Trips and Tours Essay Examples and Topics

Tourism: Current and Future Trends

Introduction The modern tourism and hospitality business is significantly being influenced by demography, and it is posited that it will characterize the future of the area. Current demographic patterns will influence the demand for tourism and the choice of the workforce, which will impact how the industry operates, is structured, and how it will develop […]

Socio-Cultural Concept in Tourism

The socio-cultural concept refers to a range of various social and cultural factors. The concept encompasses several values, beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyles that individuals practice in a given community. In several cases, the concept is a guide that governs the behavior and character of people living in a respective region or community. Social values relate […]

International Travel Plan: Greece

Purpose of the trip The purpose of the international traveling plan is to visit the Greece city of Athens for five days. The five days will be spent within the city but on different sites. The first day of the tour will be spent in the region of the Acropolis in the Acropolis Museum and […]

Environmental Impacts of Cruise Tourism

Tourism has remained a profitable economic activity in many destinations and countries. Tourism has the potential to produce positive economic developments and ideas. Many societies, nations, and communities have embraced the concept of sustainable tourism in order to benefit the most from it. Many scholars “have encouraged the idea of sustainable tourism because it respects […]

Tourism Types: Camping

Introduction Camping is one of the common outdoor activities that usually take place at a camp site. Participants, commonly known as campers, leave the comfort of their homes or regions to spend one or several nights outdoors (Travel & Tourism Market Research Handbook 195). The art of camping may involve the use of tents, cabins, […]

Government Shutdown and Its Impact on Tourism

Introduction The US government shutdown of 2013 was an event that led to significant financial losses for many industries in the country. This shutdown, which lasted from October 1 to 16, happened because Congress could not agree on spending priorities and policies. This led to a failure in passing the bill appropriating funds for the […]

Tourism: Shaikh Zayed Mosque in UAE

Destination Description Shaikh Zayed Mosque is a major tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates. The mosque is located in Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan initiated the mosque. This structure depicts the best Islamic architecture in the UAE. Many people from different parts of the globe visit this mosque (Words from His […]

The Internet Impacts on the Travel Industry

Introduction The world has been massively influenced by emerging technologies. One of the aspects of technology that has affected human activities is the invention and advancements of the internet. Internet is increasingly becoming a basic need for most individuals and to business units. The role of the internet in the society is becoming more pronounced […]

Miami Beach as a Relaxing Place

Miami Beach is a nice relaxing place especially when you are tired, depressed or stressed. Some of the features that make the white sand beach an incredibly calming place are the sounds and the sights are covering the ocean as well as the scenic and beautiful landscape. A visit to Miami Beach is quite memorable. […]

Comparison of Dubai and Cape Town as Vacation Locations

Introduction It is well known that the city of Cape Town is the second biggest metropolis in South Africa. “As a vacation destination, the city is well known for the natural landscape and ambiance in the Cape floral kingdom such as the popular attraction sites of Table Mountain and Cape Point” (Meer 1). The city […]

Travel and Tourism Definition

Presently, many people in the world have embraced the traveling culture to explore the magic of nature. Travel and tourism in broader terms refer to the movement of people to places outside their normal habitat within one year. Due to this development, there is the establishment of travel and tourism institutions or industries Worldwide. Travel […]

Canadian Tourism Industry: Tourism Services

Introduction The overall tourism industry entails various sectors and sub-sectors, all of which contribute towards adding value to the entire industry. Up to eight major sectors have been formulated within the larger tourism industry based on their closely related features and functionalities. They include transportation, accommodation, meetings events & conferences, food & beverage, attractions, tourism […]

Background Mckenzie River Tourism

The McKenzie River is a Willamette River tributary which runs 90 miles and is approximately 145 km. The McKenzie River was named after a Scottish Canadian, Donald McKenzie who was a fur trader. It is situated in the western part of the Oregon, United States. McKenzie River flows to the south most end of Willamette […]

Tourism in Marseille

Executive Summary Tourism is believed to be one of the most influential and fastest growing industries across the world. Its growth over the recent years has been on a steady rise with numerous countries across the world witnessing an upward mobility in their tourism industries (Dabour, 2003, p. 25). According to Sharpley and Telfer (2002, […]

Research Report on Ecotourism in Mauritius

Introduction to Tourism in Mauritius Tourism is regarded as one of the most important foreign exchange earners in Mauritius. The IMF (2012) reports that tourism is slightly over 8 percent of the country’s GDP, making it an important aspect of the island’s economy. The growth in the tourism sector over the past 3 decades has […]

Outgoing and Incoming Tour Operators

Two Main Categories of Tour Operators Tour operators are people or companies that offer various travel packages that are used by tourists. Tour operators are very different from tour agents. Tour operators combine everything that the tourist would possibly need into one package. There are two main categories of tour operators in the United Kingdom. […]

Literature Review: The Role of Gastronomy for Tourism Development

Overview of the Themes The intensive development of tourism within countries can influence the national economies significantly. The development of tourism depends on the progress of different global trends, and the focus on gastronomy can be discussed as one of these trends (Everett & Aitchison, 2008, p. 153; Chrzan, 2006, p. 41; Sakolnakorn, Naipinit, & […]

Tourism Industry in Amsterdam

Executive Summary The tourism industry in Amsterdam has become important for the economic development of the city. It attracts millions of people who may have different lifestyles, interests, and values. It is characterized by extreme competitiveness among businesses. The growth of this economic sector can be attributed to the cultural heritage of Amsterdam and entertainment […]

Ecotourism Industry Organization

The Environment The environment is the combination of all living and non-living components on the earth and on the universe as a whole (Johnson, Ambros, Bassett, Bowen, Crummey, & Isaacson, 1997). All these components interact in what is referred to as the natural environment. The environment may be said to be natural or built. The […]

Tourism in Melbourne: Literature Review

Tourism has become one of the most attractive sectors of economy as more and more tourists leave their homes to obtain new experiences in different countries or in other states of their homeland. This segment of economy is developing very fast but it is still rather unclear what pushes tourists to come to this or […]

Key Issues Impacting Managing Tourism in Protected Areas in Far North Queensland, Australia

Introduction Different parts of the world are characterized by different economic activities. For example, some regions are famous for their agricultural activities while others rely on mining and fishing. Tourism is yet another leading economic activity in certain regions. A good example is the far north of Queensland, Australia. The area contributes a certain degree […]

Sustainability in Cruise Tourism Industry

Introduction As the sources of income become limited and human being needs become insatiable, man has looked for alternatives for making sure that he is able to fulfill his needs. One such need has been the need to enjoy the aesthetic value which our environment offers. This has resulted in engaging in different activities as […]

Into Thin Air: Summiting Everest

To summit Everest is the dream of many professional climbers. They greatly appreciate the rugged beauty of the mountain, the challenges that lay before them and they love to experience what it feels like to stand on the roof of the world. There are those who want to climb the mountain in order to obtain […]

Tourism in Shanghai

Abstract Tourism is one of the largest and major industries in the world. The sector has become a major source of income for numerous economies. Its significance is growing by the day. China, as the most populous country in the world, is projected to become a major market for both inbound and outbound tourists. Consequently, […]

Wiki Report: tourism in Switzerland and Malaysia

Introduction The tourism industry has continued to register positive results despite pessimistic economic forecasts across the globe. Global tourism maintained a positive momentum of more than 2% growth between 2010 and 2012. This growth occurred due to an increase in the number of travellers going to different destinations. Market estimations show that tourism will grow […]

The growth of Cruising in Australia

Introduction More and more Australians are taking cruise holidays. For instance, it is reported that in the year 2010, the number approached an all time high of about 500,000 basing on the estimates that were given in 2011 (Moffet, 2011). Beginning from the year 2002, the number of the Australian people that have been cruising […]

Chinese Tourism in Victoria

Executive Summary This field study is about tourism in Victoria. It focuses on the experiences, challenges and issues that require improving to enhance the visitors’ satisfaction. A qualitative research was carried out on three focus groups that included tourism agencies, Chinese immigrants and students. The researcher used interviews to collect data. The study revealed that […]

Tourism in the United Arab Emirates

Introduction Tourism in the Gulf States has increased significantly over the last five years. Specifically, the Internet has played a critical role in influencing consumer behavior in travel and tourism industry. The internet has turned the world into a global village. Anyone can be able to access the web using their smartphones and tablets. Foreman […]

A Critique of Tourism Policy and Planning in Austria

Introduction Background to the study Tourism is one of the key pillars of the Austrian economy. It ranks as a major export product in the country. The sector contributes approximately 15% of the total Gross Domestic Product [GDP] and 18% of the total export receipts. The sector has shown remarkable growth over the past 15 […]

Tourism Planning and Tourist Agencies

Globalisation and elimination of geographical borders foster the rapid expansion of national and international tourism. For dozens of countries from all over the world tourism has already become an essential source of profits and benefits. Millions of people attend tourist destinations in search of unique impressions and experiences. This is why small and large players […]

Sustainable Tourism Planning

Introduction Tourism is a major economic activity for many countries across the globe. A country such as New Zealand has relied on tourism industry for economic growth. The concept of sustainable tourism development has expanded in the last 40 years following the increasing public awareness of environmental issues. Bhatia (2007), in his study suggested that […]

Tourism in Bario community

The concept of using tourism as a tool for bringing development in communities has elicited a lot of debate with some people doubting the viability of the approach. Malaysia is an example of countries that have succeed in using pro-poor based tourism to foster development in economical struggling communities (Azarya, 2004). The state of Sarawak […]

Events Management

Introduction Globally, it is known that fashion shows are ways of introducing clothing lines, which are exposed to the general public or the community at large. Basically, it is also the best way of triggering an interest among buyers by just placing the clothing line in boutiques or beauty shops. An organizing manager planning for […]

Eco and Cultural Tourism

Eco Beach Resort is located in Kimberley south of Broome Australia at the shore of the Indian Ocean1. It has won many accolades due to its eco friendly policies evidenced by their accommodation facilities. The main idea behind its setting is to provide memorable and extraordinary experience while at the same time leaving the natural […]

Tourism in Sydney, Australia

Target market For a product or service to penetrate the market effectively, a target market must be identified (Abrams & Kleiner, 2003, p. 89). During 2011, Australia has forecasted an increment in the volume of its inbound tourism arrivals with a margin of 4.9%. However, the growth rate is expected to ease to an average […]

Heritage Tourism

Tourism was voted as the option that has attracted most people in their leisure times. In the recent years, tourism has gone up by 9.3% that in the 1980’s in that in the year 2011 alone there was more than 983 million tourists who toured different sites across the world (Edinburgh Tourism Action Group 2012). […]

Heritage Tourism and Cultural Tourism

Introduction Notably, the distinction between heritage tourism and cultural tourism has not been easy to draw. Researchers have devoted their time in an attempt to establish whether the two aspects are different or they just overlap (Timothy, 2011; Ivanovic, 2008). The key partners in the tourism sector have worked hard to find a way to […]

Marketing Assessment: Tourism in Egypt

Introduction Dallen J. Timothy and Gyan P. Nyaupane, in their classical tourism book titled, “Cultural heritage and tourism in the developing world: a regional perspective” observe that every region in the world possess unique histories, cultures, political traditions, heritages, issues and problems and the methods that have been employed in solving the various different issues […]

Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Executive summary Saudi Arabia has a rich collection of both natural and chronological attractions ranging from the mountain destinations of Taif and the magnificent display of prehistoric Nabatean tombs to the colorful coral reefs in the Red Sea. The larger percentage of tourists in this country has mainly been drawn from the conventional Muslim world […]

Heritage Tourism and its Peculiarities

Introduction Heritage tourism focuses on information and how the management contributes to the promotion of that particular tourism site. To this end, it assesses the strategic locations of the site and the importance of achieving the intended goal, which aims towards the revenue generation and culture preservation. The employed methodology included personal interviews of the […]

Heritage tourism definition

Introduction Heritage tourism is the aspect of experiencing destinations and activities that represent a group of people’s culture, history, and the present (Paolo, 2002). Megalithic temple of Gigantija Gozo Malta is an example of a heritage site. Primary data was obtained through interviews and interactive discussions with the head curator of Megalithic temples of Gigantija […]

Moomba Festival in Melbourne: Event, Significance of the Place, Infrastructure, and Effect on the City Image

Introduction The tradition to hold festivals and other celebrating events dates back to the post war period when such occasions were held on the national level. As reported by Allen et al. (2008), the dawn of festivals is usually dated in 1940s-1950s (p. 7). Besides, most festivals that are currently held are considered to root […]

Tourism Planning and Development of Margate

Seaside resorts were created to cater for industrialization in the late 19th century railway era. Back then, they were frequented by wealthy visitors. In the years that followed the depression, they renewed their appeal and attracted a lot of visitors until the Second World War when most were closed. They began to thrive again in […]

A Critique of Tourism Policy and Planning in Vietnam

Introduction Tourism is one of the critical sectors in the global economy, thus there is a need to develop comprehensive policies and plans to enhance sustainable tourism. From the economic perspective, it can be noted that tourism is one of the sectors that earn foreign exchange for most national economies. What has been observed in […]

Tourism Policy and Planning In Luxembourg

Introduction The existence of a strong economy in any nation is associated with the policy environment that the administration has put in place. Tourism policy determines the performance of this industry. Hall (2008) states that the study of policy within a specific area of economy enables researchers and planners to understand the policy decisions and […]

A Critique of Tourism Policy and Planning in Singapore

Introduction Tourism is a major economic driver in Singapore. According to the 2011 report from the Tourism Board, the country attracted 13,171,303 tourists, which was over twice the total country’s population (Singapore Tourism Board 2013). According to economists, Singapore economy has grown at a fast rate in the past few decades due to tourism, which […]

Australia Tourism

Executive Summary The study demonstrates potential of the tourism industry in Australia. According to findings, most facilities and attraction sites are not fully utilised. Therefore, ACT must adopt study findings to implement the demands of various international tourists. At the same time, the focus must also address the wanting areas of customer service satisfaction. The […]

A Critique of Tourism Policy and Planning in Brazil

Executive Summary This report traces its origin in the fact that the Brazilian tourism industry has evolved and witnessed significant changes in the formulation and implementation of tourism policies. Based on a periodic assessment of these policies, this report acknowledges that ineffective policies, lack of agency coordination, and authoritarian planning processes stifled the Brazilian tourism […]

Concept of Cruise Industry

Introduction Cruise industry is an international sector that is growing faster offering tourism, leisure activities, and travel services. There have been several important changes in the industry in order to offer facilities that are comfortable and affordable. Cruise companies are competitive in the world market through improved commercial strategies and investment in research in order […]

Cruise ship tourism in Pacific developments

Main issue Macpherson’s case study, “Golden goose or Trojan horse? Cruise ship tourism in Pacific development” highlights how the pacific governments are in need of addition finances to support their demanding economy. They claim their economy is dwindling because of insufficient financial resources to support their respective economies. Therefore, the respective governments have devised diverse […]

A Critique of Tourism and Planning In Brazil

Introduction Brazil is the largest country in South America. The country is situated along the east central coast and has over 193 million people. The country has 26 states and one federal district. With an area of 8547404 square kilometers, Brazil has a lot to offer in terms of international tourism. The country has a […]

Impact of Tourism on Built Environments

It is important to understand the meaning of the term built environments before discussing the impact of tourism on the said category of environment. The environment is classified into four main categories that include cultural, physical, ecological and built environment. A built environment comprises of all the surroundings made by human beings. The built environment […]

Tourism and Environmental Conflict

Introduction Tourism is the activity of people travelling from their home or usual environment to other places where they stay for a period of not more than a year primarily having fun with the new environment. The purpose of the travel varies from group to group. It may include travelling for leisure, for business purposes, […]

Tourism – Environment Relationships

Introduction Tourism is one of the fastest developing industries in the world. The industry has resulted to both positive and negative impacts on the environment. Tourism will negatively influence the environment if the intensity of use by the visitors becomes more than the ability of the environment to support it. On the other hand, tourism […]

Cruising in Australia

Introduction The rate at which cruising is growing in Australia is marvellous. In the recent years more Australians are venturing into seas for adventure especially during holidays. The growth rate can be associated with the unique in which people can use destination sampling to tour several tourist attraction sites within a very short time. The […]

Factors that Motivate Chinese Tourists to Travel to Canada

A large part of international tourists in Canada comes from China. The loosening of travel restrictions and continued economic growth has led to a rapid increase in the figure of Chinese tourists travelling globally. Canada attracts many Chinese people because it is a developed nation. In fact, most towns in Canada act as residents to […]

Tourism and Environment in Conflict

Tourism activities have been constantly increasing in many parts of the world; this is not a surprise given that tourism is currently a very important economic sector for many countries in the globe. It has contributed to economic and social transformation of the societies that depend on it. However, there are some environmental concerns that […]

Tourism and Environment

Relationship between Tourism and the Environment The fact that the impacts of global warming due to accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere are becoming more severe is not in question. The issues that arise in regards to this situation relate to finding and agreeing on the most effective ways of dealing with climate change. The […]

Saint Tropez History and Tourizm

Introduction Most countries rely on tourism as their key, foreign exchange earner to promote their balance of trade and payment. Tourism is the practice of moving from one place to another for entertainment, business or relaxation. Domestic and international tourism are the two main types of tourism practiced all over the world. Domestic tourism involves […]

Exploitation of Handicrafts in Bahrain’s Local Handicraft industry

Introduction The sale of local handicrafts is a prominent feature in most countries who have a growing tourism industry which helps to support local artists as well as small to medium scale enterprises that specialize in the sale and distribution of such items. Bahrain for instance receives 8 million visitors per year (as of data […]

Price and Quantity Adjustments for Australian Tourism and Hospitality Products

Executive summary The Australian tourism and hospitality industry has continued to grow tremendously. Currently, the sector contributes significantly to the country’s GDP. Despite global threats such as terrorism and economic depression, the sector has continued to bolster impressive results. However, with the growing competition from other countries such as South Africa, USA, and China, many […]

Eco Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Introduction This essay discusses pertinent aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry. The hospitality industry encompasses many aspects, which incorporates tour and travel, leisure destinations, hotels, resorts, beaches, ticketing agencies, ecotourism and airlines services. This makes tourism a robust industry, which contributes to the economic development of a given country. Eco tourism is a term […]

Tourism’ and Employment’ Relationship in the Present World

The increasing cases of unemployment in most countries are alarming. Most governments are trying to create various ways of providing jobs for their residents. One sector that has potential to offer jobs to many people is the tourism industry. This paper is going to review several literature sources in order to describe the relationship and […]

Tourism and the balance of payments

Introduction Tourism is the movement of people from their normal places of work and residence to places they are not familiar with as well as the activities they carry out during the time they stay in such activities.In addition the activities they carry out are for fun to them. Other definitions of tourism have also […]

Benefits of Tourism

Tourism is the “sum of activities and relationships between various parties, which arises from the travel and stay of non-residents of a certain location to new locations, as long as the movement does not involve an earning activity or permanent residency” (Robinson, Heitmann & Dieke 220). Domestic and international tourism are the two main categories […]

Tourism in Latin America

Tourism in the Latin America has become a vital revenue source, mostly in Meso-America and the Andes. In this case, tourism looks at the culture of these Americans and also the physical aspect of the region. Many tourists go to the regions of Latin America for the purpose of cite-seeing or cultural interactions. There has […]

Assessing the future for high street travel agents in the UK

Introduction Most of travel agents in the United Kingdom (UK) are in the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA).The ABTA membership comprises of miniature, professional tour operators in addition to independent travel agencies that cut across to publicly enrolled companies- from call points and online booking systems to high street businesses. The Association of British […]

Allure cruise line

Cultural challenges and stress Overview and demographics Allure Cruise Line has three vessels in its fleet, with approximately 40 nationalities represented at any given time. However, this always fluctuates between 32 and 53 concerning contracts binding the crew and the company. Nearly all the crew sign off each week depending on the time the Allure […]

Socio Economic Impacts of the “Enclave Tourism” Development

Introduction Mbaiwa (2005) describes enclave tourism as type of tourism that majorly focuses on maximizing the positive aspects of tourism within a given locale, geographical area or enclave while ensuring that limiting influences from the surrounding environment are dealt with or avoided.1 In most instances, these enclaves come in form of coastal areas that offer […]

Stakeholders of Tourism in Thailand

Thailand will achieve Long term social, cultural and environmental development when sustainable tourism development is attained by the stakeholders in tourism industry. This can be realized through reducing or reversing negative impact of unplanned programmes and overdevelopment on tourism sites. Sustainable development in tourism ensures that present needs are met without compromising the ability of […]

How the cruise industry has become more competitive with land-based resort

There are a number of things cruise vacation offers compared to land-based vacation. Cruising is one of the vacations that most people would wish for a second chance compared to land-based resorts because of the following reasons. Cruising been a new form of vacation many people are eager to have experience. Cruising is a vacation […]

Cruise Tourism Industry

Introduction Cruise tourism business is one of the most vibrant and greatest emergent constituent of vacation industry. Since beginning of eighties, the business has had a standard annual expansion rate of 7.9% for every year in Caribbean. Likewise, over the previous few years, Belize has make out harbor calls skyrocket by surplus of 100%. Actually, […]

Tourism in Japan

Tourism Tourism involves movement of people for leisure, business or recreational facilities within or outside their country but away from the areas they usually reside. Tourism is a recognized leisure activity in the whole world. It is important as it boosts the economy of a country (Alison 2005, p.9). Visitors pay for goods and services […]

The tourism sector in the Australia Capital Territory

Executive Summary Canberra is the Capital city of Australia. The city has grown to become an economic hub of the country. With numerous revenue streams that earn the city revenue and contribute to the entire economy of the country, Canberra has leaped into the next level of economic growth. One of the major revenues generating […]

Impact of the Japan Tsunami 2011 Disaster on Tourism and Hospitality Industries

Introduction Many countries of the world have witnessed catastrophic disasters of one form or another. However, some countries have had to deal with several destructive natural and man-made occurrences that have in turn hit the economic progress in those countries quite hard (Murata& Katoh, 2010). Japan, for instance has experienced highly destructive disasters like high […]

Tourism and Economy in UAE

Introduction United Arab Emirates (UAE) was formed in 1971 as a confederation comprised of seven emirates. The states forming UAE include; Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, and Umm al Qaiwain. The economy of UAE was first based on fishing and pearling industry before the discovery of oil. Abu Dhabi became the first […]

Cruise Line Industry

Introduction In 1960, Boeing initiated the sale of 747s and other aircrafts, which led to the birth of cruise ship industry. Around the same time, Boeing collaborated with the United States of America and started manufacturing more sophisticated airport network that had special features such as air traffic regulators. In 1970, there was a Classic […]

Tourism Bilateral

Executive Summary People engage in tourism for different purposes such as pleasure, recreation, holiday, sport, business, visiting friends, missions, meetings, conferences, studies and religion purposes among other reasons. According to tourist travel motivation, one is subjected to specific regulations. Success in international tourism market is attained by its overall attractiveness and the integrity of the […]

Cruise Competition in Tourism Industry

Cruise industry falls under the tourism sector and is one of the areas where growth has been encountered over the years. Cruise tourists spend their nights in the sea whereas the land-based ones remain on land at night. To become competitive, cruise industry has undergone various transformations. First, the industry is characterized by diversification of […]

Ecotourism resort at the Amazon: Amazon Eco-tourist Resort

Introduction As focus shifts to environmental friendly businesses, its important that everyone adopts the technologies and practices that have minimal negative impact on the environment. The tourism industry has been cited as one of those where environmental degradation is high (Fennell, 2007). Given that a lot of tourism has to do with direct contact with […]

Current Issues and challenges of Hospitality and Tourism Industry

The hospitality and tourism industry has been evolving every now and then because of the changing needs of the society. This is because the industry as a whole deals in a wide range of issues and aspects that need to be fully adhered to for customer satisfaction. It should be known that customers in the […]

Al Tayyar Travel Group-role in transforming Saudi tourism

Introduction and Overview of services offered. Al-Tayya Travel Group is a limited company which has its origin from, and operations centralized in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company also has interests abroad. The specialization of the company is in planning and designing of tourism trips as well as itineraries (Bloomberg Business week 1). The […]

France Tourist Industry

Geography, Climate and the Socio-Political History of France France is commonly officially known as the French Republic. The country is in the Western Europe with several territories and islands. France is sometimes referred to as the Hexagon because of the Hexagonal shape of its territory. It is bordered by Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and […]

Emerging Issue in Tourism and Hospitality

In recent years when life is busy and schedules are hectic, tourists or travelers are choosing destinations, which are Eco friendly and has ordinary attractions for their annual, weekends or fortnight holidays. Pollution is one of the biggest issues these days, so as part of the world citizen people along with their partners and children […]

Space Tourism from TUI Travel PLC Group

Introduction Space tourism is a new concept and is defined as traveling to space by human being for adventure and new experience. Recently, the venture of space tourism has become a very popular venture among the elite people in the society. Despite the fact that this form of tourism is expensive, there is a large […]

Emerging Issues in Tourism

Introduction Background of the study The tourism industry is one of the largest and most dynamic industries in the world that drives the economies of many countries. Generally, the industry has largest economic output compared to the agricultural, forestry, fishing, mining, and the communication industries. In this regard, it has the highest growth rates and […]

Economic Tourism in Australia

Employment: Australia is experiencing an influx of tourism from other nations, which is boosting its economy year after year though at a lower. As a result employment opportunities have been created for the locals in the hotels, on beaches and as tour guides. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2009), the period between 1997 […]

The Major Factors Affecting Future of the Tourism Industry in UK

This essay provides a critical analysis of the major developments that guide the future growth of tour and travel industry. It forms a discussion of the major factors affecting future of the tourism industry in United Kingdom, through study of factors that cause current effects. The research problem is an analysis of prospective effects and […]

Tourism in Australia

Although tourism has been an economic factor in Australia for a very long time, nowadays it has expanded to the level that it is acknowledged as the main source of employment and economic activity. In the past decades, the country has witnessed a substantial growth in the number of international tourists. With this growth, the […]

How to Develop Cultural Tourism

Introduction Cultural tourism refers to the movement of people from their usual places of residence to other cultural attractions with an intention of satisfying their cultural needs (Greg, 1996, p. 24). In Europe, charters exist that provide the benchmarks for best tourism practices based on cultural heritage resources. However, this is not the case in […]

Tourism and Climate Change Problem

Introduction Tourism is regarded as one of the biggest industries of the modern world based on the amount of asset, money transacted and capital ownership. However the large infrastructural resources and resources that this industry requires like waste usage, waste management and energy have been having damaging impact on the communities around the facilities and […]

Strategic Planning for Tourism Report-New Zealand

Introduction The purpose and objective of this research essay is to assess the theory and practice of strategic planning for tourism with a particular focus on New Zealand. New Zealand is a small country that has a human population of four million inhabitants. Tourism has become an important income and export earner for the economic […]

Social Consequences of Tourism

Executive Summary Tourism has a number of social benefits to the host communities. From one end, it assembles people of different cultural affiliations together. The act of sharing and learning from each other’s culture fosters cultural understanding. This understanding is an incredible ingredient towards embracing the spirit of multiculturalism. However, when cultural inferiority and superiority […]

Travel Tech Security

Prevention and appropriate response strategies are some of the measures that can be taken to deal with loss of data or electronic devices. However, there are other tools and safety mechanisms that can be applied. It is important to be aware of some of the dangers that people are exposed to when they travel and […]

Cause and effect analysis of tourism

Introduction Tourism can be defined as the travel for leisure, recreation or business reasons (Singh 13). Tourism has risen to become one of the most preferred leisure activities globally, for instance, in the year 2010 there were more than 900 million tourists travelling to different destinations across the globe. Tourism has been growing steadily due […]

Cause and effect analysis of camping

Introduction Camping can be described as an outdoor recreational activity where by people, often referred to as campers leave their homes and spent time in a natural environment (Cole 10). Campers around the world usually establish a campsite using tents, caravans, mobile homes or cabins where they stay for several nights before returning to their […]

Tourist Program: Sustainable Development of the Spiritual Model for Tirupati, the religious center of India

Executive Summary The achieving the main goal of Sustainable Development of Spiritual Model for Tirupati region, the project is aimed at assisting the religious heritage tourism sector, mainly medium-sized tourism businesses and stakeholders, in developing favorable social, economic, and environmental benefits based on the natural and cultural setting of the South India. The project’s objective […]

Tourism in New York

Introduction Tourism refers to the scenario whereby individuals known as tourists travel and stay in places different from their usual environment for at least a day or at most o year for the purposes of recreation business New York is one of the states in the United States with a total of sixty two cities. […]

Travel Alone/With a Tour Group

Introduction Different people have different opinions regarding their travel arrangements. Whereas there are individuals who prefer to travel alone, on the other hand, others are more comfortable travelling in a group. Regardless of the option arrived at there are various advantages and disadvantages associated with either of the two options. There is need therefore to […]

Tourism in Argentina

Tourism industry in Argentina has been growing at a commendable rate in the past couple of years despite the global and local economic crisis. The industry is basically boosted by presence of magnificent natural assets. The country has an extended geographical extension that favors the presence of natural assets. There are also rich cultural offerings […]