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Hilton Hotels in Thailand Research Paper

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Updated: Sep 7th, 2021


Hilton Hotels & Resorts refers to an internationally recognized group of hotels and resorts with a presence in six continents. The international chain of hotels was started in 1943 by Conrad Hilton, but now operates under the Hilton Worldwide flagship in 78 countries (Marketing Week 2011). The current paper is an attempt to examine the operations and presence of Hilton Hotels & Resorts in four countries of choice namely, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Turkey, and Thailand.

Country 4: Thailand

There are four Hilton hotels in Thailand: Bangkok, Pattaya Chonburi, Phuket, and Hua Hin. In Bangkok, the again has two hotels; the Millennium Hilton, and Hilton Sukhumvit (Hilton Worldwide 2013).


The hotel has managed to integrate its international themes of quality and excellent provision of services to its guests in the Thailand market while at the same time allowing them to sample the rich cultural heritage of the country.

The hotels have been designed in an innovative and thoughtful manner. The rooms in all the Hilton Hotels in Thailand have been designed while taking into account the issues of convenience and comfort.

Thus way, they enable guests to not only unwind after a long day, but also work in a cool and serene atmosphere. In addition, the Hilton hotel in Thailand gives their guests the options of suites, guest rooms, accessible rooms as well as executive rooms, depending on one’s preference and taste.


The Hilton hotels have been strategically situated to not only compete with other leading global players in the hospitality industry in Thailand, but to also curve its niche in the market. Both the Millennium Hilton and Hilton Sukhumvit are centrally located at the heart of Bangkok.

This has enabled the hotel to tap into the market of traveling businessmen, expatriates and government officials who meet in the capital city of Thailand, and whom they mainly target.

In addition, this five star hotel is also strategically located at the heart of Bangkok so that it can tap into the rich market of tourist who travels to Thailand, a key economic sector of Thailand. it is important to note that in 2007, the tourism sector in Thailand accounted for nearly 6.7% of the country’s GDP (Bangkok Post, 2008).


All the different Hilton hotels in Thailand offer a similar pricing package for their guests. However, the prices are beyond the reach of many Thais. Guests frequenting the Hilton hotels in Thailand have disposable income and can afford to stay at luxurious hotels like the Hilton.

Therefore, even when there has been a change in price, this does not impact on the demand and supply for the service offered by the Hilton hotels in Thailand. As such, the hotel enjoys an inelastic demand for its services.


In an attempt to reach out to a wider clientele base, the Hilton hotel offers their guests exceptional services, including free parking and valet services. The location of some of the Hilton hotels in Thailand enables guests to gain access to local attractions. For example, Hilton Pattaya offers resort and spa services, and glorious sandy beaches (Hilton Worldwide 2012).

In addition, Phuket allow guests to can also explore Chinatown and Old Phuket Town where they get to sample local cultures ((Hilton Worldwide 2013). Moreover, the Hilton hotels in Thailand also offer outdoor venues for hosting conferences and meetings. Also, the hotel menus are highly customized, offering both local and international cuisines.


The Hilton Hotels & Resorts is an internationally recognized chain of hotels and resorts with a presence in 78 countries and six continents. The company mainly targets leisure and business travelers and as such, it has locations near convention centers, major cities or near airports in all the four countries.

The pricing strategy is also similar in most of the Hilton hotels, while the products is customized to give a blend of local and international tastes to the traveling or visiting guests.

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