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Trips and Tours Essay Examples and Topics

Maasai Mara Trip and Preparations

As I make my trip to the Maasai Mara I would expect to see a number of features and wildlife. I would expect to see the nice topography that is characteristic of the mara.

Bali Island in Family Trip Experience

The inhabitants of this island are warm and very receptive and it is no surprise that the island has been nicknamed 'The Island of God in Paradise.' This descriptive essay is going to capture the [...]

Adventure Travel in Skift Podcast

However, in this podcast, the people working in the industry claim that there is much more to it than extreme activities and that today, the market is broadening to suit all types of customers.

Traveling, Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Traveling is an important past time activity that is fun and that exposes people to other countries, cultures, and societies. Another disadvantage of traveling is the risk of exposure to diseases and deadly illnesses.

Field Trip: the Mangroves of Qatar

However, there are still myriads of opportunities to improve or boost the current level in the growth of mangroves. The benefits of mangroves are numerous and hence, the need to promote the biodiversity.

Managers in the Tourism Industry

Consequently, managers in the tourism industry should develop a multifaceted and realistic view of the industry situation, to have the resources needed to keep tourists and employees motivated in the long run.

Greece in Travel Blog of Katrin Sif

In the selected passage taken from the post on traveling in Greece, the author chooses to focus on such two important aspects as the Greek hospitality and the Greek people's approach to philosophy which are [...]

Travel’s Value in China and Western Culture

To a great extent, these readings are aimed at showing that traveling can be viewed as a form of education; nevertheless, the authors examine traveling this issue from the perspective of very different cultures; these [...]

Mystical Wilderness of Lake Waikaremoana

If you are looking forward to traveling to the place that has been capturing the minds of the wanderers for years, make a bid at exploring one of the most scenic, miscellaneous and enigmatic pathways [...]

Cruise Experience in Britannia

By concentrating on fluid curves and elegant lines, lightened spaces and the acceptable recreation of public spaces, the designer symbolically approached the interiors of Britannia with a sense of music and architecture.

Myanmar Tourism Marketing Mix

The aim of this assessment is to determine the influence of some selected market mix elements on the effectiveness of historical and cultural tourism services.

Sustainable Tourism in Toronto

The analysis explores the cultural aspects, products, relationship between tourism and the people, and the effect of different tourism changes on the social and cultural environment in Toronto.

Sex Tourism Concept

A major aspect of sex tourism is the commoditization of the bodies of the participants in the destination country. In spite of the prevalence of sex tourism, few travelers are willing to identify with the [...]

Tourism: Current and Future Trends

Furthermore, the tourism sector has to know what, why, how, and when something will occur, the repercussions, and the strategies that should be employed to exploit the benefits and play down the risks that these [...]

Environmental Impacts of Cruise Tourism

Many societies, nations, and communities have embraced the concept of sustainable tourism in order to benefit the most from it. The authors of the above article focused on the issue of cruise tourism.

Tourism Types: Camping

The purpose of camping is to ensure that people are exposed to the outdoor more than they are to the indoors, being that they tend to spend most of their daily lives confined in the [...]

Miami Beach as a Relaxing Place

Some of the features that make the white sand beach an incredibly calming place are the sounds and the sights are covering the ocean as well as the scenic and beautiful landscape.

Tourism in Marseille

Marseille is one of the provinces in France and it has, over the years, been one of the busiest tourist attraction destinations in the world.

Outgoing and Incoming Tour Operators

These are the incoming tour operators and the outbound tour operators. It is also the role of the outbound tour operator to ensure that the tourists reach the destination that they intend.

Sustainability in Cruise Tourism Industry

The gains from the industry have been increasing, however as the industry grows issues of major concerns have risen concerning the contribution of the cruise tourism industry to unsustainable development with proposals of the sustainable [...]

Into Thin Air: Summiting Everest

They greatly appreciate the rugged beauty of the mountain, the challenges that lay before them and they love to experience what it feels like to stand on the roof of the world.

Tourism in Shanghai

The signing of the Approved Destination Status between China and the EU in 2004 further enhanced the prospect of more foreign tourists.

The growth of Cruising in Australia

It is also reported that the annual growth in the number of the Australian cruise passengers in the year 2010 was among the highest for the global cruise sector, with just New Zealand recording a [...]

Chinese Tourism in Victoria

The study revealed that language barrier is the primary cause of the problems that the Chinese visitors encounter in Victoria. The study concluded that language and cultural barriers are the leading causes of dissatisfaction to [...]

Tourism in the United Arab Emirates

The decision to establish this venture is based on the role played by hotels and transportation in the tourism industry. If Al deyafa can be able to position itself in the market as the leader [...]

Tourism Planning and Tourist Agencies

With this in mind, adventure tourism has become the culmination in the evolution of New Zealand's sustainable tourism and a reflection of the country's commitment to the principles and values of sustainable tourism planning.

Sustainable Tourism Planning

According to World Tourism Organization, sustainable tourism development is aimed at meeting the needs of visitors and the host countries and cities and at the same time furthering the future prospects.

Tourism in Bario community

The state of Sarawak in the eastern part of Malaysia has embraced different forms of tourism such as research tourism, cultural tourism, adventure tourism and development conferencing in to bring economic empowerment in the community.

Events Management

The organizing manager also has the duty of recruiting a team to ensure that the show is successful. The major objective of this research is to develop a framework of understanding and also create general [...]

Eco and Cultural Tourism

Water which is the source of all forms of life must be used sustainably and thus to be considered an eco friendly resort, water pollution should be unheard of within the resort and water recycling [...]

Tourism in Sydney, Australia

In order to enhance the image of 'Sydney in a Day' program amongst the tourists, the authority will ensure that the product is effectively packaged.

Heritage Tourism

Those in support of the claim that the two types of tourism meaning the same continue to say that the features that can be used to differentiate between the two types of tourism are the [...]

Heritage Tourism and Cultural Tourism

In the preservation of the sites for tourism purposes, it is clear that what is termed as the "culture of today" becomes the heritage of the future. There is a need to unveil the complexity [...]

Marketing: Tourism in Egypt

Moreover, it can be deduced that tutankhamun mania has increased based on the argument that over-visiting monuments in Egypt is seen to pose damage to the monuments and as a result, visits in the country [...]

Tourism in Saudi Arabia

This led to the establishment of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities in 2000, whose purpose is to support tourism in the Kingdom.

Heritage Tourism and its Peculiarities

To this end, it assesses the strategic locations of the site and the importance of achieving the intended goal, which aims towards the revenue generation and culture preservation.

Heritage tourism definition

One of the major stakeholders to this tourist destination is the Heritage Malta that is greatly involved in managing the museums and sites.

Tourism Planning and Development of Margate

It furthers explains the existing sources of investment and finance for tourism, the adequacy and effectiveness of tourism policy and planning framework, the extent of local involvement including benefits to the community and finally, environment [...]

Tourism Policy and Planning In Luxembourg

The study of tourism policy is an impotent field because it allows researchers to understand the determinants of performance in tourism in a given area and the factors that influence this performance.

Australia Tourism

In view of this, the ACT plans to better understand the nature of international tourism demands, with the aim of improving varieties of attraction sites and focusing on the international tourists' satisfaction.

A Critique of Tourism Policy and Planning in Brazil

The country's improved tourism status and the expanding contribution of the sector to the South American economy therefore prompt this paper to affirm that Brazil's tourism planning and policy intervention processes have addressed the problems [...]

Tourism – Environment Relationships

Relationship between tourism and the environment There is a great dependency of tourism on the environment as described by Holden and Fennel's book The Routledge Handbook of Tourism and Environment.

Cruising in Australia

In order to cater for the increasing desire by the tourists to cruise, the companies involved in the business are building more ships to accommodate the tourists.

Tourism and Environment

In order to address the impacts of tourism on the environment, there is need to discuss how to replace the income that may be lost by implementing these measures. Environmental conservation in tourism is responsible [...]

Saint Tropez History and Tourizm

The sea is probably one of the most exciting ways of going to and from the town. The town has made use of chartered helicopters that transport people to and from beaches and restaurants.

Eco Tourism and Hospitality Industry

The aim of this research is to provide the theoretical aspects that govern eco tourism with an aim of increasing conservation of the environment as well as increasing the participation of the local communities.

Benefits of Tourism

Lack of adequate amount of foreign may lead to the diminishing of the value of a local currency. This leads to the development of infrastructure that would support the growth of tourism in the rural [...]

Tourism in Latin America

In this case, tourism looks at the culture of these Americans and also the physical aspect of the region. In the Latin American regions, it is not only the culture of its inhabitants that attract [...]

Allure cruise line

The attitude and morals of the Allure workforce are a tremendously sturdy contributing factor to the company's overall image in this competitive market.

Stakeholders of Tourism in Thailand

The essence of this forum was to find ways of ensuring sustainable tourism development that will meet the needs of tourists, locals and the tourism industry in general.

Cruise Tourism Industry

In point of fact, the ambition is to capitalize on the profit gained from the cruise industry and all together supporting the natural possessions of Belize.

Tourism in Japan

The tsunami covered a distance of about 23 feet from the coast of the country in the northern part of the country causing thousands of deaths and destruction of properties.