarkable growth and diversification over the past six decades. The sector ranks amongst the fastest growing industries […]

Hospitality Industry Organizations

Introduction Hospitality industry organizations are fields in the service industry, which offer lodging services, transportation, theme parks, restaurants, and cruise lines among other services. This industry exclusively relies on leisure time and disposable income (Hodgetts & Luthans 2003). On the other hand, culture shock is a situation whereby an individual develops nervous feelings because of […]

Eco-tourism in Dubai

Introduction In the past decade, Dubai has grown to be not only a commercial hub, but also an excellent tourist destination (Anheier 2012, p. 94). A key sector driving Dubai’s flourishing tourism industry is the eco-tourism sector. Even though eco-tourism is a new industry in Dubai, the rapid tourism boom in the region threatens coastal […]

Tourism in Shanghai

Abstract Tourism is one of the largest and major industries in the world. The sector has become a major source of income for numerous economies. Its significance is growing by the day. China, as the most populous country in the world, is projected to become a major market for both inbound and outbound tourists. Consequently, […]

Labor Turnover in Hotels

The rate at which organizations’ employees are lost whereas others are employed is referred to as labor turnover. The hospitality industry is among the leading commercial services in the business sector. In this industry, this has led to the need of a large workforce that has created many employment opportunities to the people in the […]

History of Mortimer’s Castle in UK

Background of the Mortimer’s Castle Mortimer’s Castle is one of the most important tourist attractions in the United Kingdom. William Fitz Osbern founded the Castle in 1067. The castle served as an administrative base for the Lords of the Mortimer who ruled the West Midlands and East Wales. The castle was a center of power […]

The Development of Volunteer Tourism and Inter-Cultural Exchanges

Introduction Volunteer tourism is called voluntourism or international volunteering. This can be defined as the tourism whereby tourists voluntarily organize themselves and use their holidays in visiting places with positive reasons or objectives. The objectives may include helping the needy groups in the society, bringing polluted environments into restoration or doing research of unique environment […]

Current Trends in the Global Hospitality Industry

Introduction The term spa still remains an ambiguous and somewhat unclear term, especially within the context of a business model. Nonetheless, mention of the term elicits connotations of health and wellness (Cohen & Bodeker 2008). The spa industry has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, thanks in large part to the contribution made […]

Consumer Interest in Space Tourism

Introduction and Background Tourism is a very rewarding economic activity in the present world, as it is among the largest income generators in many states and countries. For many years, countries have underscored the importance of tourism and its contribution to their economies. However, the act of underscoring the importance of tourism has gradually changed […]

Space Tourism Analysis

Executive Summary The important finding of the study is that there is a significant likelihood for people to travel into space. The descriptive statistics of income allocated to space tourism shows that about 90% of the respondents are willing to allocate the income that they earn within a period of less than a year. Additionally, […]

Wiki Report: tourism in Switzerland and Malaysia

Introduction The tourism industry has continued to register positive results despite pessimistic economic forecasts across the globe. Global tourism maintained a positive momentum of more than 2% growth between 2010 and 2012. This growth occurred due to an increase in the number of travellers going to different destinations. Market estimations show that tourism will grow […]

Hospitality Industry in Australia

Introduction The Australian tourism and hospitality industry is facing considerable challenges. Economic uncertainty, labour market issues, natural disasters, and other problems have profound negative implications for the development of the entire sector. Because the hospitality industry is labour-intensive, the quality of Human Resource Management approaches predetermines the successes and failures within hospitality businesses. At present, […]

Tourism and Sustainability: Whale-Watching Industries

Characteristics for Development of Whale-Watching Industries On the social front, it is evident that although the community in the Vava’u area comprises of only 16,000 people, it has been on the forefront in whale conservation efforts and demonstrates a friendly nature to tourists. Additionally, the community has been effective in using promotional material involving the […]

Tour Operators’ Influence on Hotels in Mallorca

Introduction Tourism is rooted in the history of ancient civilisations. Over the years, the industry has grown to become one of the most lucrative sectors for the generation of foreign revenues in many nations. Franscesco Frangialli, the WTO secretary-general, posits, “Tourism at the turn of the century is growing faster than even our most optimistic […]

Jiangsu Province Tourism

Jiangsu Tourism Environmental Analysis Tourism in Jiangsu Province is one of the main economic activities that have experienced massive growth over the past few years. According to Zhang, the geographic location and topography of this province has made it very attractive both to the local and international tourists.1 Environmental analysis of tourism in this province […]

Contemporary Trends in Hospitality Industry

Abstract This paper is a report on the external analysis of a hospitality organization which is currently in business. In the context of this paper, Hilton Worldwide will be chosen as the case study subject. In the paper, all contexts of external analysis will be looked at. They include external factors which influence the marketing […]

Hotel Café 59: Revenue Management

Executive Summary The report entails an analysis of revenue management with regard to firms in the hotel industry. A background study analyzing the performance of the hospitality industry on a global scale is conducted. This enables in the identification of how the hospitality industry is performing. Specific reference is given to Australia. The main objective […]

The Russell Hotel

Introduction Background to the study The Russell Hotel is one of the small and medium enterprises operating within the Australian Hospitality industry. The firm is located in Sydney. Since its inception in 1887, the firm has been able to provide high quality services to its customers. The firm’s location at ‘The Rocks’ which is one […]

Casinos Industry

Introduction Background study Casino is an Italian word which means a small villa specifically built for pleasure. Casinos trace their origin in Italy in 1638 with the first casino being located at Venice (Fun Casino Gaming 1). Casinos are a major component of the global gaming industry (Economy Watch 2). Some countries such as India […]

The growth of Cruising in Australia

Introduction More and more Australians are taking cruise holidays. For instance, it is reported that in the year 2010, the number approached an all time high of about 500,000 basing on the estimates that were given in 2011 (Moffet, 2011). Beginning from the year 2002, the number of the Australian people that have been cruising […]

Scuba Diving

Introduction The life of a diver highly depends on the diving gear, particularly the procedure of ensuring every part of a scuba gear is in the required conditions before the activity. It is also important to ensure quality of the gear and the people understand the procedure of using the materials during diving. The scuba […]

Chinese Tourism in Victoria

Executive Summary This field study is about tourism in Victoria. It focuses on the experiences, challenges and issues that require improving to enhance the visitors’ satisfaction. A qualitative research was carried out on three focus groups that included tourism agencies, Chinese immigrants and students. The researcher used interviews to collect data. The study revealed that […]

Adventure Tourism as a Major Form of Tourism

Executive Summary Tourism is a key sector in the growth and development of a country as it is a major source of foreign income earner. The tourism industry is vulnerable to adverse negative effects caused by political and other economic factors, and hence major stakeholders of the industry need to be at the forefront in […]

Decline of the British Seaside Resort Industry

Introduction According to Williams (2008, p. 10), a seaside resort, also referred to as a beach resort, is a hotel located along a coastline. Such geographical locations are major tourist attractions around the world. There are many seaside resorts around the world. Examples of such resorts are those found in the United Kingdom. They include, […]

PESTEL and Trend Analysis for the Hotel Industry in Spain

Hotel industry comprises one of the biggest areas of touristic business in Spain. PESTEL and trend analysis for the hotel industry in Spain reveals that though the severe financial crisis caused a temporary decline in this sector, hotel business quickly recovered from the crisis and is currently on the way to a new period of […]

Mallorca Hotel Industry: Porter Five Forces

Introduction Porter’s five forces analysis is necessary for the Mallorca Hotel Industry as it assists in comprehension of the market strengths and weaknesses. Although the Mallorca Hotel Industry has been a household name in the general tourism industry in the last five decades, the hotels in Mallorca Island have expanded business portfolio as a strategic […]

The Asian Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Introduction The Asian tourism and hospitality industry has continued to grow tremendously. Currently, the sector contributes significantly to the region’s GDP. Despite global threats such as terrorism and economic depression, the sector has continued to bolster impressive results. However, with the growing competition from other countries such as South Africa, USA, and China, many factors […]

Competitors of MLL Hotels Group

Introduction The MLL hotels are located in many parts of the world. Mallorca is one of the popular destinations of many travelers, and the MLL hotel chain has several hotels on the island. There are 2-, 3- and 4-star hotels (Welcome to MLL hotels in Majorca, 2015). It is possible to implement a SWOT analysis […]

Mount Everest Case

Introduction Mountaineering demands active engagement from participants as it involves activities such as rope-work, scrambling, travelling among glaciers, use of crampons and ice axes, acclimatization and navigation and thus all these experiences have triggered different emotional states during participation as these recreational adventures potentially experience flow, combining exhilaration and enjoyment. Peak exposure also triggers emotions […]

Tourism in the United Arab Emirates

Introduction Tourism in the Gulf States has increased significantly over the last five years. Specifically, the Internet has played a critical role in influencing consumer behavior in travel and tourism industry. The internet has turned the world into a global village. Anyone can be able to access the web using their smartphones and tablets. Foreman […]

A Critique of Tourism Policy and Planning in Austria

Introduction Background to the study Tourism is one of the key pillars of the Austrian economy. It ranks as a major export product in the country. The sector contributes approximately 15% of the total Gross Domestic Product [GDP] and 18% of the total export receipts. The sector has shown remarkable growth over the past 15 […]

Tourism Planning and Tourist Agencies

Globalisation and elimination of geographical borders foster the rapid expansion of national and international tourism. For dozens of countries from all over the world tourism has already become an essential source of profits and benefits. Millions of people attend tourist destinations in search of unique impressions and experiences. This is why small and large players […]

Tourism Motivation Categories

Introduction What makes tourist go to one place is of as much importance as when and how frequently they go there. It is, therefore, of critical importance to fully or largely understand what really motivates a tourist to tour one destination and not another. Motivation Categories Physical Motivators It is true and rightly, so the […]

Sustainable Tourism Planning

Introduction Tourism is a major economic activity for many countries across the globe. A country such as New Zealand has relied on tourism industry for economic growth. The concept of sustainable tourism development has expanded in the last 40 years following the increasing public awareness of environmental issues. Bhatia (2007), in his study suggested that […]

Glossary definition of tourist behavior

Introduction Tourism is among the world’s leading industry. Tourism is the short term movement of individuals to places that are outside their residences or places of work (Burkart and Medik, 1981). Who is a tourist? A tourist is not the international person who has used air means of transport for a vacation, but a domestic […]

Destination management and destination marketing

Introduction Destination management is the process or ways through which governments or industrial players conserve and improve tourist attractions. This includes not only tourist’s sites but also events. Industrial players include Destination Management companies popularly abbreviated as DMC. Destination Management Companies are companies that possess vast local knowledge, proficiency and resources. They specialize in planning […]

National Tourism Organizations

National tourism organizations have a very important role to play in the selling of a country globally. The first ever National Tourism Organization was founded in New Zealand in the year 1901. Although New Zealand is a small country, it has the biggest ideas in developing and maintaining tourist attraction. More NTO‘s were founded after […]

The Changes in Regional Tourism Organizations

The Changes in Regional Tourism Organizations Both developed and developing organizations have a wide range of activities. However, details regarding the development of the tourism sector are not very outspoken especially in the tourism literature. Information on tourism organizations is often centered about organizational roles, structures and roles of tourism organizations. Nonetheless, very little has […]

Tourism in Bario community

The concept of using tourism as a tool for bringing development in communities has elicited a lot of debate with some people doubting the viability of the approach. Malaysia is an example of countries that have succeed in using pro-poor based tourism to foster development in economical struggling communities (Azarya, 2004). The state of Sarawak […]

Development and Pro-Poor Tourism

Introduction Tourism is one of the most popular leisure activities globally. According to international tourism statistics, there were over 940 million global tourist arrivals in 2010. This recorded a 6.6% growth as compared to the year 2009. According to World Tourism Organization’s definition, tourism is the act of travelling for leisure, recreational and business purposes. […]

Tourism destination management and development

Introduction Tourism destination development and management is a key factor to the success of the tourism industry in any given region. Tourism is all about travel trade which is so complex and hence it needs to be managed and developed very carefully. All the stake holders must participate in managing places in terms of culture, […]

The sustainable tourism in New Zealand

Identification of the main points of the literature review The current paper explores the issues of sustainable tourism with special reference to New Zealand. Specifically, the paper examines the existing correlation between sustainable tourism in this country and the Resource Management Act. The paper begins with the traditional requirements for tourism planning which include a […]

Food and Wine Tourism

Introduction In the recent times, competition in the food and wine sector has been rising. The dominant countries in the food and wine sector for instance France have been receiving competition from upcoming countries in the food and wine industry such as Italy, Spain and Australia. The rise in competition has resulted to competition for […]

The hotel management

The process of hotel management is a multifaceted unit that should be approached in the right way regarding the circumstances while the goals may vary in terms of the short- or long-term perspectives and expected outcomes. In this respect, the manager should predict the effect of the goals and the interrelation of short-term and medium-term […]