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Beverly Wilshire 4 Seasons Hotel’s Marketing Plan Research Paper

Situation Analysis

The Four Seasons Hotel located in Beverly Wilshire, Los Angeles, CA, is a representative of the luxury brand names providing its guests with exclusive service. 395 guest rooms located in two buildings have an aura of history and fame. The rooms are not the service that Wilshire Hotel confines itself, though: on the premises, the guests can enjoy exquisite food and drinks, as well as have a relaxation in the spa. The food facilities deserve a special place since there is a plethora of them, and they offer an exceptional dining experience.

These facilities include Cut, a steakhouse run by Wolfgang Puck, and the renowned Blvd restaurant famed for its Californian feel. Guests can also have meals ordered to their rooms at any time of the day and night. Other services and facilities include an outdoor pool, a fitness center with a yoga room, and a nail salon.

Market Analysis

With room prices starting approximately $700 per night, Wilshire Hotel makes more than $500,000 in customer revenue. The guests’ demographics range at 35-60 years, both sexes; most of the guests are well-educated. At varying times, the hotel’s advantageous location and sights have been enjoyed by various celebrities.

Despite the whims of the Mediterranean climate, the well-equipped rooms support a constant guest flow from all over the globe. The guests’ wide geographical range is also determined by the hotel’s convenient online booking opportunities. The management is sensitive to the consumers’ demanding behavior and the need for recognition and relaxation, adjusting the service to their requirements. The market trends mainly concern Web appearance and include user-friendly website and application interfaces, geographically targeted advertising, and services such as Review Pro that allow the guests to view the hotel location in detail.

As demonstrated in the SWOT analysis, the abovementioned features are the main strengths resulting in revenue and expansion. Among the weaknesses, there are the rooms that come out-of-date, aging human resources, and poor scope of suites on offer. The potential hazards include increased competition with newer hotels and an economic downturn. As to the competition, there are premium-class hotels in the area offering luxurious views, food, and care services as in Montage Beverly Hills hotel. The key advantage that the competitors have is a novelty and better condition of rooms and facilities, considering that Wilshire Hotel buildings have been in service for more than a century.

At that, Wilshire Hotel has a strong point, which is banquet and wedding hosting. The opportunities are the renovation of rooms and dining facilities, improving the hotel’s image as a preeminent one, targeting emerging markets, rejuvenating human resources, catering local quests with improved concepts of The Blvd restaurant, and spa facilities, as well as some others.


Some effective strategies include:

  • Target Marketing: using direct marketing, boosting performance in terms of revenue per available room, cutting down on the categories assigned to low-class rooms to prevent room reassignment;
  • Positioning: promote the advantageous location and exceptional history as the main feature of the hotel;
  • Product Marketing: deploy an individual approach to each target group; emphasize valuable concepts, i.e., relax, luxury;
  • Price: premium pricing is possible because the values are emphasized and the customers’ expectations are met;
  • Promotion: maintaining Web visibility; hosting various events; PR; discounts and sales;
  • Service: core and supplementary services, including catering, contracts with guides, employee training.

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A Brief History of the Brand
Figure 1: A Brief History of the Brand

Figure 2: Employment Policies and Benefits.

70thplace in the “Best Companies to Work For” rating
Total amount of staff in the US: 13,648
Total amount of staff outside the US: 20,990
Full-time job creation (in 2015) 584
Full-time job growth rate (by 2015) 5%
Employment and work conditions
Benefits Drawbacks
Health insurance to part-time employees;
Telecommuting opportunities;
Compressed work schedule options, as requested;
Fitness facilities for employees in the premises;
Refurbishment for college education;
Gender, class, and cultural diversity is valued;
Same-sex exemptions and concessions;
Non-discriminatory policy and corporate ethics.
The company does not completely pay off health care expenses;
No childcare facilities on the premises;
No fully paid-off academic leaves;
The fitness center membership does not offer employee discounts;
No health care facilities present on the premises.
The most commonly occurring full-time job on a salary basis Assistant Food and Beverage Outlet Manager
Average salary $52179.00
The most commonly occurring job on an hourly basis Guest Room Attendant
Average pay (on an hourly basis) $33389.00
Employee training
Hours of training annually (for a salary-basis staff member) 40
Hours of training annually (for an hourly-basis staff member) 30

Figure 3: Beverly Wilshire Hotel and its Competitors.

Hotel Class Rooms
Beverly Wilshire Luxury 395
Beverly Hills Hotel Luxury 208
The Montage Luxury 203
The peninsula Luxury 194
L’Ermitage Luxury 117
The Thompson Luxury 107
AKA Luxury 88
Luxe Rodeo Drive Luxury 86
Mosaic Luxury 49
Hilton Upper Upscale 569
Avalon Upper Upscale 83
Masion Upper Upscale 140

Figure 4: Major Employers of Beverly Hills.

Employer Title Employees Type of Business / Services
Beverly Hilton Hotel 800 Hotel / Hospitality
Beverly Wilshire Hotel 800 Hotel / Hospitality
William Morris Agency, Inc. 652 Talent Agency / Entertainment
Beverly Hills Unified School District 600 School / Public Education
Beverly Hills Hotel 540 Hotel / Hospitality
Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel 479 Hotel / Hospitality
Saks Fifth Avenue 430 Department Store / Retail Store Trade
Advance Building Maintenance 213 Building Maintenance / Home Areas and Services
Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. 200 Entertainment / Event hosting / ticket sales and booking
City of Beverly Hills 1000 Other
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