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Ice Hotel in Quebec Case Study

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Updated: Apr 10th, 2021

How is this property marketed?


This organization offers clients the opportunity to observe a unique interior design. Moreover, customers can enjoy the fairy-tale atmosphere created by decorators and architects. In particular, visitors can stay in a hotel that is made solely of ice, snow, and metal.


The hotel is located in Quebec City. It should be noted that this metropolitan area attracts many people who take a close interest in winter tourism (Brokaw, 2008). Therefore, one can argue that this place can be of great interest to many customers.


The prices for the services can vary considerably. In particular, a person, who wants to take a tour of this hotel, will need to pay about $15. However, the night stay will cost $ 170. This policy is essential for attracting buyers who may differ in terms of their income level.


This place is promoted in several ways. In particular, potential customers can learn about it via the Internet. Moreover, much attention should be paid to booklets that are offered to tourists who go to Canada and Quebec (Hill, 2002). Apart from that, the services of this hotel are advertised on television. Thus, this organization applies various marketing techniques.


At first, one should mention engineers, designers, and builders who were involved in the construction of this hotel. These stakeholders play a critical role because they create a unique image of this place. Moreover, they ensure that customers are not exposed to any dangers. At the same time, one should focus on the work of the personnel interacting immediately with clients.

Physical evidence

This company offers such tangible assets as beds, sleeping bags, hot drinks, and so forth. Additionally, clients can observe various ice sculptures. Moreover, they can buy souvenirs.


The functioning of this hotel includes several processes. At first, one should mention construction, the delivery of food, drinks, or furniture, and the work of service personnel. Furthermore, much attention should be paid to the work of decorators who need to find a new approach to interior and exterior design.

What is actually being sold here?

As it has been said before, this organization sells the unforgettable image of this hotel. It is the core offering available to clients. However, there are some supplementary services. For instance, this company hosts wedding ceremonies for clients. Moreover, much attention should be paid to the tours conducted in this place.

Clearly identify the market segments that the Ice Hotel is targeting

The market of this hotel can be segmented with the help of different approaches. In particular, one can distinguish the following criteria:


The visitors can be both males and females. As a rule, they are young adults who are aged between 18 and 40.


The customers of this hotel value new experiences, and they are willing to try innovative lifestyles. Furthermore, the purchasing decisions of these people are supposed to highlight their individuality.


These buyers can live in various parts of North America. Additionally, one should consider people who may come from European countries such as France or the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, one can argue that this place can attract people from various regions of the world (Kokker, 2004).


Overall, these buyers seek such benefits as novelty and uniqueness of services or products. As a rule, they do not focus on such criteria as the degree of comfort or price.


The behavior of these customers is driven by the need for new experiences and the desire to widen their horizons. Therefore, they do not want to stay in conventional hotels.

Identify the positioning strategies being employed by the Ice Hotel and discuss their effectiveness

One can argue that this hotel tries to offer unique services to a broad group of customers. This approach can be described as differentiation. It means that a company wants to distinguish itself from many competitors. For instance, they can focus on such aspects as design, quality, reliability, and so forth. In turn, the organization focuses on the interior and exterior design of the hotel. One can argue that this approach is rather efficient. It should be mentioned that there are many luxury hotels. However, the managers of this organization succeeded in finding a feature that could attract many customers. This approach can appeal to people who can differ in terms of their income level and cultural background. It is possible to say that the services of this hotel will remain popular in the future.

Is the marketing of the Ice Hotel successful?

The marketing strategies of this hotel are rather successful. More than a million tourists have visited this place since the time of its first opening in 2001 (Hike Bike Travel, 2014). It should be kept in mind that this hotel operates only for three months per year. Furthermore, there are other nice hotels located in different regions of the world (OECD, 2010, p. 154). However, this ice hotel remains the most popular one. Thus, the managers of this organization have been able to create a well-recognized brand.

Is there value in the purchase?

This organization makes a valuable offer to its customers. In particular, the workers of this hotel enable the clients to enjoy a remarkable interior design that produces a long-lasting impression on the viewers. This example indicates that the managers of hospitality organizations should focus on marketing and positioning strategies. In particular, they need to demonstrate that their services are unique in some way (Vickers, 2005, p. 110). It is the primary task that should be considered.

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