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World Tourism Essay Examples and Topics

Technologies in Tourism

Increasing the levels of customer safety, contributing to an improved communication process between companies and its clients, and enhancing the infrastructure of the tourism industry, IT tools must be incorporated into it so that new [...]

Improving Tourism in Abu Dhabi

The economic position is encouraging more people to support the industry. The uprisings experienced in the Middle East appear to threaten the tourism industry.

Types of Tourism and Ecotourism in Peru

Therefore, travelers gain an understanding of the natural, cultural, and ethnographic features of the terrain; thus, contributing to the preservation of the continuity of ecosystems and creating the economic setting for the development and maintenance [...]

Medical Tourism: Important Aspects

Regionalization has also been influenced by the availability of more affordable services in different parts of the world, which makes it reasonable for people to access health care services in the emerging markets, rather than [...]

Tourism Industry: Emergency and Crisis Management

The technological and scientific breakthrough that has been witnessed over the past several decades has created the foil for the rapid development of the tourism industry. What are the primary causes of emergencies and crises [...]

Sustainable and Last Chance Tourism

Sustainable tourism can simply be described as the practice of protecting the environmental aspects and culture of a particular community, while at the same time ensuring the benefits of tourism are enjoyed presently and in [...]

Dubai Tourism and Expo 2021 Innovations

Is it possible that innovation management and such strategies as the multicultural education of workers help to improve the quality of work of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and increase the number of [...]

Tourism Industry: Sectors and Services

The eight sectors in this industry include accommodation, travel trade, tourism services, attractions, transportation, food and beverage, events and conferences, and adventure tourism and recreation.

Halal Tourism Industry

According to the authors, Halal tourism is an aspect under the Islamic law and is categorized to include halal food, halal activities and airlines and the subsequent compliant hotels, especially in regards to the shariah [...]

Medical Travel Industry: Medical Tourism

The factors that promote medical tourism include the availability of care in the destination, timeliness of medical care, the cost of care and the ability of people to meet the costs, different preferences for medical [...]

Niche Tourism Analysis

The main objectives of the essay are to define niche tourism, determine the major characteristics of niche tourism and how it differs from mass tourism.

Workplace Issues in the Tourism Industry

Despite the importance of the hospitality industry to the Australian economy, the figure below shows that it posts the highest rate of employee turnover in the economy Figure One: Industry analysis of worker turnover in [...]

Volunteer Tourism Overview

According to Broad, the concept of volunteer tourism can only be understood better when it is comprehended from the perspective of the destination of the tourism; the local communities.

Power of Children in the Tourism Industry

The power of children in families implies that they dictate the locations that families visit, the type of accommodation facilities, and the type of activities that families undertake during the holiday.

Casinos Industry

An outline of the top five casinos in the world and the performance of the industry in the past 5 years is illustrated in the first part.

Tourism Motivation Categories

However, the author should have captured the fact that people do not only tour places to get a break from the normal but as they do that they want to go to places they have [...]

National Tourism Organizations

This led to the formation of NTO's in almost all other countries of the world with the sole objective of making those countries known better as tourist destinations.

Food and Wine Tourism

From the Australian perspective, wine tourism is the paying of a visit to the wineries and or wine making regions in order to experience and enjoy the unique features of the contemporary lifestyle of Australia [...]

Ethics in Tourism

Hospitality managers should understand that local people are also a part of the heritage, that tourists want to see. On balance, it is possible to note that sustainability of cultural diversity is one of the [...]

Volunteer tourism

The main motivation of this kind of tourism is to volunteer in working for the host community as the tourists learn more about their culture and other things.

Gender and Sex Tourism

The study therefore finds out the contribution and views of Dominican women towards sex tourism and the masculinity of tourism as a factor.

Final report on Travel

Additionally, the respondents were provided with a description of the purpose of the study, privacy statement, and a description of their freedom to choose whether to participate or not to.

Constant shock syndrome

Provision of such services enhances comfort of visitors and improves the profile of the destination. This is a great source of attraction to the visitors.

Travel Agent in the Leisure Industry

Travel agents are not just people who offer the country to travel and the hotel, travel agents are those who organize all the sides and details of the trip doing all possible that a client [...]

Final Business Plan

Located in the Sumatra Island, the resort will be among the first tourism destination in the island to offer relaxing services to the tourists who visit the area throughout the year.

Information Systems and Tourism Industry

The increase in the number of people owning computers connected to the internet in their homes have significantly changed the way tourism consumers identify their destination, make reservations, define the extent of leisure they want [...]

Tourism, Travel and 9/11

Despite the fact that the U.S.economy was slowing in the months prior to this incident, the consequences of the terrorist act tipped the economy further into depression.