Hospitality Industry Essay Examples and Topics

Current Trends in the Global Hospitality Industry

Introduction Hospitality has to do with the art of being human. It is the ability and willingness to provide care and receive care. The hospitality industry got established several decades ago to offer relaxation and care – spiritual, social, emotional and physical to those who needed it. Hospitality focuses on the interrelationship between individuals and […]

Current Trends in Global Hospitality Industry

In various nations in which tourism is a major industry for exports, the sector of hospitality has become the central point for the globalization concepts to take root. Evidently, tourism is today the largest export industry in the world since it involves the gargantuan cross boarder flows of capital and people. Hospitality industry has become […]

Trinity Community Hospital Development

Introduction Trinity community hospital operates in an environment that is influenced by national trends and policy frameworks. Currently, the hospital aspires to establish elaborate orthopedic, cardiovascular and cancer centers. Opening such centers will imply increased spending on the part of the hospital. Despite the hospital’s strong strategies and planning, the revenues from the anticipated increase […]

Property Management Systems (Hospitality Industry)

Introduction Property Management Systems (PMSs) are essential tools in the hospitality industry. Hospitality industry is complex and has numerous challenges. Reservations, customer care and administration of hotels and resorts offer challenges that the management must confront in order to attain customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability of the establishments (O’Connor, 2004). For this reason, PMSs are […]

Hospitality Industry in Dubai

Introduction Jumeirah is one of the most profitable companies in the hospitality industry with restaurant divisions, event management and serviced residences, among others. Its success is attributed to human capital investment that is facilitated by special management committees. The report demonstrates the need for HCI within the hospitality sector in Dubai, UAE. The success of […]

Hospitality Industry Organizations

Introduction Hospitality industry organizations are fields in the service industry, which offer lodging services, transportation, theme parks, restaurants, and cruise lines among other services. This industry exclusively relies on leisure time and disposable income (Hodgetts & Luthans 2003). On the other hand, culture shock is a situation whereby an individual develops nervous feelings because of […]

Current Trends in the Global Hospitality Industry

Introduction The term spa still remains an ambiguous and somewhat unclear term, especially within the context of a business model. Nonetheless, mention of the term elicits connotations of health and wellness (Cohen & Bodeker 2008). The spa industry has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, thanks in large part to the contribution made […]

Hospitality Industry in Australia

Introduction The Australian tourism and hospitality industry is facing considerable challenges. Economic uncertainty, labour market issues, natural disasters, and other problems have profound negative implications for the development of the entire sector. Because the hospitality industry is labour-intensive, the quality of Human Resource Management approaches predetermines the successes and failures within hospitality businesses. At present, […]

Contemporary Trends in Hospitality Industry

Abstract This paper is a report on the external analysis of a hospitality organization which is currently in business. In the context of this paper, Hilton Worldwide will be chosen as the case study subject. In the paper, all contexts of external analysis will be looked at. They include external factors which influence the marketing […]

The Asian Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Introduction The Asian tourism and hospitality industry has continued to grow tremendously. Currently, the sector contributes significantly to the region’s GDP. Despite global threats such as terrorism and economic depression, the sector has continued to bolster impressive results. However, with the growing competition from other countries such as South Africa, USA, and China, many factors […]

Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Executive Summary Sustainability is the concern for everyone who is concerned about the future success. Sustainability will enable the future generation to attain development and success. This will also ensure secure job opportunities and provide a platform for current development programs. The issue of sustainability is also found in the tourism industry. In this case, […]

Current trends in Global Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry contributes greatly to the tourism sector because it acts as a source of tourist attraction for both local and foreign tourists. Social media denotes various technologically backed tools and amenities that facilitate easy communication and interaction through the internet. Social media has a unique ability to share resources and data across a […]

Hospitality industry and entrepreneurs

Introduction In the current days, a number of factors continue to serve as impediments and opportunities for entrepreneurs when setting up businesses. More particularly, the upheavals that the entrepreneurs face when they attempt to establish businesses in the hospitality industry are increasing exponentially. In this report, there is going to be exploring of various factors […]

Reflective Thinking: The Power of Innovations. Using Brand New Ideas

Introduction: The Issues Learned Among the issues that have been learned during the curriculum, I should mention the idea that the innovations in the sphere of hospitality industry depend considerably on the added value. Once creating the right strategy in the world where globalization is taking its toll, one should keep in mind that the […]

Current Trends in the Global Hospitality Industry

Generally, the hospitality industry consists of numerous fields, which most popular are restaurants, transportation and tourism. It is not a secret that the success of the hospitality industry depends on disposable income. Tourism services as well as leisure ones are considered to be the sectors the hospitality industry includes. The professionals from fast moving consumer […]

Feasibility Study: Detailed Strategic Destination Risk Analysis for French Cuisine Restaurants

Introduction Globalization has increased business competiveness. Presently, most corporations recognize the need to utilize comprehensive feasibility studies (Peebles & Wilson 2002, p. 34). This concept is also applicable in various global tourist destinations. French cuisine restaurants are important facilities in the hospitality industry. This report presents a feasibility study for companies with interests in establishing […]

Women and Glass Ceilings in the Hospitality Industry

Introduction The number of women found in the hospitality industry has been increasing largely over the years. This can be attributed to the fact that the hospitality industry has a viable environment for career building and development of individuals, women included. The estimated value of the hospitality industry is $4 trillion in the world distributed […]

Policy Planning for a Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Executive Summary The benefits of tourism can only be sustained if efforts are put in place to manage the environmental aspects that are involved. Several annual sporting events are held in Australia which attract huge numbers of tourists, both from international circles and locally, to witness the events. Sustainability programmes are required to be implemented […]

The role of ISO 9001 in the Hospitality Industry- Scala Restaurant, Art Deco Hotel Montana

Abstract According to Hotels, Resorts & Cruise (2009), the hospitality industry has been growing drastically with new entrants making notable impacts over the past few years. Karahan & Tetik (2012) add that competition has increased and hotels and restaurants have resolved to improve quality management by the use of international standards such as ISO 9001. […]

Swiss Hospitality Touch

Swiss hospitality touch entails the characteristics that make up a holistic organization that is geared towards meeting the demands of its client and creating a friendly working environment for its employees so as to realize success in the hotelier industry (Gleick 1987). The five known attributes and ethical pactices that ought to be implemented to […]

Comparative Analysis of Hilton Hotel and Marriot International Hotels

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to provide an in-depth analysis of two leading companies in the hospitality industry- Hilton Hotels and Marriot international. The aim of this analysis is to identify the major factors affecting their strategic direction and predict their future performances and possibility of existence in a rapidly developing and highly […]

Hospitality Industry in Australia: Accor and the Intercontinental Hotels Group

Introduction In Australia, the hospitality industry is one of the most developed industries which is characterised by the significant economic progress and revenues and by the close connection with the international market, depending on its trends. Travel, tourism, and hospitality industries are associated, and there are a lot of factors which affect the companies’ development […]

The Hospitality Industry

Introduction Background information The hospitality industry is ranked amongst the world’s largest economic sectors. The sector account for more than 10 per cent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and provides employment to a significant proportion of the total world’s population. The industry is composed of firms that deal with different activities such as […]

The meaning of strategy to Philip Sim & Associates

Organization strategy Philip Sim & Associates is a law firm based in Sydney that articulates culture variations when dealing with its customers. The strategy is meant to improve the livelihoods of individuals by aiding in the local and international property transactions. In present, emphasis is being directed towards the Chinese culture as a strategy in […]

Overview of the Hospitality Industry in New York City

Challenges involved in managing a restaurant operation in New York City (NYC) Having been described as the “restaurant capital of the world”, New York City (NYC) is no doubt a good investment location for people seeking to set businesses in the food and beverage industry (The Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York, 2005, p. 14). […]

The Hospitality and Tourism Market in Victoria State Australia

Introduction The tourism and hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia. The industry takes a larger portion of the economy and plays a vital role in the Australian economy. The tourism industry not only operates nationally but also fully participates in the global market economy. The industry is currently recording massive improvements […]

Applications of High-Tech Recycle Bin for Hospitality Industry

Background The economic recession has presented some challenges to the hotel industry. The stakeholders in the industry have been forced to minimize the costs of operations in all departments in order to withstand the harsh climate. Strategists in the industry have introduced some projects such as Go Green in order to survive in the market […]

Principles of Hospitality Enacted in Private and Commercial Domains

Introduction Hospitality is a multi-faceted concept embracing constantly changing contexts with regard to social and economical development of a host country. On the one hand, the term refers to the already established norms of private and domestic fields of daily life. It conveys the extent to which homes are opened to guests and strangers and, […]

‘Artefact’ Through Lens of Hospitality

Introduction The concept of hospitality is an evolving phenomenon because it closely correlates with multiple characteristics and qualities at various points of time. Specifically, hospitality aspects have undergone fundamental changes with regard to time, culture, social circumstances, and locations. These variations are contextually presented in different social and economical environments shaping dichotomy of hospitality between […]

Target Market Analysis for Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism

Introduction The hospitality and tourism industry is a very fragile industry in terms of attracting and retaining its customers. With the rise and advancement of modernization, pleasure markets are expanding significantly, since are frequently moving from one region to another on in their leisure times. By considering the specific needs and requirements of their target […]

Hospitality as a Discourse

Introduction As a discourse, hospitality has enabled me to understand a personal experience in my life. Moreover, it has reinforced my belief that, as a discipline and a social reality, hospitality is one of the most fundamental societal concepts of our time. As our modern day societies become more individualistic, I feel that a large […]

Managing cultural diversity in the hospitality industry

Our environment determines our behaviors. People adopt certain communication styles, eating habits, and different modes of dressing depending on the type of social orientation. Symbols such as gestures and body language also form part of the human culture. Different people interpret symbols differently depending on their culture. As such, individual’s way of life determines how […]

Asian Hospitality Trends

Asian hospitality is specific due to cultural peculiarities of the place. No matter which country one visits, the hospitality is going to be at the highest level. Being one of the main source of revenue, restaurant and hotel hospitality play important role in the development of Asian economics. Being the third constituent of the world […]

Hospitality trends in Asia

Introduction The hospitality industry is categorized as a service industry that includes tourism industry, lodging facilities and catering units. Travel and tourism industry comprises of areas of tourism, transportation services, food and beverage services and other small retail stores. The places that offer hospitality services include hotels, restaurants, arts and craft shops, airplanes, bars and […]

Different quality services between Asia and Europe Hotels

Introduction There has been an endless debate among travelers concerning the standard of quality of service in the hospitality industry. It is worth noting that the debate is focusing on whether European hotels offer same level of services as their Asian counterparts. There is no doubt that different people have different test when it comes […]