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Brazilian Tourism Development Report


Tourism has remained one of the most adventurous activities in the world. Many people are increasingly venturing into tourism as a way of spending their vacations. “Tourism refers to travelling for leisure or business reasons” (Theobald 23). Tourists have always been faced with the dilemma of choosing a suitable destination for their holidays.

Tourists who may wish to have a holiday worth remembering should think of visiting Brazil. This is because of the following reasons. Brazil is one of the most incredible tourist destinations located in South America. The profile of tourism in Brazil has remained very high for several decades. “This is because of its most colorful Rio de Janeiro Car naval, its famous football tradition and samba dance” (Santana 236).

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There are fabulous tourist attraction sites in Brazil. Before a person decides to visit Brazil, he or she can make early choices before going there. This is important because it would give a person the easiest time possible to locate the sites. A person can visit the destinations either as an individual or he can choose package tours.

Brasilia is one of the major sites that one can tour upon reaching Brazil. Brasilia was founded in 1960 when it became the capital of Brazil. Most of the magnificent buildings within Brasilia were designed by a famous architect called Niemeyer. Brasilia is a lovely city that was ones bare with hardly any development. Today it is one of the busiest commercial cities in South America. This place will be of great fun for those people who would like to maintain the urban hustles while enjoying their holidays.

Right from the airport there is a warm welcome by dancers who usher in visitors. There are splendid accommodation facilities within the city. International hotels have dotted every corner of the city and one has the option of choosing a suitable accommodation that meets his desire. There are also many well furnished restaurants which can be visited by people who like having drinks while listening to soothing music (Bogosian 67).

Rio de Janeiro is another city that one should not fail to visit while having a holiday in Brazil. This city has a mystical beauty that has remained fascinating to many visitors. This city has a cosmopolitan culture and visitors can easily get used to the lifestyle here. “The city has got areas snuggled up between a splendid bay, and immaculate world famous beaches on one side, and a swiftly risen mountain range, roofed by a lavish tropical forest” (Wonderfullitems 67). Caraioca is a term used to refer to the people living in this city.

This is because they lead a lavish lifestyle by drinking, playing and having all sorts of fun in the sand beaches. There is a huge museum that preserves all the artifacts found in Brazil, and it can be visited especially by people who may wish to learn more about the history of ancient Brazil. “The beauty of this city is further enhanced by the charming -long standing neighborhoods, striking parks and gardens” (Damaceno 2).

Sao Paulo remains the largest city within the region of South America. There are also many attractions in this city that one can visit. Most of the people here are cultured and civilized. Cultural diversity in Sao Paulo makes it lively. “The popular tourist attractions here include Niemeyer’s Edifício Copan, the baroque Teatro Municipal, the Patío do Colégio and the Museu de Arte de Sáo Paulo” (Damaceno 23).

“At one point Salvador da Bahia was the greatest city in Brazil” (Damaceno 123). It was established in 1549. This city has a rich culture and it is popular for its churches and elegant mansions. “Its numerous wild festivals and universal aestheticism and profligacy are also quite popular with the tourists” (Santana 231). It is always recognized for its historical slave trade. The slave business also left this place Africanized.


The future of tourism in Brazil remains bright and many players in the tourism industry are keen to make Brazil a better tourist destination. With the improvement of infrastructure and more investment in the tourism industry, we are therefore optimistic that the profile of Brazil tourism will remain high.

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