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Beverly Wilshire Hotel’s Market Summary Research Paper


Beverly Wilshire Hotel (A Four Seasons Hotel) is located in Beverly Hills, California. This historical hotel offers a blend of tradition and contemporary comfort, elegant luxury, and impeccable service. Everything here is to the highest standards: elegant rooms, luxurious suites, magnificent spa, fitness center, restaurants, luxurious halls for celebrations, and modernly equipped conference halls. This paper is initiated to reveal market peculiarities of Beverly Wilshire Hotel resulting in the analysis of its competitiveness.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel is a hotel for guests who appreciate sophisticated style and exclusive service. The price of the average room per night is approximately $ 700. Therefore, potential clients’ income is $ 500 000 and more. Guests are predominantly males and females between the ages of 35 and 60 without children and animals. They have higher education including doctors, politics, and others. Moreover, the hotel is a favorite place of celebrities.

For instance, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, and other representatives of the elite stayed there. It was this hotel where Richard Gere and Julia Roberts shot in the Pretty Woman film (“Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel, and Jason of Beverly Hills Present a ‘Pretty Woman’ Experience” par. 1). Therefore, potential clients of the hotel are people with high income and requirements.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel is located in 20 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport. It is situated on Wilshire Boulevard near financial and shopping centers such as Century City or Beverly Hills and the famous Rodeo Drive that are within walking distance (“Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills” par. 5). Choosing the Beverly Wilshire, it is impossible not to visit Madame Tussauds Hollywood. There are several art galleries such as Ace Gallery Los Angeles. Besides, guests might relax in silence in Zoom Room Dog Training Park. It goes without saying that Los Angeles is the city of a casino and nightclubs. The nearest casino is Los Angeles Party Bus.

As a matter of fact, the geographical location of potential guests is also of great significance. California has a Mediterranean climate. Therefore, it might cause some difficulties for people living in a cold climate to stay in the described hotel. It relates to people from Alaska or northern countries such as Canada. Nevertheless, Beverly Wilshire Hotel creates convenient rooms equipped with the air-conditioner that would help to acclimatize.

However, the climate of the region is not too warm. It perfectly suits people from around the world. Additionally, marketing services over the Internet allows extending the potential audience. A booking module on the main page could considerably raise the flow of customers and at the same time allows considerable savings. It seems the most effective way if customers would book a room directly from the social network.

Market behaviors combine a whole range of characteristics of consumers, which is a model of life and behavior of the person determined by his passions, actions, interests, relationships with other people, etc. The basis of these criteria is that the knowledge of different aspects of consumer behavior allows the management of the hotel properly represent its product in the most efficient way. Precisely speaking, taking into account the demographics of Beverly Wilshire Hotel’s potential clients, one might suggest their demanding behavior. These people used to make high requirements and receive the best service. Therefore, the adequate service along with attentive personnel would stimulate a purchase.

The basic concept that lies in the basis of marketing is customers’ needs. The human need is the awareness that he want something missing. Beverly Wilshire Hotel builds its strategy considering meeting the human need for recognition (Heppell 58). For example, dining in a Cut restaurant on the hotel territory is a sign of financial prosperity. Some visitors of the restaurant ask to sit them at a table in the center of the room to be sure that other guests would notice them.

It satisfies their need for a sense of self-importance. In addition, the hotel satisfies social needs that consist in the need for communication with other people, desire to have fun and relax. The atmosphere in the hotel is the most relaxed and comfortable, but, at the same time, gorgeous that contributes to the business meetings, informal communication, and pleasant pastime. Thus, the hotel is conveniently located to meet with people and socialize.

What is more, Beverly Wilshire Hotel performs the main function of the hotel, namely, provides customers with comfortable residence. It offers a large swimming pool and spa bath with separate pavilions in the Mediterranean style. Guests could visit the spa with a full range of massage and beauty treatments including facials and treatments using eco-friendly cosmetics. “Penthouse residents may enlist on-site hair and makeup services and a personal stylist before going out” (Chase par. 5).

Rooms are equipped with flat-screen TV cable. All rooms at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel offers free Wi-Fi, the DVD player, a docking station for iPod, and mini-bar. Most of the rooms offer splendid views of the surrounding area. Among the other amenities, there are a fitness center conducting yoga classes and a modern gym. Beverly Wilshire Hotel has several restaurants. The most celebrated of them is the Cut restaurant that serves steaks and seafood cooked by original recipes of the famous chef Wolfgang Puck. Guests might try a wide selection of wines, particularly, over 1000 varieties.

Among the popular trends of hotels, one might note several aspects concerning changes in demographics, in customer needs, or an innovative sense of style. Nevertheless, modern conditions of the globalization, when all the people as well as spheres of life are connected to the Internet, dictate the implementation of new trends. First, a multi-screen responsive design of the website is a trend associated with the spread of mobile Internet and the different screen formats available to each user. Guests could start looking hotel’s website on a laptop computer, continue on the tablet, and book through the smartphone (Shea par. 2).

Therefore, the website’s responsive design allowing displaying the information correctly on any gadget is gaining popularity. Special HTML-layout automatically adjusts the content at a convenient scale, changes the number of columns along with other necessary modifications. It creates a convenient site and increases booking and purchase. The second important trend is the capacity geo targeting that would increase the Internet audience. The restructuring of the hotel website content and advertising messages depending on user’s regional peculiarities would dramatically enhance the number of clients. The third trend notes that photos, even in the form of panoramic shooting, are not enough.

To make a decision about booking, guests want to see the location of the hotel in a maximum volume, detail, and close to reality. It seems that the existence of the trial becomes as commonplace and essential as interior photos of rooms. For instance, with the help of Review Pro service, it is possible to implement the trend and improve the attractiveness of the hotel.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel’s market growth is best expressed in revenues growth. According to Jon Chocklett, a Director of sales, the expansion in primary and secondary markets leads to the increase of profits (“Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills (A Four Seasons Hotel) Appoints Jon Chocklett as Director of Marketing” par. 4). Moreover, the strategy that pays attention to different aspects of the market such as demographical, geographical, customers’ needs, and expectations promotes high dollar sales.

It seems important to point out the fact that Beverly Wilshire Hotel has some competitors. The most expensive hotels in the neighborhood of it are Montage Beverly Hills and The Beverly Hills Hotel. The classical architecture of Montage Beverly Hills makes a luxurious view. The hotel is located near malls of Rodeo Drive and refined restaurants. The service is excellent on every level. All the hotel staff is courteous and meets customers’ requests in a timely manner.

If the customer needs to organize or modify a reservation, a concierge might communicate with them via text messages. The Montage Beverly Hills has a beautiful Bentley car service. All in all, the atmosphere is friendly. In its turn, the Beverly Hills Hotel was built more than a hundred years ago. It demonstrates the solidity and the high class of the hotel. One might note lush tropical greenery along with luxurious bungalows. Well-trained and helpful staff is ready to help anytime.

Likewise Beverly Wilshire Hotel, it has an excellent cuisine in a cozy restaurant. The hotel is located in the prestigious area of Los Angeles. Among other positive signs, there are incredible silence and a soft sea air. The hotel is three-story, as basically all the buildings in the city, and is surrounded by a blue swimming pool and sheltered brown tiles of single-level houses. A well-known Monroe was staying in one of them. In addition, there is an opportunity to book the room directly on the hotel website.

All the above proves the fact that Beverly Wilshire Hotel is not one of a kind. The presence of other elite hotels creates a competition when hotels have to improve their quality and offer more advantages than their competitors do. However, the advantage of the hotel is that there are special offers for banquets, weddings, and other events. For honeymooners, Beverly Wilshire Hotel offers services in weddings and special programs for newly-weds.

Guests might enjoy two halls for events that could accommodate 500 and 880 people, eight conference rooms, a business center, an outdoor terrace, and limousine service. The fact Beverly Wilshire Hotel is included in the Four Seasons Hotel chain demonstrates its intention to be among the best hotels. It seems appropriate to mention that celebrities visiting the Beverly Wilshire Hotel increase its reputation as well.

In conclusion, It should be emphasized that Beverly Wilshire Hotel is one of the most attractive and popular hotels for people with a high income. The research stated that it performs principal hotel functions and exerts every effort to meet customer’s requirements. In spite of the fact that Beverly Wilshire Hotel is a historical hotel, it remains competitive and open for new trends.

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