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Trip in Taiwan Research Paper

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Taiwan is one of the most natural and fascinating destinations in Far East. Taiwan is mainly a mountainous Island with one of the best natural scenic features in the world.

Taipei, the capital, has one of the best scenery all over Asia. It is located in the West Pacific Ocean and has close links with the Mainland China. In fact, China considers it to be one of its territories. The countries closest to Taiwan are China, Japan and Philippines.

Trip in Taiwan - Multi-coloured map.

For a seven-day visit, Taipei the capital city should the best place to visit especially on a luxury trip like this one. The most convenient and efficient airline to Taiwan has to be China Airline which accounts for the highest number of passengers to Taiwan with world class services, and flies daily to the Island.

Taoyun airport is the most convenient landing site being only under an hour drive from Taipei. On arrival, the fleets of buses that operate daily are the best to take one to the hotels although taxis are also available. For a seven-day trip, summer is the best time for a visit as out door activities are more during this time of the year.

The main languages in Taiwan are Taiwanese and Mandarin. As for the main culture, multiculturalism has been endorsed as the age of globalization sets in.

In the past, the culture of Taiwan had been mainly influenced and formed by the process of imperialism. The main religions, these are: the traditional Buddhism, Taoism and Chinese folk religion which have greatly influenced the culture of the island. European and American cultures have also become very popular in Taiwan because of the global cooperation and collaborations (Ryan & Neo 66).

Taiwan has risen rapidly in industrialization and development and many people are flooding to the small Island for the experience, work, leisure, adventure and business.

Taipei should be the main destination for any one visiting for a seven-day trip. The city is located in the northern part, is the biggest city in the north, being the heart of Taiwan in terms of political, economic and social affairs. Due to the rapid expansion, the city has expanded rapidly making it the fastest growing city in Asia so it will be a memorable experience.

Some of the places and sites to visit and stay are:

Gloria Prince Hotel in Taipei is probably the most convenient for a seven-day luxurious trip. The hotel has 5-star services with fitness equipment, free internet and it is only fifty-minute drive from the intended airport of arrival, the Taoyun International Airport.

More to that, the hotel is only a short drive away from the most spellbinding tourist attractions like the famous and awesome Shilin Night Market.

The Shilin Market has all sorts of delicacies. The market has also many massage parlors, fortunetellers and temple for good luck. It is big shopping and almost all fashion trends can be purchased from here. For prior reservations, booking can be done online making it convenient, time and energy saving.

Transport can also be arranged with the hotel on request and collection at the airport can be provided if arranged for (Kelly & Brown 56).

Fried pork buns are very popular.

Taiwan has a wide a variety o foods to chose from and has one of the widest varieties of cuisines to offer in all over Asia. However, the Island has maintained a wide variety of Chinese food some of which are known to have been discovered thousand of years ago, making it a haven for traditional foods.

The foods are prepared with exemplary Chinese expertise that has passed from one generation to the other. The foods have been widely credited and have been recognized allover the world for their appealing color, flavor, spice and aroma making the food in Taiwan world class.

The wide variety of foods offered include the various varieties of meat, which have been cooked with great expertise. Some of the animal meats available include pork, beef, duck, chicken and lamb.

The meat could be roasted, smoked, barbecued or braised allowing a wide range to choose from; vegetables and black beans are also served in plenty. Seafoods are the mostly consumed dishes with one of the widest variety to choose from in the world found here. Almost all sea creatures are readily available and the various cuisines are made from this seafood’s diversity.

The island has green forest with amazingly beautiful mountains standing erect over the greenery. The people of Taiwan are regarded as the friendliest all over Asia and one need not worry about the kind of reception expected. Security is also well catered for with criminal activities reported being among the lowest in East Asia (Rubinstein 23).

The Yangmingshan National Park in Taipei will be must visit place for a nature lover. It has volcanic geography and numerous hot springs. The Park is a perfect summer resort owing to its breathtaking mountainous scenery and hospitable, comfortable weather. The park has some of the most peculiar animals, which would be enjoyable to catch a glimpse of. These include the Taiwan bandicoot, Formosan boar, and Formosan rock-monkey amongst many more.

The Chung Cheng Memorial is another of Taipei’s captivating scenery. The octagonal shaped historical monument rises seventy meters or so from the ground and the entrance door is more than a hundred feet tall making it an awe site of the traditional Chinese civilization (Fang 123).

Aniki Night Club is suitable for party lovers with a mix of contemporary urban and Taiwanese music dominating the airwaves. The club is also famous for the large Babylon Sauna (pictured) which has a large majestic pool, the steam room that attracts most of the revelers.

The club has a well-designed lounge for both Chinese and English speaking partygoers with large television screens. Private area and sex rooms are also provided. Stripper shows are also very famous which are very popular with people from the Western countries. The telephone number is 886.02.523.5898 and the address is B1, no. 20 Lane 353, Linsen North Road Taipei, Taiwan.

Taipei becomes the number one choice for a seven-day tour. Apart from the discussed features, Taiwan can also offer a passenger lift viewing of the city, which is over 500 meters from the ground. Dragon Mountain Temple offers a perfect reflection of Taiwanese religion as people of all faiths gather here to worship the so-called Goddess of mercy.

Fresh juices are also locally available and noodle soup. Various festivals are also held at different times of the year. These include the Buddha’s Birthday, Celebrating the moon, but for a festival lover, then the Lantern Festival is the biggest and most indulging. Basking in the hot spring could also be fan while having a trip to Taiwan (Faure 34).

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