Hotels Essay Examples and Topics

Balanced Scorecard versus Bottom-line Approach in Resort & Hotel Operations

In recent years, managers within the hospitality industry have witnessed a proliferation of expectations that must be met for businesses to remain relevant in the current competitive environment (Jones & Lockwood 2002). Hotel and resort managers, in particular, are often called upon to balance between the service expectations of customers and the financial expectations of […]

Greening of Hotels. Concept

Introduction Greening is a calculated effort by hoteliers to engage in environmentally friendly and energy saving actions. Going green is a global phenomenon. Many organizations are making sustained efforts towards this. In the hotel industry, stakeholders are engaged in a mental and attitude paradigm shift to engage the goodwill of its customers in helping it […]

Executive Summary: Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is a multibillion dollar industry with a large circle of activities which includes accommodation, restaurants, events, theme parts, transportation, cruise line tours, and tourism. Tourism is the largest sector of this industry, which envisages individuals travelling to some location outside their customary surroundings for pleasure or business purposes. A hotel operates with […]

Hotel/Resort Development and Management

Yield management in hotels Yield management is a concept that hotels adopt to maximize their revenues by allocating available rooms to the right guests. Yield management has changed the way hotels are managed through the use of websites. The management makes use of structured reward systems.According to a study by Ahmad (2005) a hotel can […]

Four Star Hotel’s Strategic Planning

This treatise looks at various aspects of a strategic plan for a four star hotel. First, it compares several marketing niche planning strategies using the competing values framework. Secondly, it discusses key factors that will be critical in the hotel’s performance in short and long term to best ensures it supports the strategic goals. Third […]

Gold Prince Motel

Introduction This proposal outlines a research project that will investigate the ability of Gold Prince Motel to successfully manage their economic environment. It will also look at how marketing, human resources, empowerment, resource management and yield management are applied by Gold Prince. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to display how the concepts such […]

Global Trends and Driving Forces in the Hotel Industry

Marketing management trends Global marketing defines the market share of a hotel in the hotel industry. According to Galicic (2014), global marketing is the most important for a hotel because it expands the geographical presence, improves global branding, and increases market share. The forecast shows that global marketing grows in the hotel industry because of […]

Labor Turnover in Hotels

The rate at which organizations’ employees are lost whereas others are employed is referred to as labor turnover. The hospitality industry is among the leading commercial services in the business sector. In this industry, this has led to the need of a large workforce that has created many employment opportunities to the people in the […]

Hotel Café 59: Revenue Management

Executive Summary The report entails an analysis of revenue management with regard to firms in the hotel industry. A background study analyzing the performance of the hospitality industry on a global scale is conducted. This enables in the identification of how the hospitality industry is performing. Specific reference is given to Australia. The main objective […]

The Russell Hotel

Introduction Background to the study The Russell Hotel is one of the small and medium enterprises operating within the Australian Hospitality industry. The firm is located in Sydney. Since its inception in 1887, the firm has been able to provide high quality services to its customers. The firm’s location at ‘The Rocks’ which is one […]

Mallorca Hotel Industry: Porter Five Forces

Introduction Porter’s five forces analysis is necessary for the Mallorca Hotel Industry as it assists in comprehension of the market strengths and weaknesses. Although the Mallorca Hotel Industry has been a household name in the general tourism industry in the last five decades, the hotels in Mallorca Island have expanded business portfolio as a strategic […]

Competitors of MLL Hotels Group

Introduction The MLL hotels are located in many parts of the world. Mallorca is one of the popular destinations of many travelers, and the MLL hotel chain has several hotels on the island. There are 2-, 3- and 4-star hotels (Welcome to MLL hotels in Majorca, 2015). It is possible to implement a SWOT analysis […]

The hotel management

The process of hotel management is a multifaceted unit that should be approached in the right way regarding the circumstances while the goals may vary in terms of the short- or long-term perspectives and expected outcomes. In this respect, the manager should predict the effect of the goals and the interrelation of short-term and medium-term […]

Value Creation

The process of globalization strongly affects hospitality institutions and spa resorts. In particular, it enables them to create extra value for their customers. This effect is achieved in several ways. First of all, modern hotels as well as spa can provide more efficient training to their employees (Dwyerr & Forsyth 2006, p. 470). Judging from […]

How innovation add value to hotels

In current business management strategies, management should look for the best methods to improve service and product delivery in their organizations; leaders have the role of synchronizing and combining human, financial, and physical resources within their organization; effective managers ensure that the above resources are to their optimal level. Well management organizations are building blocks […]

Path Towards Future Success

Abstract The current trends within the hospitality industry indicate that modern technological innovations have become an overriding competitive edge within the globalised market arena. The increasing awareness and demand by consumers for better services have made technology the most viable medium of communication. Consequently, emerging themes like interactive social media, mobile phones and shifting travel […]

PESTLE analysis of the China Hotel Industry

A PESTLE analysis is an in depth assessment of the different factors that directly or indirectly affect the operations of a given industry and are usually external meaning that they are out of the corporations control. Furthermore, these factors are analyzed either as threats or opportunities. Generally, there are variations of this kind of analysis […]

Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Dubai

Executive Summary Dubai has become one of the most popular touristic destinations in the world. It is also characterized by one of the most favorable business environments. Various largest businesses in the world have offices in Dubai. The present paper provides a brief analysis of Dubai in terms of politics, economy and culture. The present […]

Importance of Hotel Industry

Introduction In every country the issue of attracting tourists has remained paramount regardless of the security situation in such a nation. As a result the government through the relevant ministries and department has tried to allow the private investors to put up hotels and resort that the tourists will use when they visit the country. […]

Reducing the Energy Costs in Hotels: An Attempt to Take Care of the Environment

Introduction and Description Conducting an efficient energy costs policy and maintaining careful balance between the sufficient services for the customers and the reasonable use of the electricity sources is one of the strongholds of the efficient hotel businesses, which is a commonly known fact. With the help of the reasonable use of electricity and the […]

Hotel Management

The lecture covered the concept of hotel management in a comprehensive manner to bring out various perspectives. These include vacation ownership that encompasses the timeshare system. Studies into the history of hotel management have shown that timeshare as a concept preceded Vacation ownership. Initially, timeshare system was characterized by cases of security breaches and inconsistent […]

Housekeeping and Banquet Industry Placement

Sofitel Brisbane Central Hotel Even though Sofitel Brisbane Central Hotel has a steep historical background, but it was officially opened in 2000. The Hotel offers a range of services including luxurious accommodation, conference facilities, library services, fitness facilities, bar and restaurant, sports services, wedding venues among others. The hotel is strategically located at the centre […]

Starwood Hotels

When expanding to the global market, Starwood should adopt an integrated brand management/ market entry strategy; when using the plan, the company will concentrate on using brand extension strategy and adoption of a global brand. When using brand extension strategy, the management will be dwelling on the strength of its current brand; the same brands […]

Intercontinental Hotels Group – Green Engage sustainability system

Introduction Many countries in the world depend on the travel and hospitality industry as the major source of revenue. Indeed, the travel and hospitality industry plays a significant role in economic emancipation. In today’s technologically advancing world, and competitive business markets, various organizations must come up with new strategies in order to retain customers and […]

Hotels and University Housing Hazards

The hotel industry presents certain safety hazards that make it necessary for all the stakeholders to be aware of these hazards. Fire is one of the major hazards that have remained as a challenge to the hotel industry in the United States. It puts the lives of employees and guests at risk. Historical analyses show […]

People with disabilities and the hotel industry

There are millions of people with disabilities in the USA that is why their needs should be met and satisfied as well as the needs of any other persons. The hotel industry develops according to the definite laws and principles, and the management of hotels follows the concepts presented in the Americans with Disabilities Act […]

Marriott International Hotel Group’s and environment

Introduction As the world continues to modernize, the environment suffers. Trees are cut down to give way for the latest commercial and/ or residential areas. The results of deforestation have been deadly over the last decades were floods and landslides brought about disasters in the homes of thousands of families. Campaigns that promote the restoration […]

Hotel business in Saudi Arabia

Hospitality Review The Kingdom has a potential for tourism development. Top managers must understand what differentiates their hotels from others and must understand the need of the visitors in their hotels (market) (Abu-Nasr 19). If these two elements in hotel industry are clear, hotel managers will be able to develop a strategic plan for their […]

Success Indicators for Hotel Managers

The idea behind the establishment of any business organization is to make profits and eventually achieve business success. This implies that managers are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that their businesses succeed. Although all business ventures are challenging, the hospitality industry has more challenges that require a manager to work hard failure to which […]

Raddison Hotels

Radisson Hotels are located in a number of the developed countries in the world. What are the peculiarities of their management strategy? How are these features connected with the local peculiarities and problems which can be experienced in Radisson Hotels all over the world? The main problem which is connected with the features of the […]

Hotel maintenance system

Introduction The maintenance system under consideration will consist of various types of repairs. Some will be routine, others will preventive while others will be scheduled. In case of an emergency or breakdown then maintenance will still be necessary. This system will consist of the staff needed to carry out maintenance and it will outline their […]

Choosing Hotel Location

Several factors are put into consideration before any business enterprise or entity is established. Among them is the physical location. Hotel industry, like any other business activity has to put this factor ahead of all other factors if indeed any tangible gains are to be realized out of the business. The place where a hotel […]

Hotel Management

Introduction In order for hotel businesses to compete and maintain their brands in the volatile market, effective and efficient marketing strategies that aim at meeting and exceeding the exact expectations of all customers is a basic necessity. Different customers have different needs, tastes and preferences and this has shaped the way modern hotel businesses package […]

Hotel Ratings in the Modern World

Introduction Looking at the modern industry of hospitality, the hotel ratings seem too strange and unreliable. Having visited many hotels, I may say that there are a lot of those which do not correspond to the real estate of things. Having read two articles about hotel ratings, I should say that the modern system of […]

Social aspect of Luxury Hotels

Introduction Luxury hotel consumers are conscientious spenders. They put a lot of thought into the hotel-selection process, so it is crucial to understand recent social patterns affecting their decisions. Tourists’ need to access value, speed and status influence most of their choices in this industry. Social factors driving the luxury hotel industry Today, travelers desire […]

Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Hotel

Introduction Every hotel has a different guest demographic that they are targeting, with some catering to guests seeking affordability while others cater to guests seeking luxury. The main difference lies in what the hotel in question is actually capable of doing, in terms of available resources, operational capacity and type of services available. Hotel chains […]

Marketing Management

Introduction Marketing Management is a business aspect that entails the marketing department of an organization researching and giving proposals on how best an organization can change its business techniques to best suit the changing environmental conditions. The roles of a marketing manager or consultant vary depending on the size of an organization and general industry […]