Effects of Tourism Essay Examples and Topics

Economic factors that affect Tourism

Introduction Tourism is an essential element of economic growth and development of any given country in the contemporary world. A majority of developing countries rely heavily on tourism for government’s revenue. Tourism sector ranks as the leading sector in the creation of jobs, source of foreign exchange, and cultural development in many developing countries. There […]

Tourism Contribution to Poverty Reduction

This paper discusses the key issues on how tourism can contribute to the poverty reduction and how the initiatives on poverty reduction can be measured as well as how the indicators can be identified. Conceptual issues have also been discussed to determine current and future challenges facing tourism as a tool in reducing poverty. In […]

Tourism Changes and Challenges

Background Tourism constitutes one of the core components in the economic growth and development of most economies (Tarlow 2002). A report released by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation [UNWTO] in 2010 shows that the industry has undergone remarkable growth and diversification over the past six decades. The sector ranks amongst the fastest growing industries […]

Tourism and Sustainability: Whale-Watching Industries

Characteristics for Development of Whale-Watching Industries On the social front, it is evident that although the community in the Vava’u area comprises of only 16,000 people, it has been on the forefront in whale conservation efforts and demonstrates a friendly nature to tourists. Additionally, the community has been effective in using promotional material involving the […]

Tour Operators’ Influence on Hotels in Mallorca

Introduction Tourism is rooted in the history of ancient civilisations. Over the years, the industry has grown to become one of the most lucrative sectors for the generation of foreign revenues in many nations. Franscesco Frangialli, the WTO secretary-general, posits, “Tourism at the turn of the century is growing faster than even our most optimistic […]

Development and Pro-Poor Tourism

Introduction Tourism is one of the most popular leisure activities globally. According to international tourism statistics, there were over 940 million global tourist arrivals in 2010. This recorded a 6.6% growth as compared to the year 2009. According to World Tourism Organization’s definition, tourism is the act of travelling for leisure, recreational and business purposes. […]

The sustainable tourism in New Zealand

Identification of the main points of the literature review The current paper explores the issues of sustainable tourism with special reference to New Zealand. Specifically, the paper examines the existing correlation between sustainable tourism in this country and the Resource Management Act. The paper begins with the traditional requirements for tourism planning which include a […]

Tourism & Cultural Change: A Critical Analysis

The present paper develops a focused and sustained understanding on how tourism impacts cultural change at the global level, the benefits and drawbacks arising from the interrelationship between tourism and local cultures, and what stakeholders can do to ensure that tourism does not submerge dominant cultural issues as it seeks to generate more deterministic forms […]

Tourism as an Ambassador of Promoting International Peace

In essence, there are many definitions of peace. In the context of this paper, peace is defined as insubstantial attribute which is hard to compute or otherwise quantify. Peace is usually defined as the nonexistence of war, random violence and actions of terrorism. However, this characterization is narrow and, does not put into consideration the […]

Sustainable Tourism Development

This essay shows that there are initiatives which aim at promoting sustainability in tourism destinations. However, these initiatives do not work due to the diverse nature of the tourism industry. The essay demonstrates this through various approaches to tourism sustainability and methods that stakeholders have applied in their attempts to enhance sustainability of tourism destinations. […]

Sustainable Tourism: Divisions among Stakeholders

Since the fifteenth century, tourism has emerged as a reliable sector in different economies across the world (Matt 2004). However, the economies that benefit from it most are those that posses unique features since, in any given country, the number of both domestic as well as foreign tourists visiting different places of interest is usually […]

Climate change and its effects on tourism in coastal areas

Research issue and justification The issue to be examined is climate change and its effects on tourism in coastal areas. Tourism in most coastal areas encompasses a series of activities. Some may involve accommodation, others may entail water sports while others may involve visitation of sites in coastal areas. All these aspects of the visitors […]

Purposes of Tourism Industry

Tourism provides employment to the local people. It is also a source of revenue both to the national and local authorities. Tourism provides the tourists with the opportunity to learn other cultural practices. In a broader aspect, tourism industry helps in the conservation of cultural heritage and even the environment. Reasons for Travelling Tourists travel […]

The Role of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) in Tourism Marketing

Tourism involves the travelling of people from one country to another country or within a country. The connection between tourism and indigenous is that the tourism industry must include traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) because it will help to enhance their tourism products and increase benefits to the local community. However, failure to incorporate TEK will […]

Definition of Sustainability and Its Underpinnings in Tourism

Introduction Sustainability has become a buzzword in contemporary tourism research and practice. Thousands of businesses claim themselves to be sustainable, because they provide their services without damaging the environment. More often than not, sustainability is understood in the context of environmental protection and community development. Sustainable tourism is expected to be able to balance its […]

Tourism and environment in conflict

Introduction Tourism is affected by the environment of the destination country, in terms of climatic conditions and culture. Before deciding on the destination, tourists evaluate the suitability of the destination in terms of culture and weather conditions. Tourists are more likely to visit a destination with a new experience and a similar or familiar environment. […]

Influence of increased use of electronic and other technologies on the travel and tourism industry

Tourism is arguably one of the most productive sectors in the UK, estimated to account for about 9 percent of the country’s GDP (Papatheodorou, Rossell & Xiao 2010). The industry encompasses various areas that would directly tend to impact human life. For instance, with tourism and travel come things such as car rental agencies, tour […]

Social Cultural Impacts of Tourism

Introduction The social cultural impact of tourism refers to the positive and negative effect or impact of tourism on the cultural heritage, traditions, customs, and social life style of host communities. This paper will look at the positive and negative socio-cultural impacts of tourism on host communities and tourists, as well as the different factors […]

Tourism and Leisure for Youth Target Market

Introduction The following is a report on youth as a target market in tourism and leisure industry. Tourism and leisure industry is popular with most young people. It looks into how the youths perceive tourism and leisure activities. It also looks into how companies wish to market their services to the youths and the approaches […]

Social Impacts of Tourism

The WTO defines tourism as an encounter between a person and a destination in its natural setting. It is also an encounter between individual groups of people and social groups. It can also be viewed as an encounter between nations and an exchange of values. The exchange is however significantly different when it occurs between […]

Tourism and Moral Conduct

“Get the hell out of here!” he yelled at them. “Get a room!” The above was highlighted in DailyJournal.com and reported as the response of a coastal beach resident when he caught two tourist having sex against the wall of his house near an entertainment spot frequented by tourists in New Jersey (Perry). Morals issues […]

Tourism and language

Introduction Tourism is beneficial to any country’s economy. It brings people from different cultural backgrounds together. In addition, it connects people who speak different languages. Tourists visit sceneries for various reasons. In this regard, they find themselves in unfamiliar environs. Sometimes tourists face obstacles in their line of activities. These include language barrier, different cultures, […]

Tourism and Cultural Change

Introduction Cultural change is prevalent in virtually every part of the world. This change is highly influenced by cultural mix, which is brought about by tourism. Tourism brings people from different cultural backgrounds together. It ensures that cultural mix is achieved. Over time, cultural mix brings about change, which is usually gradual. Tourists visit various […]

Tourism and material forms of culture

Introduction The tourism industry has experienced massive growth over the years. It is one of the world’s principal businesses and has been sustained by the increase in international trade. Its contribution to the global GDP in 2011 was 9% with 255 million people working in the tourism industry (World Tourism and Travel Council 1). Many […]

Tourism: Benefits and Costs

Executive Summary Tourism is a phenomenon which was extensively developed during the 20th century when people became able to afford a vacation once a year. This paper thoroughly examines all the positive and negative consequences of the development of tourism. First off, it concludes that tourism can improve the economy. Tourism, in the first, place […]

The tourism industry

Description of the industry The tourism industry is one of the industries in the market. The industry is made of of key players such as hotels, and tourist attraction sites. The demand in the industry has increased because people need to travel and visit fascinating sites. Countries with attractive sites have experienced high growth in […]

Tourism for different people in Italy

Executive summary The two couples going on the Venetian excursion have different interests. It is important therefore that the trip sufficiently covers these interests. For this reason, the whole one week shall be made up of diversified excursions which shall accommodate the different interests. There will be different excursions which will include sightseeing as well […]

Adventure tourism and development: Conservation or exploitation

Introduction Adventure tourism or eco-tourism is a type of tourism which involves exploration and recreation activities. The destination of travel is usually exotic and remote with extremely hostile environment. The tourist has the opportunity to engage with nature through physical activities such as mountaineering, bungee jumping, rafting and rock climbing among others. Adventure tourism is […]

Tourism Growth in Developing Countries

Presently, tourism is known to be one of the biggest, yet dynamic and a very fast growing sector, which has many economical benefits (Batta, 2000). Because of the high returns, substantial amount of foreign currency flow in a country, crucial infrastructures, and other amenities develop, and modern educational experiences take place rapidly affecting the economy […]

Tourism Industry and what way to travel is better

Impact of Transportation on the Tourism Industry The Chicago convention that contains the basic rules for civil aviation signed by Franklin Roosevelt in December 1944 emphasized that the future development of air transport will create good relationship between nations and people around the world. Air transport has become the foundation of the entire global society […]

Factors that have led to the Development of the Tourism Industry

A number of milestones have been recorded in the development of tourism particularly in the United Kingdom. Tourism became more popular in the UK way back in 1936 when Butlin Billy initiated his first holiday camp in Skegness. In 1938, the UK government introduced the holiday with pay act that enabled UK citizens to earn […]

Economic Impacts of Tourism

Negative Impact of Tourism on Hawaii Natives and Environment The paper begins by pointing out to the multi-billion dollar nature of the tourism industry. Improvements on technology and transportation in the latter part of the 20th century have largely led to the growth of tourism in the recent years. The state of Hawaii thrives as […]

Contribution of tourism to the developing countries development

Introduction Tourism involves people traveling to different parts of the world with the purpose of having leisure, recreation and also doing business. Tourism can be local or international. Tourists are individuals who travel to destinations far from their residence for the purpose of getting something that is not in their environment. Tourism has been of […]

ICT and How it Influences Consumer Behaviour in Tourism

Introduction There are a number of definitions that exist to describe what the word tourism refers to. In simple terms, tourism can be described as the act of leaving one’s usual place of residence to visit a non-resident location. People will engage in tourism for a variety of reasons and these are in most cases […]

Tourism and Indigenous People in marketing in general

Tourism is a process that involves traveling from one place to another and from one destination to another destination, mainly and especially for leisure, business, and even for recreational purposes within a period that is not more than one year. It also involves occupation and business process of getting information, accommodation, and even transportation services […]

Tourism, Leisure and Society

Introduction Leisure is an important aspect in everybody’s life. During leisure people express themselves and become more relaxed. Tourism is physical and metaphorical. Travel is a fascinating metaphor because it refers not to the fixed but to a journey, a crossing from the familiar centre to the exotic periphery. Tourism is also a metaphor for […]

Social Factors that Motivate People to Travel (in Tourism Industry)

Introduction Tourism is used as a revenue generator in many countries. With an increased world population, tourist population has grown accordingly. People travel because of different reasons, some of which are personal, while others are job oriented. Beard and Ragheb identify the various push and pull reasons that people base their decisions on for traveling. […]

Socio-Cultural Effects of Tourism

Introduction Tourists affect the host countries in socio-cultural ways. They affect the values of the values, family structure and relationships, behaviour, art forms, community organizations, traditional ceremonies and lifestyle. The socio-cultural effects came about due to host-tourist interaction when the tourist is purchasing a product, exchanging ideas and information and when socializing at different locations. […]