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Hospitality Industry Essay Examples and Topics

Chinese Tourism Enterprises and Conglomerating

This paper analyzes the general theory of tourism enterprises through the historical inevitability of conglomeration of tourism enterprises, the development status of tourism in China and other developed countries and internal and external barriers of [...]

Turkish Tourism Industry and Development Efforts

Turkish government has created several support services and incentives to demonstrate its commitment to the growth of tourism. Turkish government has created six regions to guide allocation of incentives, and promote investment in the tourism [...]

Tourism Market and Competition in Luxembourg

For instance, some countries have a concentration of the wealthy in urban areas or capital cities, and this may imply that luxurious items will do well there. Some luxury hotels and brands in Luxembourg have [...]

Trends in the Global Hospitality Industry

I think that this diversity of services is one of the indispensable conditions for the sustainability of modern hotels and spa resorts. Again, many of the hotels provide spa services to customers.

Sustainability and Community in the Hospitality Sector

The level of community involvement and environmental sustainability determines the success of a company in the hospitality industry. The sustainability of the environment offers the best conditions for business performance and growth.

Hospitality Organizations and Affecting Trends

The income level of the population also determines the success of the industry. The position of the economy usually determines the responsiveness of the industry in different parts of the world.

Chinese Graduates’ Employment in the Hospitality Industry

They sought to find out the attitudes of Chinese graduates in the hospitality industry regarding their work, how satisfied they were with their pay, whether they felt adequately recognized for their work and if they [...]

Travel Agents and Future Development Prospects

As discussed in the introduction chapter of the paper, the goal of this research is to identify strengths and weaknesses of traditional travel agents, and propose ways in which they can achieve success in the [...]

Technology Integration in the Hotel Sector

Across the globe, an effective hotel must balance the elements of innovation and development, technology, and sustainability to remain competitive in the short and long-term.

Travel Agents and Tourism Business in Great Britain

The research objectives of the study are to critically evaluate the condition of high street travel agents in the United Kingdom, reveal the most important strengths and weaknesses of traditional travel agents in the country, [...]

International Tourism Trends in 1950 -2010

However, such events as the Chornobyl incident, terrorist attacks on major US and European cities, and financial crises led to a shift in demand for tourism that made Asian countries more attractive tourist destinations.

Expo 2020 Unlocking Hotel Industry’s Potential

Speaking of the trends of the hotel industry in Dubai, it is essential to point out that the sea, the sun, the stability of politics and economy, the high standard of living, and, what is [...]

Increasing Innovation and Impact on UAE Tourism

In this paper, the researcher wanted to determine the impact of increasing innovations on the tour and travel industry. What is the impact of increasing innovation on the tour and travel industry in the United [...]

Luxury Capsule Hotels and Customer Experiences

Ivanova, Ivanov, and Magnini state that although some countries in the west and Europe tried to develop pods similar to capsules, the facilities did not receive the expected number of target individuals as in the [...]

Hospitality Qatar Exhibition

There are exhibition zones for companies to demonstrate their achievements; specific educational workshops to provide people with information about the current trends in the sphere; B2B program, and numerous events introduced both to amuse visitors [...]

The Hospitality Industry in New Zealand

Creating a proper environment in which the hospitality services are provided to clients is one of the important functions of managers, although it may often be overlooked.

Integrity in the Hospitality Industry

A remarkable example that focuses on the issue of integrity in the hospitality industry is presented below. The accumulation of money is not an ethical practice for a manager in the hospitality industry.

Experiential Hospitality and Emotional Intelligence

Such an image is even worse for an institution that is operating in the hospitality industry, where the capacity to anticipate and attend to the specific needs of clientele is the generalized hallmark of the [...]

UAE Tourist Industry’s External Environment

Due to this, enterprises need to conduct a thorough analysis of the industry they are a part of to be able to adapt to the changing demands of the market and the challenges posed by [...]

Al-Hassa Tourism Development and Attitudes to It

The paper compares the attitudes and perceptions of Al-Hassa residents and non-residents of tourism development in the region. Al-Hassa region is the focus of this research with respect to the attitudes and perceptions of residents [...]

Tourism Business and Its Success Factors

The tourism business is one of the fast-developing fields of the world economy. The way of organizing the tourism business presented in this chart corresponds to the main specifics of the company interested in becoming [...]

Service Quality of Restaurants in Croatia

The type of data that the study presents in the demographic attributes is continuous and qualitative because they indicate percentage of gender, percentage of the level of education, percentage of the country of residence, percentage [...]

Windsor Hotel in Australia: Quality Improvement

The hospitality sector is one of the most lucrative economic sectors in the world. On the other hand, the intensity of competition might lead to a decline in the level of profitability.

Speed of Services in Hospitality Industry

Despite being the complex system, the primary reason for the existence of the gap between the delivery of the service and the customer perception is the lack of collaboration between the front and back office [...]

Dubai’s vs. Houston’s Medical Health Tourism

The city is home to some of the largest medical facilities in the world, including the Texas Medical Center. The city of Dubai is regulating the health sector and is ensuring that the 2,518 health [...]

Global Hospitality Market Financial Management

The article The effects of customer and competitor orientations on performance in global markets is written by Zhou, Brown, Dev, and Agarwal, and it dwells upon an effective management model in the global hospitality market.

Miami Hospitality Industry: Marketing and Management

The hospitality industry in this country has been expanding due to the increasing number of tourists coming to the region. The second factor is the strategy that the firm will use in this highly competitive [...]

Burgundy and Its Hospitality Industry

It touches upon the relations between a host and a guest of a city, and the quality of such type of relations in Burgundy, France, deserves a special attention.

Current Trends in Global Hospitality Industry

There have been various current trends in the global hospitality industry that are tangible enough to drive the global marketplace of this industry. Sustainability and variety of hospitality services has been improved by the current [...]

Trinity Community Hospital Development

This would, in turn, insinuate a delayed realization of the hospital's goals to provide health care services that are high of quality while at the same time complying with the national policies and trends that [...]

Hospitality Industry in Dubai

The success of Jumeirah will be used as a case study to demonstrate the effectiveness of HCI in improving value and competitiveness.

Hospitality Industry Organizations

This is the same case in business because if an employee is transferred to a new working station and decides to introduce a different menu from the previous one, this menu is likely to better [...]

Hospitality Industry in Australia

7 As a result, the focus of HRM in the hospitality and other industries is on "adopting a new strategic role concerned with developing the organization and the capabilities of its managers".

Contemporary Trends in Hospitality Industry

The main areas which have been involved in the key performance of the company include: the vast number of the hotels and the rooms in the hotels, the rates of the occupancy in those rooms [...]

The Asian Tourism and Hospitality Industry

This paper explores hospitality service trends in the region, analyses their impacts, and establishes the factors that influence the industry especially in Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand and Singapore.

Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Industry

The airline is a subsidiary of the Emirates Groups, and it is the largest airline operating in the Middle East4. 6 As one of the largest airlines in the world, Emirates Airline is a major [...]

Current trends in Global Hospitality Industry

As the world continues to study the emerging trends of technology on various economic sectors, there is a drastic change of procedure brought about by social media applications in most industries.

Hospitality industry and entrepreneurs

The definition for the business environment is given as the entire variables or factors, internal as well as external to the firm, which may have a continued victorious existence of the firm.

Current Trends in the Global Hospitality Industry

The topics of our investigation are considered to be the distinctive features of the hospitality industry and leisure one, the relevance of fast moving consumer good experience to the hospitality industry, the meaning of brand [...]

Swiss Hospitality Touch

Discipline and respect should also be embraced between employees and their employers and strictly adhere to the rules that govern the organization, it will be easier for the managers to run the organization and implement [...]

The Hospitality Industry

The high rate of globalisation is one of the factors that explain the changes currently being experienced in the industry. Conceptual framework In conducting this study, the researcher will adopt a conceptual framework based on [...]

The meaning of strategy to Philip Sim & Associates

The organization strategy of the corporate has rendered it more competitive due to the diversity that has in return led to increased efficacy in the provision of the services to the customers.

Overview of the Hospitality Industry in New York City

Food and lodging services are interdependent segments in the hospitality industry owing to the logic that a visitor who needs use the food and drinks services may also need lodging facilities and services for the [...]

‘Artefact’ Through Lens of Hospitality

In this paper, I will discuss that the understanding of 'artefacts' or experience can be reached through the analysis of hospitality domains, consideration of cultural and temporal dimensions, and evaluation of experience through different hospitality [...]

Hospitality as a Discourse

As I was studying the course, the social/cultural domain of hospitality struck a chord with me, and reinforced my belief that modern day society's abandonment of the culture of hospitality has contributed to the overall [...]

Asian Hospitality Trends

Being one of the main source of revenue, restaurant and hotel hospitality play important role in the development of Asian economics.

Hospitality trends in Asia

In addition, hotel booking and flight tickets that are done online improve the efficiency of the tourism and hospitality industry. Tourism sector is the most affected area in Hong Kong, Thailand, Macau and Singapore.
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