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Hospitality Qatar Exhibition Report

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Updated: Oct 10th, 2020

Hospitality Qatar is a unique international event that attracts the attention of companies working in the hospitality sector. The primary aim of this exhibition is to demonstrate the most critical aspects of the hospitality investment market. For this reason, the event combines the use of outstanding technologies with perfect organization. There are exhibition zones for companies to demonstrate their achievements; specific educational workshops to provide people with information about the current trends in the sphere; B2B program, and numerous events introduced both to amuse visitors and help them to understand the main purpose of the exhibition. It is held in Doha annually, and now its reputation attracts investors, hoteliers, restaurateurs, and other people working in the sphere to share their vision of its evolution and acquire new data about possible ways of this business management.

Many companies presented their products in Doha. I will speak about five of them. Target Innovations is a major manufacturer of metal detection systems. Its products remain crucial for organizing the functioning of events that demand enhanced security measures. The company has arrived at Hospitality Qatar to demonstrate its products to people and promote its services. At the moment, Target Innovations does not have partners; for this reason, beneficial cooperation with some other organization will be welcomed as it seeks further expansion. The companys owners are sure that this exhibition will help them to popularize products and attract potential investors attention to metal detection systems supported by Target Innovations.

BBC Logistics is the second company I want to describe. It is an experienced freight forwarding provider that has been working globally for more than 24 years. It guarantees reliable ocean and air freight, land transport, etc. The company pursues the same aim as the previous one. BBC Logistics wants to familiarize people with its main products and offerings to broaden its target audience and create the basis for further evolution. It does not have partners at the moment. For this reason, the exhibition could provide the company with an opportunity to engage in beneficial cooperation and expand significantly. BBC Logistics looks for an agent that also has experience in the sphere and could be trusted.

Mechtronics Systems and Solutions (MSS) is the third company. It works with material-handling needs and provides equipment to all industries. For instance, packing machines, floor conveyors, and other stuff are offered by the company. It implements innovations in its functioning, for this reason, MSS considers Hospitality Qatar an excellent opportunity to acquire an improved vision of the future of this sphere and demonstrate people products and services it could offer to potential clients. However, the company does not have a partner, which means that it might also be looking for an organization that possesses an enhanced understanding of this business and can share innovative ideas for further evolution.

The next company is OutTrade Hong Kong Limited, that is the manufacturer of high-quality cooling and heating systems for outside use. It is situated in China, and the majority of its goods come directly from this location. Therefore, Hospitality Qatar becomes an essential event for the company as it provides OutTrade Hong Kong Ltd. with a perfect opportunity to promote its products at the international level. Exhibitions reputation attracts numerous respectful enterprises that could be interested in cooperating with OutTrade as it also looks for a potential partner. It needs distributors which could help to deliver products to different areas and popularize the brand.

Finally, Carriage is a company that provides clients with advanced services taking care of logistics and improving delivery. It has similar purposes: the organization wants to find new partners and expand to acquire leading position in the sphere. It uses Hospitality Qatar to demonstrate its goods to people and interest them.

In general, I am sure that the exhibition in Doha is a key event that will determine the further evolution of hospitality investment market. I noted several important aspects that should be mentioned. First, Hospitality Qatar continually gains popularity and attracts many companies from different countries. Not only local organizations, but actors from China (OutTrade Hong Kong Limited), the UK (BBC Logistics), India (Target Innovations), etc. decided to participate because of the events promising character and numerous opportunities for expansion and products promotion it provides.

Second, the exhibition is organized in the way which not only demonstrates the most innovative solutions which are currently used in the sphere; however, it educates people about the latest alterations in the approaches and outlines perspectives that will become popular in future. I think it is a good way to increase individuals awareness in the sphere and popularize this event. I should also say that meetings in conference-rooms contribute to the creation of a specific atmosphere that cultivates cooperation between companies and encourages them to share their perspectives on the sphere. It is a significant aspect of this event as the majority of companies pursue the aim of cooperation and partnership. For this reason, the trustful atmosphere could be considered an advantage of Hospitality Qatar.

Altogether, I should say that it is an exemplary and well-organized exhibition that provides companies with all they need. For this reason, I am sure that Hospitality Qatar will attract even more participants next year and its popularity will continue to grow.

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